tagMatureMs. Puckett's School: Dianne

Ms. Puckett's School: Dianne


When you are filthy rich, you can do almost anything you want to do so long as it's not illegal and not too unhealthy. Suzi Puckett was filthy rich. And what she chose to do with her money she liked to think of as a blessing to shy young men and their future wives. It was also a blessing to a host of frustrated women.

Jake always loved to watch her raise her hands in praise. It was as if two excited and exciting creatures were struggling to escape from her choir robe. So far as he was concerned, she was the most beautiful woman in the choir. No, in the whole church. Maybe even in the whole city, though he didn't know much about some parts of the city.


When the song ended, the pastor began his message but Jake couldn't keep his mind on the talk. Indeed, he didn't even try. Instead, he let his mind go back to his lesson with Miss Molly. They had just showered together and dried each other before they dashed into her bedroom. As they giggled and tickled each other on her bed, she suddenly got very serious and held his rising cock in her hand.

"I've just thought of another important lesson for you, my dear," she smiled impishly.

"And what would that be, my sweet teacher?"

She beamed. "Get up here with a knee on each side of me, my dearest."

She patted the bed. But his eyes were locked on her large, beautiful boobs. He straddled her and looked down at her with glowing admiration.

"Now put that lovely cock down here on my breastbone," she smiled as her hands ran over the firmness of his ass. "Not every girl will be able to give you the pleasure of a nice titty fuck," she beamed as her hands pressed her boobs tight against his rod. "But, if you're like lots of boys, you'll think it's great fun." She waited for him to move, then instructed him. "Just move back and forth like you were in my hot eager pussy."

And she was right. It was a lot of fun. He especially enjoyed it when she leaned forward to kiss the tip of his cock each time he thrust forward. And it was exciting, too. And soon he was pumping harder and faster until he felt the cum boiling up from his balls. "Oh, God, Darling, I'm cumming."

She leaned up to catch it, but the first jets hit her chin and neck before she could close her lips over him and suck him dry. He watched with amusement as she wiped her chin with her fingers and licked the cum clean.

"I love the taste of your cum, you delightful boy." She licked her lips. "Do you want to know a secret, Jake?" she asked as he lay beside her.

"Of course."

"Some girls with nice sized titties like to have them fucked, too."

"You are wonderful...amazing."

"And you are a wonderful student."


The preacher finished his sermon and prayer and the choir sang again, bringing Jake back to the present. He passed the choir room on his way to pick up his nephews and almost surprised himself by complimenting a couple of girls on how pretty they looked. He was passing the choir room again with his nephews in tow when he ran into Dianne, accidentally pushing her into the wall.

"Oh, excuse me Ms. Winston," he stammered. "I was trying to keep an eye on the boys," he indicated the twins who were racing for the exit.

"No harm done, Jake. It's a pleasure seeing you take such responsibility for Ken and Kevin."

"They can be a handful, especially when their mother has to go out of town."

"Well, they're obviously in good hands." She paused. "And let me compliment you on coming out of your shell," she smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, six months ago you would have been too embarrassed to even say hello to Barbara and Joan, much less pay them such nice compliments."

"Oh," he stammered. "Yes, I guess I am coming out of my shell. I'm sure it has to something do with being out of high school."

"Well," her eyes had their old sparkle, "whatever you're doing, keep it up."

"I will, Ms. Winston," he promised and dashed off to catch the boys. And it was a promise he fully intended to keep. He knew it didn't really have anything to do with college. But it did have everything to do with being in Ms. Puckett's Very Private School.

Dianne watched him chase after the twins and realized she was admiring his youthful figure. 'My God,' she thought, 'am I so desperate and horny that I'm lusting after a boy young enough to be my own child?' He couldn't be more than twenty. But she was serious about seeing him come out of his shell. His mother had been a good friend and his sister, Wanda, had been a pillar of strength for Dianne while she was coping with Ralph's death.

Dianne and Ralph had often discussed the boy: the fact that he had no father figure to pattern on, his timidity in the company of girls. But he was bright and healthy and they figured he would grow out of it. And they'd tried to do things with him, camping and parties, that might support him.

But she still had to admit he had a nice build. And she scolded herself, again.


Two hours later, the boys had been fed and were taking their naps when his phone rang.


"Is this Jake?"

He recognized her voice instantly. "I'm sorry, yes this is the Catlett residence and this is Jake."

"That's better."

"How are you today, Ms. Benton?"

"I'm doing very well, Jake. How are you?"

"I feel wonderful," and he could feel his excitement and his cock rising already.

"I'm glad to hear that. And I'm calling to see if you are interested in taking a lesson next Saturday."

He thought for just a moment. "My sister will be in town that day. I'd love it."

"Great." And she gave him the particulars for his next lesson before asking, "Have you thought of any of your acquaintances who might be candidates for a scholarship?"

"As a matter of fact, there is a young man in my chemistry class who would be a good possibility."

"That's great. Why don't you e-mail me what information you can and let me pursue it."

"Sure, Ms. Benton." He paused and she picked up on his hesitation.

"Is there something more?"

"Well, you didn't specifically mention it, but I wonder if it would be okay to suggest a very nice widow lady for a teaching position?"

"Is this someone you know personally, Jake?"

"Only from a distance. But she's very pretty and very sad since a drunk driver killed her husband several months ago. I'd just like to see her happy again and I thought the school might help her find a way."

"That's very thoughtful of you, Jake. Please send me all the information you can and I'll see what the committee thinks about it."

"That's great, Ms. Benton. I'll get it off to you today. And thanks. For everything."

An hour later he pressed the send button on his e-mail program and leaned back with a satisfied smile on his face. Somehow he felt sure she would be an exceptional addition to the teaching staff.


Dianne only glanced at the mail on her way into the house. She was tired: tired of being alone, tired of putting up with the mindless flirtation of her male coworkers (most of them married), tired of going to bars with her friend Kate on those occasions when her needs drove her to look for an acceptable bedmate for the night.

She drew a tub of hot water and treated herself to a long bath. Then she perfumed and powdered just as she would have done for Ralph and put on her prettiest red baby-doll top. She admired the effect of her saucy hairdo and her full breasts in the bathroom mirror. She took the tube of K-Y jelly and opened the drawer of her dresser. The red flannel sheath yielded a long, thin dildo, just Ralph's size. She lay on her bed and caressed her firm breasts through the silk top, letting her fingers build her passion as they trailed from her nipples, across her stomach, through the patch of black curls, down her thigh, and up to the hot lips that obsessed her. "Oh god, I need you," she moaned as she put the dildo against her lips and let it touch them, caress them. Then she pressed her plastic lover between those pouting lips, deeper and deeper. She began the rhythm, in and out, in and out, faster and faster, caressing her clit and the inside of her puss until she could climb no higher and her orgasm racked her trembling body.


It was later, when she had warmed a potpie and was sitting at the kitchen table that she looked again at the letter that had come yesterday. She wondered, for the thousandth time what kind of scam it might be. Who could be so cruel?

'Dear Mrs. Winston,

'We haven't met, but I followed the story of your tragic loss with deep compassion. On behalf of our staff, we extend our most sincere condolences.

'I'm writing today because you have been nominated for a teaching position with special students at Ms. Puckett's Very Private School.

'While this position does not offer any financial remuneration other than for necessary expenses, it does provide a lifetime of other benefits. And it should not interfere with your current work schedule.

"I understand that this will come as a surprise and that it will raise questions and suspicions in your mind.

Unfortunately, I can't offer any printed materials to describe the school or the teaching position, but let me offer something that will surely be as good. Our Selection Committee will be meeting on Saturday to consider candidates for teaching positions. Because of your unique situation we would like to invite you to shortcut our usual process and meet with us to get your questions answered and, hopefully, join our ranks.

'If you choose to ignore this invitation, we will understand. If you want to learn more, please call me at 555-233-2424 at any time (day or evening).


'Rachel Benton,


Dianne looked at the page as if it could reveal something more than the words it contained. Damn, it was intriguing. She finished her dinner and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Then she took the letter to the phone, hesitated a moment to build up her resolve, and dialed Rachel Benton's number.

The phone rang twice.

"This is the school."

"Good evening. My name is Dianne Winston and I'm calling for Ms. Rachel Benton."

"Ms. Winston, this is Rachel Benton. I'm so glad to hear from you. The committee is looking forward to meeting you to share our thoughts about the school."

"Well, you anticipated that I'd have lots of questions. I take it that I won't get answers unless I meet with the committee."

"I hope we're not making it sound too clandestine, but it's vital that we protect the privacy of everyone associated with the school. I'm sure you'll understand after we meet."

"I value my own privacy, so I'll take your concern at face value. What would you like me to do?"

Rachel gave her the name of a nice restaurant in the Buckhead area. "We'll meet in one of their private dining rooms on the second floor at 10 a. m. It's reserved in my name," she paused. "You might want to dress in something that shows you in your best light." Rachel didn't wait for a response. "I'll see you then." And, thanks for calling." She hung up.

Dianne looked at her phone. What did Rachel expect would show her in her best light?

When she went to bed that night her head was still full of questions.

Friday at school flew past and after her last class she hurried to her favorite salon to have her hair touched up. Through the evening she considered what she should wear in the morning. More than once she reminded herself of the promise she and Ralph had made when he was so sick ten years ago. They had made each other promise that if something happened to one of them the other would mourn for an appropriate period then get on with their life. Fortunately, he'd recovered and they enjoyed another ten wonderful years. Once more she wondered what period of time was appropriate.

She was conscious of rolling and tossing in her sleep that night.

Dianne was up early to have a light breakfast and shower. After toweling dry, she studied herself in the mirror. Her cap of black curls was fresh and impish. Her 'two happy handfuls,' as Ralph liked to refer to her breasts with their dark nipples, were still youthfully firm with just a little sag. The skin on her stomach was tight and wrinkle free. The patch of black over her mound was freshly trimmed, as were her legs. Nothing she could do to improve the overall tone of her body beyond what the gym and lots of hard work had already done.

She dusted on powder and put a drop of perfume in strategic spots. She should be ready for anything, she thought. She sat on her bed to slip into the sheer black hose, then stood and fastened her garter belt around her waist. She'd given a lot of thought to her wardrobe and now she picked up the panties with their two-inch band of black lace and the almost transparent cup and pulled them up to cover her firm 'little mouse.' The bra was as lacy as the panties and held her breasts delightfully high on her chest. She had thought of wearing one of Ralph's favorite dresses and decided against it. This might be a new beginning of her new life. She slipped on a filmy, black silk chemise with lacy trim. The featherlight silk print sheath she chose was splashed with the oranges and yellows and reds of fall leaves, the neck scooped low enough to reveal some cleavage without being risqué. Wide straps at her shoulders.


The hostess met her at the restaurant door and directed her to a room on the second floor. As she walked up the steps, she could hear laughter from the room at the top of the stairs.

"And they're so energetic and enthusiastic," a woman's voice exclaimed.

"So eager to learn," another voice added. "So eager to please. And no game playing."

A third voice chimed in, "I haven't been so well serviced since I was 'The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi' in my senior year."

They all laughed.

Dianne took a deep breath and knocked at the door. When it swung open she faced four very attractive women. The one who opened the door held out her hand.

"Dianne, I'm so glad you came. I'm Rachel, please come in." She led Dianne around the small table. "We use only first names here, but let me introduce Cindy." She pointed to a lovely blonde who waved a greeting. "And Molly." The full-busted brunette smiled warmly. "And Mandy." The pert little redhead waved and smiled. Rachel invited Dianne to take a seat and looked at the women. "I promised Dianne we would try to answer her questions so I'd like you to share what you can of your situations with her.

The three women took turns describing their sometimes tragic, sometimes comical relationships with the men who had been in their lives. Dianne found herself relating to, or at least, understanding many of their problems. She also found herself harboring a certain envy for some of the solutions they described. They were all sympathetic when she told them about Ralph's death.

"Now, before we answer your questions, let me give you a copy of our mission statement." Rachel took a sheet from the stack in front of her.

Dianne studied the statement for just a minute before looking up. "This makes it sound like the school is a training ground for boys who don't know what to do with a girl."

The other women nodded in agreement.

"It's a gift to their future wives and lovers, and to the students themselves of course."

"Not to mention the pleasure and sense of purpose it gives the teachers who are guiding their development."

"And where do you draw the line?" Dianne asked.

"Each teacher draws the line for herself in consideration of the needs of the student. We don't expect you to do anything you don't want to, so long as your lessons contribute to the students' confidence and experience," Rachel assured her.

As Dianne looked at the statement again, a phone rang. Rachel excused herself and took the phone from her purse. She turned away to listen before concluding the call. "Take care of your mother and let me know if we can help. I'll take care of your lesson assignment. Yes. You're in our prayers. Good bye." She turned back to the others. "That was Belinda. Her mother has had a stroke and she's at the hospital with her." There were murmurs of sympathy from the others.

"In the meantime, young Randy is without a teacher for his lesson this afternoon." The committee members looked at each other. "All of you have students today, if I'm not mistaken." They all nodded. "Then I need to call and cancel his lesson." She reached for her phone.

Molly held up her hand. "Just a minute, Rachel." She looked at the others. "Since Randy has had other lessons and is doing so well in school, perhaps Dianne could work with him today."

"But she hasn't been through her orientation, even if she's willing."

Molly looked at Dianne. "What do you think, dear?" Would you give it a trial run? Surely you know enough about teaching that our orientation would be a bore anyway."

The others all looked at her expectantly.

All the talk about sex had Dianne almost drooling already. The heat in her puss was compelling. She could feel the moisture in her panty liner. She only took a moment to decide. "If I'm not expected to do anything I don't want to, I suppose I could do it." She hurried on, "In fact I'd love to give it a try. It's certainly a lot more challenging than sixth-grade math."

The others all broke out laughing. "You're right about that," they agreed.

Rachel gave Dianne a small sheaf of papers. "Why don't you find a corner and look over these orientation papers while we conclude our business, dear."

Dianne could hear them discussing other candidates while she pored over the papers. Some of the text made her blush a little, but it did nothing to diminish the heat in her puss. Twenty minutes later, armed with the best wishes of the committee members, she was on her way to Lenox Square to meet a young man half her age to talk about a subject she had only discussed with her girl friends and her husband.

He was easy to pick out as she searched the area near the Hagen Daz shop in the food court. He was about her height, slender and blonde. He had a copy of a Harry Potter book on the table in front of him.

"Excuse me," Dianne said as she stood beside him. "Are you here to meet Belinda?"

He looked up and jumped to his feet. "Yes, I am, but I was told she's a blonde."

"There's been a change of plans. Belinda's ,mother had a stroke and she's taken her to the hospital."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Then he remembered his manners. "I'm Randy," he blushed slightly. "It's a nickname. Would you like something to drink? Or some ice cream?" He moved to help her take a seat.

She considered the suggestions the other committee members had given her as she left them. "I'm Dianne. Perhaps we'd be more comfortable is some place more private." She could see his eyes brighten. "I'm going to my hotel. Why don't you join me in room 617 in about ten minutes?"

She was delighted when he jumped at the invitation. She excused herself and walked the block to the hotel. Rachel had given her the card key and she found the room quite comfortable. She went to the bathroom and was waiting nervously when she heard his knock.

When he was inside the room she put the chain on the door and invited him to take a seat. "Or would you like a hug and a kiss first?" She was almost shocked at her own brazenness.

Randy's smile spread like sunrise across his face. "I'd like that." And he moved eagerly into her embrace. She could feel his erection pressing against her stomach as she raised her lips to his. And when she ran her hands over his back and shoulders he followed her lead. His kiss was enthusiastic if somewhat chaste and she didn't push it. She moved her hands to his hips and then his firm bottom and felt her excitement growing when he responded in kind. When they broke the kiss she led him to the couch and sat beside him.

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