tagIllustratedMr. Salizar

Mr. Salizar


It was raining outside and as I thought about it, I couldn't really remember when it began. I guess I was distracted... no, come to think of it, I was most definitely distracted. The TV was on, and I noticed the lampshade on the lamp was out of kilter, but that wasn't what captured my attention, the thing that was distracting me was the strange blonde woman running her tongue along the shaft of my erection that distracted me. While the sensation of warmth and wetness, accompanied by the soft feel of her fingers on my balls, was exquisite, I was a bit vexed about it all. It seems that, aside from the familiar movie on TV, I couldn't recognize a thing around me.

Apparently there were some bright neon lights that leaked around the window blinds and curtains giving the room a nauseating cast of green and purple. An unbalanced ceiling fan rumbled and rocked as tiny sparkling green and purple stars of light reflected off the shiny fan blades and sparkled about the room. The bed was covered in pillows and the sheets felt luxuriously soft. I only wish I could remember how I got there, or better still, how I convinced this attractive blonde woman to join me in the room and do such wonderful things to my cock.

Glancing down I watched as she began bobbing her head up and down on me, the purplish head disappearing between her green tined lips and then reappearing, sparkling in her saliva. Reaching down I ran my fingers through her hair letting the tight curls of her afro form green ringlets around each finger. She glanced up at me and I immediately noticed the dark brown of her face. Tugging a bit at her hair, I confirmed she wasn't wearing a wig, and might have concluded that she had colored her hair, but instead I arched my back and gave into the sensations she created in my cock. Frustratingly, as the last second, she pulled her mouth off of me, letting my cum splash over her chin and then out onto my stomach as she regained control and aimed my spurting cock.

Trying to catch my breath, I leaned my head back, banging it on the carved wooden headboard. "Hey, hey, take it easy there, we don't want to end up taking you to the emergency room... and besides, that's hand carved, don't bang it up."

The woman's voice was deep and sensuous, very mature sounding, yet in the faint light she looked no older than thirty. "Sorry," I replied, gasping for air.

"Now didn't I tell you I could give you the best blow job you've ever had? Like I told you, I bet you can't even remember your name it was so good."

My name? Shit, what was my name? Damn, the world suddenly seemed to fall down upon me as I realized I was naked in a strange room with no idea how I got there, I just finished receiving the most incredible blow job I had ever experienced from an attractive blonde black woman with a deep sexy voice and I couldn't even remember my name.

Kicking my legs over the side of the bed, I sat up, noticed a pile of unfamiliar male clothing and then turned back to her. "You know, to be honest, I really can't remember my name."

"Oh now Sherman, you aren't playing some time of game with me are you? Not trying to stiff me on the money?"

"No, I honestly can't remember. You say I'm Sherman?"

"That's what you told me to call you, it doesn't really matter as long as you pay me the money."


"Yes Sherman, stay with me now. I give you an incredible blow job after escorting you for the evening and then you pay me."

"Ah," I stalled, looking on the dresser trying to see if my wallet was there, "exactly, how much money are we talking about."

"Sherman! Now you know what we agreed to, it was five for the evening, another seven for the extra," she said tossing me the towel. My cum had run down my stomach and seeped into my pubic hair. I took the towel and cleaned it up as best I could.

"Five and seven, so I owe you twelve?"

"Twelve hundred."

Gasping I repeated, "Twelve hundred?"

"Yes Sherman, five hundred for the date, that goes to the service and seven hundred for the blow job, that's my tip."

"Seven hundred for the blow job?" I said incredulously.

"Hey darling, you feel these sheets, and that carved headboard, this stuff cost money, and besides, when have you ever had a blow job like that before?"

I paused, pondering the question, trying to recall if I ever had received a blow job before, from anyone. "To be honest, I don't recall ever having one before."

"Sherman, you playing with me again, look, we can keep up the sweet talk later, but let's go ahead and get this money thing worked out or I'm gonna have to call Johnny?"

"Who is Johnny?"

"Believe me, he's someone you don't want to meet, so just get your wallet out of your pants and give me the money."

I reached over and grabbed the pants, finding the wallet. Reaching inside I discovered a number of one hundred dollar bills, a thick stack of them. I immediately return pulled back the blanket and counted out one, two, three... up to twelve bills. I put the remaining hundreds back into the wallet and then looked for a driver's license. Sure enough there it was, complete with a strange picture, an address in Miami, Florida and a name, my name I presume: T. Sherman Salizar.

Handing the woman the money I sat down on the bed, "I think I need a drink."

"The bar's right over there honey, but the way you been acting you might want to leave it alone. Maybe just eat some fruit," she replied adjusting her clothes and heading for the door.

I looked back at the bar wondering if I really wanted anything. While I was trying to make up my mind I could overhear a conversation just outside the still open door:

"I tell you Johnny, he is really out of it, worse than last time. He didn't even know his name."

"Was that after you did him, or during."

"Before, during and after. I mean he liked what I was doing, no man wouldn't like that, but it was like he was lost, didn't know where he was and like I told you he couldn't remember his name.," the woman said.

"Okay, look, here's another two hundred. Let's keep this to ourselves."

"Sure thing Johnny, nothing's too good for my favorite customer. Hey, if you have a few minutes maybe you and me could...."

"Sorry, I'm on duty here."

"Too bad, with a guy your size I can only imagine..."

"My associate Barbara will take you to your car."

I was about to check out the bar when a large man dressed in a black suit stepped inside and said, "Ah, Mr. Salizar, I think you may want to get dressed now. We'll need to be leaving very soon, you don't want to be late.

"I think I need a drink."

"Just water sir, you'll want to keep your wits about you," the man said handing me my pants.

I quickly got dressed and then he moved to the hotel room door. Slowly opening it, he peeked his head out and asked, "All clear?" I heard a woman's voice and then he said, "Okay, we're ready Mr. Pres... ah I mean Mr. Salizar."

He opened the door and stepped back. I stepped into the hallway and a woman said to me, "Follow me Mr. Salizar.:" I fell in behind her, noticing her suit looked a lot like the one the man behind me was wearing.

We all loaded into the elevator and as we rode down I noticed the large man turn away from us, hold his hand up near his mouth and begin talking. He was talking very quietly but I could hear what he was saying.

"We're in the elevator heading down, but we may have a problem," he paused and then continued, "Yes it seems like the disassociative thing again. After his, ah, after his treatment the, ah, the therapist said he didn't know his name from the start. Yes before, during and after the treatment."

The large man looked at me and smiled, when I looked at the woman, she smiled too. The elevator door then opened and I noticed the woman talking into her sleeve, "Okay, we're on the ground. All clear?"

She looked at the big man, nodded and then looked at me, "We are ready Mr. Salizar, just walk to those agents and go to the car. We're right behind you."

We walked out of the elevator, through a lobby and out some open doors. About half a dozen people in suits surrounded me until I climbed into the back seat of the car, sliding over to the far side. The man and woman who rode down in the elevator climbed in with me. I watched the man knock on the glass and the car pulled away. He then held his arm up to his face and said, "Head back into the city, we are awaiting instructions on a destination."

Still not sure of what was going on, I watched out the car window and took in the sights as we wove through the city. The buildings looked familiar to me and I felt as if I should know them. I asked the woman in the suit sitting across from me, "What is that building?"

"Part of the Smithsonian," she replied.

A little further down the road I asked again, "And that one?"

"The National Museum of the American Indian."

"Is that one new?"

"It opened just a few years ago Mr. Salizar."

Our attention quickly turned to the large man sitting on the seat next to me as spoke into his sleeve, "Roger that, Bethesda it is." He looked up at the woman and then spoke back into his sleeve, "Jake, we have a destination, it's Bethesda," he paused a moment, "No, no not an emergency, routine visit."

The big man looked at me and said, "Mr. Salizar, we're going to take you to Bethesda, the medical center there for a doctor's appointment. It will take us about thirty to forty-five minutes once we pick up the police to accompany us."

For the next half hour or so I watched a unique ballet of police motorcycles buzzing back and forth past the car windows. Although it was all very entertaining it seemed a bit much for a simple drive to a doctor's appointment. Anyway, before long we pulled into a driveway surrounded by police cars and pulled up to a doorway. Surrounded by people in suits again, I was led into the hospital and directly to an elevator.

My friends, the large man and the woman in the matching suit led me into a doctor's office where the doctor took me into a room. I didn't have to fill out any papers or wait or anything. The doctor and nurse took my blood pressure, temperature, checked my pulse and listened to my chest.

After writing down some notes the doctor came over to me and said, "Mr. Salizar, I'm going to give you a pill that should help get you back to normal. I want you to take the pill and then in a few minutes I have you go into another room where you will meet a young lady. Hopefully things will return to normal then."

"Thank you doctor," I replied, taking the small blue pill and swallowing it with a bit of water the nurse handed me.

The large man in the black suit came in with another man and said, "Doctor, this is our team's medical consultant. You'll need to talk to the personal physician later but we'll need some instructions for the rest of the day."

"Okay, as we talked about before, as his blood pressure rises his brain will naturally try to calm him, basically bringing on Mr. Salizar, as we see him now. We need to divert just a bit of the blood flow to the brain to enhance his more aggressive personality. Basically we divert this blood to the most logical area, to his penis. As it becomes erect, his aggressive nature is enhanced and he is the man who runs the country. I gave him a Viagra and with the help of the lovely lady one of your agents snuck in, we should have an erection in no time."

"Okay, now he has a public appearance to make..."

"I understand the lovely lady will ride in the limo with him ready to attend to his needs. Just make sure he doesn't orgasm, if he does it will be like you reported this morning and Mr. Salizar will return."

I watched the gentlemen talk as if I wasn't in the room. It really didn't matter that I was there, I really had no idea what they were talking about. I was waiting to go into another room to meet someone.

The men split up and the doctor said to me, "Thank you Mr. Salizar, if you just follow Agent Timmons, you can go meet your 'assistant" for the day."

I got up and followed the large man in the suit. We walked across the hall and he opened the door for me. Looking across the room I saw a woman naked from the waist up. Her breasts were very large, very beautiful. I began to feel dizzy as all I could do was stare at her breasts, the firm nipples, the soft skin, the...

"Well hey there little lady, and what is your name?"

"My name is Candy Mr. President."

"Condi, yes I like that name."

"It's Candy, like in the candy you eat."

"Oh, oh, okay. Well go ahead and get dressed, we have someplace to go. John, you out there John?"

"Yes sir Mr. President, are you ready to go."

"Well John, this here is Condi, she'd coming along with us."


"What's that?"

"Candy, my name's Candy."

"I am pleased to meet you Candy."

"Look's like she's ready John. Hey you still teamed up with Betty?"

"Yes sir, she's right outside. Let me get the door."

"Hey Betty, meet Condi here, she's my assistant today."

"It's Candy."

"It's nice to meet you Candy. Have you been filled in on your responsibilities?"

"Yes, I'm to keep him erect, but not let him come."

"Any problem following the instructions?"

"No ma'am."

"Just call me Betty."

"Now at the end of the evening you may need to finish him off, but we'll let you know."

"Okay John."

"Here's the car now. Betty you sit up front so Randy can join us and brief the President. Candy, you sit across from the President, just be ready for action."

"Sure thing," she replied flexing her jaw.

"Mr. President, the President Elect is really pushing her healthcare plan back home so what we need to do is divert attention, confuse the people and then convince them that you came up with the idea of universal healthcare."

"I tell you, why can't these ladies keep their minds on their real business?"

"What's that Mr. President?"

"Why keeping us standing firm and roaring to go, like Condi over there."

"It's Candy sir."

"Candy, Candy, right. So how am I going to do what you want?"

"We have a speech here. All you have to do is read it, if all goes well you'll confuse the people in our country so much they might believe you were a good President."

"Ha, ha, ha, that is good Randy."


"Yes Randy."

"Will Miss Candy be able to be in position at the podium?"

"Yes, we have access from beneath where she will be available in case his ah, resolve begins to go flaccid."

"Excellent, and you and Betty?"

"This time we remain in the car, onsite security will take him in and out. When it's over we head back to his hotel."

"Okay, well here we are, Mr. President, if you'll go with those agents, Candy please follow those two agents. John, Betty I'll see you back at his hotel."

"Thanks Randy."

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

"Why hello Candy, how did the speech go?"

"Hi Betty, well he kept firm and hard, didn't need me at all."

"Okay, when he gets back we'll check in and see if you need to finish him off or not. Either way John will take care of your fee and we'll have a car take you back home."

"Thank you Betty."

"You're welcome, oh here he is now. How did the speech go Mr. President?"

"Seemed good to me but you'll have to ask Randy to know for sure. Hey John, we ready to head out?"

"Back to the hotel sir."

"No sights of the city, no parties?"

"The First Lady is expecting you."

"But it is so rare that I get to come from our country to visit Washington DC."

"I understand, but we have to follow the itinerary and your flight leaves early in the morning. Pardon me while I check in with your secretary. Miss Finch, yes, we are en-route, will the First Lady be expecting the President or Mr. Salizar? Okay, a headache, so Mr. Salizar it is."


"Yes Betty."

"You can take care of the President now."

"All they way?"

"All the way."

"Oh well hey there Condi, careful with that zipper."

"It's Candy sir."

"Okay Candy, oh yes. Oh sometimes it just feels good to get it out into the fresh air. Mmmm, but even better in a woman's mouth. Oh yeah, stroke the shaft, stroke it while you suck. Now don't let any of it to splash on your dress. I don't want any stains soiling my perfect presidency.

"Yeah suck it, harder, oh yeah, give it to me Condi... ah I mean Candy, give it to me. Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna..."

Suddenly I found myself back in the car and for the second time today I am looking down at a beautiful woman with my cock in her mouth. She raised her head, ran her tongue over her lips to clean up the last droplets of my cum on her lips and then she swallowed. The big man in the suit handed me a towel and I cleaned myself up before looking back at the beautiful woman.

"Oh yes, you are the one I met at the hospital. You have such full and beautiful breasts if I am not too rude in telling you."

"Thank you Mr..."

"Mr. Salizar," the woman in the black suit interrupted. "Yes we are taking Mr. Salizar back to his hotel and then we will get a car for you Candy."

"Thank you Betty."

"Once again it seems I am not really sure what is happening, but I think you people have helped me some. Please accept my thanks for your help."

"No problem Mr. Salizar," the large man said. "Here we are at your hotel."

The large man came around the car and opened the door for me and led me to the entrance to the hotel. He then waved and watched a black car pull up. He opened the door and the beautiful lady, Candy, I think her name was, climbed into the car. He handed her some money and the car left.

"Okay Mr. Salizar there is your secretary, Miss Finch, if you follow her, we'll be right behind you."

"Thank you," I said to the big man and then nodded to the lady in the matching suit. I turned and followed Miss Finch to the elevator. Behind me I could hear the two of them talking. It was but a whisper, but my ears are very big and very good.

"Mr. Salizar is really nice, but I tell you it was so much easier back when the President was younger. I mean back then just the thought of screwing over his country and his people kept him hard all day long."

"It was easier, but I don't know, this will make a better book if I ever get around to writing it."

"You think anyone will believe you?"

"Why not, they believed the American President when he told them about WMDs?"

"Yes, everyone was so foolish."

We climbed on the elevator and Miss Finch pushed 27 and up we went. I remained quiet. I had no idea what had been going on that day, but I have good ears and will keep listening until I figure it all out. Until that time I'll just enjoy the time I spend with the lovely ladies like Candy.


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