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Mum's Escort


Jason Franks drove his car into the driveway of the home he shared with his parents, Jack and Karen. At twenty-four he had just been appointed chief accountant at the glass making factory in the town of Penton in Surrey. He had planned to move out to his new flat as soon as he had secured his promotion. Unfortunately, his fifty-two year old father had suffered a severe stroke that left him totally incapacitated and depending on himself and Karen. He could never leave his mother in such circumstances. His salary left them comfortable enough. He knew his parents would do it for him also.

Jason entered the kitchen and found his mother holding a letter and sobbing.

"What's the matter mum?"

A startled Karen jumped. "What? Oh no sweetheart. I'm sorry. I didn't realise the time," and she headed for the oven.

"What's the matter mum? It can't be the mortgage. I only paid it last week."

"Oh no. It's nothing like that. It's just your old mother feeling sentimental. Sit down and I'll take up your dinner."

Jason spied Kate crumpling the letter and stuffing it in the back pocket of her jeans. "Thanks mum. I'll just pop upstairs and see how dad is."

Jack Franks was resting in bed when Jason looked in. Jack couldn't talk but they both had learned to communicate through touching hands. Jack would squeeze once for yes and twice for no. All Jason had to do was ask questions.

When he returned to the kitchen his dinner was on the table and Kate also had hers. He didn't mention the letter and simply chatted to her about work. He was sure his father knew nothing but Jason was curious. Something had upset her but what was it? He wondered just how he could find out.


His chance came on Friday when Karen wanted to do some late night shopping. "Jason, would you mind looking after dad while I do some shopping?"

"Of course I will mum. Here, take this and get yourself something nice." Jason handed his mother his credit card. "You know the numbers, don't you?"

"Well yes, of course, but..."

"No buts. Go on. You deserve it."

Karen kissed him. "Oh you're a good son," and went off with a smile.

Jason searched high and low for the letter but couldn't find it. He just about given up hope when the phone rang. When Jason answered it he heard a mature woman's voice.

"Hello there," she said, somewhat anxiously. "I do hope I have the right number. My name is Caroline Brody. I'm looking for Catherine Dearing."

Jason was about to say there was nobody here by that name when he suddenly remembered that Dearing was his mum's maiden name.

"Oh I'm sorry Mrs Brody. You just missed her. Mum's gone shopping. Perhaps I can help you?"

"Well, the past pupils union sent her a letter inviting her to a twenty-fifth reunion in London and we hadn't received a reply. I just wondered did she get the letter?"

"Oh, I'm sorry again, Mrs Brody. That was my fault. She gave me the letter to post and it's still in my jacket pocket," lied Jason. "She will be going."

"Oh that's splendid," responded Caroline Brody and informed Jason as to where the venue was. He then contacted the hotel and booked a room for that weekend. 'So that's what the letter was,' thought Jason. ' Well Cinderella, you shall go to the ball,' and a plan began to take shape in his mind. He decided not to say anything to his mother until he had a clearer plan.


The following Monday, when he finished work, Jason paid a visit to the local hospital and saw Marion Sykes, Matron of the ward where he had been last year with appendicitis. She would be able to advise him in what he had in mind. When he arrived home from there he found his mum in the kitchen as usual and she prepared to take up his dinner.

He went upstairs to his dad and was there for sometime. Karen had to call him. "Jason? Your dinner is getting cold."

"I'll be right down mum."

He sat down and he and his mother began to eat. They were almost finished when Jason spoke. "Mum, you should go to the reunion."

Karen was shocked. "How did you know about the reunion?"

"Well Mrs Brody rang on Friday evening while you were out. That is what the letter was about, wasn't it?"

"Mrs Brody? Oh you mean Caroline Daniels."

"So are you going?"

"Of course I'm not going..."

"That's too bad. I already told her you were going."

"You had no right to do that Jason. Who will look after your father?"

"I will," responded the young man, knowing full well he had already made arrangements.

"No. I'd be away all weekend and it wouldn't be fair on you. You work too hard as it is."

"Come on mum. You need a break. This is the ideal time. Besides, I've already made arrangements," he said with a twinkle in his eye."

Karen was for a moment, stunned. "What sort of arrangements?"

"The St Hilda's nursing home will take care of dad for the weekend. I made the arrangements through matron Sykes at the hospital. I'll drive you up to London myself."

Karen was flabbergasted. "Your father would never agree to such a thing."

"Actually, that's where you're wrong. He's agreed to move there for that weekend and he also realises you need a break."

"So that's why you took so long with your father."

Tears began to form in Karen's eyes and Jason comforted her, "Don't be sad mum, please."

"I'm not sweetheart. I'm just so overwhelmed by this. Jason I can't go there and face them on my own. Will you come with me as my escort?"

"I'd be very honoured, mum," replied Jason and kissed her cheek.


On Friday morning the ambulance arrived as arranged to take Jack to the nursing home. Karen couldn't hold back the tears as she witnessed her stricken husband being lifted to the vehicle. Jason put a comforting arm around her. "Don't fret mum. It's only for the weekend. Dad understands. Why don't you get ready? We have a long drive ahead."

Because he had booked the hotel room Jason explained they would change there. The drive was long but uneventful. The room Jason had booked was really a large suite with two separate bedrooms. Because they left early Karen was able to have a long leisurely soak in the bath before changing.

Jason adjusted his tie and made sure his brand new suit was tidy before he knocked at the other room door. "Mum, are you ready?"

Karen didn't reply. She simply opened the door and for a moment Jason was stunned at the sight of this woman dressed in a green cocktail dress. "Well, how do I look?"

"Wow mum. Is that you? You're beautiful."

"Don't tease," scolded Karen.

"I'm not, mum. You are beautiful. I mean it."

Jason did mean it. The low cut dress gave him a fine view of his mother's ample breasts. He even felt a slight bulge in his pants. This tall and handsome mature woman was, in his mind, a knockout. Before tonight he had not really appreciated that. Now he really was glad he had decided to take his mother to the reunion.

Karen introduced Jason to her old school friends and they sat at the table. The meal was wonderful and to Jason's surprise, the conversation was interesting. He danced with his mother and several of her friends. He could see that Karen was really enjoying herself. Jason was glad of that. He had seen her too often lately being sad. It was worth any price to see his mother happy again.

Finally, into the early hours, they both called it a night and retired to their rooms. Jason escorted his mother to her room.

"Oh Jason. I've had the most wonderful night. Thank you."

"You're very welcome mum. You needed it."

Karen opened her door and was about to walk in when she impulsively swung around and kissed her son. The kiss lasted longer than she intended. She broke away. "I-I'm sorry Jason. I don't know what came over me."

"I'm not," replied Jason and kissed her back with passion and at the same time led Karen into her room onto the bed.

"No. No, we mustn't," cried Karen weakly.

Jason paid no heed to his mother's ever decreasing protests. He could feel her meagre resistance crumble as their kissing became more intense and passionate. He gently eased her from the bed and while both were standing kissing, Jason slowly rolled down the zipper on the back of Karen's dress. She made no struggle as her dress slid to the floor, revealing her low cut white lace bra and matching knickers encased in sheer black tights.

Jason quickly discarded his jacket and as Karen unbuttoned her son's shirt an unbridled lust took over as she felt the young man's bare chest. Jason slipped the shoulder straps of her bra and unsnapped it. Karen's breasts burst forth from the straining garment as Jason threw it to the floor. He gently put her back on the bed and rapidly undressed. Having removed the last of Karen's clothes, Jason mounted his mother and continued kissing her. This time however, he moved to her neck and began to suck and nibble at regular intervals. This resulted in soft moans from his mum.

Jason then made his way to Karen's breasts. He licked, sucked and nibbled with expertise. "Uuugh," was all Karen could utter as she expressed her delight. Jason made a circular movement around his mum's breast and each stroke brought a louder "uuugh". As Jason's tongue dived into the valley between Karen's breasts and up to her right nipple she no longer cared that this was her son. All she visualised was a young stud ravishing her body and she enjoyed every moment of it.

Soon Jason made his way down Karen's slim waist to her trimmed pussy. He eased past her pussy lips and his tongue began to lash her clit with vigour. There was a short pause and suddenly she felt his huge cock make its way inside her. Jason's movement was initially slow but accelerated with each stroke. As Jason's pumping increased Karen's own body began to react and they finally settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm.

"Oh my God," cried Karen several times in rapid succession. She gripped her son's bare hips if as if steering him. Both mother and son began to breathe deeper and deeper and their body heat made them perspire heavily.

Karen could feel her juices starting to gather and she realised Jason was close also. They both battled to prolong this wonderful sensational love making. At last as the explosion of cum and Karen's juices collided; mother and son exhaled a deep sigh of mutual satisfaction. For Karen Franks it had been a night of passion she had thought she would never have again. Weeks of pent up sexual frustration gave way to the biggest orgasm she had ever had. For Jason it had been a hidden fantasy fulfilled. Exhausted, they fell rapidly asleep cradled in each other's arms.


Jason was first to wake as he felt the warmth of the early morning sun beaming through the window of the bedroom. He carefully eased his mother from him and allowed her to sleep peacefully while he hit the shower. As he lathered and washed his body Jason thought of the night of love making had just had with his mother. Never in a million years did he ever imagine it would occur. His mother's soft body resting beside him as he licked her breasts. The huge satisfaction they had as he discharged his load inside her. It had been like a dream.

His thoughts were broken when he felt his mother's hand on her shoulder and she entered the shower.

"Fuck me again Jason, please," she begged as the hot steamy jets descended about them.

It was language Jason wasn't used to hearing from his mother but he didn't have to be asked twice. The sight of this beautiful mature busty and naked woman drove his animal passions to the roof, even if she was his mother. He lifted her up and Karen put his arms around his neck and he once again began to pound her hard as the hot shower sprays continued about them. They both exclaimed deep sighs as they orgasmed together.

When they had dressed Karen and Jason had breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

"So what's on the agenda to day?" asked Jason.

"Well, the girls want to do some shopping and sightseeing."

"That's a good idea."

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about me. There's more than enough record and book shops to keep me amused. Have you enough money?"

Karen's silence told him everything.

"Take this and enjoy yourself," said Jason as he handed her his credit card.


"No buts. Enjoy."

Karen kissed her son. "Thank you love. You are so good."


As with the evening before the meal, music and conversation was enjoyable for all concerned. Once again Jason escorted his mother to her room. This time Karen gave him a slight peck on his cheek before she went in. "Goodnight son," she said.

"Goodnight mum," responded Jason trying unsuccessfully to hide his disappointment.

As Jason rested on his bed he thought about what had occurred the previous night. He couldn't sleep so he sat in a chair and began to read one of the new books he had bought. He was about to put it down when the door that led to his mum's room opened and Karen appeared in her dressing gown.

"Is everything ok mum?" asked Jason anxiously.

Karen remained silent. She simply undid her dressing gown and allowed it to fall to the floor. For a few milliseconds Jason stared at his mother's naked beauty. It was almost blinding.

"Please Jason, make love to me," she said.

Jason stood up and discarded his own robe and lifting his mother onto his bed the sexual passion from the previous night was reignited as they both indulged in their wildest fantasies. Once again sheer exhaustion overtook them as they slept soundly together.


The following day as he drove back to Penton, Jason noticed his mother's silence.

"What's on you mind mum?"

"Oh nothing son."

"Don't give me that, mum. Come on, spit it out."

"Oh Jason, what have we done?" said Karen tears coming from her eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"We betrayed your father, Jason."

"No we didn't."

"But Jason we..."

"We didn't do anything that we didn't want. We didn't betray dad because he already knows."

Karen was stunned.

"Your father knows? How?"

Jason pointed to a small café. "Let's have some tea and I'll explain."

Jason put the tray on the table and poured the tea. When they were both seated Karen spoke. "Well, are you going to explain?"

Jason sighed and clasped hands as if in prayer and rested his chin. "Ok. You remember I was with dad that evening for a long time?"


"Well dad let me know in no uncertain terms he couldn't provide for your every need in his current condition. He begged me to step in."

"You mean he wanted you to..."

"Yes, and believe me mum I was very reluctant. Physically he is incapacitated but mentally he is sound. He loves you mum but he realises too that you have physical needs and he wants you to be provided for. He was only too happy to give you a break so we both agreed to this plan."

Once again Karen was silent.

"Well say something mum."

"I-I don't know what to say. Your dad agreed to this?"

Jason nodded. "Believe me mum. I can never take dad's place. I know that and so do you but I will help you if you let me."

Karen took a deep breathe. "That crafty rascal. He always thinks of everything. What will the neighbours think?"

"Nothing because they won't know. This is a private arrangement between dad you and me. So what do you say?"

Karen took Jason's hand. "Thank you Jason. You are a good son," said, fighting back the tears.

"We better get a move on. I've got work tomorrow and dad is due back."

As he drove along the road Jason noticed his mother was at least more cheerful. As they approached a motel Karen spoke up. "Jason, I know you have work tomorrow but please, can we book in here just for one more night?"

"It'll mean an early rise in the morning."

"I'm game if you are."

They booked into the motel and that night and made love for the first time since Karen learned of the agreement.


A few days later Karen, Jack and Jason were together and using his hand signals with Karen, assured her that everything was as Jason had told her. It wasn't that she didn't trust her son but she felt she needed a little reassurance. Karen kissed her husband's head. "I love you, Jack Franks," she said with tears. Jack squeezed her hand with extra force. Karen knew he was saying he loved her too.

That night Jason was reading in bed when there was a gentle knock on his room door. "Come in mum," he said as he put the bookmark back into the book and placed it on his side table.

Karen opened the door and stood in a replica of her old school uniform of white blouse, red tie, black jumper and grey skirt.

"Wow mum. What's all this?"

"Oh Jason since the night of the reunion I've being fantasising about being back in my uniform and seducing you. Will you indulge me?

"When did I ever refuse you?" replied the excited young man.

For a moment Karen stood still and took a deep breathe. She pulled the jumper over her head and tossed it to the floor. Smiling, she slowly undid her tie and put it around her son's neck and began to pull it from either side. Again Karen stood up and in a slow seductive manner, unbuttoned her blouse. Her low cut black lace bra became visible as each button was undone, her huge breasts straining to escape. She swung around and as her back was turned to Jason pulled the end of the blouse from her skirt. She looked back at her son with a smile and twinkle in her eye as she slid the garment from her shoulders and allowed it to freefall to the floor.

Jason's cock bulged in his underwear.

Karen could see it and it excited her and encouraged her to continue. Putting her hand to the zipper of her skirt and teasingly pulling it down allowed the skirt to join her blouse. This in turn revealed her skimpy black thong with bare arse cheeks. Having discarded the thong and ankle socks Karen mounted her son.

They commenced what was to be first of many nights of wild wanton sex. It was as if Karen's sexual frustration had welled up and the dam holding it back had finally given way under the strain.


A few months later Jack Franks died, never having fully recovered from his stroke. To the outside world Karen and Jason Franks lived as widowed mother and son. Their world however was to be much more intimate for a long time to come.

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