Mustang Sally


For much of the next hour Sulis kept him right on the verge of orgasm, stopping each time he came close. Then suddenly Sulis brought her lips far down the shaft of his cock and smoothly slid back up to the crown and then back down. Her hand worked his cock when her mouth vacated a spot. Ramos groaned and quickly came, hard, all the stars behind his eyes for the moment of his orgasm. He had been so close so many times and his orgasm was intense. Ramos yelled in joy as the sperm pumped into her mouth.

When she looked up, her eyes were moist. "Thank you," Sulis said. He felt like he could cry himself and wasn't sure what he was being thanked for. Most amazing, he still had most of his erection and all of his hunger for her. He wanted her badly.

She pulled her dress back up and began to re-tie the sash. "I would like it," she said, "if you would take it off the next time you want me naked." Then she held him to her, his head against her breast and they kissed and talked about the distant lights of stars and buildings and, in an immense black spot below them, the slow movement of a boat on the lake.

His hunger for her grew. He slid the shoulders of her dress down her arms and easily untied the loose bow of the sash. She lifted her hips to help him slide the dress from beneath her as he hovered over her. They both breathed the short, shallow inhalations of lust.

In the moonlight, her skin was alabaster, her hair a filmy cloud of fragrant torture brushing against his chest, her eyes the darkest jade full of ancient knowledge and their future, the shadows beneath her breasts as alluring as the dark between stars, the cleft between her legs as fragrant and moist as flowers and the dark, fragrant soil along the lake shore.

"May I kiss you, eat you?" he asked.

"Lie back," she said.

She straddled his face, her thighs spread wide and her sex at his mouth, her head tossed back in her own rapture at his love of her sexuality, Sulis flung her arms wide and behind her. Her hair flowed down her back nearly to his forehead and her breasts jutted forward with the nipples puckered and taut.

Ramos licked the folds of her vagina and the soft skin around her sex. Sulis leaned forward and, mercifully, did not swallow him again but licked and nibbled at his hard penis. Using her fingers, she gently fondled his balls. He took her clitoris between his lips and then between his teeth, softly, repeating first one then the other. He used his hands on her butt and slid one finger inside of her.

When Sulis felt their orgasms begin to rise, she freed herself and, keeping her hands against his chest so he could not try to mount her, she swung her leg around and held herself, for a moment, so her sex was suspended just above his own.

She looked into his eyes and repeated what he was thinking: "I love you, too. I love you so much." She lowered herself swiftly upon his cock. The pleasure was intense for them both, and in a dimension he had never experienced

Ramos must have felt his cock slide into the dark warmth that pulsed not only about his sex but entirely absorbed him. His closed eyes missed the radiance of the moon as it became a red cloud around her, and the green light as Sulis absorbed him in the purest motion of sex. Someone with her voice inside his head said "I love you" once more, and his thoughts responded with tears and joy.

In his orgasm there was no sense of mere lust or physical release, only of fulfillment. "This is what I wanted," he may have thought. And there would have been the answer "Nature will have her way." His orgasm was a complete release, not only of seed but self to the far reaches of her universe.

Three days later his business partner reported Ramos missing. For a day, not much happened. He was interested in the land next to Mustang Sally's. He was seen with her. She told the police chief they had gone riding but came back to the marina about midnight. Ramos had told her he would be back, but she had not seen him, that like the motorcyclist and the others, he too was gone.

The PC helped her load the cart to feed the horses "That's a new one, the black one there, isn't it?" he asked. She let him pat the stallion's hard muscles and smooth his glistening black neck. The horse snickered and pushed against Sally. She laughed with pleasure.

None of Ramos' things had been moved from the motel. They searched the lake again. They searched the hills where he and Sally had been.

The residents of W. Delosboro sometimes dream of a woman in a long dress, or sometimes a nude, whose hair blows free in the wind and whose eyes are as clear as dark pools and as hard as jade. In their dream, she rides a pure black stallion, his mane and coat glistening in white moonlight, and his deep, black eyes like the dark between stars. In the dream, they stop on the highest hill. They breathe deeply together, and the woman arches her back, her breasts jut out proudly from the sensual wonder of her body, her head and arms reach back and her hair cascades down to her hips. Someone inside the dream says something about silence. Of course no one mentions this dream to anyone.

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