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Mud Dauber Wasps


Kathleen stepped up to the podium and looked out over the nearly empty auditorium. She was not surprised at the small turnout, she wasn't speaking at UCLA or Cal, this was a small community style college. Of course when she spoke at the bigger schools, the audience was not that much larger, usually several faculty members and a handful of biology students. Such was the attraction of an entomologist and of Mud Dauber Wasps.

"I want to thank Dr. Ferguson for the kind introduction, there aren't many places where a regular 'bug lady' would be treated so nicely. I want to thank the Biology Department here at the college for inviting me to speak and I'd like to thank everyone for giving up what seems to be a delightful summer evening here in the valley to listen to me talk about wasps."

Kathleen was successful, well known in the field as one of the leading experts on bees and wasps in the country. Her dedication to her studies and later to her students and the field of entomology helped her to become one of the youngest tenured professors in the state. Her position afforded her a wonderful lifestyle where through the fall, winter and spring she would spend half her week teaching and the other half in research. The summer was for travel where her speaking engagements brought in the extra money so she could travel in luxury.

"The Mud Dauber Wasp group is named for the nest they build. The female collects mud, carries it to the nest and plasters it in place using her mandibles. The Organpipe Mud Dauber or Trypoxylon politum builds their nest in long cylindrical tubes resembling the tubes of a pipe organ."

It was only after Kathleen had established herself at the university and in the community that she got married. Her husband Mark, a professor in the English Department, happily moved into the home she built in the suburbs and comfortably molded into her lifestyle. Her salary, which was considerably more than her husbands, basically paid the bills and they used his income to invest. At the time, it seemed to Kathleen , they were building a wonderful life together.

"The third species of wasp, a beautiful metallic blue one with blue wings, the Chalybion californicum does not build its own nest. This wasp uses the nest of the black and yellow mud dauber."

It was last summer, when Kathleen returned home early from one of her speaking engagements, that she learned one of the reasons Mark was not highly regarded in his department. Looking forward to surprising her husband and the ensuing passion they'd share, she rushed up the stairs to the master bedroom only to find him in the middle of a very intimate "study" session with two of his attractive female students. Oddly calm in the situation, she watched the students rush out and then listened to her husband's seemingly endless list excuses and promises. Believing he was truly sincere, she finally agreed to let him stay.

"While wasps in general frighten a lot of people, the mud dauber wasps do not defend their nests like hornets or yellowjackets do."

Glancing out into the audience, Kathleen spotted a face she recognized. Shortly after discovering her husband's "study" session, in an admittedly poorly planned attempt to get back at her husband, Kathleen had met with Glen after a lecture on her tour last year. Perhaps she just needed a boost to her self esteem, she didn't really think it through as she simply agreed to meet for coffee after the lecture.

When they discovered the coffee shop had gone out of business, coffee became a nightcap back at Glen's place and before she knew it they we on his couch. Trying to get the most out of the experience Kathleen kissed him as he leaned clumsily over her, her tongue slipped between his lips and toyed with his until he pushed his tongue forward deep into her mouth. His teeth grated across her lips so hard she was surprised her lips weren't bleeding when they separated.

By then his hands were on her breasts squeezing them hard as if he were milking her. Afraid he might tear her blouse, she quickly unbuttoned it and removed it with her bra. Glen let his fingers toy with her nipples, exciting for a moment, but soon he began pinching and pulling them much too forcefully. She finally moved his mouth to her breasts but then it was like he went limp on her, his mouth and tongue just lightly passing over her nipples. Arching her back, she grabbed his head and pulled her toward him trying to encourage him to do a bit more, but he was oblivious to her hints now as his hands were trying to slip into her pants.

Moving so Glen could have better access she was shocked as she felt his finger suddenly and painfully penetrate her. He finger-fucked her, chafing her skin for the next few penetrations until she got wet enough to lubricate his finger. Just as she started enjoying the feeling inside her, he moved to her clit. Roughly working it between his thumb and forefinger, Glen had Kathleen moving her hips wildly as she alternated between feeling some pleasure and the pain of his fumbling.

Once again, not trusting him to get her pants off, Kathleen pulled away from him and kicked off her shoes and then removed her pants and panties as Glen also quickly undressed. When she watched him move his head down between her legs she opened them wider and then leaned back hoping to get at least something satisfying out of the experience. This was nice. Gently sliding his tongue down her slit, it slipped into her pussy and then ever so softly worked its way back to her clit.

The gentle oral sensations that was too light for her nipples was just right and she felt herself getting very aroused as the sensations rolled over her clit to the very depths of her. She began moving her hips in unison with the movements of his tongue when sudden she felt a cool breeze where his warm breath had been. She looked up to see him moving up over her.

Reaching down Kathleen grabbed his cock and guided it into herself as Glen leaned down on top of her. He moved slowly, carefully withdrawing and then easing himself back into her giving her hope she might be able to come, but with his third penetration he began to tremble some and then started thrusting quicker and quicker. Recognizing what was happening she started moving with him, moaning some.

Not wanting to have to endure any more of this, she became an actress and went into to faking it mode, getting louder and louder. This only fueled Glen's progress and with the next two pushes he groaned and came, filling her with his wet, sticky cum. Kathleen immediately wished she made him use a condom, not because she'd get pregnant (she was safe from that) and not because she might catch something (no way this guy has done thin more than maybe once before), but just from the idea she'd be carrying thing lingering reminder of him when she headed back to hotel.

And she did head back to her hotel, there was no way she was going to spend the night here. As bad as things were and as shocked as she was walking in on her husband, she simply wasn't built to do this type of thing. All she could do now was head back home and work things out.

"Mud daubers are not likely to sting, even when thoroughly aroused."

After completing her lecture, this time Kathleen was politely able to divert Glen's attempt at recreating last year's affair by explaining she had some family problem she had to deal with. Later at the hotel she called back to her hometown, not to her husband but to a local business there. The conversation was short and succinct, "What did you find out? And you have pictures? No, no I don't want to see them," she paused staring at the ceiling in the hotel. After nearly two minutes she continued, "Yes, I'm still here. Send it all to my lawyer, you have the address, he knows exactly what to do now. Yes, thank you, you have been very discreet and professional, I appreciate that. Goodbye."

"Though mud daubers pose little threat to anyone, if mishandled they can and will.... They can and will sting you."

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