tagErotic CouplingsMrs. Campbell's Bunkmate Ch. 03

Mrs. Campbell's Bunkmate Ch. 03


A story suggested by sa2222. All characters are over eighteen. I suppose as with any sequel, having read the early chapters is a plus. The female characters are inspired as follows... "Janelle Campbell" is Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother), "Chelsea Massey" is Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead), Caroline Massey is Jennifer Bini Taylor (Two and a Half Men), & Amanda Palmer is Gillian Jacobs (Community).


Duncan Flannagan was on top of his game. He spends his days with girlfriend Chelsea Massey and nights with Janelle Campbell, the mother of one of his old high school buddies. Both women were supporting him financially and the sex was almost non-stop. Chelsea believed he worked nights as a manual laborer and Janelle believed he worked days. No easy task. Chelsea's uptight mother Caroline Massey had always interfered with their relationship and he had to wait until Chelsea moved into her own apartment before he could pull off this intricate deception.

In the month's prior, he was living full time with the Campbell's. He posed as a troubled youth from a broken home - not much of a stretch - and eventually seduced Mrs. Campbell, who was going through a separation. The real victim of all this was her son Leonard, who was crushing hard on Chelsea and naturally hoped his parents would reunite. Duncan dashed all of Leonard's dreams.

Chelsea was out grocery shopping while Duncan relaxed at her apartment. They'd usually be fucking at this point in the afternoon - much to the astonishment of their conservative neighbors - but she really needed to run some errands. Then the buzzer rang and it was Amanda Palmer... Chelsea's BFF and a real mother hen-type bitch. She was just as bothersome as Chelsea's mother. Anyone who dared to date one of Amanda's friends would agree with Duncan, even if she was pretty hot. Duncan opened the door to 4B and greeted Amanda in the hallway. She was in blue jeans and a leather jacket, trying to look tough. Duncan thought she was a total poser.

"Chelsea's out shopping," he said with contempt.

"I know," she replied, rolling her eyes, pushing past him and into the apartment.

"So, what can I do for you?" He still checked out her ass for the hell of it.

"I had brunch with Chelsea and her mother on Sunday," she mentioned.

"And?" He was already bored with this conversation.

"Her mother let it be known that she doesn't approve of you," she informed him.

"What else is new?" he snickered.

"I think Chelsea is starting to agree with her mother. After all, you have no education and no real prospects." Amanda was being unnecessarily cruel. "A complete and utter loser. Chelsea is just too damn good for you."

"As I keep reminding you... that's none of YOUR fucking business!!" he hollered.

She was startled by him. "I'm just...I'm concerned for Chelsea...she's my best friend..."

"Yeah? That's why you gave me a blow job at her birthday party?" he asked.

"You bastard!! I was drunk!! I never would have otherwise!!" she exclaimed.

"You're not fooling anybody... You loved it. You were begging me to fuck you." He stepped closer to her and dwarfed her petite frame. "We just didn't have time. People at the party would have noticed we were gone."

"Please... Chelsea can never know. We're like sisters." His proximity made her flustered.

"So, that's why you're here? You figured that I'd throw you under the bus if she dumps me? You want to avoid going down with the ship?" He tried wrapping his arms around her, but she slipped out of his clutches. He then followed her into the kitchenette.

"Um... Do you still have that video on your phone?" she asked.

"Of you swallowing my jism?" he laughed. "I never would have deleted that."

"God, you are disgusting." She pounded her fist on the counter. "I can't stand you."

"Tell you what... I'll delete the video if you do me a favor," he offered shrewdly.

"Favor?" She was terrified of what he might say.

"How 'bout an encore performance?" he asked while unbuckling his belt.

"No way." She quickly averted her eyes. "Not gonna happen."

"I'm not asking you to do anything you haven't done before... and enjoyed," he pointed out.

"Chelsea will be home soon." Amanda was looking for any excuse. "She might catch us."

Duncan then dropped the hammer... "If you don't, I'll have to show her the video."

"What!? You wouldn't dare!!" Amanda tried to call his bluff. "She'd kick your sorry ass out!!"

"I always land on my feet," he claimed. "Besides, I could convince her it was YOU who seduced ME." Duncan - being a master manipulator - probably could have gotten away with this scam if necessary. Amanda realized that she was under his thumb.

"You rotten, lousy, son of a..." Amanda was so angry that she became dizzy.

"Yeah, you won't be talking when your mouth is full..." He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his semi-flaccid - but still impressive - cock. Her visit turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He was enjoying himself immensely.

"Um...You'll really delete it?" She took off her leather jacket and couldn't help but gawk as he began jacking off right in front of her. She also couldn't believe it was so big. Her mind wasn't playing tricks on her. How did she nearly deep throat that monster on Chelsea's birthday?

"I'm nothing if not a man of my word..." His cock was already reaching nine hard inches.

"It's so big..." His cock was intimidating to her. If she hadn't been drunk the last time, she never would've tackled the beast. Despite her reservations - or perhaps because of them - she felt a sensation between her legs as she hesitantly sunk to her knees.

"We ain't got all day," he taunted with his erection.

"You better be on the level..." Amanda reluctantly took his thick throbbing member in her hands - took a deep breath - and slowly wrapped her lips around its head.

"Yeah... ohhh...yeah...don't be shy..." he groaned.

Amanda looked up at him in anger as she worked her way down his shaft. Her warm mouth felt so good on his rock hard cock. She wanted to get this over with quick and her soft tongue caressed the underside of his prick.

"Ahhh...yeah... this is fucking great..." he chuckled, mocking her.

She was starting to gag - at about the seven inch mark - and couldn't swallow anymore of his big dick, but she was not deterred... she kept one hand on his shaft and with her other hand began caressing his scrotum and massaging his balls for several minutes. The sound of slurping was echoing in the small domicile.

"Chelsea's lucky to have a friend like you..." he quipped.

Her head was skillfully bobbing back and forth. Despite her snobbish attitude, she'd sucked quite a few dicks over the years. Duncan - knowing that Chelsea could return at any minute - took charge and palmed her blonde hair. His stiff cock was getting ready to shoot its load.

"You like me fucking your pretty little face!!?" he bellowed.

She would never give him the satisfaction of admitting that her pussy was wet.

"Ohhh...yeah... suck it good..." His cock soon swelled and filled her mouth with hot cum. She tried swallowing it all and started to gag again. Duncan was amused by this as his glistening cock plopped from her warm lips. Under normal circumstances he would have bent her over the kitchen counter and plowed his thick cock into her moist pussy, but she needed to get lost before Chelsea came back.

"Don't take the elevator. Take the stairs and exit through the alley. No chance of Chelsea seeing you." He tucked his dick away and zipped up his jeans. Her head was spinning as she staggered to her feet and wiped her mouth clean. Her pussy was on fire. She despised him... but was aching for more of his cock. She'd never been fucked by anything that sizable.

"What about the video?" she sputtered.

"Video? What video?" he feigned ignorance to torture her further.

"Don't be an asshole!!" she yelled. "You know what I'm talking about!!"

"Just fucking with you..." He went into the living room and grabbed his cell phone, but hesitated in deleting the video. This could come in handy later. Should he really give up this leverage?

"Hurry up!!" she pleaded, worried that Chelsea would walk in on them.

Duncan decided to be benevolent and erased the video.

"I hate you," she declared. "I will never forgive you for this."

"You live alone?" he asked.

"Huh? What do you care?" Amanda was confused. "That's none of your concern."

"Just curious..." he prodded.

"I live with my mother," she replied.

Duncan could hardly fight back his smile. He imagined the possibilities. He'd never done a mother and daughter at the same time. Amanda knew what he was thinking as he leered at her. She grabbed her jacket and departed the apartment in a huff... ashamed of what she had just done and even more ashamed that she was hot for him. If only she'd known that he already backed up that blow job video on flash drive along with a video of Mrs. Janelle Campbell giving him a pool side titty fuck.

Now it was time to resume his double life. After Chelsea returned and packed away the groceries - which he didn't chip in for - and left in the evening for her job as a hostess at a fancy five star restaurant, Duncan headed back to the suburbanly pleasant Campbell residence. He even picked up a bouquet of Janelle's favorite flowers on the way, which were deep purple lilacs.


Duncan arrived at 7PM. Janelle hurried to meet him at the front door just as she routinely had with her husband over the years. A happy couple indeed. He presented her with the bouquet of lilacs and her heart melted. It was the little things - small romantic gestures - that made their relationship so strong... at least from Janelle's point of view. She was in a sexy pink and yellow sun dress. Rather, it was her amazing body - curvy yet impeccably toned - that made the dress look sexy.

"Thank you so much, sweetie," she cooed before giving him a loving Eskimo kiss.

"Anything for you, darling..." They then embraced in a long sensually charged kiss.

"Is Leonard home?" he asked after they broke off the kiss and gave their tongues a rest.

"No, he's having dinner at his friend Billy's," she replied. "You must know Billy?"

"Yeah, he's a good guy." Duncan actually loathed Billy for a few good reasons. Not only did Billy use to snitch on Duncan back in high school, but Billy was the first of Leonard's friends to ever see Janelle's bare breasts. How dare anyone but Duncan enjoy her spectacular tits? Luckily, Janelle was unaware that Billy once had a sneak peek.

"Was that sarcasm?" she asked.

"Yeah, Billy's a little bitch," he growled. "I hate his guts."

"Sweetie, don't talk like that," she said. "Be nice to Lenny's friends."

"Sorry, I'll be nice," he promised. Duncan should've been nominated for an acting award.

"I'll go put these in water..." She turned to the kitchen and his eyes were glued to her ass.

He realized that she was going commando. "You're not wearing any panties?" he inquired.

"Why bother?" Janelle wiggled her ass for him. "You'd just have to tear them off."

"What's for dinner?" he asked as he followed her ass down the hall.

"Me..." She turned around and pulled up her dress to flash him. Her pussy was completely shaven. He had asked her to do this a while back - something her husband never would have - and she was more than happy to comply for her young stud. One could suppose that she wanted to look young for him.

"And am I hungry for some good pussy..." Duncan followed her into the kitchen like a puppy dog, wrapped his strong arms around her waist and planted kisses on her neck. His hands began to roam and fondle her entire body. "God...Janelle...I love you so damn much..." He pulled up her dress and slipped his hands between her thighs - caressing - working his way towards her clit. Aroused, she dropped the flowers and her eyes fluttered.

"Mmm...I love you too, baby..." she moaned. They made their way to the kitchen table and Duncan took a seat while Janelle undid his jeans and tugged them down. She was intent on taking advantage of their alone time. She squeezed his erection through his boxer shorts and slipped her tongue into his mouth as he pushed the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and pulled her top down to unveil her flawless 36DD breasts.

He tried sucking on her tit, but she was focused on getting his thick cock out of his shorts. Once his beast was unleashed, she turned around, hiked up her dress, and lowered her hot and sopping pussy onto his throbbing member. Just like Chelsea... she was now adjusted to his girth.

"Ohh...yeah...that feels so fucking good..." he groaned while penetrating her wet slit.

She was soon rocking back and forth - her big tits bouncing - causing the chair legs to scratch up the floor tiles. He then gripped her hips and maneuvered her body as she grinded him into the chair.

"Ohh...yeah...that's how I like it...grind on my big cock..." he grunted.

"Mmm...yes...I want to make my man feel good..." She popped her hips for emphasis, her ass cheeks jiggling. A lesser man would have shot his load then and there, but Duncan decided to pace himself since he had to rush with Amanda. She then peeled her pretty dress over her head and tossed it onto the unlit stove burners.

He then sat up - keeping his cock inserted in her pussy - cradled her and brought her to the counter. She held on to the counter as he began pounding her from behind. "Mmm...yes...give to me, baby...harder...HARDER!!!" she cried in ecstasy. He had the idea of fucking Amanda like this earlier in the day, but was short on time.

"Ahh...yeah...you like it rough, Mrs. Campbell?" he asked as he smacked her ass hard enough to leave red hand prints. He still needed to call her "Mrs. Campbell" every once and a while. He just could help himself. What could be hotter than being formal as he fucked and spanked her like a dirty slut?

"YES!! GOD!! YES!!!" she screamed as he then brought her to a booming orgasm.

She was spent and practically went limp on the counter as he continued to fuck her.

"Ahhh...you want me to cum inside you?" he asked while thrusting into her.

"Yes...please...cum inside me...I have to feel you cum inside me..." she begged.

Janelle was using birth control and not taking any chances, so it was alright for Duncan to cum inside her. This is what she preferred anyway. It was more intimate. Not that she didn't also enjoy the times when he treated her like a slut. Often he'd cum on her ass or on her tits... but never intentionally on her beautiful face. Chelsea didn't mind that, but Janelle was too sophisticated.

"Ahhhh..." His cock swelled again and spewed hot cum deep in her waiting pussy.

Then they fell back in the chair and caught their breath. He kissed her on the neck some more, his way of complimenting her on her performance. She smiled contently. It was moments like this that helped to distract her from the anxiety she's been dealing with in regards to how to say goodbye to her husband of nearly twenty years.

Duncan wore his usually shit-eating grin. Unfortunately for him, Leonard was out plotting how to destroy his world and insure that this would be the last time that he ever fucked Janelle.


Leonard could no longer keep borrowing Billy's camper van without explaining what the situation was. He wasn't about to disclose that his mom was having sex with Duncan. It was so embarrassing AND he surely didn't want to give Billy any lewd ideas. He still remembered Billy bragging about jerking off in their lounge years ago. But that was in the past. He had all but forgiven him since, and he was pale in comparison to Duncan. Now Billy was like his sidekick in his war on Duncan.

Leonard told Billy that Duncan was extorting his mom and that's why they needed to dig up some dirt to expose him. Billy drove as he and Leonard tailed Duncan's old station wagon to a posh part of town. Billy was happy to help because he wanted to be a hero for Janelle. Maybe she'd reward him?

"His shitty wagon sticks out like a sore thumb around here," Leonard observed.

"And so do we," Billy added.

"Think he'll notice us?" Leonard asked.

"This is a rich neighborhood," Billy replied. "Nobody with a van could afford to live here."

"We need to know where he's going." Leonard was anxious. "He's never been to this part of town before."

Soon both rustic vehicles stopped on a block which prominently featured a stately two story abode. It was a luxurious home that even made the Campbell's house quaint by comparison.

"Dude, isn't this where Chelsea lives?" Billy asked.

"No, not anymore." Leonard was perplexed. "She moved into an apartment downtown."

"Then what's going on?" Billy was also confused by these circumstances.

"I have no idea..." Leonard then grabbed his digital camera.

They watched Duncan exit his station wagon and walk up to the front door of the house. He was walking with swagger... with a purpose. He rang the bell and waited a few moments for someone to answer. It was Caroline Massey - Chelsea's divorcee mother - who eventually answered. This town had more than its fair share of shattered marriages. Obviously, Dr. Timothy Boothe - a local marriage counselor - was way overpaid. Caroline was wearing snug mom jeans and a purple t-shirt.

"Hello, Ms. Massey..." he said to the attractive MILF. "So good to see you again."

"What are you doing here?" She was livid that he'd dare show his face.

"I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop in and say hi," he explained while giving her body a once-over. "It's been way too long."

"You're not welcome in my home," she declared.

"No?" He then slunk past her and entered the house anyways. "I assumed you'd appreciate the company." He looked over the living room and reminisced fondly of all the times he'd fucked in this house. Caroline knew he'd fucked Chelsea in her bedroom, but was unaware that they also fucked in just about every other room while Chelsea wore Caroline's best and most expensive jewelry... something Duncan always got off on.

"And why would that be?" she asked as she followed him in an infuriated state.

"Your husband is long gone, and now your daughter has left the nest," he quipped.

Caroline could not have been more offended. "How dare you!!" she hollered.

"Relax, Ms. Massey..." Duncan then had to nerve to plop down on the sectional sofa.

"Get out of my house before I call the police!!" she demanded.

"I think you'll want to hear my proposition," he assured her.

"I'm not interested in anything YOU have to say," she snapped back.

"But, it's about your daughter... who we both care about," he pouted insincerely.

"You're ruining her life. She didn't go to college because of you. She moved out because of you!!" Caroline was really losing her composure at this point... not that Duncan cared. "She pays the bills. You don't contribute. She says you have a job, but I know that's a damn lie. You're a bum!!"

"Yeah, and I FUCK your slut of a daughter every single day," he taunted.

"NO!!! You corrupted her..." Caroline grabbed a magazine from the coffee table and hurled it at Duncan. "Chelsea was always a good girl!!!" Duncan found her tantrum to be hilarious as he had a dark sense of humor.

"Maybe she corrupted me?" he posed. "I'm not the only guy she's fucked."

"Why are you here?" Her eyes became misty. "Why are you harassing me?"

"I understand how you feel... and I'll considering breaking up with her," he added.

"Really?" This was music to her ears. It had to be too good to be true.

"If you did me a small... favor." He had that sly look on his face again.

"What?" Caroline became very nervous. "Do you want money?"

"No, I don't want your money... Take off your clothes," he said gleefully.

"Excuse me!? You think I'd have sex with you!?" she asked.

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