tagRomanceMusic Girl Ch. 01

Music Girl Ch. 01


Yeah so I was in Virgin Record store in Union Square in NYC one Wednesday evening looking for some music. And I see this slim, beautifully dark-skinned young lady with dreads, and some pretty, perfectly manicured toes poking through her open-toe sandals -- and I'm not even a foot person like that, but she was hot. I didn't approach, I knew she had a man, but she wasn't married (no ring) so I kept looking for my music. We ended up looking in the same rack, she was looking for Maxwell's first CD and we started talking.

She really knew her music, I was blown away -- sexy and smart -- I had to have her. To my surprise no man, no boyfriend, no girlfriend, completely single... YES!!! Got the number, then broke the rule and called her the very next day. She wanted to go out Saturday, I was cool with that.

Saturday night she meets me on the Lower East Side and we go to a little Thai restaurant for dinner and drinks. She walks into the restaurant and heads turn, my dick gets stiff and I can feel the pre-cum percolating and oozing around inside my shaft. She wore an orange cotton one-piece pullover dress and nothing underneath. Her breasts weren't that big, about 33b, but her nipples; shit on the cool September night, they were more than happy to see me -- my dick got harder.

We eat, drink, and make small talk; but all I could think of was -- is she as wet under that dress as I was hard in my pants. I didn't care, I was pushing for the pussy on this night. I'm usually not one to take a woman out to eat, but I wasn't in a bar when I met her, so I figured I had to get in some kind of way. As we spoke, come to find out she just broke up with her man a few weeks earlier and just needed to be out of the house. Perfect timing on my part (can't you just see my evil grin).

I was pitchin all sorts of sexual innuendos, she was smiling politely, but she wasn't biting. Then she finally said, "I didn't think it would be this chilly out here," then put on her jacket to cover her still erect nipples. My dick started to get soft. Then she began talking about how her relationship fell apart and things like that. I was so ready to leave, and my erection went on vacation.

So I was tryin to end the date, when she mentioned a wine bar she wanted to go to over on Bleaker. I said ok, I figured I'd get drunk on wine, cum home & rub one out to a beautiful, issue-free Rude woman. We get to the spot and she immediately buys a bottle of red wine, I was like "okay."

We drink, and drink, the wine is hitting both of us. The place is dark and cozy, and kinda empty. We're sitting close and her leg is against mine, her jacket is off again, nipples not as hard as before, but my dick came home early from vacation. When she comes back from the bathroom she sits closer, my hand is under the table, I go for the leg -- I figured I could blame it on the wine if necessary, but I didn't think it would be, she was a bit looser by then.

At the leg she doesn't remove my hand at first, but then she moves it away. In my mind I say I'm not playing this game tonight, I'm going home to some lotion and some long strokes from my right hand. I tell her it's late and start to get ready to leave. She says she doesn't want to go home, and -- surprise, "can I come home with you and watch a movie?"

Now this was a hard question, by then it was 3 am and she had already made me put a pre-cum wet spot in my boxers by me getting hard from lookin at her and stroking her firm thigh beneath the table. But other than being completely commando under her dress, she gave me no indication that I would be licking or slowly easing my dick into her tight pussy later on. But I told myself that I shouldn't be jerking off so much and said what the fuck, why not, and had her flag down a taxi.

In the back of the dark taxi she sat close again, sayin that she was cold. I rested my hand on her thigh and she put her head on my shoulder. As the cab bounced over the shitty, potholed streets of NYC my hand began to be buried deeper into her thighs. She moves my hand again, but this time she moves it so she can pull up her dress some and I can rest my hand on her naked thigh. My dick was a rock in my pants.

I looked at her, she didn't look at me, but her nipples where poking out once again. As I moved up I was amazed at, not only how soft her thighs were, but how plump and juicy they were too. Then, I felt a little hair. What I felt next almost made me cum in my pants. Her pussy was so incredibly wet and soft. You know when you leave soap in the soap dish with water and it gets all gushie and slick, well imagine that, but only much warmer -- she was a mess under that dress. I could not wait to lick her clit, but since we were in a cab I did the next best thing. I took my fingers from her pussy, and licked them, then put them right back between her legs. She gave a little moan when I put them back and arched her back some. I could feel the pre-cum dripping in my boxers again.

When we got back to my place in Brooklyn, I couldn't pay the taxi driver fast enough. I opened the door for her and in the foyer, as I got the key to open the next door, she pressed her plumb, onion of a ass on my hard dick. I grabbed her around her waist and my hand started at her navel, but quickly eased it down to her clit and began to rub it over her dress as I kissed and sucked her neck. Her moans were driving me crazy and I could feel her dress begin to get wet from her soppy pussy. My dick was so fuckin hard, I swear, I wanted to dry hump her right there and shoot a load in my pants and down my thigh.

I stuck the key in the hole, then let it go and grabbed her breast, pinching the nipples, over her dress, like I had been dreaming of all evening. She began humping my hand, and poking her ass harder on my cock. One hand was on my hand assisting in the rubbing of her wet pussy, the other moved my hand from her nipple on top of her dress, and pushed it to her nipple under her dress. Shit, her soft warm breast felt so damn good, I knew I was gonna cum right there between those two doors in the small, dark area.

She was moaning and her juices were running down her leg. By this point both our hands were up under her dress rubbing her pussy -- she wanted to cum bad, I remember at dinner she mentioned that it had been a while since she'd had "really good sex." I moaned out when I felt like I was gonna cum, "come on baby, let's go inside."

She said, "fuck me right here, baby." I wanted to, I really did, but my condoms were inside. She was killing me, pressing her booty hard against my dick, and her moans, I just knew she was gonna wake up my landlord. She reached behind and unzipped my pants, I didn't know what to do. She reached inside, stroked my hard dick a few times, then began to spread the pre-cum that was all over her hand, all over the tip of my dick and was jerkin it. "Fuck me," she said, and pulled it out.

I was aching, I was about to fuck this little sexy woman raw-dawg, something I never do unless I'm in a serious relationship. But my dick was that hard, her pussy was that wet, and the fact that we was almost outside and could get caught by someone was turning us both on. But finally I said I couldn't. She didn't say anything; she turned around, letting her dress fall over her ass, then took off her jacket -- threw it on the floor, took off her dress and let it fall to the floor, got on her knees and began to jerk my dick hard, like she wanted me to cum all over her face, but instead of that she stopped, put her nice soft lips on the tip and then eased it into the back of her throat.

She undid my pants and they were around my ankles, she sucked and sucked my painfully hard dick as she played with her pussy, then took her pussy soaked hands and began rubbing my balls. I couldn't believe I was standing in this narrow foyer with my pants around my ankles and chill on my ass, getting one of the best blow jobs I've had in a long time. All I could think was damn, this dude drove THIS woman away from him? Oh well, his loss.

I wanted to tell her to try to keep the moaning down, but that shit was really turning me on. She was doing a great job sucking my dick. I was surprised of how much of it she got into her small mouth. She would go in and I'd feel the back of her throat with my tip, then she'd slowly and tightly pull her head back, draggin her lips firmly against my veiny shaft and her tongue along the bottom of that same shaft. I couldn't take it anymore she had me, I was about to cum. I tried to stop her, I knew I was gonna be loud, but she kept suckin, making her small mouth tighter on my throbbin cock.

"Ssstop girl, I'm gonna cum, please," I said as she started to bob her head faster and rub under my balls harder. I tried to pull her head away by her hair, but that just made her give it to me more. When that first slash of hot jiz hit the back of her throat, she gagged a little then pulled away and began to jerk my dick with her hand very fast and with a very firm grip to make sure my cum hit her lips, her chin, and her chest. "Aaarrrrhhh, shit," I yelled then caught myself as my body began spazing and flinching like a mad man. I had chills and goose bumps on my arms and chest when I finally began to calm down. She was smiling and suckin the little bit of cum out of the tip of dick. She rubbed her face with my still hard cock, then rubbed as much of the cum into her chest as she could.

It was dark as hell and the street lights barely came through and shined on her gorgeous dark body. "Shit," was all I could say, but she was still ready to go. I knew her pussy was so damn wet, and I couldn't wait to have it between my lips. "Get ya shit, lets go upstairs,"

"I want you to fuck me right here, I need to cum,"

"I'm not gonna fuck you until I lick your pussy and you cum in my mouth and face," when I said that she stayed on her knees with that thought and began playing with her pussy so she could cum right in front of me. Without thinking, or maybe thinking I was watch a sexy Rude girl, I began to jerk off, but then caught myself. "Come on, now!" I pulled up my pants, made her grab her clothes, opened the door, then picked her up and took her to my apartment.

To be continued...

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