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Mum's Choice


Jason Lassiter finally arrived home from work to the house he shared with his forty-two year old mother, Helen. Jason's father had deserted his mother shortly after he was born twenty-one years ago. Despite the many hardships they faced Helen had managed to raise and educate her son. He was now working as a bookkeeper for the local engineering firm in the town of Langton in Buckinghamshire, where they both lived.

Jason, for his part, loved his mother dearly. He appreciated the sacrifices she had made for him. That's why he didn't object when she announced that her boyfriend, thirty year old Bob Golding was moving in. Almost at once Jason and Bob didn't get on.

Jason couldn't understand what his mother saw in Bob. He was ugly and a lay about. Not that Jason had anything against unemployed people. After all there was a recession on and this had to be expected. However Bob never even attempted to look for work. Why should he? After all, Jason's salary and Helen's income from her part time job at the travel agents was sufficient for them all.

Jason suspected Bob was stealing from Helen's purse for drink and betting money but he never caught him at it. He was sure it was the cause of frequent rows between Helen and Bob. More than this though was a secret that Jason had discovered about Bob and he was torn as to whether or not he should reveal it to his mother. Given the tension between him and Bob and the fact that Helen loved Bob, would she believe him? No. That would be very unlikely. So for several weeks, Jason guiltily bore this secret until that day he drove home and things came to a head.

Jason turned the key and opened the door. Immediately he could hear the row coming from the kitchen. He was used to that. However sight of his mother being pinned up against the kitchen wall and Bob's hand gripping Helen's throat was too much for Jason.

"Get your fucking hands off my mother!" yelled Jason.

Bob released Helen and swung around, leaving Helen gasping for breath.

"Well if it isn't the shrimp. Are you going to make me, sonny?"

"You're damn right I am," replied Jason with anger.

Bob just grinned and producing a flick knife, lunged forward towards Jason.

"Jason!" screamed his mother as Bob hurled towards his prey.

Luckily for Jason, Bob was big and clumsy and he was able to dodge the attack. Grabbing a wooden chair, he smashed over Bob's head, making the latter crash to the ground, dropping the knife in the process. All those years of weight training had not gone astray as Jason lifted Bob up and carrying him to the front door, deposited him outside the gate.

"Don't ever let me see you around here again," said Jason with authority.

"You little bastard. You haven't heard the end of this," yelled Bob.

"If you know what's good for you Bob, you'll stay the hell away from here, believe me. Maybe that cheap whore you're shagging will take you in."

Jason realised he had said too much when he saw Bob redden as he looked at Helen who had been standing near by.

"Wait. My clothes..."

"Stay exactly where you are," responded Jason and he disappeared indoors. A few moments later he emerged with a large sack full of clothes and threw them beside Bob. "There's nothing here for you. Now, on your way."

Bob looked appealingly at Helen. "Is this what you want? Make your choice. Him or me."

Helen said nothing. She simply covered her face with her hands, wept bitterly and ran into the house.

"I think you have your answer," said Jason. He waited until Bob disappeared from the street before he returned in the house.

He could hear his mother crying and he went upstairs to her bedroom where she had thrown herself on the bed. Jason picked her up and comforted her on his shoulder.

"Oh Jason. He could have killed you. I'm so, so sorry," said Helen with remorse.

"It's alright mum. It's all over now."

Helen pulled slightly away. "Jason, what did you mean by 'That cheap whore?'"

Jason sighed. "I'm sorry mum. You weren't supposed to hear that."

"What did you mean?" persisted Helen.

Jason got up and turned his back. Then taking a deep breath he swung around. "Bob has been shagging a girl from the factory, Carol Morrissey."

"And you weren't going to tell me?"

"I wanted to mum, believe me but would you have believed me? Would you have wanted to believe me?"

Helen remained silent. She was in emotional turmoil that prevented her from speaking.

"You've had a rough day mum. I'm sorry. Why don't you have a rest and I'll bring you up your tea?"

"No. you've worked hard..."

Jason cut her off. "I insist. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Defeated, Helen lay down on the bed and waited for Jason to return.

Jason came back with the tray and put it on the bed. "Now, I want you to have your tea and then we can talk. Ok?"

Helen simply nodded, still stunned and bewildered by the unfolding of events.

While his mother drank her tea Jason phoned his very good friend, David Robinson, the local locksmith. Responding to Jason's call, he swiftly arrived and changed the locks on all the doors in the house.

"Thanks Dave. I really appreciate you coming at short notice."

"You're more than welcome Jason. Don't underestimate Golding, Jason. He's very dangerous."

I know that Dave. Thanks again."

Jason went back up to Helen's bedroom. "Good, you've finished it."

"Let me do the dishes at least."

Jason laughed. "They won't need much doing."

"Who was that downstairs?"

"Dave Robinson. I had him change the locks."

Helen looked at her son in shock. "Was that necessary?"

"Very necessary, trust me."

"Oh Jason. How are we going to manage?"

"How are we going to mange? We'll manage. He contributed nothing to this household. He simply lived off both our incomes and he stole from you."

Helen blushed and cried uncontrollably.

Jason took her in his arms again. "I'm sorry mum. I didn't mean to upset you.

"Oh Jason. I'm so sorry," repeated Helen.

"It's alright mum. He's not worth getting upset over. Tell you what, why don't you have a shower and change? I'll take you shopping and we can get you something nice. What do you say?"

Helen brightened and nodded.

Despite that though, Jason knew his mother was deeply troubled wished he could do more to ease the pain.

Later that evening after returning home Helen kissed her son on his cheek. "Oh Jason. Thank you for a wonderful evening. I don't deserve it after what I put you through."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it mum and please stop blaming yourself. What happened was inevitable. Now have a good night's sleep and I'll see you in the morning."

Once again Helen kissed her son and headed for her bedroom.

Later still, while Jason was reading in bed, he could hear his mother crying again. Getting out of bed, put on his robe and went to his mother's bedroom.

"What's that matter mum?" asked Jason tenderly.

"Oh Jason. I've been such a fool. How could I have been so stupid as to think I'd find love again at my age?"

Jason was astonished. "Now you're talking nonsense. You're a very attractive and desirable woman. You'll find someone, believe me."

"Please Jason don't leave me. Hold me, please," pleaded Helen.

Jason hugged his mother and she in turn, gripped them tightly. Eventually sleep consumed them and they rested in each other's arms.


As Helen woke the bright morning sun was almost blinding as it dazzled the room. As she recollected her thoughts she groped her bed only to find Jason missing. Just then there was a gentle tap on the door and Jason craned his neck as he showed his head. "Morning sleepy head. Why don't you get showered and dressed for work. I'll have breakfast ready for you?"

"My God. What time is it?" asked Helen as she panicked.

"Relax mum. Plenty of time yet. I'll drop you off on the way to work."

As Jason was sitting at the table his mother came in dressed immaculately in her uniform of yellow blouse, navy jacket and matching knee length skirt. Her golden curled hair reflected the sunlight. It was then that something happened to Jason that never happened to him before. He suddenly got hard. Luckily, his mum couldn't see the bulge in his pants. He must have blushed because Helen asked, "Are you alright?"

"Eh, yeah, sure. I just remembered something I forgot to do at the office," lied Jason.

All day, despite being busy, Jason couldn't get the image of his beautiful mother out of his head. That evening after tea Jason came downstairs with his squash gear. "Now you're sure you'll be alright?" he asked his mum with concern.

"Of course I will Jason. Please don't worry," responded Helen as she gave him a peck on his cheek.

"Now remember, don't let anyone in and put the chain on."

"Of course, dear."

Jason drove to the club and as he was getting his gear from the booth he was attacked by at least four men. He managed to knock two of them down but the third struck his head with something hard and as he fell to the ground the fourth kicked him in the rib cage. Suddenly, a dark figure leapt in, as if from nowhere and struck on of Jason's attackers, knocking him out and began to battle with another. This acted as a spur to Jason as he too struck at the attackers. As the last one fell he recognised him. It was Bob Golding. Just then a police car pulled up and two tall police officers emerged. One of them looked down at Golding. "Well, well, well. If it isn't our old friend Bob Golding and his gang."

"You know this guy?" asked Jason, astonished.

"Of course. He's on probation. We had orders to keep an eye on him."

After a few minutes of statement taking the gang were taken away and it was only then Jason got a chance to thank his rescuer who turned out to be Dave Robinson whom he was playing squash. "Thanks again Dave.

"I told you he was dangerous," grinned Dave and both men turned towards the club.

Jason decided not to tell his mother what had happened when he returned home. He had a light snack and then headed off to bed. As he slept, Jason had a very erotic dream. His mother had come into his room dressed in her work uniform. His eyes blinked and suddenly his mum stood before him naked smiling and beckoning him to come to her. It was at that point he woke with a start and he began to wonder just what was happening to him.


The following week Jason was again in the kitchen as Helen set his tea before him. "Mum, I was thinking. You're birthday is on Friday. Why don't we go out and celebrate. Just you and me?"

Helen blushed. "Oh. When you get to my age you don't celebrate birthdays and besides you don't want to be seen with your old mum."

"You're not old. You're a very beautiful woman. It would be my privilege and choice to be seen with you anytime."

Again Helen blushed.

"We can go to Giovanni's. You like Italian and he serves good food. You can wear that new dress you bought."

"Well I don't know what to say."

"You say yes."

Ok, yes and thank you sweetheart," responded Helen enthusiastically and gave him a peck on his cheek.


That Friday Jason showered and dressed in his grey two piece suit and waited patiently for his mum in the living room. When she arrived down he wasn't disappointed. Helen's red dress was just below her knees and it complemented her wonderful cleavage.

"Wow, and you think you're beyond it. Don't you believe it lady," said Jason.

"Well thank you Jason. I have difficulty believing the handsome young man in front of me is my son."

"Not tonight mum. Not tonight," responded Jason with a twinkle in his eye.

When they returned home Helen hung up her coat and went into the living. She sat on the sofa and stretched out her long legs. It was a frosty night and Jason switched on the fire. "A glass of wine?"

"Oh yes please," replied Helen, sounding like a little schoolgirl being offered sweets.

Jason handed her a glass and sat beside Helen holding his glass.

Helen took a sip from her glass and rested her head on Jason's shoulder as they both watched the fire light up. "Oh Jason, it has been the best birthday ever. Thank you."

"You're very welcome mum." For what seemed like an eternity, although in reality only seconds passed, both mother and son stared at each other, hesitant and uneasy as to who should make the first move. Jason moved first and kissed Helen passionately. She didn't resist. Indeed, she encouraged Jason as she responded to his kiss by putting her arms around him.

Suddenly however, Helen broke away. "Nnoo," she stuttered and stood up, facing the fire. As she looked up at the mirror and saw Jason's reflection something inside Helen made her very aroused. She couldn't make it out. Was it the fact Jason was so handsome or was it a pang of guilt?" Either way, Helen didn't care. The one thing she was sure of was that she had to have him no matter what. She turned around and stretched her hands in a beckoning gesture. Jason recalled the erotic dream he had a few nights before. In this case however, his mum was fully dressed.

Silently Helen led Jason to her bedroom and this time she led with a passionate kiss and Jason reciprocated. There was to be no turning back. Helen knew she had crossed the Rubicon as she allowed her son to unzip her dress and she allowed the loosened garment to fall to the floor, revealing her low cut black lace bra and matching knickers, encased in her black tights. She, in turn, slipped off Jason's jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. The sight of his bare chest drove her excitement to fever pitch.

Jason, meanwhile, continued kissing his mum, making his way to her neck and then to her shoulder, pausing briefly to ease the black bra straps from her unblemished skin. Once again Helen submitted as he unsnapped her bra and she allowed it to join her dress. Jason eased Helen gently on to the bed. He swiftly disrobed and mounted her. He proceeded to lick suck and nibble at her wonderful breasts. Helen couldn't resist a moan. "Oooh" she repeated again and again. Making his way down the crevice between her breasts with his tongue, Jason moved to his mum's left breast and this had the same effect on her as she repeatedly moaned.

Jason made his way down her waist and he halted to simultaneously remove Helen's knickers and tights. By now she was so consumed in her lust as she obediently lifted her arse to allow ease of movement. As he reached Helen's pussy bush Jason drilled through her pussy lips and began to lash her clit.

"Oh, oh my God Jason. Oh my God," yelled Helen with total sexual excitement.

Jason was anxious not to make his mum cum just yet but he continued with expertise until he was confident the time was just right for his next move.

He gently inserted his huge hard cock and as he faced his mother once more, he began to pump. His movement, initially slow, accelerated with each stroke. Gradually, both lovers settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm and Helen's hands gripped Jason's bare hips as if guiding her son to maximise their mutual pleasure.

As their body heat continued to rise and their breathing became deeper they both perspired heavily. Helen could feel her love juices gather. Jason too was close to orgasm. They both tried to prolong the wonderful sensation for as long as was humanly possible. The orgasmic explosion, when it came, brought with it sighs of deep sexual satisfaction from them both.

For a few moments they rested, gathering their breaths and recollecting their thoughts.

For Helen it was just like the first night she had made love to Jason's father. In that department Jason was definitely his father's son. Helen looked up at Jason as he rested on her son's shoulder. "Oh thank you Jason. Thank you," and kissed him. They huddled up together. Eventually sheer exhaustion overtook them and they surrendered to sleep cradled in each others arms.


When Helen woke the following morning it was already bright. Remembering what had transpired the previous night she turned to where her son had been only to find the clothes on that side turned up and Jason nowhere to be seen.

She put on her robe and making her way out of the room she followed the sound of the shower. Helen entered the bathroom and could see the naked form of her son as he washed. She slipped off her robe, opened the shower door and joined him. The sight of his naked mother entering the shower both surprised and excited Jason. First, she kissed him and as the steamy jets of hot water splashed about them she turned her back to him.

Jason at once began to soap her wonder breasts. The sensation of her son's gentle touch made Helen moan. "Oh wonderful, simply wonderful she sighed. Helen turned and faced Jason. "Fuck me Jason. Fuck me hard," she cried. As she held the soap shelf for balance Jason lifted her and began to pound her mercilessly. Each stroke only served to increase his mum's excitement as she screamed encouragingly "Harder, harder."

They both orgasmed together and sighed deeply with both relief and satisfaction.

At breakfast Jason spoke. "Any regrets?"

Helen smiled and squeezed his hand. "Do I look as if I regret anything?"

"No," smiled Jason.

That night Jason was in bed waiting for Helen. When she came into the bedroom he amazed to see hr dressed in her work uniform.

"Surely you're not going into work at this hour?"

Helen laughed. "It turns you on, doesn't it?"

Jason reddened.

"Well? Are you going to just lie there?"

Jason got up and standing behind Helen he kissed her gently on her neck. Slowly, he unbuttoned her blouse. Putting his hand inside he felt the fabric of her bra as he gently squeezed her breast. Jason unzipped her skirt with his free hand and it slid to the floor. As he stood behind her he continued to unbutton Helen's blouse and as he eased it from her shoulders the garment simply slid to the floor. Jason began to kiss and nibble at Helen's neck. The sensation made her shudder with excitement. He slid both bra straps from Helen's shoulder and unsnapped it, swinging his mother around to face him as he did so. As he removed the black lace garment her wonderful breasts sprang forth and he began to lick and suck each of them alternately.

"Oh fuck Jason. It's so wonderful. So wonderful," repeated Helen, gasping for breath with the excitement. As he worked his way down her luscious body with his tongue Jason only halted long enough to slip Helen's black knickers down. Once again he bore through her pussy lips and lashed her clit.

Jason gently carried his mother to the bed and then mounted her. He eased his huge hard cock into her pussy and began to pound her hard. They gave into their wildest passions as they engaged in frenzied lovemaking that neither thought was possible.

Breathless, Helen rested on her son's bare chest. "That creep told me to choose. I should have chosen you from the start."

Jason looked down at his mother, smiled and then kissed her. They would have many more years of happiness together and not just as mother and son.

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