Mr. Lonely

byDG Hear©

It was near the end of summer and Mindy would be going back for her final year of school. I reminded her that I would be back in January. I really did hope that we were meant to be together.

I was back in Nevada and my schedule was more hectic than ever. I got some great news and I wouldn't be going back to the Middle East. Since I put in two tours, they picked the men who were only there once unless they volunteered. No way was I going to volunteer again.

Instead of taking leaves and going home to visit I continued going to school and working. I wanted to go home for good as soon as possible. The holidays were coming up so I did buy presents for my family and sent them back home. I wondered what I could buy Mindy.

When I talked to her she told me she didn't need anything. She got her present when she found out I wasn't going back overseas. Now she would just wait till Valentine's Day but not to buy her any candy. She was still trying to lose weight.

I ended up buying her a trac-phone. For those who haven't seen them, you just buy this cheap phone, costs about fifteen dollars. Then I bought her minutes. You only use up the minutes while talking on the phone. You have to buy additional minutes at least every three months. I bought her three hundred and sixty minutes. Hopefully she wouldn't need more till I got home. If she did she could always buy some more herself.

I got gifts from all my family for Christmas. It was the one time of year that people seem to really think about soldiers. I got another ton of cards from the people at church.

I got kind of a weird gift from Mindy. Other than the homemade cookies and candy she and her mother made for me, Mindy put in a pair of pink under panties. I think it was the pair she wore our first time together although they were clean. (That was a joke, but they were clean)

There was a note that said bring these back to me on Valentine's Day. I had no idea what Mindy had up her sleeve. Maybe it was when I was overseas that I mentioned that some girls sent their boyfriends a pair of their panties. I remember asking her to send me a pair of hers and she said, "Yeah Right," and laughed.

Now I receive a pair of her panties. To be honest they would probably fit me but I had no intention of wearing them.

On Christmas morning my cell phone rang. It was Mindy. "I told you if I ever got a phone, you would be the first person I called. Merry Christmas James and thank you for the phone."

"Merry Christmas to you too Mindy." I knew I had tears in my eyes.

When I asked her about the panties she just laughed and told me, "It's a surprise."

Making it through New Year's was a bit rough. I wanted to get laid but for some reason I felt I would be cheating on Mindy even though we weren't going together. All year long I was fucking different women but since the holidays I felt that I was in love with Mindy and would wait for her. What the hell was the matter with me?

For all I know she was fucking the whole college and I was going to be celibate. Why was I thinking like this? I knew Mindy well enough to know she wasn't a slut but she could have a boyfriend but she still talked to me like I was special. Damn! I was ready to go home. I still had a month to go.

Finally the time arrived and I headed home. I couldn't wait to see Mindy. I got home and saw my parents and kind of settled in. I called Mindy at school. She told me she wasn't going to see me till Valentine's Day. I couldn't believe it.

"Please James, I want to see you more than anything in the world but you have to wait two weeks. Please do it for me."

I didn't have any idea what she was up to but I waited this long I guess I could make it through two more weeks. I spent the time visiting with my friends and relatives.

Everyone wanted to know about my overseas experiences and most guys asked about my sex life. I told them that I've been in the States for a year now and my sex life was private. To my close friends I did tell them how easy sex was overseas. I didn't mention Mindy to anyone but I did say I had a girlfriend that I stayed in touch with. They all knew Julie had gotten married and wanted to know who my girlfriend was.

"In good time, I'll tell you soon and even bring her to meet you."

When I told my sister Cheri about not seeing Mindy for two weeks Cheri smiled at me. "James, you don't know it but I've been talking regularly with Mindy. I don't know how you feel about her but she really loves you. I hope you have feelings for her."

"I do Cheri, and I don't care about her size, weight or anything. I think I love her but I can't be sure. I thought I was in love before but it never worked out."

"Trust me, when you see her you'll know whether you two should be together. Besides, you have to find a job and she has school to finish. There's plenty of time to get reacquainted."

Cheri was right. I started working on my resume. I called Mindy at school most every day now. I wanted to talk to her if even for a few minutes. I asked her if she would give my resume to her dad when she came home.

"Of course silly, why wouldn't I? Anyway, bring it with you on Valentine's Day. I'll be home this year. Are you keeping your promise to take me to a nice restaurant and no candy this year?"

"Got it, no candy and a nice restaurant. The Olive Garden ok?"

"That would be perfect. James, not to scare you away because I know we're just friends, but I really do care for you." She hung up before I had a chance to reply.

Things seemed so strange, I knew Cheri knew something but wasn't talking. I called Mindy's cell phone a couple of time before Valentine's Day but she had it off.

Finally Valentine's Day arrived. I made the reservations just like I said I would. I dressed up in slacks and a nice shirt seeing we were going to the Olive Garden. I picked up some flowers and drove to Mindy's house. She answered the door and I couldn't believe what I saw.

"Surprise, Happy Valentine's Day James," said Mindy.

There stood Mindy in a red silk blouse and black skirt which was a couple of inches above her knees. She looked gorgeous. She told me later that after I left for Nevada she started on her diet and exercise regime. She had lost over seventy pounds.

She had her hair cut short but really looked sexy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"I did it for myself and for you James. I know you liked me for what was in my heart but I also wanted you to love my outside too."

"Mindy, you look absolutely beautiful. I don't know what to say?"

"Ask me to be your girl now if you like. I'll let you know ahead of time that the answer will be yes."

"Mindy, I love you! Will you be my girl for now and hopefully my partner later?"

"James, I love you too. Now let's go eat," said Mindy with a smile.

"Not till I kiss you," I replied as I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately.

Dinner was great. I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. I felt a bit jealous when I saw men look at her and I think she knew it.

"Don't worry, James. You are my boyfriend now and I would never ever cheat on you. I will always be honest with you."

"I take it you've been asked out in the last year," not really wanting to know the answer.

"Yes I have, but I only went out with groups of people. When I was asked out I told them thank you but no thank you. I would never cheat on my boyfriend. He's in the service and I'm waiting for him to come home."

"I waited for you James. I've loved you ever since I first gave myself to you. I never told you because I wanted you to love me for who I am. You saw past the weight problem and liked the real me. Yes, I like to be looked at because it never happened to me until lately but I also know beauty is skin deep but real love comes from the heart."

I leaned over and kissed her right there in the restaurant. I didn't care about the people around us. I loved her and wanted the world to know. Some elderly couples looked over at us and just smiled.

We went to the movies and then Mindy asked me if I would like to go out to the trailer again. I hoped I wasn't speeding to get there. Mindy told me we had all night. Her parents had gone on a cruise for the weekend.

She took off her clothes and I could smell her sex before she had her panties off. I had my clothes off in seconds. I kissed her time and time again before dropping to my knees and began eating her pussy. I rubbed my face in her trimmed red haired mound, tongued her labia and started fingering her at the same time.

"I love you James, God, how I love you. Eat me baby, make me come, it's been so long."

I tongue fucked her till she had her first orgasm. I then moved up and began sucking her nipples. Her breasts were smaller but still felt nice and soft. Her nipples seem to get harder faster. I kissed her and then work my way back down her trimmer tummy and started kissing it. One of my favorite spots is between her belly button and her mound. I kissed her and licked her there till she held in her breath. God, I loved making love to her.

I reached for my wallet to get a condom.

"James, right after Thanksgiving I had a talk with my mom and told her you would be back in January. I told her I cared for you but we never talked about being a couple. She knew what I was thinking and we both decided I should be on the pill. You don't need to use a condom unless you feel you should."

I thought back over the last six months. I did have sex with a few women but I always used a condom. I had a physical for my release from the service and I showed up clean. I put my wallet on the end table and got between Mindy's legs. She smiled at me as I slowly inserted my cock in her.

The first time I came pretty darn quick but held on long enough for Mindy to come. She told me we could spend the night together, which we did. We made love three times that night, and we were still cuddled together when we woke up the next morning.

We cleaned up and headed back to town. We stopped at a small diner and had breakfast. After that we walked around the shopping mall. Mindy said she needed a couple of items for school. We also stopped at one of the local jewelry stores and looked at rings.

"James, it's too early for that. I love you with all my heart but you need a job and I have to finish school." It was like she was reading my mind.

We passed a table that said friendship rings. I looked up at Mindy. "I want people to know that we are a couple and belong to each other."

Mindy smiled and said, "A friendship ring is good. It will give us time to get to know each other even better without being pressured." The first thing that entered my mind is that is exactly what Cheri would have said.

We bought a ring and I slipped it on her finger. We also bought a heart that comes in two pieces. She put her half on a necklace and I put my half on my keychain.


On Monday Mindy headed back to school. I told her I wouldn't bother her but she could call me whenever she was free. She did so at least every other day. She came home every weekend and we were together both days. I took her to one of my sister's or brother's house most each Saturday.

I wanted them all to meet my girl. I have to say my family loved her. She and Cheri became best of friends; I think they have been for awhile.

I did go to her Dad's business to apply for a job. I had gotten a call from them to come in and interview at the store. Mrs. Ridenbaugh was the first to interview me when I walked in.

"Hi James, it's good to see you. I guess you know Mindy gave us your resume. You come well recommended."

I was thinking of who I put down as my references. I mentioned my instructors name in Nevada and Mrs. Ridenbaugh smiled at me.

"No James, Mindy added her name to your references. She is your number one recommendation. We trust her judgment, however we have a written test that you will need to take and of course pass it if we are to hire you."

"Yes Mrs. Ridenbaugh, I understand."

"After the test you'll need to talk to Mr. Ridenbaugh. He makes all the final decisions."

I was taken to a quiet meeting room and handed a test on a number of electrical problems and on furnace installation. I figured I did pretty well on the electrical questions but really knew nothing much about furnace hook ups. I did try my best. When I finished Mrs. Ridenbaugh told me I didn't do very well on the furnace part of the test but Mr. Ridenbaugh wanted to speak to me.

I waited to be called to his office. While waiting I picked up a copy of furnace repair and installation. Shit, if I had read this pamphlet before the test I would have done much better on it. Damn it, I was pissed at myself.

The receptionist called me and led me to Mr. Ridenbaugh's office.

"Come in James, I'd like to talk to you. You did really well on the electrical part of the test. You really didn't do too badly on installing furnaces. You did get the electrical part correct but we also do gas and propane installation.

"I'll be honest with you here. We didn't think you would pass that part of the test. After all you've never worked on them before."

"Sir, then why did you go through the trouble of having me take the test if you knew I probably wouldn't pass it?"

"I promised Mindy I would give you a chance. She believes in you and she means everything to me. I'll admit that when I first met you last year I had concerns. I was a young man once. After all Mindy is my daughter and I want the best for her.

"Now I believe that you would be a hell of an asset to our business. I watched you when you looked at that pamphlet on installing furnaces. That's something that can be taught. My problem is you and Mindy. I don't know what to do about that."

"Sir, I don't understand. I love Mindy."

"James, what if this love you both say you have for each other doesn't last? What happens then?"

"Sir if for any reason you have to choose between hiring me or my love for Mindy, I'll find a place to work elsewhere. I don't have a crystal ball and I don't know what's going to happen between Mindy and me. As far as I know we love each other now and I hope it lasts forever but I don't know what the future holds."

"So, let me get this right. You would give up this job opportunity before giving up Mindy."

"Yes Sir, I would. I do wish I could have the best of both worlds, get the job and be with Mindy too."

Mr. Ridenbaugh smiled at me. "James, you can have the position. You will start next Monday. By the way, I do hope it all works out between Mindy and you."

I can't tell you how many times I thanked him. I was sent to human resources and filled out my papers. Mr. Ridenbaugh put me with an experienced furnace installer to help me learn everything I needed to know. I would be working out of the local office.

When I called Mindy at school she was happy to hear I got the job. She said she knew I could do it, she had faith in me. We decided we would celebrate this weekend when she came home.

For the next couple of months I learned all I could about the installation of furnaces. I continued to spend my weekends with Mindy. We made love as often as we could.

I got a notice for my five year reunion and asked Mindy if she wanted to go with me. She smiled and said she would love too.

When I picked her up she looked gorgeous and sexy. To me she was the belle of the ball. Most of my old classmates asked me who she was. They were surprised to hear that Mindy was a freshman our senior year. I think a few of the guys were embarrassed remembering how they treated her.

We talked with everyone but Mindy only danced with me. She said she had no reason to dance with anyone else. People were surprised when they learned how we met; that Mindy took the time to keep in touch with a serviceman overseas. I told them how lonely I was until I got that first card from Mindy.

Everyone knew that Julie and I were a couple after we graduated. Some asked why we broke up. I told them that's something they would have to ask Julie. I told them that I prefer to believe that Mindy and I were destined to be together and fate saw to it that we found each other.

Right then, right there in front of everyone Mindy kissed me. My friends told me I was one very lucky guy. One of my friends got an elbow from his girlfriend. We went and danced to the next song. Funny it was 'Mr. Lonely,' I found out later that Mindy requested it.

I did see Julie and her husband. We said hello and then I said the strangest thing. "Julie, thank you for breaking up with me or I would have never found the true love of my life."

Julie and her husband never said a word as the prettiest woman at the reunion and I headed out the door.


Two months later Mindy graduated from college with a degree in secretarial science. At her graduation party I asked her to marry me. She said yes and we decided we would get married on Valentine's Day next year.

I lease an apartment not far from the store. Mindy still lives at home, at least till next Valentine's Day. We both work out of the main store, Mindy helps out her mom so she doesn't have to work every day and I spend most of my time in the field doing electrical repair and installing furnaces. We are together most every evening.

Mr. Ridenbaugh told me that someday the business would be Mindy's. He's glad that she found someone who could help her out, then he smiled at me.

I joined an exercise club with Mindy and we go a couple of times a week together. We walk three miles together most every evening. We just love being together. This exercise program was Mindy's idea. She said she did a lot of work losing the weight and wanted to stay in shape.

To be totally honest, I love Mindy and I'm glad she lost the weight. I know being overweight later in life could affect her health. I saw past her weight and into her heart. I wish every man could find a woman like Mindy. I'm glad I did or did she find me?

One thing is for sure. I'm not Mr. Lonely anymore.


Thank you for reading my story

Comments are welcome and appreciated

DG Hear.

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