tagIncest/TabooMs. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 04

Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 04


This continues directly from part 3, and is for adults only (like everything else on this site!)

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I woke up with the sun just beginning to set. It was perhaps 7pm. I got up and saw myself in the mirror again, wearing just the pink pouch panties. I noticed how I looked in the mirror, now that I had no hair on or around my genitals. I couldn't help but smile as I thought I looked good.

I looked through the drawers, to see if there was something I could put on over the panties and found nothing -- all my clothes had been removed, leaving just a few of the specialized garments with the sheer pouches. I guess these were all I would be allowed to wear anymore.

I noticed there was a new addition to the collection. It was a sheer pouch with only strings to go around my body -- a string thong. It was a very light blue color. I wondered when was the appropriate time to be wearing this tiny pouch since it was basically the same as being naked. I was really getting used to the feelings I was having -- being exposed, being looked at, and I was shaved now and that felt exciting. But I decided it would be more fun to wear the tiny sheer blue thong-pouch when somebody told me to do it. I was really getting used to being obedient and submissive.

I set the tiny thong pouch down and decided to go downstairs and find out what was happening. The memories of being strapped onto the exam table, and having my penis tormented with pleasure flooded me. My penis still felt a little bit sore as it throbbed with a new hint of arousal, and I took a deep breath and began to feel proud of my genitals, swaying in my sheer pink pouch with each step. I was happy to be in a house where all the women appreciated a boy's body, and it made me feel good to be a boy.

I entered the living room to see all four Andre women. The 40-something sisters, Jordan and Victoria were sitting on the sofa, one on either side of my dad, chatting happily, and each woman had a hand on one of dad's thighs, caressing softly. It looked so nice, I smiled, and dad smiled back.

The women were dressed in summer dresses with beautiful floral patterns. My dad was wearing a little sheer pouch of light blue, held on by strings -- just like the one I found in my room! I remembered how Ms. Andre said she liked how we looked when we were a 'matched set' in our swimming suits.

The younger sisters, Jordan's daughters Erin and Becca, were lounging by the bar, dressed for clubbing. They were gorgeous in their short black pleated skirts and knee-high black leather boots.

Erin had on a white tank top with a deeply scooped neckline that showed a lot of pillowy white cleavage, and was sheer enough to show the faint outlines of her large dark areolas and allowed her perky nipples to show clearly. Becca had a hot pink halter top that barely contained her D-cups, allowing soft white breast flesh to show both on both sides of the too-narrow cups.

All the women looked up at me and smiled as Ms. Andre said, "Are you feeling recovered from your 'treatments', Jeffrey?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I said.

Becca said, "We're going clubbing with Nikki tonight," and both daughters shared a gleeful giggle.

The doorbell rang. Ms. Andre looked me right in the eye and said, "Jeffrey, would you be a dear and get the door?"

I must have blushed, because Victoria sort of stifled a snort, and both daughters giggled. "Yes, Jeffrey," said Erin, "by all means, get the door."

I hid the fact that I wanted to groan and run away. I stood up straight, determined to not be ashamed of myself. Besides, everywhere you looked in this house, there were images of naked males. I decided, with my freshly shaved genitals in my pink pouch, I would fit in with the décor.

I boldly opened the door and saw a very attractive young woman, perhaps 30. She had long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and her painted dark red lips were giving me a beautiful smile. "Hi, you must be Jeffrey," she said, "The girls have told me all about you."

She stood still a moment, letting her eyes wander up and down my nearly naked body, pausing for just a moment to look at my little pouch. "You look very nice," she said, "Vickie's special boy-panties suit you."

I felt a new wave of embarrassment wash through me, being so blatantly ogled by this stunning beauty. My eyes couldn't help but travel as well. This woman had the largest breasts I had ever seen. She was only 5'2" tall, but oh-so-curvy! Her whole body seemed pillowy-soft, and amazingly feminine. Her hips were wide, her waist was narrow, and her chest just exploded out into space with softness and the female power that so easily enthralled males.

She wore a simple black dress with spaghetti straps. The dress was completely overpowered by her curves and seemed to cling to her for its life, revealing every shape, every delicious curve, and concealing nothing but her skin. Her breasts were so large that I thought the over-worked spaghetti straps would snap at any moment, and the amount of thin, clingy fabric allotted to cover her enormous mounds was not nearly enough.

From her perfect feminine neck and shoulders, porcelain skin began to flow downward, smooth and perfect, dividing and swelling into acres of décolletage. Most women would run out of breast before hers began to hide inside the fabric, and I could see just the edge of the light brown areola of her right breast, tantalizingly visible at the fabric's edge.

I must have been studying her body for several silent seconds, enrapt with her feminine charms, as she held out her hand to me and said, "My name is Nicola Boketti. Are you going to let me come inside, Jeffrey?"

I stammered, "Uh, yes Ma'am, I, uh... sorry." I took her hand and she shook mine firmly and businesslike, but when she released me, she let her red-lacquered fingertips trail suggestively across my palm. Oh my.

"Don't worry about a thing. I am used to being stared at, dear."

She walked past me and into the living room as I watched her amazing ass sway with her steps. This was way more woman than any man could ever handle, I thought.

I followed that gorgeous ass like a stricken puppy and stood to the side of the room, trying to hide my erection behind a large upholstered chair. It is a fact that all women have special radar that alerts them to the existence of erect penis flesh, and when I looked up, I noticed all five women were looking at my groin.

"Come out from behind the chair, Jeffrey," said Ms. Andre, "Nothing to be bashful about, dear."

"Yes Ma'am," I said, moving further into the room, baring myself and revealing my growing erection. I felt the feelings of embarrassment and humiliation that were becoming commonplace for me, yet never losing their thrill. They looked at me and smiled knowingly.

The women all knew Ms. Boketti and exchanged quick pleasantries that ended with Erin mentioning the time and that the three girls had many things planned for the evening. Goodbyes were said, and young ladies headed for the door.

Ms. Boketti passed me first, pausing on her tip-toes to give me a lingering kiss on my cheek, and she whispered in my ear, "It was nice to meet you, Jeffrey. I hope we can spend some time together soon." I felt her hand give me a little squeeze on my bottom, and I blushed.

Erin was next, kissing my cheek too. She let her hand cover my pouch, giving me a squeeze on my half hard penis and whispering, "Don't wait up for us, Jeffrey, we'll be out very late." My knees almost buckled as she gave my testicles an extra squeeze, and then she was gone.

Becca stood in front of me with an amused smirk on her face. "Nikki has that affect on all the boys, Jeffrey. That's why she's my hero." Becca put her hands on each side of my face, pulling my head down to her, and laid a soft, lingering, wet kiss on me. Her tongue sought entry and I opened to her advances, feeling a shiver down my body in response to her very amazing kiss. She moved one hand and took my left nipple between her thumb and forefinger, pinching and twisting slightly as she continued her conquest of my mouth. She let me go and looked down at my penis, now fully hard and straining at the stretchy pouch. "I've still got it," she said smiling, and she walked past me as if nothing happened.

I stood in shock, feeling my penis throb, and trying to sort out my tangled mind and emotions. Suddenly, Victoria Andre was at my side, saying, "Earth to Jeffrey..." She grinned when my eyes could focus on her beautiful face. "That's better," she giggled, "I thought you might pass out from estrogen overload. I pity the boys caught in those girls' cross-hairs tonight. They're on the prowl."

I gulped and said, "Yes Ma'am."

Victoria took my hand and said, "Come and sit with me Jeffrey, it's time we had a talk."

Jordan was standing with her arm around my dad, grinning at us. I marveled at how she towered over my dad in her 4" heels, and how she looked so tall, leggy, and voluptuous in her floral-print sundress. My dad had such a content look on his face, smiling, as he stood naked at her side, save for the little sheer pouch around his shaved genitals. He winked at me and I smiled back. Our code for 'everything is good', and I watched as Jordan led my father up the stairs with a pleased look on her face. I could tell she was taking him to bed and that they would have sex in whatever fashion pleased her as my dad eagerly followed her swaying ass.

Victoria led me to a comfortable loveseat in the game room. The room was fairly dark, as the lights had been dimmed. There were a few scented candles burning, and there was a fire crackling under the big stone mantle. She sat down on the couch and drew me to her, having my lie on my back with my head in her arm and my shoulders over her lap.

"Jeffrey," she said softly, "I'm very proud of you. Jordan and the girls have kept me up to speed on your progress and I can tell you are a very special boy." I looked up into her big blue eyes and marveled at her beauty. All the Andre women were so gorgeous. "I'm going to tell you some things, to help you understand what has been happening to you, though I'm sure you have a lot of it figured out by now."

"Yes ma'am," I said.

Her hand played with my nipples, my belly, and caressed my pouch as she spoke. "I know you've read some portions of my books, and worn my special clothing, and had some special time with Ms. Jordan and then with Becca and Erin. It seems to me that you are becoming very comfortable as a submissive male, Jeffrey, a boy who knows his purpose and place is to provide enjoyment to the women in his life. Am I right?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I said.

"Push your panties to your ankles, dear, and spread your thighs for me," she said. I complied, and raised my knees, spreading my thighs as wide as I could, giving her complete access to my naked genitals. She softly fondled my freshly-shaved flesh and said, "You look and feel very bare, Jeffrey. I like it very much. Do you like being bare for us ladies?"

"Yes Ma'am," I whispered, as her hand slowly fondled my testicles and penis; not to a purpose, but just enjoying herself as she felt me. It felt very good to just be felt up. I snuggled into her lap happily and sighed.

She began to tell me so many things about the Andre family. How there was a long history of female dominance going back many generations, and how only in the last few decades had there been room in society for Victoria and her sister Jordan to make their mark.

She explained that Jordan was a medical doctor, practicing urological medicine on men, particularly cases involving erection problems, premature ejaculation, and fertility issues. My dad was one of her patients, and she had become very attracted to him, and had now fallen in love with him. I liked how that sounded.

Victoria said that both she and her sister had always dreamed of a world that was organized differently, even when they were very young. They had planned and schemed and worked very hard to earn the right to live as they chose. And what they chose was a life of feminine power and freedom.


From their early years, the Andre sisters had decided to dominate boys, to be the Mistress of their homes and their relationships, and to settle for nothing less than female supremacy and male submission. The young girls had always been bossy, and found it easy to control the men in their lives, including their father, brother, cousins, and friends. But their real desires about males had started in the tree house of a neighbor boy.

Jordan, the elder sister, had decided that they should play doctor in the tree house, and neither sister was interested in playing the part of the patient. Down came the boy's pants, after many convincing words, and the girls were able to take their time to thoroughly examine their first penis and testicles. From then on, they had grown to love and appreciate male genitalia and male nudity in all its wonderful forms, and did everything they could to get into boys' pants.

As they dated in school, they made a pact that neither would ever remove their clothes, even just their blouses, for a boy. Contrarily, they were determined to get every boy's pants down, and if possible, completely off. They found that boys were eager sluts, quite ready to undress for the promise of a handjob, and the sisters dated many, many boys. They learned how to tease boys to the brink of ejaculation and then pull back, only to torment them again, and they found it easy to addict "their" boys to this procedure.

They began the practice of taking and keeping their conquests' underwear as trophies, piling up quite a collection of male underwear, much to the delight of their mother, though she pretended to disapprove. They experimented with spanking, restraining, and tormenting their naked 'boyfriends', and enjoyed sharing a boy between them from time to time.

Victoria said that over time she had built a perfect parallel world in her mind, in which men were subservient to women. That female-dominant world operated differently than the male-dominant world of current history, including the practice of a woman one day being able to take more than one husband, as well as keeping consorts & concubines, and having lovers on the side.

She said that since virtually all men had submissive fantasies, though not all men could live them, there were more than enough men to give a dominant woman a large number of boys to choose from. And while almost all women would never admit it, there was an evolutionary imperative at work -- a natural drive for a woman to seek out multiple lovers -- as they searched for more variety of semen to keep the gene-pool fresh. In today's world, even though a woman isn't looking to get pregnant, the drive to enjoy semen from a fresh source is still powerful.

She said that there were 5 cornerstones to build that perfect world:

1.Male frontal nudity must be prevalent in art, advertising, television, and movies. Women must become comfortable seeing naked male images everywhere and men must become used to being the focus of female visual attention. This is why a dominant woman's home must be filled with artwork featuring nude males.

2.Male fashions must be designed to present and display male genitalia, not hide it away, and males must become accustomed to the expectation that they must dress this way. Women must encourage males to dress in this new custom.

3.A woman must take complete control of the ejaculations of the men in her life, so that her males look to her for their release. She must decide if and when her men will be allowed to ejaculate -- and that means no more masturbation for the boys, unless it is supervised by and with the permission of a woman. Boys must be taught not to touch their penises by themselves, it is something that must only be done with a woman's consent, and it is best if all ejaculations are directly caused by a woman. It's better to make the boy spurt than it is to 'allow' him to masturbate, but either way, the woman must be in control.

4.A woman must discipline her boys, no matter what their age. It must become as completely 'normal' that husbands are spanked by their wives, as it is that sons are spanked by their mothers. The spanking of males should be common practice throughout society, and a subject as easily discussed in mixed company as kissing. If a boy of any age deserves a few swats, they should be given right away, in public if necessary, and should certainly be given openly in the woman's home.

5.A woman's right to sexual freedom must be maintained, regardless of her relationship status, while boys must remain completely faithful to their Mistress. Every woman would be allowed to take as many lovers as she wishes, and to have multiple husbands, consorts, and concubines. Boys must take for granted that they have no exclusive rights to their Mistress, and they must be willing to share her with others easily, while keeping themselves just for her.

Victoria said that she and Jordan were living this dream, and actively recruiting new converts, both male and female, to their female-supremacy ideals. This sort of world is orderly, loving, safe, and happy, and the boys actually get the better end since a woman takes her responsibilities to keep her boys serviced very seriously. As an example of this new breed of woman, she told me the story of Nikki -- Nicola Boketti -- whom I had just met at the door.


Nikki was a girl blessed with very large breasts at a very young age, and therefore was constantly ogled and pawed at, even by men her father's age. She had heard her father's friends making comments about her body, and it was quite disturbing yet at the same time, her budding sexuality responded to all the male attention just as any girl does.

She got her first job, while in college, as a member of the secretarial pool in a large marketing firm. She soon fell under peer pressure from the other women, and the hints of her male bosses, and began to dress less and less conservatively, displaying more cleavage and more leg as time went on. Lace bras, sheer blouses, short skirts, hose with garters and high heels were the 'standard dress for ladies' at the firm.

She endured the constant jovial 'pats' on her bottom that lingered on her tight skirts. In elevators and crowded hallways she had no choice but to bare the anonymous hands that would find their way to feel her more-than-ample breasts and bottom, often never being sure who had taken the liberties with her body.

One day, one of the partners called her into his office, closing the door, under the pretense of needing her to help him with a 'hard problem'. The man was persuasive and experienced and soon had convinced the young lady that it was an 'expected duty' of the secretarial staff to relieve some of the pressures of his weighty career. She found herself on her knees in front of his big executive chair, his large penis in her little hands, and his palm on the back of her head, urging her down and forward.

As she fellated him, she found herself becoming very aroused, and her enthusiasm made the older gentleman ejaculate rather quickly. It was almost a disappointment to her that he finished so quickly, but he seemed very pleased with her 'help'. That night as she lay in bed, she decided that she really liked penises, and she liked the power she felt when she had forced the older man to ejaculate quickly. She decided that she wanted to do that some more; it was such a power rush.

Over the course of the next few months, Nikki found herself becoming the favorite 'helper' of all 7 partners, and she also regularly took care of many of the younger executives. She found that her workload had decreased completely, allowing her to make her rounds among the executives, helping them whenever they needed it, and enjoying the thrill to such a variety of males to manage, and all the different sizes and shapes of genitals to enjoy. Her 'boys' had no problem with her rule that they keep their hands to themselves, so long as she made them all ejaculate more often than they had need.

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