Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 07


My hips began to squirm and a moan escaped my lips. "Shush, Jeffrey," she said, "And hold still for me honey. The more you react to the sensations, the more intense they'll become, and I don't think you want that..."

I shook my head no. "Alright then, just lie still and quiet and I'll tell you about Craig. You'll remember him from the story that Nikki told your friend Karen. Craig's Aunt is Irene, and she brought him to my clinic for examination and evaluations...remember?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I whispered.

"Nikki told me where her part of the story ended, but I kept right on top of his case after that, so I'll fill you in. So Irene had the pouch panties, the development crème, the written masturbation schedule, and a wonderful bashful boy – very well endowed – who was full of latent submissive desires. Young Craig was so lucky to have an Aunt who really truly cared about his genital development and his submissive nature. She was determined to help him blossom into the sexy submissive he was meant to be, and..."

She took her boy home and they went inside the house. The first item on Irene's agenda was to get Craig settled into his pouch panties as soon as possible. But as she passed the kitchen table where her computer sat, she noticed the incoming mail icon, and changed her plan slightly. She marched him into his bedroom and told him to take off all of his clothes.

"But Aunt Irene," whined the boy, "I don't think I should just walk around naked..."

"Of course not dear," she replied, "I have your new pouch panties right here and you will be a good boy and wear them just like the doctor said. It is very important that we follow her instructions dutifully, dear, so that you can develop properly into a nice grown man."

"Yes, Aunt Irene," he said glumly, but Irene was pleased that the boy was undressing as she watched, and handing her each piece of clothing for the wash as he took it off. When he got down to his underpants, he paused and looked at her. She thought he was so cute in the little white briefs with the big bulge in front...

"Now just pull down your underpants, honey," she said, "and you can hand them to me."

The boy was blushing mightily as he put his hands at the waistband and slowly slid them down to his thighs, revealing his beautiful and freshly shaved genitals to his Aunts breathless delight. He let go and the briefs pooled at his ankles and he stepped out of them. He bent down and picked them up and handed them over to his waiting Aunt, placing them in her outstretched hand. "Good boy," she said.

In spite of the exposure he had experienced that morning, they boy's hands instinctively moved to cover his groin. Irene made a 'tisk' sound and said, "We'll have none of that, young man, hands at your sides please." She watched with pleasure as the boy's hands fell back to his sides and he stood completely naked, with his big penis and full testicles hanging loose and tender-looking between his muscular thighs. She inwardly sighed at what an improvement it was to see the boy denuded of pubic hair. It made him look so fresh and young and very very naked. Just the way she liked him!

She took the clothing he had been wearing in her arms and, leaving the boy standing naked, said, "I'll just run these down to the wash room, and then we can see to your pouch panties. You can come with me." She shooed the boy ahead of her so that she could enjoy the view of his sweet round bottom, jiggling as he walked all the way to the wash room. She thought idly of having that bottom across her lap for a nice long hand spanking, which a boy his age certainly needs, she thought.

In the laundry room, she made him stand facing her as she took her time to sort the laundry and steal glimpses of his naked genitals. Once done, she had him lead the way back to the living room, where her purse was, so that she could help him with his pouch panties.

She sat in a chair as he stood before her obediently, hands at his sides and naked genitals at her eye level. She took her time to lay out the bottle of crème, the masturbation schedule, and the pouch panties neatly on the end table beside her, and then she spoke to him, looking up into his pretty eyes.

"Craig," she said, "First we're going to get you into your special new pouch panties, so that your penis and testicles will be supported in just the right way for healthy development. You'll no longer wear any other kind of underpants as I'll be tossing them all out. Here in the house, you'll just wear the panties as there is no need to wear anything else. I'll take you shopping soon to find some suitable summer shorts for you to wear over your panties when we go out of the house."

He nodded that he understood. "Good boy," she smiled, "Now before we put you into your new panties, I want you to take a fresh shower and get all nice and clean for me. And you must leave the door open as you bathe, there will be no more closing and especially no more locking of doors. I am responsible to keep you well supervised, dear, so I'll need to be able to check on you at any time. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Aunt Irene," he said, and she watched his cute little bottom toddle off to the bathroom.

She hopped up and went to check her email. As she suspected, there was a follow-up note from Dr. Andre, giving more details and advice regarding the new genital health and development program Craig was now on. It read:

Dear Irene,

This is just a note to give you some advice on how to handle your lovely nephew, Craig. These are some tips that you'll find valuable, I'm sure.


Dr. Jordan Andre


Andre Clinic for Male Genital Health

The attachment read:

TIPS and TECHNIQUES for maximizing submissive genital development for post-pubescent boys:

1. If you have chosen to personally perform the semen-taking exercises prescribed on the boy's "Masturbation Schedule" it is best for you to refer to it now as the 'Milking Schedule" to make it clear that the boy is not to masturbate, but rather that you will milk him.

2. Things to say (imprint) as you milk the boy – Here are examples for you to adjust to suit the situation. You may improvise freely once you have the hang of it: "Mommy's good boy has a pretty penis", "Does my good boy's penis feel nice when mommy milks it?", "It's very good for you to be milked regularly", "My good boy's testicles are hanging very full", "Mommy's going to get all your nice semen out for you", "All the ladies at the clinic said your penis and testicles are healthy and beautiful", "I'm sure my friend _________ will be willing to help milk you sometimes", "There's a big boy spurt! My good boy is spurting for mommy!", "Yes, nice big spurts of my good boy's semen are coming out into the cup", "Now mommy has to milk out every last drop, so be patient", "Almost done, dear, mommy needs to get just a little more", "I'm going to call _________ right away and tell her what a good ejaculation my boy has had", "now just lie down on your back and rest a while, dear, while I put your semen measurement in the chart"

3. How to perform a proper milking: Position the boy comfortably on his hands and knees on a bed or table top such that you can sit in a chair and reach his penis easily. Place the sample container beneath the head of his penis. Lubricate your hands with baby oil or other clear lubricant. Gently pull and stretch the boy's erect penis with hand-over-hand downward movements, letting your hands slide gently over the crown and head as you go. It can be best to position him so that you can put one hand directly to his penis, and reach from behind him between his thighs with the other hand to do the milking movements. The hand between his thighs can add stimulation by gently bumping his dangling testicles with each upward reach. Throughout the entire process, continue talking to him as shown in examples in item 2 above. Do not at any time stop talking to him; you must continually imprint submissive messages into his mind during this time when he is VERY impressionable. As his arousal peeks, he may begin to buck and thrust – soothe him with calming words and ask him to hold still. But as he gasps and moans in arousal, encourage him to do so by praising him for voicing his sensations and feelings. Encourage him to express the pleasure he feels in his penis loudly and with real words when possible. Maintain the continuous downward strokes at a steady pace until he begins to spurt, then slow the movement slightly and cease touching the head of his penis as he continues spurting. When he stops spurting, continue the motion with a little tighter grip and slower pace to milk out the last drops – there will be many drops, so this final process should be given 2 minutes before stopping. Remove the sample container and have him lie down on his back and rest for 20 minutes in silence.

4. Develop his embarrassment by arranging 'accidental' exposure to other women. Look at the milking schedule and invite female guests, likely to enjoy the milking process, to visit just as a milking session begins. Assure the boy that the schedule must be kept, regardless of intruders. Make sure the guests are always female. Travel with the sample container and lubricant, and when out of the house you must still abide by the schedule and take the boy somewhere, (even your car), and milk him on schedule. It is advantageous to be at a female friend's home at milking time so that you can announce that your boy must be milked in the presence of females and invite them to help or at least watch. In every conversation, talk openly about his genitals with him, and especially in the presence of other women, take every opportunity to talk about his genital development, the crème, the milking, and his pouch panties. If at any time you can show your female companions the use of any of these, do it.

5. Make sure he ONLY wears his pouch panties below the waist unless he is going out with you. Around the house he can also wear a tee shirt, so long as it is short enough not to cover the pouch from view. Do not be bashful about looking at his pouch, and commenting on what you see. Encourage other women to do the same. Erections between milkings are fine. You should call attention to his erections and celebrate them happily with compliments and reminders that it is natural for a boy to get erections.

6. Any time he is within reach, take the opportunity to look at, touch, feel, and fondle his intimate areas. These areas include genitals, bottom, inner thighs, lower abdomen, and nipples. Continual reinforcement of his near-nakedness and sexual objectification is very beneficial. Encourage other nearby females to do likewise. He needs to become comfortable not only being looked at, but also being touched for the interest and pleasure of women.

7. Often look at the time and remind him exactly how many hours and minutes until his next milking. And of course, no matter where you are, stay on the exact schedule. Keep him thinking about the next time he'll be on hands and knees having his penis stimulated to express his semen. Between milking sessions, talk to him about how well he did at the last one, and compliment him for the amount of semen he produces for you at all times

8. Make sure the Crème application and the pill are taken on schedule daily. Rub ample amounts of crème into every bit of his penis and scrotum until his body can absorb no more, then wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.

9. Be sure to make an appointment for the next clinic visit well in advance and remind him daily of the day and time of his next appointment, and that he'll be on the milking table for Dr. Andre at that time.

Be sure to call us if you have any questions; sincerely, the staff at the Andre Clinic.

Wow – that's good to know, thought Irene as she finished re-reading the email a second time, making sure she had picked up on all the pertinent points. She closed the file and got up from the table just as she heard the water shut off in the shower.

She quickly went to the bathroom, finding the door properly open, and walked in to see Craig drying himself off. She watched as he performed the task, enjoying the sight of him immensely. When he was nice and dry, she took him by the hand and led the naked boy back into the living room and sat in her chair again, with him standing in front of her.

She looked at his genitals as she picked up the 'milking' schedule. "Now, let's talk about your milking schedule. I have decided it will be best for you to be milked by me, or a suitable surrogate, rather than to have you masturbate. It will be best for you not to touch your penis at all, except for bathing and urination. I will be touching your genitals often, and I will take responsibility for seeing to it that your semen buildup is relieved according to the doctor's schedule."

To assert her right to touch his body as she pleased, Iren promptly reached out and began to feel his testicles, much the way Dr. Andre had, thoroughly feeling the boy up. After a full 30 seconds, as a couple slight twitches of the boy's flaccid penis, she took the soft but meaty flesh in her hands, closely examining every inch of the pink and vein laden flesh. She noted with a smile that there were a lot of inches to examine. She finished with an examination of his coronal ridge and the slit of his head, then satisfied everything looked not just fine but fabulous, she laid his penis back atop his dangling testes and gave it an affectionate pat. "Very nice," she muttered.

She made a show of looking at her watch, "Your next milking will be in 55 minutes, dear." She looked up from his genitals to read the look on his face. It was a look of helplessness and submission. Perfect, she thought. She picked up the bottle of crème and told Craig that she would rub a thorough application onto his genitals each evening, and that she would give him his pill each morning.

Finally, she picked up the pretty pink pouch panties and held the wispy garment near his ankles and helped him step into it. She pulled the panties up in front to nestle against his testes, and all the way over his cute bottom in back. She gripped the elastic band of the pouch with the fingers of both hands and spread it open so that the boy could push through first his testes and then his penis. She snuggled the elastic up tight against his perineum below and the base of his shaft above, making sure that the pouch now contained every bit of his genitalia.

The sheer and stretchy pouch did it magic; 'presenting' his genitals a bit forward of his abdomen and thighs, but letting the weight of his meaty organ dangle down delightfully with a minimum of support. She was struck by how the ingenious design, rather than providing any coverage to the boy's genitals it served to call attention to them and display them magnificently. She thought the inventor was a genius!

Craig could tell that the pouch panties, while technically qualifying as a 'garment' did nothing to hide his private parts. He watched his Aunt as she gazed with delight at his organs, and felt a chill of embarrassment mixed with excitement under her studying eyes. Irene boldly had the boy walk across the room and then back to her so that she could observe how the panties looked as the boy moved. Scrumptious was the word that came to her mind.

Without further ado, she ordered the boy to vacuum the living room floor, and happily sat and watched the boy as he worked. She especially thought the view from behind when the boy bent over to pick something up from the floor, was truly outstanding. It was a joy to see the boy's perky bottom, tight inside the panties, and his dangling genital pouch so full of promise swinging freely between his spread thighs. She thanked God that male genitals were outside the boy's body, where a woman could enjoy them in all their variety of size, shape, and color...

The phone rang and Iren jumped up to get it, signaling to Craig to turn the vacuum off a minute. She answered the phone to find her best friend Margaret on the line. "Hello Marg," she said, "what's up?"

"I just wanted to find out how the appointment went this morning with Craig," said the 58 year old neighbor from across the street.

Remembering the advice in the email from the clinic, Irene responded, "It went very well." She looked at her watch and said, "Why don't you stop by in exactly 25 minutes, and I'll fill you in."

"Exactly 25?" asked Margaret, "Why exactly 25 minutes?"

"Trust me," said Irene, "It's important and you won't be sorry."

Irene hung up the phone with a smile on her face. This is going to be so much fun, she thought.

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