Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 03


"Yesssss....sorrrrry....." I moaned.

Erin slowed down until she was only making a few strokes a minute, but never stopping her hand from moving, just moving ever slower. I was in agony, pulling and writhing against my bonds, unable to make any increase in stimulation for my penis. If I just had one quick rub, I knew I would spurt. But Erin was very vigilant and wouldn't allow it.

I kept writhing and moaning, shaking my head side to side and begging "please....please" over and over. Tears began to stream from my eyes in my helplessness and hopelessness.

Every few frustratingly slow strokes, Becca would take a grip above my testes and pull them down, away from my body. This hurt, but not enough to overshadow the pleasure in my penis.

Erin stopped stroking, and put the palm of her well-lubricated hand on top of the head of my penis and slowly slid it around and around. The excruciating sensations of Becca's fingers fondling my testicles and Erin stimulating only the head of my penis nearly made me go mad. It was just too much sensation, far more than I had imagined was possible to feel. I was kicking and writhing in my bonds, unable to do anything, to stop what they were making me feel. I cried out in anguish, loudly wailing and moaning and the girls just giggled.

I don't know why, but I couldn't yell "stop", I could only yell "please". I didn't even know what "please" meant. But my body was so overloaded with sensation it was like I would just pass out any second.

And then Erin released the head of my penis suddenly, and I almost spurted, but she pinched tightly at the base of my shaft just as I cried out " to come!"

And then nothing happened. No semen spurted, just a little drop of the thick white fluid appeared at the tip of my penis. Becca continued massaging my testicles and Erin kept her tight pinch at the base of my shaft for a long time. When my breathing returned to normal, Erin released her grip slowly, and traded positions with Becca. Erin took up massaging my aching testicles as Becca took her seat on the stool.

"Jeffrey," said Becca, "You did well for your first time. That was one cycle of GSEDT, Jeffrey, and you were a good boy for us. Now we're going to begin the second cycle."

Both girls giggled at the look of abject terror that was on my face. They had to be joking. I'd die before they could finish five cycles.

Erin said, "The good news for you, Jeffrey, is that each cycle tends to be shorter than the last. The goal of this therapy treatment is to help you learn to accept complete helpless desperation, and learn that you are not in control of your penis. A boy is not really qualified to take responsibility for his genitals, that's why we're here to help you. Also, the cycles of GSEDT will make the ejaculation, when you are finally allowed it, very large. Don't you think these are good goals, Jeffrey?"

"Urhghhhhh," was all I could say.

"Good boy, we're glad you agree," said Erin.

To make a long story short, I learned many things about my penis as the girls took turns torturing me into oblivion. I found out that a 'skilled practitioner', as they called themselves, could tell when I was building toward ejaculation, and slow its progress by slowing the stoking. They could gently rub the head of my penis, driving me mad with sensations, without bringing about ejaculation. Pulling my testicles would slow my progress too. And pinching tightly at the base of my penis would stop an ejaculation in process.

It seemed the result they were going for was for me to be writhing and screaming for mercy for as long a time as possible, and then to stop my ejaculation by pinching at the base of my penis, producing just one glistening drop of semen to prove that I was, in fact, in the process of coming when they stopped me.

I was almost out of my mind, ready to pass out, when Erin finally let me ejaculate.

The final cycle ended with Erin stroking my penis fast and saying "Spurt for us, Jeffrey, we want you to spurt now!" Becca had stopped playing with my testicles and instead was holding a glass beaker in front of my penis, to receive the semen. I finally began to spurt and both girls cheered me on, praising me for spurting, "Oh, Jeffrey, good boy, making such a big spurt for us, come on, honey, do it again, that's it, yes, good boy, give us another big spurt, ah what a sweet boy, your penis is spurting so nicely, now give us every drop, sweetheart, that's it, another pulse, another drop, that's a boy..."

On and on they went, coaching and stroking and milking my poor tortured genitals, always demanding another drop. And another. And another.

When I finally could give no more, they put away the beaker and stood by my sides, caressing me and giving me kisses on my face, neck, and chest. Becca said, "We're so proud of you, Jeffrey, you were such a good boy for us and took your treatment like a man. We are really happy to have been able to spend this time with you, honey, and we look forward to your next treatment session. Now just rest and let us take care of you."

They cleaned me up and released me from my bonds. I could barely walk. My penis was sore and withered, with no sensation in it at all. They slowly walked me back to my room and helped me put on the pink pajama's with the sheer pouch.

Becca said, "Oh, Jeffrey, you look so much prettier in your pouch panties with no hair. Doesn't he look pretty, Erin?"

"Oh, my, yes," she said, "He looks good enough to eat."

I was so weary, I couldn't respond. I was more emotionally drained than physically, which meant I was completely empty inside and out.

"Let's get some refreshments," said Erin, and the girls took me to the kitchen and fed me milk and cookies.

As we sat there, silently eating at the kitchen table, Ms. Andre walked up and smiled at me, and looked at the girls. "How did it go?" she asked.

Erin said delightedly, "He's such a good boy, mom. We shaved him all nice and clean, and then gave him five cycles of GSEDT."

Ms. Andre said, "Five? Oh dear, I hope he's all right."

"He's fine mom," said Becca, "He's quite wiped out, but he did really well. We're very proud of him."

Ms. Andre smiled at me, "Well, then, good boy, Jeffrey, I'm proud of you too."

"Thank you Ma'am," I said.

Ms. Andre looked at Becca and said, "You'd probably better put Jeffrey down for a nap, and make sure you put lots of lotion on his pretty penis. We don't want him to be chafed and sore, do we girls?"

"No, mom," said the daughters in unison.

Erin asked, "Where's Ted, Mom?"

She smiled and replied, "Oh, he's doing very well too, I'm sure..." She looked at me, "Your father is in the obedience room with Victoria, helping her with her research. He is a very good boy too." She gave me a big hug and then shooed us all away to go put me down for a nap. I was exhausted and drained, and a nap sounded good. Ms. Andre said, "I'll come and get you, Jeffrey, in time for dinner."

"Yes, Ma'am," I said.

After the girls tucked me in, I thought about my dad as I drifted to sleep. I wondered what he was doing, or more to the point, what was being done to him...?

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