tagSci-Fi & FantasyMrs Benn - Warrior Woman Ch. 04

Mrs Benn - Warrior Woman Ch. 04


[After trying on an outfit in a costume shop, Tina Benn finds herself in an alternative world. Accompanied by a horny little green man, she must rid the townsfolk of their dragon problem]


Having slept poorly Tina woke and stretched as first light rose. She wasn't surprised this time to wake up still in this land and not back in her normal suburban home.

"Ohhhh, wobbling, jiggling, bountiful breasts," came the plaintive cry of her companion Pucker.

She wished she could at least put her top back on, but the ogre had broken it, so she had to remain topless for now. Spurt! The first Pucker ejaculation shot past her over into the ravine. She didn't even comment on these now, he had released about twenty such shots yesterday as they progressed through the forest. In a strange way it had been comforting because it was so comical. They couldn't really be eaten by wild animals when a little green man was uncontrollably shooting come every ten minutes. It would be the wrong genre, like throwing a sex scene into a kid's film.

They climbed down the ravine, Tina struggling to do so, but Pucker led her. This meant he was below her so had a perfect view up her skirt to her exposed pussy. She narrowly missed being hit by a jism bullet as she stepped over him at one point. She made it to the bottom safely however, but she was covered in dirt which had stuck to the layer of ogre come on her skin.

A waterfall was ahead of them and beyond this Tina could make out a cave entrance. This was it then, she thought. She couldn't think of a way out now, and as Catterin had said, her purpose in coming here was somehow related to this quest. Taking a deep breath she plunged through the icy waterfall.

She gasped at the cold, and thought that the ogre come would definitely be washed off now, so their return may be more perilous than their journey here. But they had to live that long first.

"Ohhhh, icy hard nipples," Pucker moaned.

She looked at him with disdain. "I think you'd better wait here."

She progressed through the cave and it soon became dark. She hadn't even brought a torch, what an idiot she was. She could make a light out up ahead though, and gingerly stepping over the rocks she headed towards it.

She came to an opening, which was illuminated by a shaft of light from hole high up at the top of the ravine. There, curled against the far wall was unmistakeably a dragon, sleeping soundly. It was dark grey in colour, not the red Tina had been expecting, and it's skin was smooth, not scaly. It had a long, almost humanoid face, with two prominent nostrils. A powerful pair of wings were folded around its stomach, and its tail curled around underneath it. It must have been twenty foot in length she guessed.

She had been unprepared for how beautiful it would seem to her, far more magnificent than any horse or dog that people back home raved about. She knew she could not kill it, no matter what it had done. Making this decision she unclipped her sword and dagger and lay them on the floor. She crept closer to take a better look at this wondrous animal.

She wanted to see the navel area where Catterin had said they were most vulnerable, just in case it was required. She tiptoed towards its undulating stomach.

"So you have decided not to try and kill me?" came a deep, sonorous voice.

She leapt back, startled and stumbled to the ground. The dragon lazily lifted its head and opened its eyes to look at her.

"I thank you for not trying to kill me. Not that you would have succeeded of course." His nostrils twitched. "Is that ogre come I can smell on you?"

Tina blushed as she struggled to her feet. "Erm, yes. It was necessary to get through the Dank Woods."

"I see. You are certainly a woman of courage to adopt that approach, I can't imagine it was pleasant for you."

"Well, erm, it wasn't as bad as I expected," she felt she couldn't betray the ogre and say it had been a bad experience when she'd enjoyed it.

A rumble resounded around the cave, which caused her to stumble again. It took her a few moments to realise it was the dragon laughing, deep in his stomach.

"I see, not so much courage as a certain broad taste then. I can certainly see why the ogre was happy to go along with the deal. You look like you could handle him just fine. So tell me, why did you come to the cave of a dragon, practically naked and stinking of ogre come?"

Maybe the waterfall hadn't washed it all off then, Tina thought. She was about to tell the dragon the truth, when he interrupted her.

"Oh I get it. You're one of those other beast sluts aren't you? The type who want to collect fucks from all the mythical creatures. You've had an ogre, I can smell a Fukiite out there, and now you fancy a dragon fuck is that it?"

"No, no," she insisted, "I didn't come here to fuck you."

"Not good enough for you am I? If you liked ogre cock, then you'll love this." He pulled a wing away to reveal a thick, slick penis about a foot in length, with a double bulb at the end.

Tina couldn't help herself staring at it. "I didn't come for that, although it does look very nice," she found herself saying. "I came to see if you would stop attacking the village. All the villagers are living in fear."

"Oh," he said, tucking his wing over his penis again, to Tina's disappointment. "I don't mean to scare them, although they are a bunch of whinging idiots mostly. It's just that I get a kind of build-up every month and it sends me into a rage."

"Oh, I see. What kind of build up?"

He sighed, "I probably shouldn't say, it isn't chivalrous, but as you're naked and have fucked an ogre, I guess it won't shock you. It's a sexual build up. Us dragons can't really masturbate so if we don't have sex it builds up and up, until we become almost drunk with it. I don't really know what I'm doing, I thrash around for a few days, during which time I must come I suppose, and then when I wake up it has cleared."

"Aren't there any lady dragons around who can help you out?"

"No, we're at the end of the dragon era now, there are few of us around."

"Didn't the village folk offer you a virgin?"

The dragon roared, so Tina jumped back shivering. "What kind of animal do you take me for? I would never ravish a reluctant virgin. The poor kid was crying and screaming. They are the beasts. And besides she was scrawny, my dragon tool needs some meat to sink into."

With sudden clarity, Tina knew what to do. This was her purpose in coming to this strange, exciting land. Her body was the only weapon she would need to fulfil her quest. She teasingly lifted the hem of her skirt to show the dragon her bush. "Would this meat be enough for it?"

The dragon appraised her pussy, lifting its bulk to come closer. "My, you really are a woman of broad tastes aren't you? Are you sure you're not a trophy fucker?"

"I'm sure, but if it helps you, and it means you won't attack the villagers then I'm happy to fuck you."

"Only for them? What about you, don't you want it?" He peeled his wing away again to reveal his metallic looking phallus.

Tina bit her lip, "yes, I'd like to try it. Be gentle with me though, it looks quite big."

She was still holding her skirt up and the dragon brought his head right up close to it and sniffed deeply. His powerful exhale blew across her pussy lips, making her quiver. He raised his head, which was about double the size of her own to her breasts. A dark, rasping tongue emerged and licked her left nipple. She shuddered with pleasure.

"These are the best human breasts I have ever seen, and I am nearly a thousand years old," he told her.

"I like you licking them," she confessed.

"Would you like me to lick anywhere else?" Now he was so close, his deep voice resonated through her rib cage.

"Oooh, down there, yes please."

He lowered his head slowly and she felt the long, snake-like tongue probe at her modesty. "That feels nice," she prompted him, stroking the back of his head. He slid his tongue into her, wrapping it up around inside her, and then slowly, sensually withdrawing it. "Oh, yes, you can do that all day long my lovely dragon."

He continued for another few minutes, gently probing and caressing her pussy with his thick tongue. The rough surface stimulated her lips each time it entered and withdrew. Quite suddenly she realised she was about to have an orgasm.

"Oh, dragon, oh, I'm ergh, coming, oh," she gripped his ears tightly as a gentle orgasm ran through her.

He withdrew his tongue and brought his head up to hers. "Do you still want to go through with it?"

She was flushed and sweating, but blissfully happy. She kissed him on the nose, and whispered "even if you didn't want to, I'd make you fuck me with that gorgeous dragon cock of yours."

He let another of his bass chuckles, "you certainly are a remarkable woman. Come then, it will be easier if you lie down here."

Tina turned around and bent over. The dragon crept over her, his wings closing down the side to create a tent, with his long neck protruding in front of her. She felt his heavy stomach resting on her back. For a moment she doubted what she was doing, being in this position, with this huge beast mounting her didn't feel like love-making but rather animalistic rutting.

But the dragon spoke softly to her, asking if she was comfortable, and anything that could speak, you couldn't really classify as just an animal she consoled herself. Besides, she was very horny and could really do with this.

She felt the dragon's penis touch her buttocks. She reached behind to guide it into her moist opening. Rubbing her hands across it, she was intrigued by the double end, one thick bulb at the front and then a smaller bud on top. As she rolled her finger across this, the dragon snorted.

"Mmmm, that is my addenum," he told her. "It is very sensitive, like your female clitoris I believe."

"Oh," Tina said, wetting her thumb and rubbing it some more. It was smooth to the touch. "I can't wait to feel it inside me."

She pushed it to her the slit, and rubbed the main cock head along her engorged lips. It felt very big in her hand, certainly she had never had any man's penis this large in her before, not that she had much experience in that area.

"Please go slowly dragon, it's very big for a human," she whimpered.

He pushed forward gently, she felt the cock pressing at the entrance, and pushed back on it. She gasped as it pushed apart her pussy and slipped just inside. The addenum was now caught outside, rubbing the top of her slit. With another increase in pressure that was in too. Tina moaned loudly.

"Are you okay?" the dragon enquired.


He pushed his penis up inside her, it girth caused her to wince in pain, but this was counteracted by the pleasure sensations, particularly those caused by the addenum. Having the dual sensation of the large cock head at the top of her canal and the second bulb rubbing along the upper wall was exquisite. He was still not fully immersed, yet Tina could feel an orgasm coming already. She tried to stifle it back, she had only just come from his licking, she couldn't be having another one she thought.

As he reached his full length inside he gave an extra push and this toppled her resistance. She bit her lip and stifled a moan, not wanting the dragon to detect she had come so quickly. Her body betrayed her however, and her pussy walls contracted in spasms around his large member, gripping it and pulling it into her.

"Have you come already?" he asked, a note of disappointment in his voice.

"Ye-ees," she choked. "But don't stop, please, keep going, I want more."

It was as he extracted his cock until the addenum was just inside her that she appreciated its full length. It seemed to take forever to slide out of her, sending pulses of pleasure through her. It had looked smooth, but she now could feel that it was ribbed, with thick circular rings every inch or so. These created a stream of sensation from her vaginal lips. He plunged back into her again, faster this time and she yelped. She felt so full, so full of this alien penis, it seemed that it was everywhere in her, right down to her fingertips.

As if this sensation wasn't enough, she felt something push her legs apart further and looked down to see the tip of his tail probing its way between her. The tail ended in a fist sized ball, coated with a soft fur. With expert precision its coned tip located her clitoris and gently parted the lips to rub her bud.

"Oh fuck dragon, that is amazing," she called.

He turned his head to look back at her, crouched on all fours beneath him. "It feels good for me too, you have the body to satisfy a dragon."

"Then satisfy yourself you big, sexy dragon."

He increased his pace at this command, his heavy stomach pushing Tina into the ground on her elbows. He was pumping her rhythmically now, the quadruple sensation of the thick cock, the gliding addenum, the ribs throbbing against her entrance and the caressing tail was too much for any woman to bear, let alone one who had relatively little sexual experience.

Tina came again, not trying to hide it this time, she screamed out, "oh fuck dragon, I'm coming again! Yes, oh yes!"

He didn't ask her if she was allright this time, and he didn't stop, although she was grateful that he did slow his strokes to allow her some recovery time, before they began increasing again.

Tina had heard other women make the distinction between being fucked, which she assumed was fast and rough, and being made love to, which she took to be slower and more tender. While being on all fours with her face in the dirt and taking a twelve inch cock definitely counted as being fucked, she also felt that through the smaller, gentler probing of the addenum, and the careful attention of the tail she was being made love to. It was the most exquisite experience. Her mouth puckered, her fingertips tingled and her legs pulsated. All over her she felt new sensations.

She was knocked out of this reverie when the dragon noticeably increased his pace. Her breasts were squashed into the dirt now as he pistoned into her. Now it was just fucking.

"By all the stars I love fucking this human!" the dragon roared in such a loud voice it caused some stones to tumble down the side of the cave.

"Oh dragon, fuck me, I love your big dragon cock in me. I love it, come inside me," Tina responded.

She was no longer sure if she was building to one big orgasm, or having a series of multiple ones cascading over each other. She could no longer speak and simply moaned.

And then with an almighty thrust that drove her a foot forward along the ground, the dragon began to come. Tina saw flashing lights, purple stars at the periphery of her vision. Electric shocks flashed along her body, causing her limbs to twitch uncontrollably. She was breathing in short bursts, unable to get enough oxygen to supply the strain on her body. She was vaguely aware of fluid spurting into her and then out of her as she struggled to contain it.

The dragon let out a bestial roar, and a short burst of flame that dissipated against the cave walls. And then everything went black for Tina.


"Are you okay? Lona, please, say something."

She blinked and opened her eyes to see Pucker leaning over her, with a concerned expression. "Did he hurt you?"

She smiled and stroked Pucker's face. "No," she croaked, "he didn't hurt me. He just gave me too much pleasure."

"See?" It was the bass voice of the dragon. "He tried to attack me, thinking I'd killed you."

Tina pulled herself up into a sitting position, wiping the dirt from her considerable breasts. She kissed Pucker on the nose, "ah, my brave protector. No Pucker, he didn't kill me, he just fucked me into oblivion."

His concerns now allayed, Pucker returned to his normal self, "ohhhhh, big knockers wobbling in dirt, fucked into outer space, ohhhh."

As she got groggily to her feet, Tina noticed the thick coating of black liquid on her thighs. "Ooh, I've got dragon spunk all over me," she commented. Pucker ejaculated narrowly missing her shoulder.

She turned to the dragon, stroking his long snout. "Thankyou dragon, that was amazing."

"No, thank you. I haven't had sex like that in twenty or more years. It was fantastic. Will I see you again?"

She thought about it, and realised her quest was over now. If she was going to return to her world, it would be soon. "I don't think so, but I will send my friend to see you every month, so you don't get frustrated any more."

The dragon pouted, "but I don't want a scrawny human woman, I want the mighty warrior woman."

She blushed at being flattered this way, but consoled him, "oh, don't worry, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with my friend. The dragon will like Catterin won't he Pucker? And she will love you, my sexy lover."

Pucker confirmed it for the dragon in his own style. "Yes, Catterin, big sexy tits, hot woman, loves sex, sex, sex, tits."

"Will the smell of dragon come work the same for the Carnacks in the woods?" Tina asked.

"Oh, I can fly you back. It's been a long time since I've had a human ride me."

"Not that long," Tina winked at him.

So in a few minutes she was sitting astride the dragon's back, with Pucker hanging on to her stomach. After all she had been through, this was the scariest part of Mrs Benn's adventure. The Dank Woods flashed beneath them with each powerful downbeat of the dragon's wings. She gripped a flap by his collar tightly, and closed her eyes. She was aware of Pucker's hard cock pressing up into her butt crack, but was too scared to push it away. His small hands moved up from her waist and rubbed her exposed breasts. Jesus, she thought, does he think about nothing else?

Eventually they slowed and as the were coming down to land in a field she felt a familiar stinging pain, this time on her back as Pucker shot his load.

As they clambered off and she thanked the dragon, she glared at the Fukiite. "Sorry about that," he mumbled. "Couldn't help myself."

They bade an emotional farewell to the dragon and walked towards the village. "We'd best wait until it's dark," Tina advised Pucker. "Why?"

"Look at me," she said. "I've got ogre come on my tits, dragon come on my thighs and Fukiite come on my back. I'm topless and covered in dirt. What do you think the locals will make of me?"

"Ohhhh, so many types of come splattered over that hot body."

With a sigh, Tina sat down to wait, while Pucker pleasured himself.

Catterin was overjoyed to see them. She hugged them repeatedly, showering Tina with kisses. Tina had never felt so appreciated, so respected.

She explained what had happened, and what Catterin would now need to do on a monthly basis to keep the dragon from his rages. Catterin wasn't phased by it, she simply pulled off her dress to reveal her full, ripe breasts and tweaking them for the other two's delight summarised it. "So every month I have to go and get tit-fucked by a huge cocked ogre, who will cover me in his jism, while Pucker ravishes my pussy with his tongue. Then I go and get fucked by a dragon with an amazing shaped penis, who will make me come so many times I pass out?"

Teasing a nipple, she let out a mock sigh, "well it's a sacrifice, but for the village it's one I'm prepared to make."

"Ohhh, hottest slut in the world, Pucker will fuck, yes." Ding! A shot of his sperm bounced off the lamp.

"I suggest you go and get cleaned up," she said to Tina. "Then we can spend the entire night fucking each other."

Tina made her way down the corridor, the thought of spending a whole night with the insatiable pair of Catterin and Pucker, making her forget all her aches. She was greeted at a door by a man she thought she recognised but couldn't quite place.

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