tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 07

Ms. Marca Ch. 07

byMs. Marca©

It's just past 12:30 AM and I made it home on time so my mother would not get bent out of shape anymore. I'm totally exhausted from my date I had fucked my date at the lover’s lane 2 times and gave him a blowjob in the driveway of my folk’s home. I was 18 ready to do my last year of high school and ready to get out into the world. The household was a sleep and I took a nice, long, shower. The warm water easing my tired aching body. I retreat to my bedroom and toweling myself dry, I look out the window, noticing a full, silver moon. Its soft glow shining down making the night almost likes day. I decide to open my window to share my evening with the warm summer wind. As I stood there, naked, letting the warm breeze finish drying me, I look outside. My mind begins to wonder, an erotic scene starts to form in my mind and I feel a warm, rushing, tingle begin to form in the depths of my loins. The guy I had been out with was a hunk but he was not hung. He did not satisfy my tingle I had in my pussy.

Almost unconsciously, I begin to caress my full breasts in a soft slow circular motion, as my nipples become erect. My pussy aches for more as I slowly slide my hand down to my mound, my fingers trailing softly down my body until they gently brush my pubic hair. Then they begin burrowing, to expose the moisture starting to pool between my legs. I had my pubic hair neatly trimmed and I rubbed my fingers over my pussy lips and slipped a finger around over the hair and inside. I began to moan as I fingered myself and played with my wet pussy. I rubbed my clit then sank 2 fingers deep into my hole and continued to do this as I played with my over sized tits with the other hand. I though of his cock, the head of his cock was straining to be let out, I was hurting, standing there as I kept on rubbing and moaning fingering my pussy.

I kept this show up until I arched up and let out with "FUCK YES MMMMMM!" as that was followed by a long drawn out moan. I had cum for about the 4th time tonight. I wanted more, God I had to get more. I want to be fucked and eaten not just screwed!

My excitement increases as I open my drawer and down under my panties and bra’s I keep my new 8" vibrator that I had got on spring break. I kept hidden under my underwear so my mother would not find it. Almost as if unconsciously, I pick it up and begin to insert it inside my wet center. I slowly slide the humming missile in and out, as I dream of licking and sucking on a hard cock. My orgasmic hips arch high as I bury the missile deep inside me and I moan in ecstasy. I ease it out, bringing it to my mouth where my tongue licks it and my lips surround it, tasting the tangy tart juice from my own loins.

Suddenly startled, I froze! I become aware of a rustling noise from outside. I glance up and notice a tall, dark, athletic stranger glaring at me from outside my window. He was in the bushes no more than 5 feet from me and my window was wide open, nothing to keep him from coming into my bed room. His face was in the shadow, but I can see his hand as he reaches to his crotch and rubs the long bulge of his hard cock. I stand here frozen; I still have the dildo at my lips, my hand still squeezing my breast. He steps back more into the darkness but I could see his eyes seeking mine. I look past him not wanting to make it seem like I had found him out. I see the hunger; lust, desire and craving need in his action. I watch as he unzips his jeans and slowly pulls his bulging cock from inside.

I lower my eyes to his cock, my eyes opening wide at the sight of his huge manhood; he becomes even harder and more erect, his hand ever so slowly stroking it, up and down. My mouth goes dry, and then I begin to salivate like a dog, the need to suck his huge cock overpowering. I close my eyes and begin to seductively suck the vibrator into my mouth, imagining it's his throbbing cock. I turn and face into the bedroom and toward the full-length mirror that is just a few feet from me. I can glance in the mirror and see him again and his eyes are staring intently at my naked body, watching as I devour the dildo, listening to the wet slurping, sucking noises my mouth is making. Slowly teasingly I pull the vibrator from my mouth and trace it down to and around my nipples, down my body, finally easing it inside of me, buried in my warm, wet pussy. As he licks his lips and strokes his cock.

Without thought my hands begin their work again. This time I squeeze my breasts, harder now, kneading them roughly. Pinching and pulling on my nipples, stretching them as far and long as I can. The hand holding the dildo begins thrusting it rhythmically in and out of my sopping cunt. I spread my feet wide apart; to expose myself as fully as I can to his hungry eyes. It's not enough, I look around, and my desk chair is there, within reach. Letting go of the dildo, I drag the chair over, in front of the mirror and sit, leaning back, legs spread wide, one foot up on the shelf below the window the other over the arm of the chair toward the mirror. Now I am tilted back, my breasts thrust up and out, toward him. My pussy spread wide, gapping open for him. My cunt, my ass and the dildo fully exposed to his burning eyes.

All the while he's staring intently at my every move, licking his lips and he eases closer; pulls his shirt over his head unsnaps his jeans and lets them slide to the ground. The head of his cock is hard standing up tall it had to be 9 inches, not like that little PP I fucked just a few hours before. I begin again to fuck my dripping pussy. It's so wet the insides of my thigh glisten, my hand is covered up to my wrist with my juices, and with an ever-increasing rhythm I fuck myself with the big fat dildo. Watching his every move in the mirror.

He's steadily pumping his cock, keeping rhythm with my thrusts of the rubber phallus as I'm shoving it in and out of myself. I see his hips plunge forward with each stroke; his cock is straining to get to my soft, hot, wet pussy. The head rams against the mushroom head of his cock. My mouth is open, wet, and empty, my tongue is licking and thrusting, reaching, needing the hard cock, which he is pumping furiously with his hand. I spread myself even wider, opening myself to his hot, rabid, glaring eyes and start ramming the dildo deeper and faster into my aching, throbbing pussy.

To myself I say "Oh God, please! Stroke your cock for me. Ram it, pump it, like You're drilling it deep into my wet sloppy cunt" I moan for him loudly as he pumps even faster and harder. I throw my head back and moan "Yes, oh God yes...do it. Fuck me, give me pain, give me cum, hurt me, fuck me, use me like the cock hungry slut that I am." I need to cuuuuummmm." With that I give one last deep, hard, driving, pain filled thrust with the dildo and yank it out. My cum squirts out of me, splattering the mirror and wall. My hips are jerking and pumping, like I still have a cock ramming hard inside me. My pussy is twitching so hard I can hear it making wet, sloppy sucking sounds as I feel my juices gushing from me and flowing freely down my legs. I pull my feet back up and spread my legs WIDE, and reach down and with my fingers spread my cunt lips wide open for him. I want him to see my cum, to see just how much I came, the juices still oozing from me, my cunt still jerking and gasping, still wanting something more to milk, to suck, to devour.

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