Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 04


Humiliation and embarrassment and shame filled my belly. I looked down at the floor. Almost silently I murmured, "Yes."

"Hmm..."she stepped back in appraisal. "And who do you think should give you your spanking, Jeffrey?" Before I could answer, she leaned close and whispered in my ear, "Do you want me to spank your bottom? You know, if I do it, I'll have to pull your panties down and spank your bare bottom. I'll make your cheeks nice and pink like your dads, and have you moaning and squirming and begging on my lap, and I won't stop until after I see real tears, Jeffrey."

I just stood there like a deer caught in the headlights, but I felt my penis start to stir. It was so embarrassing to be questioned like this, and yet it felt so good.

"I'm waiting, Jeffrey. You know a boy has to ask for his spanking..."

"Please spank me," I blurted out, feeling humiliated.

"I want you to ask me for all the things I've told you. Be specific, Jeffrey." I could tell she'd really been studying hard in Aunt Victoria's classes. She knew just how to talk intimately with a boy and maximize his shame and embarrassment.

In total humiliation, I whispered, "Please, Karen, I want you to pull down my panties, take me across your lap, and spank my bare bottom until it's very pink and I am squirming and moaning and begging. And don't stop until after I am crying real tears."

"Hmm, that sounds delightful, Jeffrey." Turning to her friend she said, "Nikki, doesn't that sound like fun?"

"Absolutely," said Nikki, "But you should ask permission from Dr. Jordan."

Karen walked sexily, in her backless white dress, over to Ms. Andre.

"Dr. Jordan, would it be ok if Nikki and I were to give Jeffrey a spanking?" asked Karen.

"Well, he's certainly had a big day today, but as far as I know his bottom is intact. I think it would be good for you two to warm his bottom before bed time. Just don't take too long, a growing boy needs his beauty sleep."

"Thank you, Dr. Jordan."

Ms. Andre said, "I think you girls should use the obedience room. Nikki knows where it is. But first, let me say that I've been teasing and denying my poor boy Edward all day, and I've promised to allow him an ejaculation. Would you like to watch before you see to Jeffrey's bottom?"

"Yes," said Nikki, as Karen's eyes got big and she smiled and nodded.

"Excellent," said Jordan. "Edward, please remove your sweet pouch, get some pillows, and lie down across the edge of the coffee table, dear. I'm going to milk your penis now, while everyone watches, and I expect a very big ejaculation."

"Yes, dear," said my dad. I'd never heard him called 'Edward' before, just Ted. I guess there's no end to the new things in this house.

Dad slipped off his pouch, and handed it to Jordan. She held the inside of the pouch to her nose and inhaled deeply, smiling. "Mmmm. I just love the smell of male genitals. The pheromones are thick and the scent just makes me think of cock, and semen. Get into position, dear, I'm going to make you come really hard." She slipped the pouch into her bra, perhaps to enjoy later.

"Yes, Ma'am," said dad, and he hurriedly took position as all the women giggled at his eager obedience.

Dad laid pillows from the sofa onto the coffee table, and sat on the edge. Then he laid back with his bottom just at the edge of the table.

Victoria said, "Let that be a lesson, Karen. Boy's get very obedient when your promise to make them spurt!"

Jordan knelt down between my dad's legs and said, "Knees up and out, sweet cheeks." She motioned Nikki and Karen to come closer, and they knelt down, one on each side.

Jordan said, "Nikki, when the time is right, I'll need you to work your magic. I want him really empty when we're through."

"You've got it, Doctor, just like at the clinic..."

Jordan smiled as my dad grabbed his knees with his hands, pulling them up to his chest and spreading them apart, as his love took hold of his stiff erection and began to stroke vigorously....


To be continued...

Please don't be upset, I'll try to get the next chapter out as soon as possible.

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