tagFetishMrs Shepard Goes To The Doctor's

Mrs Shepard Goes To The Doctor's


This story is inspired by, and dedicated to Karen, my kiwi friend and muse – may you soon find your 'nirvana', Karen. Like all of my stories, it is not to be rushed....

Chapter One – Karen and Larry:

Karen Shepard, an attractive but shy, somewhat self-conscious divorcée in her mid-thirties, had a personal problem. It was a by way of an intimate and embarassing matter, and it troubled her no end. She was not in the least enthusiastic about going to see a doctor and discussing her quandary, especially as she had only just taken up residence in a new home in the country, and didn't know any of the doctors in the nearby town at all.

Back home, in her previous life, she had grown up in a town where the doctor was a lifelong friend of the family. Doctor Stroud, whom Karen always called 'uncle' had practised his profession in the same quarter since Karen was a just little girl, and everybody knew him and had confidence in him. Even as a teenager, when physical matters can be a problem, she never had any inhibitions about going to the surgery, and felt she could talk to Doctor Stroud about anything at all - about her changing body, her periods, her budding breasts, her vaginal infections, anything. It's quite different, when you grow up with the familiarity of consulting your doctor from a very early age. And for Karen it was sometimes easier to open up and discuss her most intimate secrets with a doctor she'd known all her life, than to talk to her parents.

But now, here, in this country town, where she knew almost nobody yet, the idea of going to see a strange doctor for the first time struck fear into her; each time she thought about having to do it, palpitations started in her breast, her gut ached more than ever. She knew she would simply have to do something eventually; she couldn't live with her little problem forever. But she kept putting off the next vital but important step, still hoping vainly that the issue would resolve itself naturally.

It didn't. And so, the days and weeks passed, and Karen didn't find the courage to surmount her timidity and call a doctor for an appointment. Not only was Karen shy, but she suffered from anxiety attacks sometimes, and this predicament was not helping her in her daily life. At all.

Karen Shepard reflected on all this at home alone one Spring morning, clutching her mug of tea in her two hands and gazing out of her kitchen window across the vast orchard bordering her new home. Feeling sorry for herself, she thought about how it was in danger of wrecking her newly-found and until now, fulfilling sex life, having this wretched complication every day. She had a good and caring lover, but she hadn't dared tell Larry anything about her concerns. Her natural shyness and inherent inhibition, prevented her from finding the courage to explain to him, simply, why in recent times she had been so reluctant to commit herself to full lovemaking, like before.

Larry lived a few hours drive away, but she had started to invent reasons to avoid him staying overnight at her home. She nevertheless felt such a strong affection for him and loved the sex, the closeness and the warm comfort she experienced when he was there. Now, she inevitably had guilty feelings about this situation.

They had met during a two-day work conference, which Larry attended as senior representative of one of the supplier companies her employer dealt with. He had somehow spotted Karen's shyness before even being introduced to her, and seemed immediately to know how to deal with it; ultimately he found her dark looks and shapely figure captivating. For her part, Karen, enjoyed Larry's relaxed personality and good looks. He got her feeling relaxed in his company within a very short time.

They had dined together in the restaurant of his hotel at the end of the conference. It had been a very pleasant evening, and Karen had got to feel more unwound than for a very long time, thanks to Larry's easy way of talking to her, smiling and entertaining her. But, against Larry's secret hopes, there was to be no passionate night with Karen in his hotel room this time. She had not drunk much at all, and insisted on driving herself home, alone; Larry had to be content that night with a brief kiss as her walked her to her car, and then remain patient for another two weeks, before Karen allowed things go in a sexual direction.

The passion erupted, seemingly quite spontaneously one Saturday evening, when Larry had dined Karen again in the same restaurant, and she had invited him into her home for the very first time. She had prepared herself in advance; the house and especially her bedroom were neat and spotless, fresh sheets on her bed, lighting was dimmed in a way which Karen liked, intimate but allowing her to conceal her timidity. Over dinner, and later when they settled together into her lush sofa on her garden terrace, she had allowed herself to drink a little more wine than was her habit, and she felt well and truly ready now to commit herself to sexual intercourse with Larry, after two weeks of getting to know him.

Kissing seemed relaxed, tender and natural, becoming more fervent as the moments passed. Intimate caresses were exchanged spontaneously, and soon their glasses of wine were forgotten. Before long, they were fully stretched out on the sofa, partially undressed, Karen's breasts bared to be kissed and sucked, and Larry's penis released into the evening air to be stroked and squeezed by Karen's timid fingers. By the time they stood and moved wordlessly, hand in hand to the interior and to her erotically lit bedroom, they were both more than ready for what was to follow; they fell upon Karen's bed, mouths locked hard, tongues thrashing together, hands exploring everywhere at once, pulling at each others' already deranged clothing.

Karen, partly naked, quickly pulled back the bed covers and slid underneath, tugging at Larry's arms for him to join her, before hauling a sheet over them and slipping off her panty.

It was the first time that anyone had been able to steer Karen in the direction of a bed so soon after meeting her, and she discovered that night a new aspect to her sexuality; it was as almost as though she steered Larry, not the converse. After overcoming her own surprise at the speed of her submission and acquiescence, Karen began to realise there really was anxiety-free life after five years of sterile, wasted marriage. Her previously lonely divorcée existence took on a new dimension.

Once Larry had stripped off the rest of his own clothes and thrown them carelessly on the bedroom floor, nervously fished out of his trouser pocket a condom and rolled it onto his throbbing curved erection, their coupling was fast and furious that first time. Karen, lying on her back, opened her thighs willingly and pulled Larry to her in the darkness of the sheet covered bed. His mouth was soon glued back onto to hers, their tongues entwined, and Larry was pressing his naked body down onto Karen's. He paused only long enough to suckle both her nipples briefly, then return to nibble her hot lips, seek her willing tongue again. Feeling for the first time the joy of flesh against flesh, overwhelmingly impatient to be inside her, Larry raised himself up onto his knees, slipped his stiff, bursting, rubber covered hardness far into Karen's moist depths and ejaculated quickly with a grunt of pleasure. Such was his overwhelming excitement at this initial and long-awaited penetration of his new partner's soft and welcoming body.

Karen, enjoying the moment in her own way, did not climax, but was not totally disappointed; after all, she was used to intercourse without orgasm. She moaned quietly throughout, lubricated freely, kept her thighs pressed tight against Larry's waist. She savoured the intensity of this hard, curved, pulsating organ inside her pussy as it spurted its semen into the condom, relished that she had been able to give pleasure to Larry with her body, enjoyed too, the weight of his body afterwards, as he pressed down onto her, momentarily drained, panting hard into her mouth.

As his penis shrunk away and slipped out of Karen's pussy, the semen filled condom

barely intact, Larry was slightly embarrassed by his hasty ejaculation, though Karen said nothing on the matter, just holding him close affectionately, without speaking, savouring this moment of initial intimacy. He managed discreetly to dispose of the condom, duly knotted, and after a suitable moment of relaxation, kissing and mutual caressing under the sheet, he found his erection returning quickly enough. At the right moment, he was able to reach for another condom without any more uncertainty, and this second time, to luxuriate in the soft moistness of Karen's hot inner sanctum. Her legs hooked over his, pulling him into her, as though seeking to absorb Larry's penis into her womb. He slowed his pace this time, allowing Karen to feel the intensity of his desire for her, pausing in his energetic thrusts to kiss her generous breasts, suck her hard nipples for long moments, then her mouth, as he resumed his journey towards orgasm once more. Karen was carried along by Larry's energetic pace, skill and rhythm, felt something happening to her for the first time.

Minutes later, Karen had her very first penetrative climax. Seconds after she came, Larry spurted a second load of seminal fluid into his condom, inside Karen's soft, warm, welcoming moistness. She was taken by surprise by the speed with which the climax came over her, trembled and shook as the jerking of Larry's throbbing penis increased the sensation of pleasure inside her climaxing vagina, gradually calming, until Larry's hardness became softness and he slipped away from her once again.

This time, Karen held Larry much tighter to her breast, loving the smell and feel of his hard, slim body, as they both breathed hard, cheek to cheek. This was quite new for Karen, and she trembled with the joy of it, feeling the safety of Larry's arms around her, his gentle heat and power.

They were not finished. They slept in each others' arms, and found each other again and again during the night. They were more than a little reluctant to part on Sunday evening, after an intensely close night and long day, during which they only left Karen's bed to use the bathroom or to eat, and only when hunger took over briefly.

Sex with Larry had been exceptionally good during those weeks after they became lovers, and they began to spend most weekends together, either at Karen's home or Larry's. When they were not shopping or strolling hand in hand in the country, they filled every waking hour with abandon, discovering each others' bodies; in Karen's case, a controlled abandon to the extent that she able to relax into the relationship. She discovered that it was possible to achieve very intense penetrative orgasms without having to reach for a plastic penis, a vibrating tube, and to share them with a caring partner for the first time, a totally new experience. For during her marriage to a self-centered man and a selfish lover, her only complete release had been through furtive and lonely masturbation and fantasy.

Larry was a patient and attentive lover, and unhurriedly helped Karen to achieve heights of passion she had never felt before in her last, her one and only previous intimate relationship. Although he knew that she was using the contraceptive pill, he was more than aware as well that risk of disease still made Karen anxious. He was careful and considerate to use extra protection in the early days of their lovemaking, until Karen felt reassured and relaxed enough to allow skin against skin in the most intimate orifice of her body, and receive his seminal fluid into her. She didn't know if it was love that she felt for Larry, but at the end of two months she was very comfortable indeed in her relationship with him, and hoped that it would last. Her old bouts of anxiety came upon her less often than before.

Karen's natural inhibitions in matters of sex showed early on, though, and Larry realised that she was far from ready to hurry into the more taboo areas of adult lovemaking. He was always patient, and Karen certainly appreciated his qualities of gentleness and understanding. For a long time, though, their lovemaking was straight forward, in the dark or semi-dark and under the sheets; always intense and ultimately satisfying, but Larry's longer term, higher desires were thwarted by Karen's reluctance to experiment. He would have liked to move forward in their intimacies, to taste and share the more forbidden zones of the kingdom of the flesh, enjoy oral sex. But he had to measure his pace; any pressure on such a reticent and potentially anxious woman as Karen could be fatal to their relationship at this early stage. Larry was already in love, and would do nothing to scare Karen away at such a critical stage of their relationship.

Now, things had taken a turn for the worse, and Larry couldn't work out why.

When he suggested at the weekend that Karen come over for a romantic dinner and bring her overnight bag, she started finding excuses not to go. And she no longer suggested they spend a cosy, amourous weekend at her home either. Larry was confused, could find no apparent logic in her sudden withdrawal, especially since things had gone so well up to now. He had done nothing wrong. Karen didn't give signs that she wanted to bring the relationship to an end, but at the same time was pulling back from it in odd ways. She was giving out contradictory signals.

Chapter Two – Karen alone:

Karen found that it was not just sex with Larry that was difficult lately; sex all alone began to disappoint Karen too.

She felt a strong desire, sure. She would find it easy to start to lubricate, just watching a romantic film at home alone or reading a Mills & Boone. Or after a late night midweek phone conversation with her lover, during which she relaxed and allowed Larry's seductive words to excite her. As he whispered his longing, his adoration for her and described how he loved to hold and kiss her breasts, nibble her swollen nipples, stroke her back and especially her buttocks, she would would feel her face flush with selfish pleasure, the heat rise in her loins and her pussy begin to tingle.

For a few minutes on the telephone, she forgot eveything but the softness and the thrill of Larry's voice and his imaginary caresses on her body, the mental images of his hard, curved penis and his slim, firm body.

Sitting beside the phone table on her low stool, legs akimbo, she would raise her long cotton night dress over her waist and push aside her panty. She would allow the fingers of her free hand to stroke over the lips of her trimmed pussy very lightly, not probing, just a prelude to more serious attention later. For those few minutes she longed to have Larry's rigid cock inside her body, to feel it pushing and thrusting stiffly up towards her womb in that special way that now made her climax so easily. Then to feel the powerful jerks of his cock and the spurt of his seed, to know that he was squirting and draining his liquid love into her once again.

But later, after Larry's verbal caresses had gone from her ear, when she got into the comfort of her bedroom, lay on her bed and started with her vibrating dildo - hoping and intending to bring herself off, to make up for what she had been missing with Larry through the working days, to release some of this pent up passion – she once again started thinking about her problem. She realised that if Larry really was there, she would not be able right now to let him take over her body as they both would have liked. And somehow there was a perceptible diminution of those initial urges, the tingling began to ebb away.

She would lie there on her back on her bed, night dress high up over her breasts, panty off, legs wide, head back on her pillow. Eyes closed, she would rub her clitoris with her fingers, roll her generous breasts, pinch her enlarged nipples, feeling the urges begin to mount, then taking out her thick, flexible pink plastic vibrator from its personal drawer, would begin to play it around her sensitive pussy lips. She would tease her clit and vaginal opening for a while, anticipating the entry of this plastic tool. And then, the urge to orgasm would begin to recede almost as quickly as it had started, as she thought again and again about her problem.

On more than one occasion like this, feeling almost desperate to prove that she still had the capacity to bring herself to a climactic peak despite this nagging thing, she had persisted in her masturbation for well over an hour. She added more lubricating jelly, rubbing and rubbing the end of the bendy plastic organ over her most sensitive pubic areas, even thrusting the dildo in deep and hard and fast, hoping to stimulate her vagina by increasing the violence and rapidity of her actions. She pinched her nipples harder, she sought more fantasies in her head, cried out Larry's name. But it didn't work; the more she insisted, the worse it became. She had no climax at the end, and her poor abused pussy was finally sore from the excessive friction. She would throw her dildo onto the floor in anger and sob herself to sleep, feeling frustrated and very sorry for herself.

Karen soon got desperate; she knew she needed to see a doctor, and the sooner the better. Her entire body was uncomfortable, day and night. She had severe stomach pains intermittently, her sex life was in suspension, she risked losing a man who had become dear to her. Something had to be done. And soon.

Chapter Three – Karen and Sandie:

Karen had been in this small town in the country just a few months, and had made only one friend during this time apart from Larry. A younger girl she worked with, Sandra - Sandie McPherson, proved to be a good, reliable friend to Karen; she helped Karen find her way around her new job during the settling in period, and they discovered very soon that they enjoyed each other's company. They began to spend time together outside office hours, having a drink, or just relaxing at home to watch televison, to listen to music and to chat. They talked a lot, shared their hopes and dreams, invented crazy, impossible plots to bring about the downfall of unpleasant colleagues, discussed affairs of the heart to the degree that Karen felt able. Sandie was blond, shapely and sexy, and much more open in many ways than her new friend, so Karen listened rather more than talked, but that suited her just fine, in view of her timidity.

Sandie was single, having successfully (as she put it) already escaped the conjugal intentions of more than one suitor, and basically lived alone. But she had a high sex drive, and more than one boyfriend and sleeping partner. Karen didn't judge her morales at all, secretly envying the ease with which Sandie balanced her private life and working career, and how she floated openly between lovers without feeling the obligation to choose one or the other as a permanent fixture in her life. What she didn't envy though, was the health risks that Sandie obviously took in her sexual promiscuity.

But despite these differences in their confidence levels and sexual attitudes, and their fundamental attitudes towards men, they got on exceptionally well. Karen admired openly Sandie's optimism and confidence, and Sandie cheered Karen up if she felt a little maudlin. She once tried to encourage Karen to take a second lover, but for Karen one man was quite enough. More than enough, in the light of her current condition.

One evening, Karen finally asked Sandie about doctors. She didn't say outright what her need was, just that she ought to register with someone, and wanted to make the right choice. Even with Sandie, she hesitated about revealing her intimate needs right then. Without hesitation, Sandie directed her to a certain Doctor Lorenzo. With a wicked smile, she said: "He's the best, and what's more, the best looking doctor for miles around".

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