tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 04

Ms. Marca Ch. 04

byMs. Marca©

Ch 4: The Cable Guy

Long before I was married I did some wild and crazy things and this is one more of those exciting days of not to long ago, Oh God was it!

I had been having a bad time with my cycle and it seem to mess me up and the doctor put me on medication and told me the pills would work in a few days, but he wanted me to take them for a month. When I ask what would be the side effect, "Strong desire for sex and high energy out put." God just what I need to have a higher sex drive, if that is possible.

I had been on the medication for 5 days and the shit was setting in and my need for something was getting to me, and I don't mean a toy I wanted the real thing! A girl friend and I got together for lunch every month and did our girl thing, talk about other woman (just like a couple of bitches) A few day before we were to have lunch she called and said she had to pass on our monthly lunch. She had to meet the cable guy to fix her TV at her townhouse and the only day he could come out was the day for our lunch. I told her ask him when is the best time for him and I would be at her place to let him in and she would not have to take off work.

Wednesday at 9 AM, god what a time I had to get up get dressed and be at her place. "Me and my big mouth, helping my friends". She lived near a big mall so I would get dress and just go shopping afterwards and do everything in town that same day. I put on a smart looking light blue mine-skirt, wild looking thong and white shoes to be in fashion as this was the week after Easter. I looked hot I must say. And felt good about the way I looked. (5' 10", 140pounds, 40DD X 23 X 38) I had to look like a million as I was in the modeling business.

I got to Sue's townhouse at 8:30 AM just as she was going out the door and was told to make myself at home. She had not been gone more than 10 minutes and the cable people called and said "He is running late!" So what is new, I went up to Sue's bedroom to look around see what the girl had that I wanted, like I needed help. (What a bitch I can be) As I looking over her things I found a black night thing and pulled it out and held it up to look at and when I looked past it I saw a guy looking back at me from a window across the courtyard that looked into Sue's apartment. I acted as if I had not seen him as I continued to hold up the gown and inspect it. I wonder if I should try this thing on, were the blinds open enough for him to see, "SHOWTIME!" I did a slow strip to give him a good view of my body and just enough to tease the poor slab. I had just got down to my heels still on when the doorbell rang.

" OH SHIT" The cable guy was here, damn! I didn't have time to get dress so I put on the night thing and did this thing make me look like a hooker on a Saturday night. It was a baby doll type of nightgown and short I could not find the panties and the bell rang for the second time, "I'm coming!" I open the door and right away you could tell by the look on his face he was glade to be here. He came in said "Ms. Church I'm Ben, I'm here to fix the cable" I just smiled and nodded and didn't say who I was. "

The TV is in the bed room and pointed up stairs and closed the door and started up the steps to show him where it was. He was behind me and about half way up the steeps steps I remember what I had on and that he could see up it what with the steep step, I got flush and the medication kicked in and I went wet and my nipples got hard. When I got into the room I turned and motioned to the TV in the corner and looked up at the big 6' 6" 250+ pound guy and saw him looking at my Big Melons that were trying to bust out of this night gown, with a wide grin. He had looked up my ass I guess! I sat down in the room on a small sofa, I was hot and I had the wild feeling, damn medicine. No words were said and I just sat looking at him working telling myself I should get up and go down stairs and wait for him to finish. Just than he looked up and said "I sure like your black PJ's!" Oh the look on my face must have given me way I was in a state of shock from what he said.

I pulled back and held my right breast with my left hand as he said that and closed my legs together. He looked at me and smiled and told me he liked a woman who didn't wear a bra.

I should get up and walk down stair and just as I about to do just that he spoke up and said " that didn't take long all fixed" Wish you had something that was wrong Ms. Church so I could stay longer and enjoy looking at your body. God I was turned on and didn't want him to go I was getting horny and he didn't know who I was "BINGO, he thinks I'm Sue". "YOU NEED TO GO SO SOON, CAN'T STAY FOR A WHILE? He just looked at me and said "I'M ALL YOURS FOR THE NEXT HOUR". He had on a ring and that made him married but that just meant he was not going to tell his wife. Hell why not, I looked up at the big hunk and held out my hand and said "MY NAME IS SUE HOW DO YOU DO!"

What Marca didn't know was that Sue's neighbor across the back from her townhouse was a guy that had stayed home from work for the day and just wanted to relax. He open up his bedroom curtains and looked out across the way and saw Sue's bedroom curtains open. That told him she was not home. "Damn wanted to see that good looking thing.' Just than he saw a figure move in front of the windows, he looked harder and it was a dark hair lady and she looked nice. He went and got his binoculars that he used to look in the different women's bedrooms since he moved into this place 3 months ago. With glasses up and getting them in focus he cold see that it was not Sue but someone else and a tall man. Damn she was taking her clothes off, god what a set of tits.

"Baby you know I'm going to fuck the shit out of you" came the word just as Marca raised her gown over her head to pull it off her nipples went rock hard. And her breast felt like they would explode. OH was all she could say as she went weak in the knees and look down at his crouch. You just take off your things and give me a strip show and I'll show you the cock I got for you. Marca went into a slow strip but not to slow she was ready to fuck that big cock, she turned and showed him her ass and ran her hands down the back of her full butt and wiggled it as she bent over and spread her ass cheeks.

The guy across the way could not see the woman's face she had her back to the window and all he could make out was just the side of her face when she turned and looked back at the guy who was standing and watching. But damn she had a body he could see that her big tits and that great ass she was slapping and rubbing, this was going to make him jerk off while he watched them do whatever they were doing. Marca turned and sat on the bed with its white sheets that had 2 big black strips down the middle. He could see her spreading pussy lips with her right hand and leaned back on the left hand and gave that sexy look. LET'S FUCK!

The big guy moved over to her and told her you got to suck this thing and get it good and hard. "Good god look at that guy he has his cock in her face, she is going to suck it." Marca's pussy was dripping wet it was flowing out of her and she was ready to have an orgasm, oh was she ready she needed a good suck/fuck. The pills had been making her masturbate more than usual and her body today was going into over drive she had to have something in her pussy quick. When she reached out to take his cock in her mouth he pulled back and said rub your pussy, rub it you FUCKEN NYPHO WHORE, rub it on the bed post and do it now!

She got her ass up on the bed and used the post away from the window and her back was still showing to the neighbor. She would go side ways and he could see that she was rubbing her cunt on the post. He saw her throw her head back and scream she was cumming and see her jerk that round full ass up and down as she got off on the side of the post. God that was good she had never done that, but what she needed was a cock in her. He lay down on the bed as she got off on the post and when she had recovered she look down to at his big cock out and hard. "Get your ass down here and this up your ass and ride it." Marca could not get down on top of it fast enough she did not need to use any lubrication her ass was wet from her cunt juice that ran down her leg when she did the post.

"Oh that felt good" as she let him ram his cock up her ass hole and made her bounce on his thick tool.

She held her pussy open in case he wanted to pull out and fuck her love hole or if he wanted to finger her just anything to make her honey pot cum again. He moaned and groan and called her nasty names which made Marca just go off every time he told her what a slut she was and how he wanted to see her fuck 2 or 3 guys and they all gang bang her at once. Her pussy was on fire and her ass was having it's on special climax with each thrust he made and she squeezed her ass hole lips as tight as she could to make him cum in her. FUCK ME OH PLEASE FUCK ME MAKE ME CUM PLEASE. They were locked together at her ass and she held his cock hard. They would roll from the side and do it like spoons and he would pull her back where she was on his chest and humping her butt back down on his throbbing cock.

That was what she wanted to do and keep doing it, please Sweet Jesus don't let him stop I need this fuck, I need a fuck in my ass/pussy oh please I need a good fuck. He drove his big cock deeper into her ass and she could feel the head expanded and his breathing was getting harder he was going to cum. Let him I'll get him hard again I'll fuck this Son of a Bitch till his Dick falls off "Come on fuck me fuck me give it to me fuck me". He shot his load off in her ass and he rolled off and lay on his back with his eyes closed trying to get his breath. Marca had to have more cock she had to have it in her pussy. She had to keep him hard he had her ass juice on his Dick he had her brown drippings around the shaft she had to get a rag and wipe him and do it quick before he went limp. This was not her place oh god where did Sue keep her cum rag she looked by the side of the bed, nothing, god he was starting to move she jump up and ran to the bath looked on the tub for a wash clothe. She turned and saw him lowers his hand down to rub his cock and it had started going south. Oh no please no in 2 steps she was back at the bed washing, wiping and holding and stroking the big thing. She felt it losing the firmness she put her mouth and lips around it and began to suck on it pumping her open mouth up and down on the limp shaft.

She got him hard and she knew he would not have any cum for her to eat but she would have a cock to fuck and something in her pussy. It took Marca a few minutes to get him where she knew he would stay hard until she got it in her pussy and could fuck him. One of her secrets was to run a finger up a guys ass and butt fuck him to help keep his cock hard and she did this to make a guy shoot off when she was ready for him to bust a nut. She had to make this fucker last she wanted to be satisfied and feel good the rest of the day, or until she got home to use her toys.

He began to hump her and she knew he was ready it was hard and with a quick move she had her pussy on his cock in a New York Minutes. She did not lose a beat. As old Gene A would say "He was back in the saddle" and fucking her cunt and had been at it for a few minutes when she began to feel that oh so powerful shock that hit her when she had a pussy fuck orgasm. Marca was a screamer and would call out how good it was and how it felt and how she wanted the guy to keep fucking her. "FUCK ME FUCK ME YES PLEASE FUCK ME OH GOD YES FUCK ME".

Would roll off her lips as she rocked on his cock and rode to glory. Make me your cunt I'm your whore; spank me slap my ass. Than he pulled her off and turned me over and had me on all 4's! Oh God dog style, thank you sweet Jesus, my favorite way. She pulled her legs back more to expose her ass and cunt she looked back and up at him and pleaded "Fuck me God please fuck me." The big cock-son of a bitch is making me beg like an addict for her drugs. That is what I have become, a sex addict who can't get enough of this drug and that drug was anything that had to go with sex. She looked at him and said "Do what you must, just fuck me!"

Marca had one orgasms after another as she kept telling him how good it was how good it felt, Oh god it feels so good, more, please more. He could not believe what a whore he had found he love making her his slave this cunt has got to be a good fuck anytime she will be made into a fuck tool for him. He felt his nut was going off and it was not much of a load, but he shot what he had. This bitch can't be satisfied; she could fuck a room full, this can go on all day, I got to go. "Shit I know where this fucken cunt lives I can come back and fuck her when I want". With that he pulled out just as I went off for the X number of time, God what a fuck!

The guy across the way had been watching all this and had jerked his hard cock twice and he could not believe how this woman acted "She is like a fucken machine, fuck anything and any body." Marca had fucked him, but she wanted more and at the same time she was exhausted. Her pussy was throbbing and she felt it pucker and twitch. That medicine is making me a go crazy like a sex machine. After he left without say good bye kiss my ass or FUCK YOU which he did, I guess that was the reason he didn't say it. Marca had to lie in the bed for a few minutes to let the throbbing of her cunt die down she felt her ass stinging and her nipples had been chewed raw. "My god I've been raped" Oh what a good rape it was, I got to get more of theses pills.

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