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Mummy Dearest


I was relaxing in my new flat feeling hornier than usual. It had taken me ages to save enough money to rent a flat and I still had to collect a loan from my dad to make it up. Taking a tour of my new apartment I knew that all the penny pinching had been worth it even though I had to sacrifice a lot of hot dates to achieve my goal. But that was the point: you had to have a nice place to take girls you want to screw.

But right now I was alone in my flat and horny. I badly needed to fuck something, I had wood and it wouldn't go away. I picked up my phone and half-heartedly scrolled through my phonebook. Most of my contacts are hot chicks but I was already bored with most of them. Any of them would come running to me if I wanted but I wanted something different tonight. I wanted a real fuck.

The stars seemed to align for me tonight. The phone suddenly rang and the caller ID showed 'Mummy' on the screen of my phone. Automatically I grinned and my already throbbing hard on became even stiffer. Mummy Dearest was calling me and I was immediately very happy.

"Hi, Mom!" I said as my hand strayed to my crotch to caress the huge bulge that threatened to burst my fly. Maybe I should tell you a bit about my mother.

She is not very tall, just barely over five feet but what she lacks in height she makes up in other areas. She has massive tits that can stretch any material and a huge supple ass that just wiggles and wobbles as she moves. She also has a pretty face: big, soulful eyes and a wide generous mouth. She's a great kisser and likes to suck cock a lot or so I've overheard my dad telling a friend of his over beers in the living room. I've always had a crush on her and we're very close, always hugging and kissing each other right on the lips. I really liked the feel of her tits on my chest when I cuddled her and I could feel the jab of her thick eraser size nipples. I badly wanted to fuck her.

She told me over the phone that she was on her way to my new flat right now and that she would stay for the weekend. She wanted to see the place and make sure I was comfortable. My grin grew even wider. I wondered if she knew her only son dreamed of stuffing his big cock in her very capable mouth. She would know soon enough, tonight to be exact.

She arrived about eight in the evening and we went through the customary greetings and pleasantries. Later we had dinner and after that she took a bath. All this while I had a boner as I tried to avoid looking at her juicy lips or staring at her jiggling boobs. However she was watching me intently as if she could read my mind and I caught her glancing at my crotch. A small smile played on her lips.

After her bath she put on a nightie and came to sit with me on the sofa. It was a very skimpy affair with a deep V in front that practically exposed her entire mammoth sized tits except for the nipples. I could just spy the outskirts of the areolas. I put my arm around her and she snuggled up to me, placing her head on my cheek. We stared at the telly which was showing some banal reality show that I had no interest in.

My hand was under her left arm and pressing the side of her left breast. It felt very warm and soft. I peeked down her front and this time I could see her nipples perfectly. They stood out like daggers and I noticed goosebumps on her exposed globes. They looked so inviting and sexy I wanted to cup them in my hands and push them in my mouth. I also noticed my boner was clearly visible under my shorts. She was bound to discover it and what would happen then?

Her arm was on my left thigh and she moved it a little to get more comfortable (or so I thought anyway) and it pressed against my stiff cock. I expected her to withdraw her arm immediately as if she had been electrocuted but she didn't move. I knew then she must have known I was aroused: her arm was literally being bench pressed by my rod. I took a sly glance at her face. She still had a naughty smile on her face and her half closed eyes were still staring at the TV. I decided to be more daring.

My left hand stealthily moved forward and turned palm inwards. It wasn't long before I was cupping the underside of her breast. I could actually feel the weight. This was pushing it, I thought but she didn't flinch. She did gasp a little though.

My other hand casually rested on her knee and before long started inching towards her crotch. She grunted and snuggled further into me causing my right hand to slide down the smooth fabric till it was an inch from the V between her legs while my other hand got more purchase on her left boob. I could just touch the nipple with the tips of my fingers. I dared to gently stroke my fingers a little and she gasped again. I glanced at her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth partly opened. My goodness, those lips looked so juicy!

I turned to face her, completely ignoring the TV. My lips rested on her smooth cheek and I left it there for a while. Slowly I stuck my tongue out and tentatively touched her skin. She tasted wonderful and she gave a small sigh. Meanwhile my left hand was slowly fondling her breast, my right hand was resting on the soft mound between her thighs and her arm had slid back on my thigh so that her palm was resting on my bulge. Her fingers were gently stroking it. That's when I decided to throw caution to the wind.

I removed my right hand from her crotch and cupped her chin. I gently turned her head to the side so I could kiss her on the mouth. Her lips opened eagerly and I kissed her long and deep. Her tongues wrestled each other and I swallowed her saliva as we swapped spit. This time she was grabbing my cock through the shorts and squeezing it roughly. My fingers weren't too gentle on her left breast either as I fondled and kneaded them. It was too big to get my whole hand around so I concentrated on her nipple instead. All you could hear apart from the telly were grunts and groans of pleasure mixed with the slaps and slurps of sucking lips.

Then I decided to take things in a decidedly bolder direction. I reached into her front and pulled out a huge naked tit and squeezed it gently, my fingers tweaking her hard nipple. A deep moan could be heard from my mom even though her lips were still locked with mine. For the next couple of minutes I fondled her two naked breasts while still kissing her deeply.

Finally we came up for air and our eyes met. We stared at each other with barely concealed lust and we both glanced down at her exposed boobs with the dark nipples as hard as nails.

She looked up at me again.

"Not here" she whispered hoarsely, "Let's go to bed."

We dragged ourselves up and she took hold of my wrist, leading me to the bedroom. Her naked breasts wobbled and bounced and she didn't bother to cover it up. When we were inside she pulled off the nightie and turned to me. My mouth fell open and I must have been salivating as I stared at that glorious bush between her legs. I could just barely see the glistening lips of her pussy.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked, staring hungrily at my boner, "Take off those ridiculous shorts."

I obeyed and my cock sprang to attention. My mom couldn't take her eyes of my shaft as she moved towards me as if in a trance. She grabbed my slick rod and gently stroked it.

"My goodness, Rick" she moaned as she cupped my balls "You are so much bigger than your father!"

I guess I felt happy to hear that because my dad is quite a stud. She knelt down before me and took me in her mouth. She sucked my cock slowly and took time to lick the head. She gently squeezed my balls as she sucked and it wasn't long before I came. I tried to warn her but she didn't release me and I eventually spurted a good quantity of semen down her throat. She licked me clean and smiled at me. I smiled back.

She got to her feet and walked over to the bed. I watched her impossibly immense ass jiggle and shake and my cock got hard all over again. She knelt in front of the bed and leaned forward to rest her elbows on the mattress, bending at the waist with her bum facing me. The hips expanded and her buttocks parted in front of me. I could see her glistening pussy and the smaller bum hole. She wiggled her bottom invitingly and glanced back to smile at me. I didn't hesitate. I walked over and knelt behind her.

Plunging my stiff rod in her dripping twat was an incredible experience. She was hot and wet and her cunt made squishy sounds and there were loud slaps of my crotch against her ass as I pumped her furiously. She was grunting and groaning loudly and she farted a few times but I didn't mind. Eventually I came. I leaned forward to massage her tits as we got our breath back and I was not in a hurry to pull out of her behind. I decided I wanted to fuck her in the ass. She didn't seem to mind as I pulled out of her twat and lubricated her bum hole with her juices and my spunk. She grasped the covers and moaned loudly as I slowly pushed my engorged penis in her anus.

I pushed tentatively little by little until my cock was all the way in. Her hips were shaking and she was whimpering. I pulled back and pushed in again. In, out, in and out. It wasn't long before I was fucking her hard. This time she screamed and cried a lot. Finally I came and it felt fantastic.

I pulled her up, turned her around and gently pushed her on the bed. She flopped untidily on her back and stared blankly at me. I spread her thighs and proceeded to lick her holes dry. She grunted throughout. I then took her breasts in my mouth and sucked and kissed them. She gasped and sobbed. Finally we ended up French kissing before falling asleep with our lips still locked.

I dare say I had a great weekend.

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