tagInterracial LoveMurphy Ch. 03

Murphy Ch. 03


[Author's Note: Sorry for taking so long :-( I'll make it up to you ;-)]


Damn him! Jae thought as she stared at the screen of her phone.

She sighed, she didn't mean it. The time on her last text said 1:55, it was 2:10 and he still hadn't replied. He was probably busy or he was probably sleeping. She should sleep. Besides this wasn't her, she didn't wait around for a guy to call (or text), guys waited for her. She figured this was payback for ignoring all the guys who pursued her. She was finally interested in a guy and he was so nonchalant about everything.

Almost everything.

His name was Delvin. She'd met him a few months ago in Denny's. He was one of three firemen to flirt with her. All three were breathtaking, in varying shades of mahogany. She remembered Delvin because unlike the other two he was more aggressive with his flirtation, he made her laugh. The other two asked her about herself while he showed her his personality, bearing it in flirtatious comments.

When they left the restaurant they all asked for her number, all except one, Delvin. She politely denied them and left with her cousins. She, Ruby, and Ananda had settled into their movie when Jae's phone went off in her purse, only it was a strange ringtone. Jae tended to keep her phone on silent whenever she hung out with her cousins.

She excused herself from the theater to answer it. In the light of the theatre's hall she could see it wasn't her phone. It was a white iPhone much like hers, but the background was different and there was a bunch of gamer applications. As she stared confused at the phone a message popped up on the screen. The sender's number was her own.

'sorry, I took ur phone

but I knew u wouldn't

gimme ur number even

tho u wanted to :-)'

A strange mixture of giddy excitement, shock, and a little anger coursed through her. She quickly called her number.

"So you resort to theft?" She asked when Delvin answered. Her voice gave away her excitement.

"Theft? Our phones simply got mixed up." He said with mock innocence. Jae couldn't stop the smile that was forming on her face. He texted her all through the movie, their conversation lasted up until they met for coffee that weekend. But don't call it a date! He'd somehow enraptured her. She couldn't take her mind off of him.

Last week when she was meeting with one of her young patients she found herself wondering what kind of children she and Delvin would make. The fact that she thought that scared her.


The tequila was finally hitting him.

Everything began to fit. He felt less like a wannabe and more like...like the sex god Ananda claimed him as. He trailed after Ananda as she circled the party greeting co-workers, executives and potential clients alike. She charmed them with her wit making him feel, at first, like the nerd who went to prom with the popular girl. As the tequila flooded his system he began to notice the sly glances she slipped him and the many times her ass "accidentally" brushed his crotch. He realized he wasn't the nerd; he was the fucking prom king.

After she finished dutifully greeting everyone worth greeting Ananda slipped her hand into Murphy's and led him down the stairs taking them from VIP to the main room. She slowly lured him into the throng of people pulsing to the music. They maneuvered closer and closer to the speakers and the bass pulsed through them.

Just as they were close to the D.J. booth Murphy pulled her into his chest and they danced to the surging music. She was engulfed in his heat his scent and she wanted more. Her hips moved to the rhythm and his moved to hers. They rode the beat getting lost in each other. It felt amazing.

His lips hovered near her neck a whisper against her skin. They danced like that until she didn't know where he ended and she began...or maybe it was the tequila that made her feel this way. She didn't know but what she did know was that as she lived and breathed she was giving him some tonight.

"Ananda?" A deep voice called. She opened her eyes as she slowly came out of the haze Murphy's nearness, the music and tequila caused. She looked around for the voice, following Murphy's gaze. It was Robert or Boss Man, Cole's guard.

"Boss Man? What do you need?" She asked leaning close to his ear. Murphy kept a firm grip on her hips.

"Frenze need to talk to you," He stated.

"Frenze? Who the hell is frenze?" Ananda asked. Robert gave her an incredulous look.

"G Frenzy, Frenze, Cole, he wants to talk to you."

"Oh," She said finally understanding "Okay, we're coming." She put her hand in Murphy and made for VIP.

"No, just you." Robert said looking at Ananda then to Murphy and back. "It's business."

"Ohh-kay," Ananda said giving him a confused look. She glanced back at Murphy to see the obvious displeasure there. He didn't like the sound of that. Ananda couldn't just abandon him, he didn't know anyone there. She couldn't abandon Cole either he was business, her bread and butter. Against her better judgment she made the decision.

"Hey, Murph, I'll only be a sec." She said as the two stopped in front of the VIP bar. "You can hang with Ella. She's Brazilian like you," She smiled at him. He didn't like the fact that she was leaving she could see it in his face.

"Don't take too long." He said.

"I won't," she said leaning in to kiss him. Murphy, expecting a light peck was surprised when she drew his bottom lip into her mouth and wrapped her arms around his waist. Instinctively, he returned her kiss, inhaling her perfume, his tongue flicked out to greet hers. Just as she was about to end her kiss she opened her eyes pinning Raphaela with a warning glare. Murphy was hers. Ella returned the look with one that said 'game on, and may the baddest bitch win'.

Ananda followed Boss Man through the throng of party-goers. The crowd parted like the seas before Moses as they reached Cole. He stood like a gem among his entourage. People flocked around him; there were cameras snapping here and there and a video crew recording an interview with him. As if on cue, his eyes found Ananda's and he flashed his dazzling smile. The teen-aged girl inside of her screamed in excitement.

She reminded herself that she was a grown woman and Cole was an illusion while she had all reality, all man, Murphy waiting for her. Cole grabbed her hand and pulled her into him. He was a bit too close and he'd switched his hand to her waist.

"They want to interview me but I've never done an interview without consulting a publicist. I fired mine a week ago." He whispered. Ananda barely paid attention instead her mind was on his entrancing cologne and his closeness.

"Uh...you know that you don't necessarily need a publicist for an interview." She whispered back.

He gave her a look as if he knew that already but had expected her to still do something about it. When he only got a blank stare from her he sighed and leaned in a bit closer, his body pressing closer to her.

"I get...less than articulate...in front of cameras." He divulged softly.

"You're camera shy!" Ananda said louder than she meant too. He quickly shushed her. "How is that? You do interviews all the time."

"My publicist, I always knew exactly what I should be saying, but now..." He trailed off.

"So what is it you're asking me to do?" She asked again dumbly.

"Speak for me...just regurgitate all the information we went over about the tequila for the party. Any info will do I just don't want to make a fool of myself."

"Okay, but it's only because you're so cute when you beg." Ananda said failing to mention he was so cute when he did everything else as well.

With bravado she didn't know she had Ananda waltz over to the camera crew and host with Cole on her heels and his entourage on his.

"This is Ananda Rawlings," Cole started, charming as ever. Then he paused and Ananda can practically see the cranks going in his head. The lights were on but nobody wanted to come to the door.

"Yes, I'm Ananda Rawlings Project Manager for C&D Marketing and I think I can tell you all you need to know about Vesuvius." She smiled toward the host; the bright light of the camera shone and illuminated everything. Cole put his arm around her squeezing her hip to communicate his gratitude for stepping up.

The host, a fashion forward gossip girl looking woman asked questions like "why the name Vesuvius?" and "Does G Frenzy think it can compete with the other rapper owned liquors?" Ananda answered expertly stealing glances at Cole to make sure he agreed with everything she was saying.

"So you and G Frenzy seem to have become really close...during this process. Can you describe what's next for the two of you?" The host asked.

This question made Nandy laugh. "Well, I hope that Co--G Frenzy would definitely come back to us if he has any other business endeavor he wishes to launch. I mean, this experience was great and I'd even venture out to say it was a success."

"Yes, but do you think that your personal relationship will progress?" She asked, fishing for something that definitely wasn't there.

"I can see g Frenzy and I staying on friendly terms." Ananda answered diplomatically. She was officially over this interview and wished to return back to Murphy.

"What about you?" The host asked trying to pry some words from Cole. "Do you think you'd pursue a relationship with Amanda? You two seem pretty close." She gestured to the hand that was still on Ananda's hip.

"Ananda" He corrects looking into Nandy's eyes. "She is amazing, beautiful, intelligent and creative. I'd love for her to join my team." His eyes never left hers, and for the second time that night she felt like she'd just won the lottery. The cutest guy there was her date and the richest and most famous guy in the room was complimenting her.

"Your team?" Ananda found herself asking as she returned his gaze.

"Yeah, you'd be great, an asset." He answered leaning in. Their interview suddenly became an intimate conversation.

"I'd have to think about it but I can't say that I'm not excited at the prospect." To be G Frenzy's publicist was an amazing opportunity. This would have been a major pay bump as well as gain her great prestige in the public relations world.

"Well, we can get together and talk about it someday soon." He said suddenly a whisper away from her.

"Yes, of course." she answered, then seemingly without warning, rhyme, or reason Cole's lips had descended on hers.

She was vaguely aware of the pop and snap of cameras or the conspiratorial cooing of the host. She was aware, however, of Cole's scent and heat filling her senses and how soft his lips felt on hers. She was even aware of the way he pulled her into him by the hip and how her heart seemed to beat so fast that it fell out of rhythm.

She pulled away from him, this shouldn't be happening. Another part of her said, why the hell not, she wasn't dating Murphy. The sentimental side of her brain countered that she did really want to date Murphy, a first, which this kiss could ruin if not stopped.

She stepped back looking at Cole surprised that he didn't look apologetic one bit. She gave the host a shy smile and demure goodbye as she pushed through the crowd that still snapped pictures. She took a deep breath once she got out of the crowd. Cole will make it alright, he'd explain that he was drunk and it will all go away. She repeated this thought over and over until she believed it. She needed to find Murphy, quickly, because the memory of Cole's kiss was making her shiver in a way she didn't want to.

At first Murphy was convinced that Raphaela was intense but on second glance she was charming, and very easy-going.

"How long have you known Nandy?" Murphy asked simply out of something to say.

"A few years now," She said before grabbing two beers and handing them to another waiting patron.

"I met her in college." She finished.

"Really? I thought you were older than her." He asked accepting another one of those tequila cocktails.

"I am. I met her when I was a senior University of Miami. She was barely a sophomore. We began to run in the same circles even after I graduated. We were really close."

"So that would mean you've got a little dirt on her." Murphy joked.

"Depends, on what you mean by a little," Raphaela gave him a charming mischievous smile. It was a darker form of Nandy's smile. It made him feel like she knew things about the world that he couldn't fathom.


'missed me?'

Delvin had finally texted Jae back. Though still irritated, a wave of relief washed over her. Twenty minutes was way too long to wait for her Delvin fix. She smiled at the phone screen.

'oh you were gone?

I didn't notice'

Jae had text back.

'you didn't notice? then

maybe I'll go to sleep'

'No! I've miss you!' She text then backspaced over the miss you part. It sounded too needy to her ears. As soon as she sent the text her phone began to ring. It was Delvin. She smiled, cleared her throat then answered in a softer voice than she'd normally use. What was wrong with her, she didn't speak like that.

"Um...hello?" She reiterated in a voice that sounded much like her own.

"Jae, I just wanted to hear your voice." Delvin said.

Her belly flopped with excitement. It was good to hear his voice as well. "It is a pretty awesome voice isn't it. It has great resonance. It is feminine yet authoritive. Sometimes I wish I could hear it even when someone else is speaking."

"Yes, it is that great and more." He chuckled, "It is only second to mine, so much masculinity in one man's voice. How do I keep the women away?"

"A stick? Do you beat them off with a stick?" Jae answered barely containing her laughter.

"Yes, a stick...but the women aren't the ones getting beat off, if you know what I mean."

"You're a bad man." She laughed

"Yeah, but it's only because you bring it out of me."

"Then maybe we shouldn't speak to each other anymore." She said

"Pfft! Like you can keep away from me." He joked, "I bet just the thought of kissing me is making you tremble."

'No it is not' she wanted to say but she and Delvin both knew it would be a lie. "So what if it did?" She replied boldly. She hoped he'd laugh it off while another part of her hoped he'd explore this string of conversation a bit longer.

"Nothing, I just wonder what your body would do if I told you the things that roam through my mind." He said slowly. Jae's breath caught in her throat. She was more than intrigued.

"L-Like what? W-What things?" She asked.

"Well, I think of kissing you a lot, obviously."

"Obviously" She parroted causing him to laugh.

", but I also think about touching you. Your skin must feel like warm silk. It looks smooth, like caramel, but it probably taste much better." His voice went husky. Jae's heart slowly sped up and her nipples tightened at his words.

"How'd your body react to that? Tell me." Delvin said.

"I..." Jae couldn't bring herself to describe what she was feeling. A pang of shyness and fear froze the words in her mouth.

"You're going to make me guess, aren't you? I bet your nipples are hard little nubs,"

"Yeah," Jae breathed softly.

"I also bet you've pressed your legs together. You know that won't stop you from getting wet, right? "

Without filter Jae said, "How're you doing this to me with just your words?"

"You're letting me, I turn you on just as much as you turn me on, whether you're afraid to admit it or not." He said.

"I'm not afraid," Jae said.

"Then tell me." He said and was greeted by silence. Just when he was about to say something else she spoke.

"You turn me on." She said softly.

"How so?" he asked his voice rasping over her body like a caress.

The words were once again stuck in her mouth. To say what she wanted, what she felt, was such an awkward thing, but she wanted to make his insides melt with her words like he'd done her.

"Your smile," she said taking a safe route. "...and your laugh, when I hear it, it feels like you're touching me. It sends shivers down my body and I want to continue to make you laugh."

"Is that all?" He pushed.

"No," She said quickly, "Your arms, they're almost as thick as my thighs. I wonder how it would feel to have them wrapped around me. Your hands are very soft for a fire fighter." The last part made him laugh.

"I wander how they'd feel over my skin, how'd they feel..." She wanted to say something but couldn't bring herself to say it.

"Cupping your breasts?" He finished, "How they'd feel squeezing your nipples, then traveling down your stomach and into you little panties, to touch you?"

Her pussy began to throb at his description and her body began to wind up into a coil she couldn't release.

"Yes," She said so softly it was almost like a moan.

"Mmm, you'd be so hot and wet." He sighed. "I bet you're wet now, slide your hand in your panties and see for yourself."

She did so slowly, trailing her hand down her stomach as if it were Delvin's. She caressed her slit, slick with proof of her arousal. Her fingers found her nub and gently caressed it. The feeling was so divine she gasped.

"Sounds like I'm right." He said, "Just your soft reply has my dick swollen."

"Are we having phone sex?" Jae found herself asking him.

"No," he said, "I'm making phone-love to you." This made Jae laugh, melting away any of her reluctance. This felt right.

'That cunt!' Ananda thought, she didn't normally use that word but 'bitch' just seemed too nice. She understood that Raphaela was hot for Murphy's flavor but honestly! As she walked back to the bar she could see Raphaela leaning over the bar whispering into Murphy's ear with a smile before pulling back to watch his expression. Murphy was laughing and rubbing his chin in that way that he does when he just heard something dirty.

It was a trick that Ella taught Ananda, when in a crowded space always lean closer in than you normally would, it makes him feel connected to you. The least she could have done was use a newer strategy. Below the festering anger and petty jealousy Nandy knew that it was probably all innocent to Murphy. At least he didn't kiss her in front of a million cameras. She shook that thought away; Cole was going to fix it. Now, she had to pull Murphy out of the lion's den.

As they got closer Ananda could hear that they weren't speaking English to each other rather this aquiline version of Spanish, Portuguese. There speech was fast and smooth and were followed by spurts of laughter. What first looked like a 'strategy' now looked like camaraderie, something deeper than what she shared with him. Something akin to fear went through her. They seemed to have more in common than she did. What if Raphaela was better for him then her? She took a deep breath to shake the feeling. She knew of one way that always made Murphy putty in her hands.

"You missed me?" She asked sidling up behind Murphy. His arm went around her but his gaze stayed on Ella.

"I guess sua acompanhante veio para te pegar." Raphaela said causing Murphy to chuckle.

"I guess so, sendo elcoltadas sente tao bom." He said with a leer toward Nandy, they both laughed again.

"What's the joke, I want to laugh." Nandy said with a forced smile.

"Voce homem mau, se comportam. Behave!" Raphaela concluded before waving goodbye and seeing to her customers.

"What did she say?" Nandy asked putting her hand in his.

"It was nothing important." He brushed a hand over her cheek and kissed her softly.

'Not important, my ass' she thought.

"Well, I've got a bit of a surprise for you" She said smiling.

There was the smile that Murphy knew and love. While Raphaela's smile was something predatory and seductive his Nandy's smile was full of sweet promises that he knew she could fulfill. He let her lead him into a smaller dance room set aside for dub-step music and light displays not for people susceptible to seizures. At the back of this room was a small alcove behind flashing strobe lights and a curtain of hanging crystals, almost unseen to the swaying crowd of dancing bodies.

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