tagMatureMr. Callahan's Touch Ch. 02

Mr. Callahan's Touch Ch. 02


I had to have more, and that's just the bottom line of it. Brenda was just such a beautiful girl, I had to have all of her that I could.

While taking one of my daily walks with my wife, it dawned on me that there was a whole wing of the facility with empty rooms. After the walk, Anabelle needed to lay down in our room. I went back to the empty wing, and was disappointed that all of the doors were locked. If I could get into one these rooms, I would have privacy with Brenda.

I watched what went on in that wing for a couple of days, which was nothing. Because there were no residents in that area, no staff went to any of the rooms. It was almost like it was roped off from the rest of the facility, but I just didn't know how I would get into one of the rooms.

Another day or two passed, before I thought to talk to my buddy on the maintenance staff. He was a middle-aged guy who I had conversations with about sports and cars from time to time. The next time I saw him, I engaged him in one of those conversations before asking for my favor.

"You know those rooms down the back hallway?"


"Why are they kept locked?"

Colin shrugged, "Maybe to keep someone from wandering in there. If someone was in there that we didn't know about, and you got hurt, we wouldn't know where you were to help."

"That makes sense."

"Why, you looking for a bachelor pad?" he laughed.

"Do you have a key?" I didn't laugh.

He looked at me, and lowered his voice. "I can't do that, Mr. Callahan. I'd probably get in real trouble."

I made sure no one was coming, then fished money out of my pocket. "I'm just looking for a quiet place to relax in for an hour or two," I offered a $20 bill to him.

"If something were to happen to you in there, I'd be liable -- the company would be liable. I could lose my job just from letting you in there."

"Nobody really goes down there."

"Yeah, but there's too much traffic nearby for someone not to see you going in and out of a room."

"I only need it on the weekends, when there's a lot less staff here," I offered him another $20.

"Keep your money," he pushed my hand back.

"At our home, I had my den, I had the garage, I had just about any room that my wife wasn't in to have some time to myself. You know how small the living quarters are here, and there is no other room to go to. It's either in the room with her, or out in one of the open areas. A man needs someplace to go where he can scratch himself in peace, you know?"

"Yeah, I know," he laughed. "Look, I can't give you a key, but when I leave on Fridays, I could leave a door unlocked."

I smiled, "Just let me know the room number."

"But you've got to make sure you don't get caught; and if you get caught, my name does not get brought up."


"And make sure you don't leave any sign you've been in there. Crumbs on the floor, wrinkled sheets, nothing."

"There's no way I'll ruin this for myself, or get you in trouble."

"You'd better not," he shook my hand, and took the 20 in my palm. "Needs a place to scratch in peace," he laughed to himself going down the hall.

I put the other 20 in my pocket, and began counting the hours until Friday; it was only Tuesday.

Brenda came into work that evening, and she and I flashed our usual smiles at each other during dinner. I walked my wife back to our room, and we sat watching the evening news. Eight o'clock eventually came, and I excused myself to get some air. Brenda was on our bench in a skirt for me again when I went around the corner, "Hi, sweetheart."

"Hello, Mr. Callahan," she smiled.

I sat beside her, and asked what was going on at school. As she talked, I put my hand on her knee and gradually moved it onto her thigh. She got goosebumps and the tone of her voice changed the higher my hand got.

She finished telling me about her day, and asked how I was doing. I told her I had a surprise for her, and she turned slightly to me. Before I told her, I had to push her skirt up so I had a view of her panties.

"I've got a place for us to go."

"Go where?"

"Other than here."


"One of the empty rooms that no one goes to."


"There are some empty rooms down a hallway that no one ever goes to -- not staff, residents, nor maintenance."

"How are we gonna get in one then?"

"I made a deal with someone on the staff to leave a room open for me."

She moved back, "You told them what you wanted the room for?"

"Of course not. I told him I needed a place to relax by myself, which I do, but I didn't tell him anything else."

"And what is it you expect to happen in the room?"

I put my hand back on her thigh, "Just quiet time with you, where we're not in the open worried about being caught. I really enjoy our time out here, but you know I want to see more of you," I scooted a little closer so my thumb could brush along her panties and she took a deep breath. "I want to see you naked, and I want to sit you on my lap. We can't do that out here."

She saw the lights of her ride pull in the parking lot and got up, "I'll think about it."

"It'll only be open on the weekends. Do you work Saturday?"

"Breakfast and lunch," she started to leave.

"It'll be fun for both of us, sweetheart."

"I'll think about it," she left.

Friday came. Just before it was time to go to dinner, Colin came to me and said Room 788 was unlocked. I saw Brenda come out to serve dinner, but she wasn't on our bench later that night.

Saturday morning she was there serving breakfast. I left her a note I wrote when she didn't show up last night. I told her I hoped everything was all right, and told her the room number.

I made my way to the room without being seen. All the general stuff was in place for someone to move in -- bed, linens, chair. The electricity worked in the room, and the water was on. Aside from looking forward to seeing Brenda, it was nice to have a quiet, private place. I eventually fell asleep on the bed waiting for her.

I woke up, and made sure no one would be able to tell anyone was in there. At lunch, I had a note from Brenda at my plate. She said she had a date last night, that's why she didn't stay, and as much as she wanted to tell me about the date today, she just wasn't sure about being in a private room with me. When I saw her, I tucked away my disappointment and smiled to let her know it was okay.

I guess I turned up the pace too soon, and she was backing off. She worked two night that following week, and we didn't sit together on our bench either of them.

Saturday morning, there was a note at my plate again. Brenda wrote that she was called in because someone was sick, and had to hurry in. She asked if there was a room she could freshen up in between meals.

I wrote 792 on the note, and left if for her when I took my wife to our room. She laid down for her usual nap, and I made my way to the unlocked room. Almost an hour passed before Brenda got there, with a duffle bag over her shoulder. I made sure no one saw her, and locked the door.

"I was so mad when they called me this morning; I had no intention of being in here," she whispered. "When I know I'm coming in, I shower the night before, so I don't have to do as much to get ready. I had to quickly wash up at the sink to get her ontime, and I still just feel icky. Is it okay for me to shower in here, or will someone hear the water?"

"Well, the best way to find out is for me to go out while you run the water to see if I can hear it." I left the room, and went down the hall, trying to look inconspicuous in case anyone came by. I was incredibly excited to think about Brenda showering, and couldn't wait to go back and offer to put lotion on her.

After about 10 minutes I went back to the room; Brenda was still in the bathroom, but I didn't hear the shower running. What I did hear was light splashing. The door was half open, so I went in. Brenda had run a bath, and was sitting surrounded by bubbles.

"I take it you didn't hear the water running out there."

I shook my head, "I didn't hear a sound."

"On Saturday mornings when I don't have to be here, I usually take a bath." She went on talking as she washed her legs.

Feeling my knees tremble a little, I sat on the toilet. I listened as best I could as I watched her hands wash over her body.

As she talked about her different routines, she moved in the water. Her movements and the decreasing amount of bubbles allowed me to see more and more of her body. Her chocolate-brown nipples were tight and hard, and glistening; the water cascaded wonderfully down her round ass when she stood up; and the smell of the bubble bath she used was very alluring.

I was so lost in the moment, she had to ask me three times if I would go get her towel off the bed before I actually moved. I grabbed her towel, and saw her standing in the bathroom doorway when I turned to go back.

"Would you mind drying me off?" she asked as suds and water dripped from her body.

I was going to have a mess to clean up, but hell if I cared at that point. "I'd love to," I smiled. I sat in the chair with her towel in my hands, and she came to stand in front of me. I leaned over and started at her legs, going up and down her calves, then up and down her thighs. I out the towel across my lap, and asked for her foot. She balanced herself, then held her foot up. I took my time cleaning her toes because of the view of her pussy I had. It was still wet and sudsy, but I didn't rush to get to it.

I asked her to switch feet. When she did, she put her toes against my dick.

"Sorry," she grinned, pulling her foot back a little.

"Accepted," I smiled back. "Thank you so much for doing this."

"I was so scared!"

"I was scared you were regretting what we were doing, and stopping it," I finished her foot while she talked.

"One, I'm scared of getting caught; and two, I'm scared of standing in front of you naked like this. I mean, what does this say about me?"

I stood up and moved behind her to dry her back, then I reached around to dry her hips and pussy.

She took a breath, "What does this say about me that I enjoy you touching me like this so much?"

"It says to me that you are a young woman whose body loves getting the attention it deserves. I don't know what's wrong with boys your age, but I don't think it says anything is wrong with you for enjoying being touched," I kissed her neck. "We all need it."

Her body trembled at my kiss, "Ohhhhh."

I dropped the towel, and moved my hands up to her breasts, which my hands easily covered. Her nipples were so hard they could have poked a hole in my palms. I went back to kissing her neck as I squeezed. Her young body pushed into me as she moaned.

She put her hands on mine, and moved my left hand down to her pussy. She put her foot on the chair, and guided my fingers right to her soaked clit. I massaged it, while pinching her nipple, while kissing her neck, until I felt her have an orgasm.

I held her up as her body shook. When it was over, she turned in my arms and kissed me. I wasted no time wrapping my arms around her and kissed her back. We held that kiss for a long time; my hands traveling up and down her back to her ass.

"Ohhhhh, Mr. Callahan," she broke the kiss.

"Are you okay?"

"I am fantastic!"

I sat down, and pulled her to my lap. Her nipple was right at my face, so I licked it, "You are truly incredible, sweetheart." I ran my hand along her muscular leg, and sucked her nipple when she pulled my head closer to her. I wanted to suck on her nipples long before we started flirting, and was enjoying the hell out of this moment.

"Will you make me cum again?" she asked between shorts breaths. "Please?"

I kept sucking, and moved her legs open. I worked my hand up her thigh, and put my fingers on her clit. She was absolutely drenched! I had dried her pussy off a little while ago, but she couldn't have been more wet if I had poured water on her. I rubbed her pussy until she started to respond, then I fingered her clit. "Are you a virgin, sweetheart?"

"Yes," she groaned.

Hearing that, I didn't slide my fingers inside her like I intended to do. I kept my attention on her clit and lips. The louder she moaned, the faster I rubbed, and the tighter she grabbed my head. By the time she had an orgasm, my air was almost cut off. A few minutes after it was over, she rubbed my dick and asked if I wanted her to do anything. I moved her hand away, and told her she'd done everything I've ever wanted already. She curled up in my lap, with her head on my shoulder, and we stayed quietly like that until I noticed we had an hour before lunch.

As she cleaned herself up, I cleaned up the wet spots on the carpet and in the bathroom. Once Brenda was dressed, I checked the hall before letting her go out. She gave me a kiss, then went to get ready for the lunch service.

I left the room just like I had found it, cleaned myself up in my room, then woke up my wife to go to lunch. Brenda and I related to each other as if nothing happened, but we shot smiles to each other that proved we would always remember Room 792.

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