tagIncest/TabooMum's Date Ch. 01

Mum's Date Ch. 01


Eighteen year old Robbie Lawless had just started his studies in English and classical literature at the university where his father, Martin Lawless, was associate professor of engineering and science. Robbie's mother had died when was only a few months old so he never a mother's love or affection. Despite this however, his father had raised him well and they both loved each other as father and son. It was to Robbie's astonishment and initial anger when his father announced out of the blue that he was planning to marry thirty-six year old Susan Jenkins, a widow who Martin had met at the parish bereavement group of which he was chairman.

Apart from the fact that Susan was twenty years his father's junior, Robbie really felt that his father, at fifty-six, was far too old to marry. Despite these reservations and after a brief courtship, the wedding took place with Robbie a reluctant best man. Soon all three settled into a tranquil relationship.

Susan regarded Robbie as the son she could never have. She didn't spoil him but she did care for him while at the same time being careful to treat him as an adult. In time, and to her delight, Robbie began to refer to her as 'mum.' It was the ideal family set up. However unforeseen events were to threaten this ideal world and eventually change all their lives forever.


Two years had gone by since the wedding and Robbie noticed two changes that he found disturbing. First of all there was a certain strained relationship between his father and step-mother. The second thing was far more disturbing for Robbie was the fact that he began to feel a physical attraction for Susan. It wasn't too bad at first but then he began to fantasise about having sex with her. Despite being thirty-eight Susan was still very attractive. She was quite tall with a slim figure and full breasts. He dreamed of many erotic situations involving Susan and himself. Sheer guilt almost drove him mad. Finally, Robbie announced to his parents that he wanted to move out to a flat. He used the pretext that he thought was the cause of the current turmoil between Martin and Susan. Both his father and Susan tried their level best to convince him this was not the case. It was Susan however that persuaded Robbie to change his mind.

It was Saturday evening and Robbie was tidying up his room when there was a knock at his door. He opened it and Susan was standing there.

"Robbie, I need to talk to you."

Robbie silently signalled her to come in. They both sat on his bed. "Robbie, you've given me something I thought I'd never have. You've given me the love any mother would die for and I love you for that. I know you're a young man now and we have to let you go eventually but please, I beg you, don't go for the wrong reason."

"What do you mean, mum?"

Susan smiled when she heard him and hugged him. "I mean whatever trouble your father and I are having you're not the cause. Indeed it is your presence that's holding us together. You're dad is upset too. He thinks he's failed you..."

"But he hasn't..." cut in Robbie.

"I know that Robbie, but he needs to hear it from you. He needs to hear that you will stay and together we will all get over this."

Robbie hugged his step-mother. "Ok mum. I'll stay and help if I can."

"Thank you, son," replied Susan with tears in her eyes.

To try and offset this attraction for Susan Robbie tried online dating. Eventually he hooked up with a woman calling herself "Sexy Mature Lady." Their online conversations were both enlightening and very erotic. Eventually they both felt confident enough to agree a meeting. That meeting was arranged at the small seaside town of Heston, just seven miles from the town of Darrow in West Sussex, where Robbie lived. He kissed his step-mother goodbye and told her he was staying over with friends.

"Enjoy yourself and be careful," said Susan affectionately.

"Don't worry," smiled Robbie and went to his car.

Robbie knew he was taking a chance. He had absolutely no idea what his blind date looked like. Then again nor did she. He felt however, that this added to the excitement. Robbie parked the car in the grounds of the Coronation Hotel and headed to the main door. He went into the bar and ordered his usual coke. He wasn't a drinker and he loathed alcohol. He looked around to see if there were any potential ladies that would perhaps fit his expectations. He felt an air of disappointment as he failed to see anyone until, in the corner of his eye, he spied a woman sitting in a cubicle with her back turned to him. She sipped some white wine and then looked at her watch. She was clearly waiting for someone. It was then that Robbie saw the signal. It was a single red rose sticking out of the lady's handbag.

'My God. That's her,' he thought.

The lady turned her head around and Robbie realised at once who it was. He dodged to the left so she wouldn't see him. "I don't believe it," he muttered.

He walked the long way around so he was right behind her. The lady took another sip of wine and then Robbie spoke. "Well, you definitely are mature and not to mention sexy."

The lady almost choked and jumped upon recognising the voice. She swung around. "My God, Robbie, what are you doing here?"

"Didn't you hear what I said mum?"

Susan regained her composure. "You mean, you're Cock Robin? Oh my God," she said in panic and grabbed her coat and handbag.

Robbie grabbed Susan's arm. "Calm down mum. Sit down and don't make a scene."

He signalled the barman to bring two more drinks and he sat down beside her. The bar man brought the ordered drinks and Robbie paid for them. Then he released a loud laugh. "Oh mum. I can't believe we've been on the internet and talking dirty to each other."

"Sssh. Not so loud Robbie," begged his mother.

"How did you get into this dating scene?"

"I-I can't talk about it. Not here anyway."

"Just as well I booked a room then."

Susan looked at her step-son with alarm.

"Relax mum. We'll just talk there in private."

They both took their drinks and belongings and headed for the room.

Robbie sat on the bed and Susan sat beside him. "So what's the story, mum?"

Susan took a sip of her drink and took a deep breath. "Oh Robbie. I don't know where to begin. I know your dad loves me and I love him but..."

Susan faltered.

Robbie took her hand. "Go on mum," he said encouragingly and with compassion.

Susan continued while at the same time rubbed tears from her eyes. "Your dad hasn't touched me in months. We used to make love very regularly but now he seems so indifferent. I need him to make love to me and he won't." Susan burst into tears. "Dear God, Robbie. You must think I'm an awful slut."

Robbie took his step-mother and comforted her on his shoulder. Seeing her distressed almost made him shed a tear or two.

"There, there mum. Don't upset yourself. I understand. I really do."

"A-are you going to tell your dad?"

Robbie looked at his step-mother astonishment. "Of course I'm not going to tell him. Besides, who am I to cast any stones. After all, I came here to have sex with a mature sexy lady who turns out to be my step-mother. I'm not exactly innocent, you know."

Susan gave a slight laugh as she dried her tears.

"Well, it's good to see you can laugh about it too, mum. Don't get me wrong when I say this but you took an awful risk coming here. You know that, don't you?"

"What do you mean?" asked Susan anxiously.

"I mean I could have been anybody. You could have been hurt by some sick maniac."

Susan nodded like a scolded child. "Oh Robbie, I was so desperate. I didn't know what to do. So what happens now?"

"Well that's something we have to think about. I did book the room for tonight with the intention of having sex..."

"Oh no Robbie. Oh no. We can't..."

"Mum, you're all wound up. There's no need for you to panic. Just relax and sit down."

Susan sat back down.

"Now take some deep breaths and relax."

Susan did so."

"That's good. In and out. Good. Now close your eyes and stay relaxed." Robbie took Susan's hand. "Now you trust me, don't you?"

Susan nodded.

"Now in your own words, tell me what you were hoping for tonight."

After an initial hesitation Susan spoke again. It was almost a trance like response. "Well, I thought he'd be tall and handsome and that he'd kiss me gently and then ravish me." Susan became absorbed as her mind's eye pictured the whole scenario. It was so realistic for her she wanted to reach out and touch the handsome stranger. It was then she felt the wonderful passionate kiss on her lips that electrified her emotions. The sensation of the kiss brought both positive and negative emotions out. The positive won as Susan held her step-son's cheeks as if to prolong the excitement forever.

Robbie broke off but it was only temporary as he began to kiss Susan's neck. At the same time he began to slowly unbutton her white blouse. Susan, in a corresponding movement, began to unbutton Robbie's blue shirt. The sensation of feeling her step-son's bare chest added to the rising excitement Susan felt. It was even more so when Robbie slid the strap of her plain white bra from her shoulder and began to nibble and suck there. At the same time he gently squeezed her right breast through her bra and she gave a slight moan.

Easing her blouse from her shoulders, Susan allowed it to fall onto the bed, revealing her wonderful breasts as they strained to escape their enforced confinement.

Robbie continued his licking and sucking of Susan's bare shoulder but this time he put his arms around her and unsnapping her bra, allowed it to fall to the floor and her breasts bounced forth. Her nipples hardened upon contact with the air. He eased his step-mother back onto the bed and began to lick and suck the magnificent breasts. Each gentle tongue action brought a delightful moan. Susan simply submitted as Robbie opened her slacks and quickly removed them along with her knickers, displaying to his delight her trimmed pussy.

Robbie began a circular movement with his tongue, starting with Susan's nipple. The circle became larger as he worked out around.

"Uuugh," was all Susan could moan as excitement continued unabated. He made his way down the gap between her breasts and up to her left with the same resulting joy from Susan. Making his way down her slim waist, Robbie only halted briefly before he began to gently probe though her pussy lips and lash her clit.

"Oh my God," she moaned. "Oh my God."

Having discarded his remaining garments Robbie mounted his step-mother. With his usual gentleness he inserted his huge cock and began to pump. His movement was slow at first but gradually picked up speed with each stroke.

As for Susan Lawless, the floodgates of passion had been opened and her months of sexual frustration were released as she gripped her step-son's naked hips as if guiding his every movement. As her body reacted both she and Robbie settled down to a wonderfully mutual satisfying rhythm. Their breathing became heavier, and as their body heat rose they also began to perspire heavily. By now both lovers were consumed in their lust. Susan could feel her love juices slowly starting to gather. She could feel too that Robbie was very close. They both battled to prolong this amazing sensation to it's maximum.

At last, however, both gave deep sighs of total sexual satisfaction as Susan's Juices and Robbie's cum collided. For Susan Lawless it was the biggest orgasm she had ever had. Breathless and exhausted, they eventually fell into a deep slumber cradling each other.


The bright beams of light were peering through the window as Robbie woke up with Susan's head resting peacefully on his chest. He tried to eased her gently from him when she suddenly spoke.

"What time is it?" she asked wearily.

"Eight-thirty," came Robbie's reply as he looked at his watch. "Why don't you get showered and dressed and we'll have breakfast as soon I do the same?"

"Better still, why don't you join me and we can test the water together," said Susan mischievously. Needing no further encouragement, Robbie pursued Susan into the shower As the steamy jets of water cascaded around and Robbie soaped his step-mother's breasts as he stood behind her. He kissed her neck and the wonderful feeling Susan felt made her shudder. Robbie suddenly became aware that one of his erotic dreams was coming true. He completed it by kneeling and started to suck Susan's pussy, much to her delight. She orgasmed once again and sighed deeply.

After breakfast Robbie turned to Susan. "How did you get here?"

"I took a bus."

"Well I have the car so let's go."

On the way home Robbie observed Susan's reflection in the mirror. He was glad she was smiling.


"I guess so," responded Susan doubtfully.

"Don't tell me you have regrets?"

"No. It's not that Robbie. I just keep wondering about your father and where I went wrong."

"You didn't do anything wrong mum. It's just there are things you need to accept."

"What are you not telling me Robbie? Your father is having an affair, isn't he?"

"What? Oh mum, you're priceless," laughed Robbie.

"It's not funny."

"I'm sorry mum. I didn't mean to laugh." Robbie pulled into a lay by and switched off the engine.

"Mum, dad is a genius in his field. His brain is constantly working; calculating, planning, you name it he's doing it. He loves you. That I do know but he is so absorbed in his work he hasn't time for what we take for granted. If you didn't leave out fresh clothes for him he'd wear the same thing every day. I know, I've seen some of his unmarried colleagues. They're in a world of their own. I stress though that it does not mean he loves you or me any less. It's just the way he is."

Susan was silent for what seemed like ages. Then she spoke. "Are you happy about that?"

"It's not about my happiness, mum. It's about yours. You have needs. So do I. By a strange quirk of fate we simply fulfilled them together. Mum, you've got a good home, lifestyle and two men who love you. You have what most women only dream of."

"Doesn't it bother you that I'm your step-mother?"

"Absolutely not. You've given me a mother's love and I have a wonderful opportunity to repay it in some way."

"Oh Robbie. You're so right. I'm being very foolish." Susan kissed him and Robbie drove home without further incident.

Later, just as night was falling, both Susan and Robbie were in the living room. Susan was dreamily watching television while Robbie was reading his book. He closed it and put it down. "Well, I guess I'll call it a night. Good night, mum," and he kissed her on her cheek.

"Good night, dear," she responded.

Robbie suddenly stopped at the door and turned around. "You know? Dad's not due back from Blackpool until Tuesday," he said, with a twinkle in his eye.

Susan smiled. She got up and holding hands, they both went upstairs to Robbie's bedroom.

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