tagFetishMum's New Panty Slave Ch. 01

Mum's New Panty Slave Ch. 01


This story contains panty wearing men; creampies and male cock sucking. It also has an incest theme. If any of these offend you please stop reading now! Otherwise read on and I hope you enjoy. I do appreciate your constructive feedback.


It was the morning of Neil's 18th birthday. He was lying in bed, playing with his hard cock. He hadn't cum last night and was pleased to have woken out without having a wet dream. It meant his balls were full and there was a good chance that if he took his time then when he did blow his load he would reach his mouth. Yum!

Suddenly the door opened! His mother walked in wearing a pink translucent nightie.

Neil reached down to cover himself with one hand and pull the sheet up with the other. "Mum!" he exclaimed, "You could knock first!" At the same time he was staring at her erect nipples that were obvious through the thin fabric and the clean lines of her crotch -- she was clean shaved down there!

His mum replied, "But that would have been no fun! You would have covered that beautiful hard cock if I'd knocked. Happy birthday darling!" With that his mother approached the bed, "Now take your hands away and let me see it properly!"

Neil was shocked, but did as he was told. When she had walked in he had started to lose his erection, but now it was as hard as it had ever been.

"Well Neil, Dad and I have discussed this and agreed. We will be offering you a few things for your birthday. If you don't want them just say so and nobody will be upset. But we certainly hope you like them!" she added, as she sat on the edge of the bed, with her nightie hiked up around her thighs.

Neil had a perfect view of her pussy! It was totally naked ... and wet! His mum was glistening down there.

"So before I offer you the first present, you are still a virgin aren't you?" his mother asked.

Neil went a bit red, but nodded. "Yes mum."

"Good. In that case, for your birthday would you like to fuck me right now and lose your virginity?" she asked.

Neil's cock was throbbing! He was totally shocked but totally turned on at the same time. At least a dozen times he had wet dreams about mum and now she was offering. It seemed wrong; but then mother knows best so if it was okay with her, then why not! "I'd love that!" he gasped.

Mum grinned. "Fantastic! Now I know we've told you to always be generous and make sure you please the girl first, but just this once you can forget that. I think you would cum if I made you do anything to me first!"

With that she moved over him then reached down and guided his 6" rock hard cock into her wet pussy. Then she pushed down and took him in to the hilt; then stopped.

Neil gasped. It felt so good to be inside mum! But he was already about to shoot his load! Maybe it would have been better if he hadn't been already well on the way when she walked in.

His mother knew it wouldn't last. With her sons cock fully embedded in her she used her pussy muscles to grasp and release his cock. That was all it took. Neil spurted his load into mum ... and lost his virginity!

"Now," Mum told him. "Although this is part of your present I would still like you to get me off. So if you hope to ever do this again you'll lick my pussy right now. I know I'm full of your cum but that is just too bad! So will you do that?" Neil nodded eagerly! Why would he object to that? Getting to lick mum's pussy AND eating his own yummy cum -- why would he object to that!

Mum quickly slid her pussy off his cock, and then slid up over him until she could plant her pussy on his face. Neil opened his mouth and slid his tongue out and into her pussy. His first taste of pussy and it was mum's! It made his cock start to grow again! The first taste was just mum's pussy juices and he loved them. Then his own cum started to ooze out; as good as it had been when he ate his own cum it was even tastier mixed with pussy juice! He kept lapping away. He loved the sight too -- his white creamy cum oozing out and then his tongue diving in to clean it up.

Mum suddenly screamed out "I'm coming baby! You're making mummy cum!" Then she pulled her pussy away from his mouth. One final globule of his own cum oozed out just as she did. He tried to move and lick it up, but it dripped onto his cheek instead.

Mum slid over and sat beside him. When Neil reached up to wipe that last drip away she stopped him. "No. Time to go and see dad and get the next present. And that lets him know what you thought about the first one!"

Mum stood and reached her hand out to him. Neil took her hand and slid out of bed. He grabbed his dressing gown and slid it on, closing it loosely over his hardening cock.

Mum led him down the hall and into the lounge.

Again Neil was shocked. His dad was sitting on the lounge dressed in a pink nightie that matched his mum's and under it pink panties!

Mum led Neil over and had him sit next to dad, and then sat on Neil's other side. Neil couldn't take his eyes off of his father in the sexy lingerie. His father had an erection bulging in the panties!

"Now here is the next present," Mum told him, handing Neil a package in pretty pink birthday paper. That was weird Neil thought, but then this was a strange day already. He'd fucked his mum, then eaten his creampie (he already knew that was what it was called -- he loved reading stories on Literotica when he masturbated) and now was sitting between his parents, both of whom were dressed in nighties.

Neil carefully opened the present. It was soft and he guessed it was clothing. He found himself hoping that it was a nightie or panties! Dad obviously liked them and he'd always thought his mum's (or maybe they had been dad's!) panties felt so much nicer than his when he had been hanging out or bringing in the washing.

He folded the paper back. It was lingerie! A pink nightie that matched theirs! Then three pairs of panties. One was pink nylon, another white lace and then a cotton pair -- also white but with pink polka dots.

"Before you say anything I need to tell you something." Mum told him. "I caught your father wearing my panties about 15 years ago. Since that day I have become the boss sexually. He is not allowed to wear male underwear any more unless I give him special permission. That only happens if he is going to the doctor, and maybe not even then. He loves it. Now I would like a second slave at least until I have you properly trained for another woman. So, if you think you would like to repeat what you did this morning, but under my terms and properly pleasing me before you fuck me next time, you need to start wearing panties ALL of the time."

Neil didn't need to think. Firstly, he definitely wanted to fuck his mother again, secondly he loved the idea of being trained to be a better lover, thirdly the sight of day in lingerie was turning him on, and finally the lingerie felt so nice in his hands!

He stood up and quickly removed the dressing gown. His mother told him "The silky ones first ... you'll get to try all three today so when we go shopping tomorrow for another dozen pairs or so you know what you like."

Neil felt his cock throbbing. He hoped he didn't cum just from the feel of his new panties. He picked up the pink full brief and stepped into them, then slid them slowly up his legs, past his knees, then the hips and then finally over his cock. They felt amazing. He immediately saw a small spot of pre-cum stain the silky fabric. So did his parents!

"So do they feel nice?" his Father asked.

"Boy do they ever!" Neil exclaimed. "I wish I'd known how good panties felt years ago!"

"We didn't want to tell you until you were 18 ... and we could do something about it," Mum responded. "Now, I would like to ask you something about this morning. Ever since that day I first caught your Dad in panties, he was eaten ever single load of cum that has been shot into my hot pussy. Now he has never objected, but while he doesn't mind the taste I got the impression that you LOVED it. Am I right?" she asked.

"Yes! I love eating my own cum, and can't wait to try it again!" Neil told them.

"So what do you think about a new rule on eating my creampies. You always get first choice and Dad only has to eat any you don't feel like. Would you like that?"

"I hope Dad never wants to eat another creampie while I'm about! I love the idea of eating my own and daddies pies out of you! " Neil exclaimed.

Mum grinned. "I said every pie! Not just yours and Dad's! Your dad loves watching other men fuck me so it's their pies too. And now that we don't have to worry about you seeing anything it'll happen a LOT more! So unless you don't want to watch and let daddy have those pies you better be ready for lots of cum!"

The wet patch on Neil's panties was growing. "Wow! I never would have imagined you two doing things like this! I'd love to join in!"

"So before we give you the presents you can tell your friends about, I have one more for you. I haven't told your dad about this one yet but he won't mind I'm sure. You've told me how much you are looking forward to eating his cum out of me. And I love having his cock in me when he has a three day load like he does right now. But it is your birthday so I'm giving you a choice. In the next fifteen minutes you will eat his cum for the first time. But here is the choice. We can go to our bedroom where you can watch daddy fuck me and then eat his creampie from me. Or, you can get on your knees in front of him and give daddy his first ever blowjob!" Mum told Neil.

Neil hesitated a second. Not that he hadn't decided already what he wanted. He already knew he would be eating lots of creampie in the coming days, weeks, months and hopefully years. But he realised that being allowed to suck his father's cock wouldn't be a regular experience. What he waited for was the reaction from his dad -- not just his face which registered shock but also want; but more importantly the bulge in his panties which seemed to grow bigger with his mum's words.

Misreading the hesitation his mother added, "Sucking daddy doesn't make you gay -- you've already proved that. And if you don't do it today don't expect to be offered another chance for a year. But if you do it and enjoy it, I may just order you to do it from time to time!"

Neil didn't bother answering. He just knelt in front of his father. His father pulled his own nightie up to fully expose his panty covered cock. Neil reached down and went to try and slide the panties down. Mum, who had now slid across to sit right next to dad, pushed his hand away from the waist band. Instead she helped dad release his cock though the leg band. "This way he is still nicely covered with silky panties while you do it."

Neil was now staring at his own fathers 8" cock. It was rock hard. Nervously Neil lowered his head. He kissed the tip. It twitched! He opened his mouth as wide as he could and lowered in.

"Keep your teeth back Neil", Mum told him.

Slowly Neil started to take dad's cock in his mouth. As it slid into his mouth his own cock was getting even harder. He was a bit surprised at his reaction; but not embarrassed. After all, if dad didn't mind another man sucking his cock, why should he be embarrassed?

He couldn't take it all in yet ... but with practice maybe! He loved the feel, and the fact that the cock in his mouth was already starting to throb showed daddy loved it too.

Mum said, "Poor daddy! He isn't going to be able to hold off! It's his first blow job ... I may suck his cock, but never let him cum!"

That excited Neil even more ... knowing he would be the first to ever swallow dads cum! Now his cock started to throb uncontrollably. He kept sliding his mouth up and down, loving the feel. He was about the spurt in his brand new pink silky panties -- but who cared? Then as he went down one more time dad rested his hand on his head, holding him there, not pushing him down uncomfortably though. Then he felt the cum surging up dad's shaft. Then it exploded into his mouth! WOW! It was wonderful! Still not as good as the creampie from Mum; but better than trying to eat his own when wanking.

His own cum was spurting into his panties as dad's spurted into his mouth. What a birthday present!

"So," asked his Mum, "Would you object to doing that again ... either to dad or if one of the men who visit wants a blow job?"

Neil smiled, but didn't answer. He didn't need to. He just stood up to show them the mess in his panties.

"Good boy darling. But don't think you get to take those off, or clean anything up. Just leave them on as they are. Go and get dressed so we can go to breakfast. And when you come home you can lick my pussy again!" Mum told him.

Neil couldn't believe how good it felt to go out dressed in sticky panties! He was hooked already and it was only his first pair!

Over the rest of that day Neil experienced the feel of all three types of panties -- and spurting in all three too! More was also explained about the future rules and mum and dad's sex life.

The rules were explained: Dad was only permitted to orgasm every third day if he wanted to fuck his wife. Every time he lost his load in his panties (or like today in Neil's mouth) he had to wait three more. Even then it was HER choice as to how he came on day 3. If she wanted to wank him or watch him wank that was just too bad. Three more days! Neil would have modified rules. For him he would be allowed one orgasm per day ... for the next three months. Then one every two days until 6 months from today. Then like his dad, three day loads would be required. As discussed earlier, all cum had to be licked out of her pussy as soon as practical after it was deposited. Neil would have first refusal. Both men were to always wear panties. At home they were then only permitted to wear a nightie or slip unless they had visitors -- other than their "special" visitors for whom lingerie was still required. They were also required to purchase their own lingerie under her supervision to ensure they informed all sales assistants and checkout staff WHOM the panties were for.

It was as these rules were explained that Neil first creamed the white lace panties. The lace was fine enough that his cum couldn't escape, but it looked nasty ... but felt nice!

His parents waited for a couple of hours after that accident before explaining their sexual arrangements.

"About ten years ago, a few years after dad had been wearing panties to work; he was caught by his boss when his pants split. His boss had always fancied me. He told dad that if he let him fuck me just once, then he would forget all about the panties, otherwise the whole office would know. Dad told him he had to discuss it with me first."

"Well, it had been a fantasy for both of us for some time. So we agreed. It was arranged for the Saturday night. Three days away. And that was the start of the three day rule. Well, it was fantastic! Your dad came in his panties watching that cock slide in and out of me; then again as he ate his first cuckold creampie. I came multiple times too!"

"His boss told us as he left he had forgotten all about the panties. And I think we were both disappointed he hadn't tried to blackmail dad further. We discussed it further the next day and agreed that we wanted more ... more cocks to fill my pussy as dad watched."

"Dad sorted it all out on the Monday! He walked into the board meeting his boss was running. Then he dropped his pants to expose his panties, and removed his jacket and shirt to expose his slip. He explained the blackmail ... and pointed out that since they ALL knew now they better all come over tonight to fuck me! And that was the start. All 12 of them would like to visit at least once a week, but it was difficult with you at home. Especially since we agreed I would only do it with dad there. But we still got at least 4 a week in. So ... do I have them all over as much as they want ... remembering they'll see you in lingerie and you will be eating their cum?

"Yes please!" Neil exclaimed. "Will any of them want blow jobs?"

Dad laughed. "They all do! They've asked me lots of times since mum refused, but although I'll eat creampie I won't do that!"

Neil creamed his lace panties for a second time.

Finally Neil was allowed to change into the panties he would be wearing to bed. The pink polka dot cotton ones. It was then he was also introduced to mum's "friends". These were vibrators shaped like cocks. "You and your dad will use these on me when I need a good hard fuck and no real men are available and you haven't got enough cum in your balls to fuck me ... like right now. You need to wait until tomorrow night and your dad until Tuesday."

Dad demonstrated what to do. Neil was a quick learner; soon he had the vibrator plunging in and out of mum -- hard and fast like dad told him she loved it! And she did! She was cumming over and over again -- and very noisily! Then as instructed he pulled it out and licked her pussy to one more orgasm. Finally he sucked the vibrator clean.

His cock was throbbing. He was amazed he hadn't cum. But that didn't last long. Mum just stroked him gently through the panties and he spurted into them.

Mum smiled. "Ooops. And they are your pyjamas too! You can't wear male ones any more. So you will just have to sleep in them ... and then wear them when I take you panty shopping tomorrow ... assuming you want to that is ... you do want to wear panties and serve mummy from now on don't you?"

Neil smiled and nodded, "Oh, YES please Mummy!"

"Good Slave Boy! By the way ... if you are anything like dad, don't expect to fuck me too often! I think you'll just keep creaming your panties before you qualify! Other than his birthday and Christmas ones which are freebies he averages about 4 a year!" Mum explained.

Dad came in his panties as she said this ... and although Neil had only just spurted he added another small load to his stained panties.

...to be continued if you votes are good enough!

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