Ms. Andre Dates My Dad


I was surprised by her frank speech about a 'boy's testicles', but lacking a better idea, I nodded and said, "thank you, Ma'am," and stood waiting for her to leave before I undressed.

She paused a moment and grinned, "I have given your father some new things too, so why don't the two of you get into your PJ's and meet me in the kitchen for a little bed time snack?"

I gulped, fearing the worst, but I said, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Good boy," she said, and walked away, her oh-so-feminine ass swaying with each step.

The way she was a little hesitant to leave made me think that if I had begun to undress, she would have waited and watched. It sent chills up my spine...

I hastily took off all my clothes, put on the little bottoms that I couldn't think of as anything but 'panties', and the shirt. It was warm in the house so I didn't feel cold or uncomfortable, but I looked in the mirror. It was clear that these 'pajama's' served little purpose other than to pretend to clothe me while clearly revealing my genitals. The little gauzy pouch was so thin and so sheer and clingy; it was like my genitals were naked but painted a light red color. Even though I had masturbated only a few minutes previously, I could already feel my penis responding to what I saw in the mirror. It made me feel so 'naked' and 'exposed', and just the thought of Ms. Andre seeing me like this was getting the butterflies in my belly going again.

The body of the panty was strong but stretchy satin, and at the front it had a round opening, ringed with elastic, and there was nowhere for my genitals to go except into the pouch. Once I had pushed my penis and testicles through the elastic ring into the pouch, and pulled my entire scrotum through, the elastic band ringed my genitals, holding them up and forward from my abdomen, causing the clingy pouch to expand just enough to capture my soft penis and testicles. The pouch gave almost no support and allowed my genitals to hang loosely and swing freely as I moved and walked.

I remembered these sorts of garments from the book I had looked at earlier -- and the name of the author was Victoria Andre -- Ms. Andre's sister!

I was blushing and nervous as I looked at myself in the mirror. 'Be careful what you wish for...' I thought. I took a deep breath and walked out of my room. There I met my dad in the hallway in a similar outfit, but his was light blue whereas mine was pink. His genitals looked so big that I couldn't help but stare a moment. We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and walked side by side toward the kitchen. I could feel my genitals, pushed forward of my things by the elastic ring, swaying side to side with each step. I could feel the thin pouch fabric sort of caress the head of my penis with each step, and my penis began to respond with again with a little thickening.

As we walked through the living room to the open entry of the kitchen, Ms. Andre sat facing us at the kitchen table, smiling and acting as though there was nothing strange about a man and a boy with their penises and testicles displayed in see-through pouches. I watched her smiling eyes glide up and down our bodies as we approached, and felt my penis stir under her gaze.

We entered the kitchen and stood before her in all our glory, and at least I was filled with nervous excitement of being so scantily clad. I wondered if my dad was feeling the same. She smiled warmly and said, "My, what wonderful looking boys," letting her eyes slide back and forth between our two pouches as I blushed. She looked in our faces and said, "looks like my boys are ready for bed, so sit down a few minutes and have a nice snack."

We sat down and she served us cookies and milk, chatted about some of her patients, and behaved as if everything were completely normal. Her calmness set me at ease.

After we ate, she took one of our hands in each of hers and led us back to our rooms. She sent my father to his room with a pat on his panty-clad bottom, "I'll be in to see you momentarily," she said as she shooed him down the hall. She rolled back the covers, guided me to lie down, and sat beside my thighs on the bed. She looked at my penis in its little pouch and I couldn't help but throb and swell under her gaze. She smiled and tucked me into bed and told me she'd check on me again before retiring. I wondered what that meant as she left the open doorway of my room.

As I lay there warm under the covers, I thought of all the things I'd seen and read in this big house, and imagined how I must have looked to Ms Andre in my special pajamas. I imagined wearing the new 'pouch-panties' I had been given under my clothes the next day, and maybe at school too. Mostly I imagined Kimberly at her first CFNM party and wished I was one of the boys there as I drifted off to sleep with a half erect penis.

Suddenly I was awakened by someone shaking me. "Jeffrey!" was the urgent whisper. I opened my eyes to see Ms Andre dressed in a lace robe over some kind of sexy lingerie. I couldn't take my eyes off of her gorgeous cleavage. "Look at my face like a good boy, Jeffrey," she whispered firmly. I looked up. "Come with me now," she said smiling and holding out her hand to take mine, "there is something we need to talk about."

She took my hand and led me down the hall toward the game room. 'Oh no' I thought, and sure enough, she took me right to the open book.

"Did you read this letter, Jeffrey?"

I lowered my eyes and nodded.

"Alright," she said. She took me into the adjoining bathroom and pointed an accusing finger at the still-obvious semen stains on the counter and in the sink. "Is this your semen, dear?"

I blushed to match my pink pajamas and nodded.

"So you masturbated here in the bathroom after reading stories and looking at pictures?" I hesitated and she said, "It's alright, dear, I'm not angry."

I nodded, feeling completely undone. I was so embarrassed, but at the same time I felt my penis begin to throb with arousal.

She smiled and took my hand again and led me to her private study and closed the door. There was a divan in the corner and she sat on it, patting the seat beside her and saying "sit down here next to me, Jeffrey, so we can have our talk."

She took my hands in hers as I stood before her, my genitals almost at the height of her face. She gave them a lingering glance and then looked up at me. I was looking down at the pillowy softness of her ample bosom spilling up from her lacy bra. She cleared her throat to make me look into her eyes. "It's ok, dear, everything will be fine."

"Yes, Ma'am," I whispered, as she guided me to sit next to her on the divan.

She smiled and spoke. "Jeffrey, we need to have a private little talk to help you understand things better, and so I'll start. You can just listen, and politely ask questions if you need to. Does that sound good?" I nodded. "Alright then; First, I want you to understand that I have only the best intentions for your father, and for you. I love your father and I love you. You are a good boy, even though you made my bathroom a little bit messy with your youthful semen." She grinned and I blushed, smiling.

"I have rules in my house that you don't know and could not know; therefore I am not angry with you. I purposely let you roam the house to see what you could see. I know you saw many images of male nudity in my home. I enjoy male nudity and all the women in my family and all my female friends enjoy it. It is perfectly natural for women to enjoy looking at boys' bodies, the same way that boys are fascinated with women's bodies." She paused to let me process the thought, then she said, "How did it make you feel when you saw all the paintings and pictures and statues of males with fully naked and exposed genitals?"

I couldn't answer, I was too afraid of her and myself. I think she understood.

She smiled and asked, "Did you feel nervous? Excited? Naughty? Did seeing all those naked penises make you more aware of your own penis?"

I barely nodded. She said, "There, that's a good boy, it's not so hard to respond."

She jiggled herself into a more relaxed position and pulled me close to her, putting her arm around me and leaning my head on her shoulder to whispering in my ear more intimately.

"Jeffrey, what did you think of all my paddles? Did they make you imagine having a spanking? Having your bare bottom swatted?"

Again I nodded. She said, "Yes, good boy, that's all very natural. And in the game room, did you find my picture books?" I nodded. "And did the pictures of naked boys & boys being spanked excite you in a new way? Did it make your penis throb and tingle?" I nodded. "And then you noticed some of Victoria's books, and you read the letter from Kimberly about the party where all the males must remain naked, and the women can look at them and touch their penises as much as they want." I nodded. "And that made your penis stiffen, didn't it Jeffrey? It made you excited." I nodded again.

She took a deep breath, letting her bosom rise and fall under my nose. I could smell her skin and her faint perfume, she smelled like a real woman and her words were so exciting that my penis had swollen to full erection in the stretchy little pouch. She caressed the side of my face with her hand; it felt so tender and nurturing. I hadn't felt that sort of maternal, feminine energy since I was very young. I realized how much I missed it and how much I needed it. I snuggled into her more and let my arm wrap around her waist in a chaste fashion. She chuckled deep in her throat. "Good boy, let momma comfort you," she said.

After a while, she whispered in my contented ear. "Now when I talk, I want you to answer with words, Ok Jeffrey?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I whispered.

"Good boy," she said. "So, after you read Kimberly's letter, you were very excited and felt you needed to masturbate, is that right?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I sighed, feeling strangely safe in her arms even though her questions were so intimate.

"So, you went into the bathroom and took down your pants and underwear, touched your penis and rubbed it, and you like to do that, don't you Jeffrey?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I answered.

"Tell me what you thought about while you played with your penis, rubbing and stroking it and making yourself ejaculate."

I was afraid to talk about it, but I also noticed that my penis was leaking and making an obvious stain in my little pouch.

She said, "Jeffrey, this is all normal for a boy your age. I can see your penis is erect now and I'm not upset at all. It's good and healthy for a boy your age to experience many erections and many ejaculations to relieve all that youthful semen that would otherwise build up and be so uncomfortable. So to help you think and talk to me, I want you to pull your pouch-panties all the way to your ankles for me and you have my permission to slowly stroke your penis and make it feel good as we chat."

In a daze, I felt my hands pushing the panty down, I had to work to carefully get my testicles safely out of the elastic ring, but soon I was sliding the panties down past my knees. I felt her eyes on me, watching me, looking at my little penis.

"Good boy, but go ahead and push the panties all the way to your ankles, but not all the way off." I did so. "Good, turn with your back toward me, now lift your feet up onto the divan and spread your thighs nice and wide for me." I did it. "Good boy, that gives me a nice view between your legs," she giggled, "now you may slowly stroke your penis while I watch you, and I want you to tell me what you thought about in the bathroom earlier this evening after reading Kimberly's letter."

I took a deep breath and started to tell. "Her story about the party of naked men and clothed women was exciting. The way the men were all naked and the women could look at them and touch them... and Kimberly touched all of their penises... and all the men had to masturbate while the women watched... and they were all naked, like all the paintings..." My breathing was becoming labored and I was approaching orgasm.

Ms Andre said gently, "Let go of your penis, Jeffrey."

I let go and we both watched it throb, I was so close to coming but just a little drop of semen appeared at the tip of my penis. She hugged me closer, holding my head against the top of her breast and said, "That was excellent timing, Jeffrey. Just rest a moment and we'll do that again."

She continued to caress my face lovingly and she purred "good boy" in my ear. She whispered, "Mommy is looking at your pretty penis, Jeffrey, just rest now. In a minute, you can masturbate for Mommy some more, and if you're a good boy, I'll let you show me how you can spurt for Mommy like a big boy. Would you like that?"

I nodded. "Use words, Jeffrey, and you may call me Mommy."

"Yes, Mommy, I would like that."

"Tell me exactly what you like about it."

"I like that you're looking at me naked, that you're watching me touch myself."

"Do you want to show me how you can make big spurts for Mommy?"

"Yes, Mommy, I want to spurt for you."

She kissed my forehead and said, "Good boy. You may begin to rub your penis for me, but go slowly and obey me when I tell you to change what you're doing. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I said.

"I want you to call me Mommy when we are having intimate time together, Jeffrey. At other times, you will call me Ma'am."

"Yes, Mommy," I sighed.

She made me speed up and slow down several times, driving me to the edge and back in excruciating pleasure and frustration. She made me confess all my fantasies; how I wanted to be naked in front of girls, let them touch my penis, let them watch me masturbate and spurt for them, even let them make me spurt with their hands. I admitted that I found her totally hot and wanted to let her see my penis and touch it and watch me come for her. I agreed that if she found a suitable girl of a certain age that she thought would benefit from an introduction to male nudity, that I would volunteer to be the 'nude model' for her. I admitted I wanted to undress before female strangers, be touched and explored by them, and I wanted them to make me come for them.

She would tease me to the edge of orgasm, hold me there, and ask the most intimate questions. I was surprised at my answers and how easy it was for her to bring me to verbalize my naughtiest thoughts. She questioned me deeply, forcing truth from my deepest recesses. Finally, she turned to spanking... did I want to be spanked? Did I need a spanking since I was a naughty boy with naughty thoughts? Should she spank me for leaving all that naughty semen on her clean bathroom counter? Was I a big boy who could endure a 'real' spanking, and be proud to carry red welts on my bottom for days afterward? Could I take it if I were spanked to tears? Would I fully surrender my bottom and accept whatever kind of swats chose to give me? Would I trust her to know what a really needed, deep down inside?

To all these things I said 'yes'.

Should I sometimes be spanked in front of other women as 'witnesses'? Would that be more embarrassing for me and would I like that? Was I aroused by being humiliated, being forced into a situation where I had to surrender my dignity and fall completely under the power of a woman? I couldn't help it. I said 'yes' to all these things.

She was pleased. She told me that from now on, when she thought I needed a spanking that she would love me enough to give me what I needed.

Satisfied with my responses, she made me masturbate faster and coached me through my ejaculation, from the first command to "spurt for me now!" all the way through to the last drop. She kept whispering in my ear, so intimately, saying things that increased and prolonged my orgasm. "Spurt again, another, good boy, give me all your semen, that's it, keep pumping, I want every last drop, milk your penis, Jeffrey, Momma wants it all..." She insisted that I milk out every last drop as she watched carefully.

When I could give no more, I collapsed against her breasts as she whispered, "Good boy... good boy... good boy..."

I lay against her chest in complete, spent, exhaustion. I couldn't believe this had happened to me! It was by far the most exciting and fulfilling orgasm of my young life, and I hoped I would have many more just like this.

She cleaned me up with tissues and then massaged my testicles in silence for a while. "I'm going to take good care of you, Jeffrey," she whispered. "Your testes are now my responsibility and I'll make sure they are well trained. To do that, we'll need to spend a lot of intimate time together like this. Would you like to spend more intimate time with Mommy?"

She helped me to stand but only allowed me to pull my panties up to my knees so I had to waddle back to my room as she led me by the hand. She said, "This is good for you to keep your panties around your knees, it makes you feel more vulnerable and humiliated, doesn't it Jeffrey?"

"Yes, Mommy," I said.

"It's good for you to have those feelings; it helps a boy find his submissive nature." I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but I knew that I liked the feelings I was having with Ms Andre, in her house. I wished I could live there...

She tucked me into bed, leaving my pouch-panties around my knees, and kissing me on the lips. "Jeffrey," she said, "You've been a very good boy for me, now sleep soundly." I smiled back at her as she caressed my thigh over the covers. Then with a wink, she turned and walked out of the dark room. She was now cemented in place as the woman of my dreams and I knew that I loved her.

The next morning, Dad and I sat around the house in our special pajamas with our genitals on display in the little pouches. Ms Andre was in a good mood, smiling and relaxed, as she sipped coffee and chatted with us in her delicious negligee. She made a point of being close to each of us, bending over to pour coffee and thereby giving us great views of her ample breasts, swaying her luscious ass as she walked to and fro. The layers of sheer fabric both hid and displayed her feminine charms in such a way as to cause both my dad and me to be aroused. We couldn't hide our responses to her teasing ways and she made sure we knew she was well aware of our predicaments.

She would glance at our crotches, make 'tisk' noises with her tongue, and say things under her breath like, "Naughty boys..." She continued to tease us both for the morning, but then in the afternoon, it was time for us to leave.

She told us it was time to get dressed in our street clothes and reminded us to be sure to wear our new and special underwear, because "you boys look so cute in them, I want to think of you wearing them under your pants."

When we had packed our bags into her trunk, she slipped into a pair of high heels, put a long cashmere coat over her sexy lingerie, and drove us home to our little house. When we arrived, she gave each of us a kiss and a swat on our bottoms, shooing us up the driveway, then she sped off.

I really hoped my dad would continue to date Ms Andre!

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