tagInterracial LoveMurphy Ch. 02

Murphy Ch. 02


(Author's Note: This isn't where I wanted to end this part but it was getting a bit too long. No worries, I'll bring the heat twice over in the next part. Hope you likey.)


The bed felt huge and empty.

It had been three weeks since she had met Murphy and they made every excuse to see each other as much as possible. Ananda realized that Murphy was more assertive than she first thought. Time and time again he proved it. After their first night together Ananda went through the day with the hugest smile and it only grew with the thought of the things Murphy had done to her body. Around lunchtime Ananda had gotten this text from him.

"Next time no stops. Im gonna see how many times I can make you cum"

She could practically hear the deep resonance of his voice gliding across her skin. She went onto to do her presentation and nailed it. Even her supervisor commented on her upbeat attitude.

The next time Nandy saw him, he kept to his word. She had stopped counting her orgasms around one in the morning and just enjoyed herself. This was the first time she hadn't been in control of the situation and it felt good to just...indulge. That wasn't the only thing she enjoyed about her time with Murphy. He was more than just a great lay, he was amusing, silly and had this boyish charm that hid inside the body of this grown man.

Sometimes his facial expressions made her laugh. He had ways of communicating things with the lost art of eyebrow raising. She also loved the way he made her feel, and not just physically. She felt feminine, like the heroine in a movie.

When Ananda was a teenager she had towered over all the boys. As she grew older she grew accustomed to taking up a lot of space and being stared at. She embraced it. She knew she'd never be seen as delicate or gentle and she accepted it. It wasn't until she met Murphy that she realized she'd always wanted that feeling.

After she and Murphy made love he'd pull her into his side and fall asleep. He held onto her like she was a teddy bear. It was an amazing feeling being engulfed in his warmth, caring about nothing but the man holding her. Out of all her lovers she had never experienced one who'd made her feel that way. Ananda just didn't know what to do about it.

Ananda rolled over in her bed. She had cramps and her limbs felt heavy. All she could think of was how much she missed that feeling, how much she missed Murphy. It had been three days since she'd last seen him. Nandy's phone went off and she groaned. It wasn't like it was late or anything. She just couldn't muster the energy.

She fumbled with the phone then answered.

"I miss you" She heard and she smiled widely.

"What do you propose I do about that?" she said lying back on her bed smiling.

"You can open the door when I knock." Murphy said his voice deep with arousal.

"I will, but you won't be knocking tonight. Or for the next couple days" Ananda said trying to keep the disappointment from her voice.

"Why?" He asked sounding more confused than disappointed.

"I'm not feeling too well." She said simply.

"I can kiss it and make it better," Murphy persuaded "then I could lick it until you moan and--"

"No, Murphy, I...I just cant" Ananda said. It almost pained her to say.

"That bad?"

"'fraid so. "

"I'll just leave you alone then and you feel better." Murphy said. Ananda heard shuffling before he said good-bye.

"No, wait! Can't we just talk?" She asked sounding more desperate than she would ever allow herself to sound with anyone else.

"About anything, for as long as you want." He said causing her to smile. "but, I'll call you back"

Ananda frowned as the line went dead. She tried not to think what was at the edge of her consciousness. Something, akin to rejection coursed through her. She sighed trying her best to rid herself of the feeling but it seemed to stick to her. maybe it was PMS or maybe it was her but him hanging up stung her.

It was an hour before Ananda's phone rang again. She knew it was Murphy but she was still seething from him hanging up on her. After about seven rings it stopped. Ananda sighed and burrowed deeper into her bed. Just as she found the sweet spot she heard knocking at the door. She groaned as it became incessant.

Nandy pulled herself out of bed and went to answer it.When Ananda opened the door she gave a little start. Murphy stood in her doorway sporting that boyish smile she came to love. Her whole being smiled and she quickly forgot that she was angry at him.

"What are you doing here? I told you that you couldn't come over."

"Nandy I grew up in a house full of girls. It's been like three weeks of lovemaking, I just figured you probably have your period and didn't wanna do the nasty. I get it."

Ananda looked at him shocked but more so she was elated that he came anyway. She let him in still wearing her shock boldly, he had a bag of stuff and she was starting to get curious as to what it was. 

"You know that this isn't the ancient world, right? You're allowed to be around people, you don't have to be a shut in." He joked.

"Shut up," she said on a laugh as she followed him into the living room.

"I brought some snack-age and movies, so we can have a sleepover."

"You sure? I'm not one of those girls who have sex when I'm...you know."

"I'm very sure, can't I just come and hang out with my friend?" He said putting the bag on the table and rummaging through it. "I've got 'Crank', 'The Expendables', 'Red', and 'The Mummy' Trilogy" Murphy took a seat on the couch in front of Nandy's television. Nandy could only stare. He was her friend and not her...fuck buddy. Could a man and woman be friends? Could she feel what she felt and still only be friends with him? "Hell yeah!" she thought. She plopped down on the couch beside him looking through his movies.

"Why is there only 'shoot 'em up, kill 'em up' movies. If you grew up with a bunch of girls you would know I'm in desperate need of a chick flick."

He chuckled "It was all I have."

"I choose...The Mummy. It at least has a princess in it." Ananda said. She pulled the bag of his 'snack-age' off the coffee table and rummaged through it. Murphy stood up to put on the movie.

"You know, you should come to my house. I've got surround sound, a sixty inch flat screen, and a blue ray player." He said setting up the movie.

"Why?" She asked opening a bag of Doritos. He raised his eyebrows in confusion and Nandy couldn't help but laugh.

"Because..." Was all he said. making his way back onto the couch beside Nandy. She tucked her feet under her and dug into the chips.

"Blanket?" Murphy asked Ananda shook her head yes and made to get up. "I'll get it," Murphy said.

"I'm not sure if its sad that you know every nook and cranny of my condo but I have never been to your place," Ananda called.

"Im not gonna lie, I just like your place better," He said coming back with the blanket. "My place is like a sad empty man cave."

"Sad? Not with your dear home theatre system." Ananda teased.

The movie began and the two stuffed their face with what Ananda deemed the worst and best food ever created. She figured it was stoner's heaven. They had Doritos, Funyuns, gummy bears, packets of popcorn, Yoo-hoo, and a few wrapped tacos. He must have gone to the nearest seven eleven and grabbed everything he could find.

After they were stuffed like a turkey in November they sat and simply watched the movie. Something seemed to be missing, Nandy thought. Just as she thought it, Murphy brought his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into his side. Ananda almost sighed, that was the feeling she was craving. They watched The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and had just started The Scorpion King when Murphy turned to Ananda burying his face in her hair.

"You smell so good," He whispered causing a shiver to run through Nandy's body. "And you're so soft." He said his thumb rubbing the skin on her shoulder.

Before she could respond his lips kissed the sweet spot behind her ear, his tongue flicked out to lick her earlobe before he traveled down her neck to nibble. Something traveled through her body and she laughed and jerked.

"Murph, Stop!" She said laughing.

"Are you ticklish?" He asked sounding delighted at the information. He had mischief in his eyes.

"Murphy, you better not." She said already laughing.

"How did I not know this?" He asked before nibbling her neck again causing her to squeal.

"Nut check!" Ananda said.

"What?" He asked then jerked when Ananda made a swing toward his crotch. She didn't actually hit him but when he jerked she laughed.

"That's what happens when you tickle me." She said cuddling back up to him.

Murphy chuckled, "Did you just nut check me because I tickled you?"

"Ask your balls?" Ananda said causing them to both laughed. As their laughter died Ananda's dark eyes drank him in.

Murphy couldn't explain it. Ananda did something to him. He missed her every time they were apart. He found himself doing things he'd never done for a woman. He waited by the phone (metaphorically, nobody has a landline anymore), he gave up precious overtime for her, and he never wanted to not touch her. Murphy knew that shit like that can scare a girl off, being too clingy. He tried to keep his stalker instinct to a minimum.

"Murphy, I was meaning to ask you something. I didn't want this to be...weird and I didn't know how you'd react." Ananda said softly. For some reason his heart quickened and he was rushed with adrenaline

"What is it?" He asked when she paused to search his face for his emotions.

"I was wondering...If you would be my....date, for my product launch." Ananda finally spit out.

"Uh--Um, Are you sure?" Murphy asked feeling a bit deflated.

"I mean, you told me this is bigger than you had first thought." Murphy was wary of this party. It was a scene he'd never been in and honestly he didn't want to embarrass Ananda in front of her people.

"Yeah, I'm sure. There's no one else I would want to bring. Ruby would leave early and Jae would cold shoulder everyone, and I look good standing next to you." She pleaded.

"Umm..." He said not knowing if he could deny her anything.

"We get to ride in the Luxe bus with G Frenzy. It's his tequila we're launching." She added sweetly.

"Sure" He said giving in.

"Yay!" She squealed before kissing him. Her excitement made him feel a little better about going but he was nervous nonetheless.


"How long do you have before this thing anyways?" Ruby asked.

They'd forfeited that week's breakfast and movie to go shopping. Ananda had to find the perfect dress for this event. Not because it was a celebrity client but because deep inside it kind of felt like a legit first date between her and Murphy.

"A little over a week, but I really want it to be a great outfit." Ananda explained. "It has to say 'Damn, girl, what you got in that dress?'" She held up an emerald green dress to her and looked toward Jae.

"Jae you're the fashionista, what do you think about this?" She asked. Jae was fixated on her phone, texting with a small smile.

"Jae!" Ruby called making her jump.


"Who're you texting over there?" Nandy asked forgetting about the dress.

"Is it a man?" Ruby asked teasing Jae.

"No," She replied quickly "I mean, yes, but it's not what you think."

"Liar," Ananda said "Tell me what you think about green."

"Two words," Jae said analyzing the dress. "It's spring. Emerald green is a no, it's too dark. As a matter of fact, Dillard's is a no; let's go out into the mall we can find something way better."

"Well, excuse me, Miss Thang." Ruby said laughing.

"Miss Thang?" Jae asked looking at her cousins "People still say that? That's like a thing?"

Ananda chuckled and followed Jae and Ruby out the store.

"Buying your dress for a South Beach event at Dillard's, you must be crazy." Jae muttered causing her two cousins to laugh

The three went to Bebe, Guess, Cole Haan, and White House/Black Market. They finally hit bank in Max Azaria. The store clerk was this black stylish gay guy. He was elegant which Jae liked, knowledgeable which Ruby liked, and gave Nandy a lot of choices which, you know she liked. He grabbed maybe fifteen dresses and ushered them into a huge simply designed fitting room.

"Who thought of this theme, in the first place?" Ruby asked when Ananda slipped behind a curtain to change into the first dress.

"I did" Nandy called out "It's not exactly my best idea but it's solid."

"It's a great idea, Vesuvius Tequila launch and a Grecian theme." Jae complimented standing next to the curtain holding onto a bundle of dresses. "Most of those college-dropout-star-fuckers won't get it but it will bring back the memories of drunken toga parties and it will be a success either way."

"Thank...you?" Ananda said poking her head from behind the curtain. "That was a compliment, right? Or was she just complaining about the people at an event she's not even going to?" She said looking toward Ruby.

"I'd go with compliment." Ruby said "Now come out! I'm getting bored."

"I dunno you guys," Ananda said receding back behind the curtain. "I feel stupid in this one."

When she stepped out in a frothy white off the shoulder dress Ruby clamped her mouth closed. She tried her best to hold back the laugh on her lips.

"You look pregnant...in a good way?" Ruby said forcing back laughs. "There's a glow."

"I told you empire waist dresses are my enemy and anything with flowers." Ananda said marching back to the curtain. Once she was behind the curtain Jae and Ruby both fell into laughter.

"So what's going on between you and Murphy?" Jae asked passing Nandy another dress.

"Everything and nothing," She replied vaguely. Frankly, she didn't know. "Why do you ask?"

"Because, this is a first...ever" Ruby said

"Yeah, you've never invited one of your...'lovers' to an event. You'd just drag one of us. I just wanted to know if you guys made it official yet."

"Official? When have you known me to have a boyfriend, really?" Ananda said audibly struggling into the next dress.

"When have you been known to sleep with one guy only for a month?" Ruby countered

"College!" Ananda answered

"Doesn't count" Jae said taking the dress that Ananda pulled off in frustration. "You only did it during finals, two or three months out of the year."

"Okay, you guys want to know the truth?"

"Please," Ruby said.

"I like Murphy more than I have a lot of guys, he makes me happy. I'm so fucking happy it's insane. Sex is amazing and when we are not makin-a-sexy-time he's funny and he makes me feel secure and I can wear my heels around him without feeling like baby giant."

"Hmm...sounds serious." Ruby teased.

"It is serious but not official. It doesn't have to be official to be amazing." Ananda said wiggling into a dress. "You guys, I think this one is it."

"Lemme see! Lemme see!" Ruby said like an excited six year old.

Ananda stepped out in what she deemed to be the best thing to grace her body since Mango scented Shea butter. The dress was a beautiful dusted rose color, strapless and hugged her body down to the smallest part of her waist where it flared to a flowy tail hem. The long back hem fell to the ground while the front him hit just above her knee.

"Mucho Perfecto!" Jae said.

"I know!" Ananda squealed as she turned in the mirror.

"Jameson!" Ruby called to the store clerk. Within minutes he entered the fitting room.

"Tell the truth, if you liked women would this dress make you want to rip it off me?" Ananda asked with no shame. Jae gasped while Jameson, Ruby and Ananda laughed.

"Probably, but right now I want to rip it off you so I could put it on." Jameson responded and they all laughed.

Jameson rang them up and wrapped up her dress all the while giving them tips on shoes, jewelry, and a clutch. The trio spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and enjoying each other's company. They grabbed lunch at Johnny Rockets.

"This reminds me of high school," Ruby said. "Truman would take me to the movies here in the mall then we'd eat here afterwards."

"I lost my virginity in that movie theatre." Ananda said

"Gross," Jae commented "How did you manage that?"

"It happened in the last row, close to the projectors. I was fifteen and Jonathan was eighteen, we were making out. One thing led to another and we were pulling up the arm rests and laying down on it. It lasted like five minutes" Ananda ended on a small laugh. "Jonathan, that dropout that used to trail you around after school?" Ruby asked

"Yeah," Ananda shrugged and continue to drink her shake. "What about you?"

"What do you mean?" Jae asked.

"Are you going to let that guy you've been texting all day knock the dust off that ass?" Ruby asked.

"What is wrong with you guys? Life isn't all about how often," She said looking at Ruby then shifted her gaze to Nandy, "or how much sex you have."

"Of course it's not. It's about enjoying yourself." Ananda said.

"It's about connecting to people without fear." Ruby commented.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind." Jae said then quickly switching to the subject of Ananda's hair do for the event. She suggested she straighten it, Ruby suggested a nice undo, while Ananda couldn't understand why she couldn't just wear it wild and free.


Murphy was nervous. He fretted over his outfit like a teenage girl. He had gotten dressed early and now he stood in his room wondering if a full suit was way too much.

"You look ridiculous," He said to his reflection. He went back into his closet to find something else. After dressing too casual then too beachy he went for a pair of dark jeans, a button down cotton shirt, and a blazer. He hoped it was good enough because he was running out of time.

He made his way over to Nandy's place, greeting the guard at the front gate. He made it to the door and knocked. He was reminded of his first night with Nandy. Ever since that night he has always opened the door expecting to greeted by her warm body and soft kisses.

When she opened the door Ananda smiled up at him. She was bare faced and her hair was a massive afro dancing around her face shoulders and back. She was barefoot and her dress hadn't been zipped up.

"You look...nice," Murphy said knowing he should complement her.

"Silly," She muttered on a laugh. "Come in, I'm almost done."

"Almost?" He teased.

"Shut up," She chuckled walking back to her room. Murphy followed her into the bathroom curious as to how she'd pull it together in twenty minutes.

"You clean up real good," She said when she sat in front of her vanity.

"Thanks, I had to make you look good, right?" He chuckled.

He watched Ananda fascinated by how she expertly took a flat iron to her hair turning the mass into fat nicely manicured curls. He'd never seen her hair like this, he wanted to run his hands through it but he knew better. He'd do that to Rosalind, his sister, to drive her crazy.

Murphy was rapt with fascination as he watched her do her hair then go on to do her makeup. She looked to be a pro at it. Ananda didn't wear much makeup. The most he'd seen on her was lipstick and eye liner, but now she had pulled out all the stops.

"Now, don't we look amazing together," she said as she looked over herself in the mirror. Murphy came to stand next to her, pulling her into his side. He could only marvel at the dichotomy they created. She looked as if she fell from some hipster magazine and he looked like he barely tried. She was a dark goddess while he looked more rough than anything.

"Wait," She said shaking him from his thoughts. She pulled off his blazer and rolled his sleeves up his forearms exposing the light dusting of hair, she also un-tucked his shirt. "Now, you look like my sex god." She said

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