Mrs. Daniels


Mrs. Daniels lost the capacity to talk dirty ... or even speak. She just grunted and wailed while I ate her hot fuckin' bottom.

At last, her arms gave out and she fell forward on the bed, smashing her big tits into the mattress. I stood up, licking her taste off my lips and beard, and tearing off my clothes at the same time.

There's a song called "Loose" on Fun House, a classic garage punk album by the Stooges. Iggy Pop growls into the microphone, "I stick it deep inside ..."

That song roared through my brain as I pushed my dick into Mrs. Daniels' squelching pussy. Her cunt queefed long and loud. I slapped her ass with my hand as I rammed her twat with my big dick.

"Be my dog, bitch," I said.

She got back on her elbows and thrust her big ass back at me.

"Tear that motherfucker up," she panted. "Own my fucking cunt."

I battered her with everything I had, watching her big fucking jugs swing crazily in the mirror across the room. God, what a fucking body she had. So big, soft and voluptuous, you didn't always know what you were feeling at any given time. It was amazing.

"Fuck my juicy cunt!" she ordered. "Flood this fucking bedroom!"

I was doing my best to comply. My balls slapped her clit while I pummeled her. I could smell her steamy fuck hole, taste her tangy juices on my lips and watch her big gaping ass thrusting back and forth. And all the while, Mrs. Daniels swore at me like a house of whores.

"That's it you hot motherfucker!" she cried. "Slam that dick into me. Oh fuck, I feel those balls swinging into my clit. Fuck me, Jack! Fuck my steamy cunt!"

I grabbed the big flabby cheeks of her ass to get more traction, then piledrove her into the mattress. She buried her face in a pillow, crying, wailing, screaming as her orgasm filled the night.

"Mrs. Daniels," I said. "Oh, shit, Mrs. Daniels! I'm gonna cum!"

I have no idea how she managed to collect herself so quickly, but the next thing I knew, she had pulled away from my pussy-soaked cock and was looking at me, saying something.

"Jack," she said. "Jack! C'mon, baby! Give me that big fuckin' load! Shoot it all over my face and titties!"

She opened her mouth again and devoured my dick once more, at the same time, drilling one of her fingers into my asshole.

I felt the jizz boiling in my nuts.

"Mrs. Daniels!" I yelled. "OH, FUCK!"

She pulled her mouth off my cock but kept her lips opened wide. My first shot splattered her nose and chin. She smiled and licked up the goo as I continued to spurt. Jezus, what a load ... all over her pretty lips, face and hair.

My cum and her drool dripped onto her fat nipples. She was fuckin' drenched, and I swear my cock would not stop gushing.

"That is so fucking disgusting," she said. "Give me some more."

By the time my orgasm finally subsided, she looked as if she had been in a bukkake movie.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as my jizz continued to drip from her face to her tits.

Then she turned her head toward me, leaned down, and kissed me.

"Oh, Jack," she said.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

She laughed.

"A fine time to ask," she said. "Oh, FUCK, that was amazing!"

I pulled her wet face to my chest and kissed her hair.

Wow, I thought. Happy fuckin' thanksgiving.

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