tagMatureMrs. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson


"Shit! I don't believe it! That's Mrs. Robinson!" Greg gasped as we turned the corner on our way home from the gym were we both worked.

"Mrs. Robinson; like in the movie?" I asked.

"Not really. I told you about Karen, didn't I?" he continued, "this is her mum," as we walked towards a middle aged, tartly dressed, bottle blonde, woman who was just the right side of being fat.

"Oh! Karen!" I grinned as stories of Greg's teenage sexual conquests shot through my mind.

"Mrs. Robinson?" Greg asked as he got nearer the woman.

She turned, rather unsteadily on her high heals, and squinted into the sun as her eyes slowly focussed on Greg's huge frame.

"Greg; Greg Murray? I used to date your daughter...Karen." He whispered, suddenly unsure of himself.

"Greg?" She thought for a moment; then a huge grin lit up her face, "How could I forget?"

Relieved, my friend took a step nearer. Just as he was about to offer his hand for her to shake, the woman gently took his face in her well manicured fingers and planted a big kiss on his cheeks.

"Oh Greg of course I remember you. My darling daughter was never the same after you left for college. I think you broke the poor girls' heart!" Mrs. Robinson giggled as she slapped his arm.

If this was the same Karen that Greg had told me I couldn't imagine her having a broken heart for very long.

Greg shuffled his feet and looked embarrassed.

"What are you doing here?" The woman slurred slightly. It was obvious from her manner and speech that she had been drinking quite heavily.

"We're looking after my brothers flat while he's in Germany." He then motioned to a window above a bakery at the end of the street.

"Oh, Greg darling," Mrs. Robinson sighed, "be a darling and let me use your toilet. I've just had lunch with some old friends and have been waiting so long for a bloody taxi I think I'm going to pee my pants!"

"I suppose so." Greg looked at me, so I shrugged my shoulders.

"Mmm," she purred, "and who's your gorgeous friend?"

I smiled as she ran her long red finger nail down my chest.

"Paul or Bracey. We went to College together and now we work at the Musclerama Gym across the road." Greg explained as I turned the key in the lock.

"He, he, he," the woman hissed as she pushed him out of the way and comically hurried up the stairs, her large arse wobbling from side to side, "I'd better hurry, you wouldn't want me to pee myself; would you? Which one's the toilet, darling?"

"First left." I shouted as Mrs. Robinson reached the top stair, giving us a perfect view of her flabby white thighs, stocking tops and black lace knickers under her short black skirt.

"Like mother like daughter!" Greg chuckled as he theatrically grabbed his dick through his shorts.

When we reached the landing I stood outside the toilet door and listened to the noises from within. She hadn't been exaggerating - it sounded like a waterfall as her piss cascaded into the bowl while the old woman sighed with relief.

Greg knocked on the door and asked if she wanted a coffee while she waited for a taxi.

"I hope you've got something stronger than bloody coffee!" Mrs. Robinson called back as the toilet flushed.

"We've only got beer," Greg called from the kitchen.

"That'll do nicely," she grinned at me as she sashayed into the living room.

As she flopped beside me on the sofa her enormous breasts nearly bounced out of her dress.

"Oops!" she chuckled as she grabbed them, "nearly had an accident there; didn't I?"

I smiled in appreciation.

"What would the neighbours think if my titties accidentally fell out right in front of two strapping young men?" Mrs. Robinson was still laughing when Greg handed us both a bottle of beer,

"What's so funny?" Greg asked as he sat on the arm of the sofa while swigging from his bottle.

"One of my titties nearly popped out of my dress!" she howled again, making them shake as much as before.

"I wish I'd been here to see that!" he smiled and raised his bottle to me.

"You naughty boy!" she chided him as she slapped his leg, "is that all you think about?"

"Sort of!" we both said together, as we stared at her huge breasts. From the shape and movement when she moved, plus her nipples were nearly poking out, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"So this is your little love nest, is it?" She asked as she surveyed the room, "I bet no girl is safe when they come here, are they?"

"We get our share." Greg grinned and looked at me for conformation. I nodded.

"You haven't changed? Have you?" Mrs. Robinson laughed as her hand lingered on his muscular thigh, "You always were a horny little sod!"

Greg playfully looked shocked at the accusation.

"Yes you were" she continued, "Don't think for one moment that didn't know what you and Karen got up to when she told me you were studying!"

I was now laughing at Greg's shocked expression – eyes wide open and mouth agape!

As Mrs. Robinson rolled her eyes and pursed her lips she handed me her empty bottle, which presumably meant that she wanted a new full one.

When I returned she had crossed her legs and was showing a lot of thigh above her stocking top which Greg had obviously noticed too.

For a woman her age and size (for God's sake she was older than my mother) she was starting to look very, very sexy.

Mrs. R was now poking Greg in the chest with a long red finger nail to make a point.

"Don't think that you were her first," she slurred, "but from the bloody noises that she made you must have been the bloody biggest!" Her eyes were spinning like a slot machine as she slumped back into the cushion.

As she rocked back the strap of her dress slid down her arm, letting the top of her dress drop at the same time exposing most of the massive mammary including a huge pink nipple.

"Christ, I used to look forward to you coming around to visit (he, he, he)," Mrs. R slurred, her eyes half closed, "Karen would look all bloody innocent when she answered the door, then ten minutes later I would hear you moaning and groaning then the bloody light would start swinging when you shagged her!"

She then ran her fingers across Greg's dick, "I don't know what you've got in there but it must be some size; the way you made my little girl scream!" (he, he, he!)

Sort of self-conscious Greg chuckled, "I had no idea. Shit! You heard us!" My friend laughed but looked pleased with himself.

"Half the bloody street must have heard you some nights!" Mrs. Robinson grinned as she squeezed Greg's shaft through his shorts.

There was now a loud silence as the mood changed from playful to sexual.

I was the first to respond, pulling the other strap off her shoulder until her bodice was around her waist, fully exposing both of her gorgeous breasts.

The woman didn't flinch.

I kissed her neck and shoulder as my hand gently stroked her breast and teased the rock hard nipple.

Without removing her fingers from Greg's stiffening cock, she gave a sexy sigh and sank back into the sofa cushion as I mashed a huge handful of mature breast between my fingers.

Greg did the same to the other breast. Mrs. Robinson now closed her eyes and allowed us free reign to tug, suck, grope and lick her enormous breasts.

As Greg licked her nipple she sharply opened her eyes, "What was that?" Mrs. R gasped. He turned his head upwards and poked his tongue out; showing her a silver stud.

"Mmm nice," she purred, "Keep doing that darling!"

"How big are these things?" I whispered as I nibbled her earlobe while my hand firmly mashed and groped a massive melon, occasionally making her wince and moan.

"38...ooh...38FF...ooh keep doing that with your tongue," Mrs. Robinson sighed as Greg's stud kept flicking across her nipple.

"Oh God, Mrs. Robinson that's good," Greg groaned as she continued vigorously stroked his dick through the material of his baggy shorts.

"Doreen darling, call me Doreen," she moaned in a husky voice that sounded as if it had been soaked in alcohol and tobacco for years.

Greg giggled as he adjusted his position, "It seems sexier if I keep calling you Mrs. Robinson if that's ok."

"Whatever darling," she giggled as her hand now wandered up the leg of his shorts, "Ooh! What have we here?"

Not letting go of her soft tit, Greg sat back and let her get a good grip on his stiffening dick, "You tell me – you're the expert!"

She laughed out loud and in an even deeper huskier voice growled, "I think that it might be a great big cock! Am I right?"

"Ha, ha, ha," he chuckled, "The lady wins first prize, anything off the top shelf!"

Without taking her eyes off Greg her other hand slowly searched for my own hard cock. I sighed when she found it and ran her finger nail along the length.

"I'd rather have two from the 'middle' shelf if that's all right." She laughed.

As I moved my head across her chest to suck her nipple she let go of my cock and wrapped her arm around my shoulders, pulling me in tight.

Feeling brave I began stroking and caressing her chubby nylon covered leg as Greg and Doreen began kissing passionately.

Without prompting the dirty old woman opened her legs and spread them across both of our knees. I couldn't resist the invitation and with my face buried between her heaving titties my fingers went to tickle her pussy through her knickers.

"Fucking Hell!" I gasped as I stopped suckling her hard nipple. I couldn't believe my own eyes; when the dirty old cow had been in the toilet she'd taken her knickers off! My fingers had virtually been sucked inside her sticky cunt.

Doreen broke off from kissing Greg for a few seconds as my third finger slid easily into her greasy hole.

"Ooh yes darling, that's nice... keep doing that...ooh yes." She gasped then resumed sticking her tongue down my best friends' throat.

Greg's hand quickly joined mine and within seconds of my discovery we both had fingers inside her dripping twat.

After a couple of minutes I gently slid off the sofa to get a better view of her sloppy cunt. Mrs. Robinson kept her foot balanced on the edge for me, so her legs were as still as far apart as possible with four of our fingers inside her.

As Greg forced his head between her massive jugs, sucking and licking alternate nipples, I marvelled at her freshly shaved swollen cunt which had a large butterfly tattooed were her furry minge had once been.

Mrs. Robinson was now panting and groaning as my fingers dug deeper inside her well used hole, scraping against what I guessed to be her G-spot as Greg slapped her wobbly titties against his face.

I leant forward and inhaled her musk as our fingers twisted and turned inside her well used cunt. The smell was sweeter than I'd expected, but the amount of 'love-juice' oozing out either side of our fingers didn't. Greg moved position and pulled his fingers out leaving a trail of slime across her thigh.

The liquid looked and felt like glue as it clung to my fingers and knuckles each time I pulled them back to the opening of her slit.

In one swift motion Greg removed his shorts and pants and squatted on the sofa.

"Jesus Christ!" Mrs. Robinson squealed as his long cock sprang into view, "that thing's bloody massive! Was it that big when....?"

"When I was fucking your daughter?" Greg laughed, "Of course it was, why did you think she kept inviting me to your house?"

"But it's...so big...now I know what she saw in you." Mrs. R continued as Greg slowly masturbated in front of her face.

He suddenly grabbed her wrist as he waved his long thick cock in front of the old woman's ruby red lips. He looked at me and nodded. I took the hint and grabbed her other wrist. Mrs. Robinson's mouth hung open as she tried to catch his inflamed knob without using her hands.

Greg playfully slapped her cheeks with his stiff shaft.

"You dirty old slut...is this what you want? Is it?" he laughed as the tip brushed against her skin.

"Yes, yes," she panted.

"You're just like your daughter...she was a dirty little cocksucker too...she loved sucking my dick...are you as good as her? Are you a good cocksucker?" He continued teasing her as my fingers pummelled her soaking pussy, "Are you? Or does Karen suck cocks better than her mother?"

"Let me show you," she panted as she licked his knob, "please."

Greg howled with laughter as he moved forward and 4 or 5 inches of his brown cock disappeared into her willing mouth.

Her head rocked back and forth and I could see that she was sucking it like you would a mouthful of toffee.

"Mmmm...that's good," Greg grinned at me, "she's nearly as good a cocksucker as her daughter." Doreen seemed to take this as a challenge and her gobbling became frenzied.

My friend remained calm and took total control of the situation. We'd shared girls before and Greg loved dominating them (and me). I was always amazed how turned on girls would become when he humiliated them like this. When he was in this mood he could last for ages without cumming, something I never mastered.

Doreen's pussy was pulsing around my fingers and her huge chest was heaving up and down as she tried to take all 8 inches of his thick cock into her throat.

I bent forward and began lapping up her excess love-juice from around her puffy cunt lips, when my tongue made it's way to her to her clit it was sticking out like a pebble. As soon as I touched it Doreen tensed and nearly gagged on her mouthful of fat cock.

"Come on Mrs. Robinson," Greg laughed as my tongue became a blur licking her pussy and clit as I pushed my little finger inside to join the three other, "Karen could take cocks in both ends without a whimper! You're not going to disappoint us are you? I think that you are a dirty old slapper just like your daughter! Are you dirty like Karen?"

I raised my eyes to see the girl's mother nod her head with a mouthful of cock.

Just as I sensed Doreen begin to tense up for an orgasm Greg pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"Get on all fours," he told her. Without a second thought she complied. I automatically stopped licking her and pulled my fingers out of her sopping cunt 'with a plop!'

When I got to my feet Mrs, Robinson was already on her hands on the sofa and her knees on the carpet with her enormous tits dangling beneath her.

"Fucking Hell mate! Have you seen the size of this hole?" Greg shouted as he spread her labia, "Karen could crawl back in there now! Jesus...Mrs. Robinson you must have had some cocks up there to stretch it this much."

"A few," she whispered, "quite a few."

"But you've never had one as big as mine, have you?" He arrogantly asked her.

"No, not that big," she sighed in anticipation.

Her face was distorted with pure lust as Greg pulled her butt cheeks apart and began licking her arsehole.

"Oh God, Oh God!" She kept panting as his tongue and stud flicked against her dirty doughnut.

I slipped off my shorts and moved in front of her face. Mrs. Robinson's eyes sparkled as I guided my own rock hard cock into her red hot mouth.

Just like with Greg she began sucking and chewing my cock like it was a toffee.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh," she grunted as Greg now appeared to be licking her cunt and arsehole at the same time, while I began fucking her face.

My breathing became heavier and faster as Greg's shiny, grinning face suddenly appeared from between her cheeks.

As he positioned himself behind her he slapped her arse making it wobble like a jelly.

"Spread your legs," he grunted as he ran his knob between her fat arse cheeks. Without missing a beat of my blow-job she obediently spread her legs for him.

"That's better," he laughed as he lunged forward and rammed all 8 inches of his cock deep inside Mrs. Robinson. The force made her spit my cock out as she gasped for air.

Greg howled with laughter as he plunged his cock deep inside her belly.

"Does that feel good...Mrs. Robinson? Is that big enough for you?"

"Oh my God...yeesss!" She gasped with her eyes jammed closed and her lips pursed.

Greg grabbed her hips and increased the force of fucking.

"I bet you've had two guys before. Haven't you?" he grunted as his cock filled her cunt and belly.

Mrs. Robinson thought for a moment and nodded her head.

"Ha, ha, ha...you dirty old tramp...how many times?" He was now grimacing as he hammered his long cock deeper and harder inside her.

Doreen's body was trembling and her tits swinging in three different directions as she considered her reply.

"Three times...four...I've had two men four times." Doreen groaned as her hips thrust back to meet each of his powerful thrusts.

"Oooh," she sighed as she ran her tongue up and down my shaft, "faster, faster Greg...please...oooh YeeeessSSSSS....faster!" She commanded as her tongue licked my bollocks.

"You dirty old tart!" Greg laughed as he pounded her bald twat.

"Less of the old!" Mrs. Robinson chuckled as she resumed sucking my aching knob.

"Did they do this to you?" he asked as he suddenly pushed a finger deep into her arsehole making her squeal.

"Yes," she gasped.

With that Greg pushed a second finger in and began twisting them around making her eyes pop wide open.

"Yes...yes...yes, don't stop," Doreen groaned as his fingers and cock fucked her rigid.

"Get me a beer mate," Greg nonchalantly told me. Without a second thought I took my dick out of Doreen's mouth and walked into the kitchen for a couple of beers.

With a beer in my hand I returned to see Greg lying on top of Mrs. Robinson who now had her fat legs wrapped around his waist. I slurped my beer and stood beside the side of the sofa that her head was hanging over and offered her my cock to suck again; she complied as I handed Greg his bottle.

Greg continued talking to her as the three of us fucked and sucked.

"Karen loved getting fucked off two blokes at once," my friend giggled, "loved having a cock in her twat when she was sucking somebody else off; loved it. We did that loads of times."

Mrs. Robinsons' tongue was like a snake when he looked into her glazed eyes as he talked about her daughter and her breathing became even heavier.

"She loved sitting on top of me - riding my big dick with another one filling her throat, then she'd suck us until we spunked all over her face."

"Ooh you little buggers...that sounds good," Mrs. Robinson gasped as she thrust her head backwards and forwards sucking the life out of my cock as she built up to an orgasm.

"Have you ever had three? Have you?" Greg asked.

Mrs. Robinson continued sucking my cock and shook her head.

"Your Daughter has...twice." He grinned at me as I handed him my beer.

"The first time was me and the Waco Brothers for her 18th birthday!"

Doreen began to shudder and shake as her orgasm built up.

"Ugh, ugh...fuck me!" she groaned as she made my cock slip out of her mouth, "ooh, oh...oh, fucking Hell!"

"You'd gone out for the night and we gave her a special present!" he went on, "I think she even wore a pair of your knickers and some of your stockings (ha, ha, ha)."

Doreen was now clutching the side of the sofa as he hammered her cunt.

"We sat on your bed and she took it in turns sucking our cocks until we were hard enough to fuck her, then she made Josh lie down so she could fuck him first, then she told Ally that she wanted to suck his cock at the same time...she looked seriously fucking horny getting doubled up by two black twins...but she always did like black cock!"

Doreen was panting and gasping as Greg , "Fucking hell...you bastard...you bastard...oh yes...oh keep fucking me...what else did she do? You bastards!"

Greg took a swig from the bottle and handed it back to me.

"We all took it in turns fucking her and getting sucked off until we came all over her face at the same time...I've never seen as much spunk in all my life...it went fucking everywhere!"

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