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Moving Violations


It's been a long day, and a shitty one at that. It all started with a fight with your spouse and then everyone you dealt with at work was and ass. Its dark as your drive home on a lonely county road and you will be late getting home as your last stop took longer than expected.

Remembering a shortcut you hit the gravel in hopes of saving a bit of time. The road is deserted and the music pumping from your speakers is reviving you. The beat has your body moving in your seat as you sing along. The solitude is nice, you love your family, but sometimes your truck becomes an oasis that allows you to escape for a bit.

Suddenly flashing lights rip you from your solace as you see them in your rear view mirror. What the hell you think, I wasn't going that fast and besides who the hell cares about this lonely gravel road. What a perfect end to a fucking shitty day. You roll down the window as he approaches.

"License and registration please," as you are blinded by the spotlight and his flashlight. His form fills your window and all you can see clearly is his crotch. You fumble to find his required items.

"What seems to be the problem officer, I don't think I was speeding," you say with a hint of irritation.

"I don't give a fuck what you think lady, I am the law out here and I have the right to pull you over if I want."

His abrasiveness catches you off guard as you hand him your license and registration. You anger rises fueled by his words and he is still nearly blinding you with his flashlight. "Do you mind not shining that damn light in my eyes, and I don't appreciate your tone either."

"Oh, you don't like my attitude huh, well step out of the fucking vehicle."

"What the hell, who do you think you are, I will report you."

"Lady, I am only going to tell you this one more time, GET OUT OF THE FUCKING VEHICLE NOW!"

His tone sends a shiver through you and you get out as requested. The night air is cold and your thin blouse does nothing to cut the cold northern breeze. Your nipples harden in response as you turn to face the officer.

"Turn around, put your hands on the vehicle and spread em."

"Look, I am sorry, but what have I done to make you treat me this way?"

"Look this can go real easy or real hard, it's up to you. If you want to resist I can cuff your ass and teach you some manners. Now turn around and spread em!"

The tone of his voice gives you Goosebumps and you step out of the vehicle. You are both mad and scared as you place your hands on the vehicle and spread your legs. He kicks your legs out further.

"Do you have any weapons or needles on you miss?"

"No nothing, please tell me what this is about?"

"Just do what you're told and you won't have a thing to worry about."

He begins patting down your arms and back. His hands are all over you but in a purely professional manner. Methodically he works his was down your body and his hands slide around your body and take hold of your breasts. Your hard nipples rake across his palms as he holds you in each hand. He tweaks each nipple before continuing on.

"Hey watch it, I know my rights and you can't do that. I don't even think you can search me."

"Oh so you're going to resist eh, well then the hard way it is."

He pins you against the vehicle and forces your hands behind your back. Cold hard steel meets your tender skin as he cuffs you. You have no choice but to go along. The cuffs are tight and cut into your tender wrists. He moves you over and forces you down on the hood. Its warm takes some of the chill out of the air.

He begins searching you again starting at your waist. His hands move over your outer thighs and down your calves. Working upwards he spreads your legs further apart as his firm hands slide slowly over you inner calf and up your thighs. Strong fingers slide over your sex and then make several move trips.

Your body betrays you and begins to enjoy the touch as your brain screams at it to remain calm. Somehow he finds your bud hidden in the layers of denim and cotton and begins slowly teasing it as his other hand gropes your firm ass. Those hours of running and videos have made it taught and shapely.

"Please, don't, I will do what you want, just don't....."

"Oh you will do anything I want either way, I have you right where I want you, and you have no leverage to negotiate."

He is right, you are at his mercy and what ever he has planned will happen no matter what you do. His hands slide around and unfasten you jeans and then the zipper is pulled down. At this you make a desperate attempt to fight him. Your legs kick back savagely, but sadly without effect. He has anticipated this and skillfully dodged your attack.

He violently pulls you off the hood by your hair and pushes you through your open truck window. With pants around your ankles you can no longer effectively kick. Your head nearly touches your seat as he rips your panties off. The cool air kisses your now bare ass. His hands once again begin kneading it and teasing your lips.

You grow wet as you hate body for responding. His fingers slide inside and rub your clit and g-spot. He works you up till your pussy is dripping and swollen. He squats and runs his tongue up and down your lips and teases your clit. You hate him more than ever, but this also feels so good. He works your body with great precision and soon you begin to feel the beginnings of an orgasm.

Mashing his face into your pussy he eats you will renewed vigor and his fingers work that inner hot spot till you finally give in and cum. The blood rushing to your head and the orgasm leave you dizzy and temporarily disoriented. When you recover, you hear his pants being undone and falling to the ground.

This can't be happening, he wouldn't. Then you feel his cock pressing against your lips and he moves it up and down them toying with you.

"Please don't; I won't tell anyone, but please I beg you don't do this?"

"I told you that I am in control not shut up and let me enjoy this."

He slaps your ass firmly and its sting warms the skin. Grabbing your hips he thrusts deep inside you as he slaps your ass with every other hard thrust. The door is rubbing your clit as he thrusts and between this and his cock you start to build again. The spanking is only turning you on more.

Resignation falls over you that this will only stop when he wants it too. You relax and the sensations take over. His powerful thrusts put his cock ever deeper into your sex and the spanking has stopped as he now holds your hips so he can thrust harder. Harder and faster he pounds your tender ass until you feel him tense up and start to cum.

His cock pulsates as it ejects is creamy load deep inside your pussy. This pushes you over the edge and you cum too. This orgasm is amazing and you nearly pass out. Stars flash before your eyes and soon all turns black.

When you recover your hands are freed. He is still behind you and kisses the back of your neck and then down your spine. A final blow is given to your ass. The crack of the impact cuts the still night air.

"Hey baby that was great, I will see you around real soon. "

With that he goes to his vehicle and drives off. You shakily pull your pants up and go home. What did he mean by real soon?

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