tagIncest/TabooMum's Date Ch. 02

Mum's Date Ch. 02


It was already bright when Robbie woke. His step-mother, Susan, was sleeping peacefully on his chest. He gently eased her and she moaned. "Don't leave me, Robbie, please," she pleaded drowsily.

"Come on mum, I've got to get to class." He kissed Susan on her forehead and got out of bed. "We've had a great weekend and there's more to come, I promise."

"Spoilsport," replied Susan with a smile as she stretched her weary arms.

Robbie headed for the shower. A few moments later as he was washing the soap from his body he felt Susan's soft hands on his shoulders as she began to massage him. Robbie became aroused and swung around. After a long passionate kiss he lifted Susan. "Fuck me Robbie. Fuck me hard," she begged. Robbie, consumed with lust, obeyed without question. His step-mother's screams of sheer sexual delight acted as a spur as he pounded her harder and harder with each stroke while the steamy jets of water continued to fall on and around them.

At last, as they both orgasmed together, they sighed deeply, gasping for breath. After breakfast Robbie kissed his step-mother on her cheek. "Well, I'll see you later, mum."

"Take care, son," responded Susan.

Robbie was about to open the front door when he turned around one more time to Susan, who was wearing a dressing gown. Part of her gown opened and Robbie saw her long smooth leg exposed. "Oh my God, I had better go before I get hard again."

Susan laughed as her step-son left.


The weeks went by and there was clear sense that the atmosphere in the Lawless household had improved for the better. Susan had adjusted well to her dual role as the professor's wife and step-son's lover. Robbie too was very satisfied as his own wish of having sex with a mature woman was being fulfilled by Susan. They both took every opportunity available to make love. Any weekend that Martin Lawless was away was a lust filled one for them both. One weekend they had together came in an unexpected way.

It was Friday and Robbie was working on an assignment in his room when there was a knock his door. "Come in," he said, still working on his paper. It was his father.

"Hi dad. What's up?"

"I wonder could you do me a big favour?"

"Sure, anything."

"I promised to take Susan shopping in London this weekend but Professor Morgan who was to supervise exams has been taken ill. The college asked me to sub for him. Would you take your mother instead?"

"Of course I will."

"Thank you, my boy. Thank you," and he stuffed large notes into the breast pocket of his shirt.

"Oh there's no need for that, dad."

"Treat your mother and yourself and thank you."

Professor Lawless left the room.


On Saturday morning, Robbie and Susan left for London. Neither of them could quite believe what was happening. What was even more bizarre was that Martin paid for the trip. Robbie accompanied his step-mother to all the shops except one. She insisted she went to a particular ladies shop on her own and encouraged Robbie to visit the book shop opposite. She would join him as soon as she was finished. They had a fine dinner at a hotel and Robbie spoke up. "Well, I hope you enjoyed yourself mum. I know I did. It's getting late so we really should be heading back."

"Oh Robbie, surely we don't have to go now. It's getting dark. Why don't we stay overnight?"

"What will we tell dad?"

"Leave that to me," responded Susan, with a strange look in her eyes as she reached for her mobile phone and pressed the buttons. She told Martin that she had stayed longer than she had planned at the shops and as a result she didn't want Robbie to drive back in the dark so they would stay overnight.

Martin agreed.

Robbie booked a room and was very well aware what Susan was up to but he wasn't complaining. The room was a large one with a double bed. Robbie sat on the bed and wearily slipped off his shoes. Susan sat beside him and for several milliseconds just stared as if it were the first time. Then Robbie put his arm around his step-mother, pulled her to him and kissed her. They went down on the bed. Susan kicked off her heels and her legs rose her skirt fell back. Robbie put his hand on his step-mother's stocking covered leg and began to inch his way up.

"No, wait," she cried and jumped up, much to Robbie's initial disappointment.

"Don't worry. Mommy has a nice surprise," said Susan in sensual voice, something Robbie never heard her use before and it made him curious.

Susan went to her handbag and took out a cassette. When she hit the play button it started to play slow, seductive music. Susan paused for a moment, collected her thoughts and began to move with the music. Swinging her hips, she smiled at Robbie as pulled the pins that held her long blonde hair in place. Shaking her head the long tresses fell freely about her shoulder. She slowly unbuttoned her grey jacket, each button was opened to the beat of the music and still smiling, she slid it from her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the ground.

Susan then began to unbutton her green short sleeved blouse, swinging and smiling as she did so. She turned her back to Robbie and craned her neck in his direction and smiled as she very slowly pulled the zipper of her grey skirt, the long rasping of which excited Robbie and made him hard. The skirt fell to the ground. When she had opened her blouse Susan teasingly exposed one shoulder and then the other before covering them again. She finally discarded the garment when she swung around to face him Robbie saw the brand new blue lace bra and matching sexy knickers. This was rounded off with wonderful silk stocking, something she never wore.

'So this is why she wanted to go that shop alone,' he thought. It nearly drove Robbie crazy with excitement seeing his step-mother doing this for him. Once again she turned her back to him as she unsnapped the bra and in a slow teasing manner removed it and threw it to him. He grabbed it with delight. Finally she slid her knickers to the floor and her trimmed pussy came into view.

Robbie stripped rapidly and Susan, like a ravenous lioness descended upon him. As Susan's wonderful breasts bore down on his chest Robbie could no longer contain himself. "Oh my God," he cried as Susan began to work her way down her step-son's athletic body with her tongue and lips. As she positioned herself to take his full hardened cock into her waiting sex Robbie held his step-mother's hips and began to pound her. The pace accelerated with each stroke. Their breathing became deeper and their sexual excitement built up.

"Oooh fuck, Oooh fuck," Susan strained between breaths as her step-son's movements drove her wild with anticipation. Robbie too moaned loudly almost as a response to Susan. At last, Susan could feel her love juices gather. At the same time Robbie was also close. Both lovers battled to the end to prolong this moment of ecstasy as they reached the point of no return. Their orgasm was a mutual affair. Once again for Susan, it was huge. They both gave deep sighs of sexual satisfaction and rested to gather their breath. They held each other in a tight passionate embrace.

"Oh Robbie, you're so wonderful. Thank you," and Susan kissed him.

"Oh mum, you're the best I've ever had."

They both smiled. It was only a short time later when they fell asleep together, cradled in each other's arms.


Susan's liaison with her step-son had aroused her from years of sexual repression. Her sexual appetite knew no bounds and Robbie was only too willing to oblige his step-mother. They had sex in every conceivable place in the house, even the garage and the attic were not exempt. What Robbie noticed though was that Susan became more and more bold. It was nothing to them to make love with only minutes to spare before Martin would return from work. Then one night their love making took a new direction as his step-mother wanted sex while Martin was in the house. It came as a shock to Robbie but it also excited him.

It was Friday night and Robbie was in bed reading. He did this when he couldn't sleep. It was just after midnight when the door of his room opened and Susan walked in.

"Mom? What are you doing here?" he whispered.

"No need to whisper, Robbie. Your father is well out of it."

"What do you mean?"

"There was a little addition to his nightly drink. We won't be disturbed, I promise."

It was then he noticed her clothes. "Where did you get that outfit?"

Susan was wearing a replica of her old school uniform. This consisted of a black jumper with the school crest. A white blouse, red tie and white knee high socks."

"Do you like it? I got it while we were in London. It is exactly like my old school uniform."

"I'll say this much for you mum, you never cease to surprise me."

Susan grinned. "Well? Are you just going to stay in bed?"

His step-mother didn't have to say any more as Robbie jumped out of bed and taking her in his arms, kissed her with electrifying passion. It was this sensational touch of her step-son that aroused Susan and made her all too willing to surrender to his whims. Without resistance, she simply raised her hands as Robbie pulled the jumper over her head and discarded it. He resumed his kissing while at the same time he began to unbutton Susan's blouse, working his way up as he did so.

At the same time Susan unfastened her tie and pulled it from her collar just as Robbie reached the top button. As he opened it, Susan's blouse fell open, revealing her plain white bra.

"Uugh," muttered Susan as Robbie began to kiss and nibble her neck. He put his hands behind her back and unsnapped her bra. His step-mother simply let the garment slide from her shoulders to the floor and Robbie began to lick and suck her splendid breasts alternately.

"Oh wonderful. Just wonderful," moaned Susan. At the same time she felt her skirt loosen as he pulled the zipper revealing what were apparently regulation white knickers. Robbie continued his sucking and licking and Susan continued her excited moaning in response. The sexual excitement continued to build inside his step-mother as Robbie knelt and worked his way down her waist and almost at the same moment he had pulled down her knickers, Robbie's tongue began to pierce her pussy and lash her clit, much to Susan's delight.

Not wanting to make her orgasm too soon, Robbie halted temporarily and carried his beautiful and very naked step-mother to his bed. There he mounted her gently and as before began to pump her hard.

For Susan, her orgasm was just as huge as before and just as sexually satisfying. After a few moments of heavy breathing to collecting their thoughts, Susan turned to her step-son and kissed him. "Oh Robbie, I love you. I love what you've done for me. Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy tonight. It means so much to me. Now I have to fulfil your fantasy. Your wish is my command. So what would you like me to do?"

Robbie hesitated and cleared his throat while blushing."

"Come on, don't be shy." encouraged Susan.

"Ok," and Robbie whispered in his step-mother's ear.

"What?" laughed Susan.

"I'm sorry, mum. I didn't mean to upset you."

"No, I not offended, Robbie. It's different and kinky. It won't be easy but I'll work something out."

His step-mother got out of bed and put on a robe. "Good night, Robbie. See you in the morning," and kissed him on his cheek. She quietly went to her bedroom where her husband was still sound asleep and putting on her nightdress she slipped in beside him and fell rapidly to sleep.

Robbie too, slept soundly.

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