tagLoving WivesMrs. Williams Gets Pregnant

Mrs. Williams Gets Pregnant


The door to the doctor's surgery clicked shut behind us. The news I had just been given, that I was infertile, shocked me to the core. After my wife Sam had been found to be positively fertile, the finger of blame had pointed in my direction and an appointment with our local doctor and a sample of my sperm (which Sam kindly helped me produce) confirmed that indeed, I was the culprit.

We (that's me, Steve Williams and my wife Sam) were both desperate for a child. We had looked at all the options and talked them over at length. Artificial insemination was pondered over, as was adoption. But Sam and I wanted to feel more secure in what we were to bring up and that he or she came from a good background and would be of good character.

Quite by chance, Sam heard of a couple who were friends of a client of hers (she works as a junior partner in a literary agency) who had been in exactly the same situation as us. They too had gone through all the options.

They heard of a clinic which provided sperm donors. The principal involves conceiving with a stranger. A carefully selected donor, makes love to your wife and inseminates her with their semen.

As a matter of course, all donors are thoroughly vetted. Only those who come with perfect credentials and references are put forward. Health aspects, blood tests etc are all extensively screened, checked and then double checked. If we decided to go for this, this procedure would also have to include my wife and myself.

A searchable database with pictures, academic qualifications, upbringing, background, religious beliefs etc is provided to the prospective couple. Clients can browse at leisure details of the suitable donors and then select the one that they feel is most suited. For me, the hardest thing to accept was the thought of a total stranger, between Sam's legs. But in the end my wife won me over. She so wanted this.

It was only sex after all, a one off. We had both had sexual relationships before the only difference now was that this was to be within the sanctuary of marriage. According to the comprehensive brochure provided by the agency,

"There should be no foreplay, no kissing and minimal touching. There must be the minimum of contact to produce the desired effect." The brochure continued. "The partners should use the missionary position as this is best for conceiving, allowing fullest penetration of the woman by the man. The sperm then has the best chance of entering the uterus."

The pamphlet went on, "It is advised that partial clothing should be worn during the act. Loose clothing should be worn in such a way to allow free and unencumbered access to each others sexual organs."

The guide concluded," KY Gel or other suitable lubricant should be on hand in case it is needed to assist full penetration of the male member".

For several days, Sam and I mulled over our laptops checking out the candidates put forward by the clinic. After much deliberation, we finally came up with our choice.

Although we knew what he looked like, he could only be identified as number 041. He was white, 19 years old and a student studying at a major university. His appearance bordered on good looking to handsome. At just over 6 foot, we had all we needed to know apart from, to be honest, I would have liked to know the length of his penis, preferring one that was more or less akin to my own. No bigger and no smaller.

With our choice agreed the payment was arranged. As my wife felt a little uneasy with being alone with a stranger, it was agreed that, although it was not normal practice, I was to be allowed in the same room during intercourse. Just to give my wife support if she felt she needed it.

A date was set, when my wife would be at her most fertile and her body the most receptive to the fertile sperm. We could have used the clinic for the deed, but Sam felt she would be more at ease at a hotel. A room at the "Shangri La" hotel was duly booked (we also could have done "it" at home, but a hotel seemed better - think nosy neighbours). We were to meet number 041 or Mark, as we found out he was called and Margit who was one of the directors from the clinic, at the hotel for dinner prior to the engagement. This was to help both parties relax and loosen up. There would also be a last minute briefing. This was to be an hour or so before the exchange was to take place.

We had a little less than three weeks to prepare ourselves, not that there was much to do. Sam wanted to ensure that number 041, Mark, would cum as soon as possible. I think she felt a bit guilty about having sex with another man and wanted it to appear more as a function, a need to become pregnant. Which, of course it was. By it being quick, I think she felt that it would not appear so dirty. To hasten things, she wanted to master and finesse a technique she had used on me in the past when she wanted to make me cum fast. It involved manipulation of the muscles in her vagina to increase pressure on my penis, thereby increasing stimulation, thereby bringing me off sooner. Her trick definitely worked. We had a lot of fun as we took every opportunity to practice. With a stopwatch running, we got our lovemaking down from just under a minute to twenty seconds. From insertion to climax.

The date finally arrived and Sam and I arrived at the Shangri La hotel early in the afternoon. Sam is an outward going vivacious young woman. She exhibits a joie de vivre bouncy go getting personality. Everybody likes her, some I think, at times, a little too much. Especially some of her work colleagues, both male and female. On this rather unusual occasion, Sam appeared totally unfazed by the forthcoming event. Perhaps she was going to enjoy this rather more than I had hoped for. She did look fabulous in her pale green Chanel trouser suit outfit.

Tall at a little over 5 feet 6, Sam accentuated her height with contrasting Prada high heel shoes which put me at just above eye level with her. Having already collected the key from reception, we went up to our hotel room. Before I got a chance to move, Sam pounced and swinging her arms around me, gave me a deep French kiss, something she had not done for a while. Her nipples were straining through her bra, her blouse and her jacket. She was already very, very aroused. Pushing the door open, she pulled me into the room, carrying on where she had left off with the kissing. Whispering in my ear, she said that she wanted to fuck me now, so that when she was with the stranger later, lying under his body with his penis thrusting in and out of her, she would think of me and this snatched moment.

Tearing off each others clothing, the wonderful natural scent of her wonderfully aroused body electrified me. She again kissed me fully on the mouth. Sam jumped on the bed, onto her back, spreading her legs, wanting me. Her naked, shaved pussy looked so delicious and inviting. My tongue wantonly sought her labia and clitoris and she squealed with delight as I began to lick and eat her, teasing and pleasuring her as my tongue whipped her into a frenzy.

As I continued pleasuring her with my tongue, she raised her hips slightly to allow me access to her anus. I gently toyed, tickled and probed her with my fingers, something I knew she loved. She was so wet. Her juices ebbed and flowed down her lush, soft inner thighs. Squirming under my face, she orgasmed so hard that it sent violent shivering, trembling motions through her whole body and she cried with pleasure.

She slowly recovered and then begged me to fuck her and fuck her hard.

It had been part of the agency protocol guidelines that there should be no intercourse prior to the insemination taking place. Sam would have none of this and threatened she would call the whole thing off if I did not screw her there and then. What could a man do? I had no choice. I must admit the thought of another man slipping into my wife through my freshly planted semen was a little, should I say, erotic.

I entered her easily and our hot sweaty bodies entwined in our love making. It was like making love for the first time, with all the excitement and anticipation of the unknown. With her vagina offering no mercy to my pulsating penis, little more than a minute later I exploded deep inside her. I added so much more wetness to her already sopping vagina.

The time for our dinner engagement arrived sooner than I had hoped for and apprehension and doubts about this stranger taking my wife were beginning to creep into my mind. I decided to keep these to myself as Sam still seemed so delightfully calm and collected.

Me mentioning my concerns to her could have caused her unnecessary concern, possibly making her tense and it could possibly have been detrimental to the conception. So I decided to keep my thoughts to myself.

Mark and Margit eventually arrived, albeit somewhat late. After apologies had been made, we all headed to the bar for a pre dinner drink.

Mark was far better looking in person than in his photos. I could see other women occasionally taking sneaky glances at him. My wife too appeared very attentive and a little too flirty than I would have liked.

Margit, a director from the clinic, originates from Bonn in Germany, where she qualified as a therapist in the field of insemination and conception. I guess she must have been about five years older than me, either late thirties or early forties. Sam had the edge on her as far as looks, but she was still a stunner. Her accent was sexy and strong and I needed to pay attention to what she said in order to follow her conversation.

We finished our drinks and headed for the restaurant. More drinks were ordered whilst we waited for our meal and the chit chat became easier. Mark was studying law at Cambridge and was between girlfriends, devoting most of his time to studying. In need of extra cash, he had only recently enlisted with the clinic. Sam was to be his third insemination. The previous two had been a couple of months earlier and both had been a success.

Dinner complete, Margit ordered some more drinks. As it was nearly time, she recapped on the sexual position to be adopted, the clothes to wear and if Mark had it in him, he was to inseminate my wife twice, just to be sure.

We left for the room, leaving Margit in the bar to wait on her own. Once finished, she expected us to be down in an hour or so and then she would run Mark back to his lodgings.

Upstairs, Sam fixed another drink for us all. I took mine and made myself scarce, positioning myself on a soft chair away from them. This afforded a good observation point. I don't know if Mark at this point had a full erection, but I certainly had a stonker. They began to remove some, but not all of their clothing as per the instructions. This left Sam in her bra and green Christian Dior blouse together with a pair of crotch less Ann Summers lilly coloured flower patterned panties (the slit in these still provided beautiful glimpses of her neatly shaved pussy together with adequate unencumbered access). Mark stripped down to his boxer shorts with a long sleeved round neck vest.

My question about Mark's arousal was answered when I saw the powerful erection he had tenting from his stripy boxer shorts. Sam had made herself comfortable and lay on her back spread eagled ready for Mark. As Sam spread herself further, I just caught a glimpse of her increasing wetness as her body prepared itself for sex. I knew the KY would not be needed. Leaving his boxers on, Mark unbuttoned the fly and extracted himself. It was as I feared. My worse case scenario. He was very well endowed with a full cucumber sized penis which curved upwards, magnificently, perfectly shaped to please any woman. And the tip, the glans and the upper parts were smeared with a shiny gossamer like covering of pre cum as it oozed from him. Sam, I think unintentionally, ran her tongue around her lips when she saw the size of what was soon to be deep inside her.

Mark slowly climbed on the bed. Delicately kneeling between her open legs, he then gently pushed first his left knee against Sam's bare inner right thigh then his right knee against her other thigh, splaying her legs even wider. Drawing himself into position, holding himself, Mark guided his cock through Sam's crotch less knickers towards its very wet target. Sam's arousal earlier had not abated and her nipples still stuck out prominently through her bra and blouse. They so badly wanted, needed attention, but in vain, as the instructions regarding minmal touching were strictly followed. He knuzzled his quivering penis against her groin, to touch her there for the first time, gently nudging my wife's pussy and clitoris, simultaneously smearing them with glistening pre cum as his flesh met her flesh.

Feeling him directly on her womanly entrance, my wife pushed her hips upwards, enveloping the tip of his circumcised tool, sinking his bulbous throbbing tip into the outer part of her vagina. Without touching each other, Mark then gave another little shove and his huge shaft slid in further. Easing, gently, slowly, up her expanding vagina, his penis, with its size, drew her moist pussy inwards as her labia clung like elastic, tightly around him. He sank deeper and deeper into her. He was halfway inside, when Sam had to ask him to stop and push no further as he was beginning to hurt too much.

Having driven himself as far as he was allowed to, Mark slowly pulled himself out almost to the tip of his cock, waited a few seconds and then gently pushed back in. Each time my wife's stretched vagina, still tightly clamped around him, dragged up and down his shaft as he drove in and out.

My wife moaned and grimaced as this stranger continued to take her. On each penetration, his penis slowly worked its way in a little bit deeper. Just a fraction at a time, every thrust. Slowly Sam's body became more and more accustomed to his size and his cock was allowed to sink deeper into her sweat covered body.

The pace quickened, the moaning intensified. It was so strange to witness, Sam with her hands clenched by her side and this stranger, someone we had not met until a couple of hours or so ago, driving himself in and out of my wife with all his might. Five minutes, then ten more. Sam orgasmed twice, Mark carried on unabated, thrusting away. How long could he keep this up? Why could she not bring him off in well under a minute as she had been able to do with me?

After ten more seemingly merciless minutes, Mark slowed his pace to a more sedate thrusting. But, still he continued. Surely, I thought, he must come soon.

A couple of minutes later, he stopped and pulled himself out, still though, rock hard and fully erect. His shiny large shaft was covered in my wife's body juices (and probably some of mine from earlier). Breathing heavily, he lay alongside a somewhat exhausted Sam whilst he rested.

"You've not cum. Are you all right?" She exclaimed, sounding exasperated.

Mark panted "Give me a few minutes. I just need a breather." As he got his breath back, he explained that as we were already aware, this was his third insemination task. Excited about his forthcoming job, he too had become very aroused earlier. He had made himself cum shortly before he left his lodgings. And, on the way, he had had to satisfy Margit! She had fucked him good and proper in the hotel car park in the back of her Audi 4x4. She had told him that if he screwed her, she would put a good word in for him at the clinic, promising more work. So much for not having sex prior to this.

Mark went on to explain that although he found my wife extremely attractive and he badly wanted to keep his end of the bargain and successfully inseminate her, but he found the restrictions imposed by the clothing, coupled with not being able to touch one another were not helping his arousal. He asked if we would object if these conditions were lifted. Then he was certain he could complete his end of the bargain. Sam saw no problem, and I decided that as Mark had already fucked my wife (almost), I could see no reason to object to what he wanted. But I insisted there was to be no anal, as this was my territory. Otherwise, I had no issues, granting him permission to do what he wanted to her as long as he did what was required of him.

With the new ground rules agreed, Sam stripped to fully expose her beautiful naked body. After twenty minutes of thrusting and several incredible, mind blowing orgasms, she looked like a rag doll. I could see light bruising to her inner thighs caused by the pounding she had received. Mark took off his remaining clothing to completely reveal his well endowed fully erect, still loaded tool and a pair of equally massive tight testicles.

Sam now took charge. She ordered Mark to sit on a chair with his legs together. With his penis curving magnificently up, facing him she put her hands around the back of his neck and climbed on top, just like a lap dancer. With her legs now splayed each side of his, she positioned herself directly over his twitching cock. Reaching below, she drew his erection, again weeping pre cum and still pointing directly upwards in the direction of her groin, towards her wetter than wet pussy. Satisfied he was correctly positioned, she slowly glided him into her. As she sank slowly down absorbing his fullness, Sam was now able to take three quarters of his length, her body now more accustomed to his size. However, there were a good four inches left. Sam was still not big enough, yet.

Their eyes locked, animal passion and instinct took over. There would be no going back or stopping them now. Sam delicately lifted herself, sliding his cock almost out, then lowered herself back down onto his rigid shaft. Up and down, in and out. I suspected that with the curved shape of Mark's penis and the fact that when I had seen him standing, his erect penis curved almost straight up, the glans or tip of his circumcised penis must be grinding away on my wife's g-spot. Mark's hands worked all over Sam's beautiful breasts, cupping them, squeezing and tweaking her erect nipples. Now shivering and quivering I could tell an enormous orgasm was building deep inside Sam. With a gasp and a cry, her orgasm noisily exploded, flooding over her. Sam's body writhed and convulsed as the electricity from this incredible climax ravaged and ripped through her body. But, still there was no issue from Mark.

Now agitated, and beginning to show impatience, Sam instructed Mark to get back on the bed and to lie on his back. Again she straddled him, aiming his manhood at her sore vagina. His penis slid back in and he thrust his lower body up to meet hers. Dictating the pace, Sam slowly bobbed up and down taking the three quarters of his length that she could still only squeeze into her body.

I knew all through this, that she must have been applying the vice like grip on this monster cock in an effort to get Mark to ejaculate his semen deep inside her. But I think because of Mark's considerable size, her trick was failing to work. Stretched to the full, Sam's vagina was unable to contract and do it's trick.

Stimulating his arousal, Mark ran his hands all over Sam's body, tweaking her clitoris and lightly probing her anus with his fingers. Up and down, surely this must bring him to a head? I could not believe he was holding out sooo long. Sam orgasmed again, making it five times in all.

Then, at last I saw the end in sight as I witnessed Mark's incredibly tight testicles somehow tighten even further and the downy hairs covering them begin to quiver. His cock swelled further and began to twitch and pulsate. Sam screamed as he again engorged further inside her already over stretched love canal. He was about to orgasm, at long last.

There was a loud knock and Margit burst in through the unlocked door. Things were taking so long she had come up to make sure all was ok. Pushing past me in the narrow entrance to the hotel room, she brushed past my large protruding erection with the side of her body. Glaring at me, she saw Sam and Mark on the bed. Looking even angrier, she shouted at them,

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