Mustang Sally


"Oh, yeah, that's it, Sally, suck my cock," he said in a passionate, heavy voice, watching me devour his rod. I had never sucked a dick as big as Rudi's before, had never felt my mouth so filled with cock. It thrilled me, inspired me. I sucked hard, then soft, pumping my mouth for a few strokes, then sucking just around the head while stroking his slick shaft. It wasn't long before Rudi began shaking as his orgasm began to build.

Abruptly, he pushed my mouth of him. I gasped, looking up at his face, saliva dripping from my mouth. He gave me a commanding smile.

"Stand up, baby," he said. "Turn around."

I did as he said, and leaned over the desk, arching my back, sluttishly offering up my treasures to him. I planted my feet wide apart on the floor, and Rudi grabbed my ass cheeks, prying my cunt open with his fingers. I felt the head of his cock nudge against my vagina. I couldn't wait to feel him inside me, fucking me, pounding me, treating me like the nasty filthy whore I was . . . .

"W-wait!" I cried, looking over my shoulder at him. "Don't you have a condom?"

He just sneered at me. "No," he said, then shoved his fat cock up inside my slippery tunnel, making me breathe in sharply. I felt split open, my pussy spasming as his thick dick penetrated me deep. I slapped the desk, panting, breathing hard. Rudi squeezed my ass with one hand, settling the other to my left shoulder as he drove his monster cock all the way inside me. I cried out in both pleasure and apprehension.

Mother fucker! I screamed in my mind. Fucking me without a condom (and fucking me so good)! You get me pregnant, you sweaty piece of shit, and I'll fucking have your ass in court (after I cum all over you a hundred times)!

"Ohh, fuck yeah!" he groaned, pounding my tight little pussy. He slapped his hips to my ass, making me grunt and whimper and pant with each thrust he made inside me. Rudi fucked me hard and fast, digging his fingers into my skin, plunging that incredibly long, thick, fat, oh my God, wonderful, incredible cock inside me over and over and over . . . .

"Uhn! Ah! Oh! Mm! Fuck! Me! Hard!" I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth, couldn't believe how hot I was to feel Rudi's stiff pole penetrating me deep.

I all but screamed as I came again, by body shaking and rolling, pushing my hips back against him, wanting him to go as deep as he could . . . oh, God, it hurt when he pounded my cervix, but, Jesus, it felt so God damned fucking good!

I barely heard his long groan of release, but I sure as hell felt the hot flood of his semen spurting deep within my pussy, filling my womb. I cried out again, my cunt still spasming around his shaft, milking his cock for every drop of cum he had to give. I suddenly realized that I had never, ever, let a guy fuck me without a condom, not even when I gave up my cherry. Rudi's was the first sperm to ever swim in my womb.

Rudi drove up hard inside me one last time, and reached around to grope my tits as he sagged against my back. For several moments, we just stayed like that, panting, recovering. I could feel his mighty cock inside me, his hot thick fluid swirling within me like a whirlpool, oozing out around his penis and over my swollen lips, running down my thighs and dripping to the floor.

Rudi kissed my neck, making me shiver. "We're not done yet, babe," he said, and pushed up. He slipped his dick from my pussy and turned me around. I lowered myself to a squat before him as he pushed down on my shoulders. His half-hard dick was wet and glistening, streaked with pearly lines of semen. I took his cock in my mouth, sucking off our mingled fluid, grimacing slightly at the flavor. At the same time, I felt his sperm pour out of my pussy, making a puddle on the floor.

Rudi took my hands and lifted me to my feet after I had cleaned his cock. My lips sticky with cum, the taste of our mingled cream lingering in my mouth, I followed him as he lead me around the desk to the coffee table. He cleared it off, then had me lay back upon it. How eager I was to do what he wanted! But I figured, Rudi was essentially giving me five hundred bucks to fuck me, and he obviously intended to get his money's worth. I looked up at Rudi in a daze as he settled his penis between my tits.

"Squeeze them tight," he directed, and I obediently complied. I pushed my tits around his dick as he moved back and forth, sighing and grinning in pleasure. But the lack of lubricant started making rug burn between my tits, so I sucked his dick and spit on it now and then to keep it slick. Rudi chuckled, and fucked my tits harder.

It took a little while, which was fine with me since I always enjoyed a good tit-fuck. The head of Rudi's fat cock popped in and out of my mouth as he pumped forward, and I drooled all over him to keep his cock slick. Finally, he started shaking and giving me that pained look that signaled his impending orgasm. He moaned loudly and pushed his dick into my mouth, arching his back as he gripped my head.

"Oh, baby! Here it comes! Suck it, baby!"

He's gonna cum in my mouth! I thought with anxiety. I had only tasted cum once before, and wasn't too crazy about it. I winced at the idea of letting him ejaculate in my mouth, but I sucked his cock hard, wanting to get it over with. I flinched at the first burst of his warm, salty fluid, and almost gagged. But I kept sucking him, drawing out every little bit of sperm from his dick. Rudi stared down at my face with a rapturous look.

"Oh, fuck yeah, baby," he hissed. "Yeah, you like that juice? Swallow it, baby. Swallow for papa."

I gagged again, my mouth swimming with semen. But Rudi's dick in my mouth didn't give me the option of spiting it out. So I squeezed my eyes shut and gulped it all down, gasping around his cock. I almost threw up, but managed to hold down the reflex.

Rudi chuckled. "Good girl," he said, then lifted me up and turned me over. I let out a cry of surprise, little drops of cum falling from my mouth to the coffee table below, as Rudi got me on my hands and knees and shoved his cock back into me from behind.

Oh my God! When's he gonna stop?


Rudi finally stopped about an hour later, after drilling me from behind and shooting his load all over my ass and thighs, then fucking me hard with my legs curled back toward my chest. The last time he came, he pulled out and jacked off onto my face, splattering my lips and cheeks and chin with his sauce. Then he had me suck his dick clean.

There was a little bathroom in the trailer, and I took a quick shower to clean up. When I came back out, dripping wet and naked, Rudi looked me over with a satisfied smile and watched as I got dressed. I felt strangely turned on as I pulled up my shorts and tugged my top down. Then I signed the contract, took my keys, and headed out to my Mustang.

That evening, I called up my friends and picked them all up in my new '66 Mustang. They asked me how I had managed to find such a cool car. I just gave them a smile.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," I said.

The following day, I headed over to Tommy's apartment that he shared with another of his fellow frat brothers. Turned out that Tommy had gotten so drunk and stoned the night before he was supposed to pick me up that he simply forgot. I slapped him across the face and told him to never call me again.


My baby-blue Mustang served me well all throughout college and even beyond. I loved my first car, and the more I thought about it, the less perturbed I became about the circumstances around which I had come to acquire it. My little Mustang seemed to bring out the slut in me. Every guy I dated, the first time we fucked, we did it in my little 'Baby Blue.' Guys around campus started calling me 'Mustang Sally.'

A year after college, I met Andrew quite by accident – literally. I was on my cell phone, not paying attention, and drove through a red light, smashing into the tail end of a glossy black Porsche. The man who stepped out of the car was handsome, tall, with mixed Hispanic and Caucasian heritage. He was a few years older and was a successful architect. He did not seem perturbed about the damage to his car; indeed, he asked me out to dinner.

I went to bed with Andrew that first night (breaking my own tradition of doing a guy in Baby Blue's well-used front seat), and he proved to be a very satisfying lover. We dated for a few months before he popped the question, and I accepted without hesitation. We were married on the anniversary of our first date, and took a honeymoon in Brazil.

About a year later, I was stopped at a light in my beloved baby-blue Mustang when some asshole who wasn't paying attention slammed into me from behind. My car was shoved out into traffic and hit another car. By the time the world stopped spinning and the fire department cut me out of my car, I realized my 'little baby' was beyond repair. I cried all day at the loss of my beloved Baby Blue.

A couple of weeks later, Andrew took me to a dealership to find me another car. It was one of those massive car lots with the full range of automobiles available, from big trucks and SUVs to little sports cars and economy models. Naturally, I gravitated to the Mustangs and decided that I wanted a particular 2004 baby blue convertible. Andrew chuckled at my choice.

"Well, let's find a salesman," he said.

We headed to the whitewashed trailer in the middle of the lot, and just as we approached the steps, he opened the door and came out.

Even though more than six years had passed, Rudi didn't look a damn bit different. Same dark clothes, same thinning, slicked-backed hair, same confident smirk. Seeing him made my pussy juice as I remembered the monster dick between his legs. Andrew had a nice dick, but it definitely did not measure up to Rudi's python.

"Well, hello, folks!" he said buoyantly, shaking my husband's hand. He gave me a look that told me he remembered me, but focused his attention on Andrew. "What are you looking for today?"

Andrew did most of the talking as I stood beside him, gripping his hand. I couldn't take my eyes off Rudi, remembering that single afternoon of incredible sex, more than six years before. He and my husband talked business, and we all went for a ride in the Mustang. Once we returned, the deal seemed done.

Andrew's cell phone shrilled as we headed to the office, and he gave me an apologetic look as he flipped it open. He listened a few moments, spoke a few words, then snapped it closed. He looked to me with a pained expression. But I spoke before he could.

"Honey, it's okay," I said, knowing Rudi's eyes were on me. "It's your partners, right?"

Andrew nodded, scrunching his lips together. "Honey, I wish I—"

I smiled, gave him a kiss. "Go on, baby," I said. "I'll finish up here."

"You sure?" he asked.

I glanced to Rudi a moment, who smirked back. My clit throbbed. I returned my attention to my husband. "I can handle him," I said softly. I kissed Andrew tenderly, then whispered, "Just be ready for me later."

Andrew grinned, then headed away to his car after shaking Rudi's hand one last time. I watched my husband drive away, then turned back to Rudi, planting my hands on my hips.

"So," I said. "What kind of deal are we making today?"


Rudi fucked me and fucked me and fucked me again. Within the little trailer on the lot, he bent me over his desk and sucked me off from behind, then got me to return the favor as he lay back in one of the short-backed leather chairs. I tit-fucked him and sucked his thick, long dick until he spurted in my mouth, and swallowed every creamy, salty-sweet drop. I rode him hard, and he fucked me with my legs curled back until he blasted off twice inside me. I came so hard I was seeing stars.

Afterward, I washed up in the little bathroom, took up my keys, and drove off the lot in my new Mustang. Rudi had knocked off a full thousand dollars on the price of the car. I took that as a compliment.

Still tasting Rudi's spunk in my mouth, I met my husband at home a while later, and took him for a drive in my new car. On a lonely country road, I pulled over, unzipped his slacks, and went down on him. Once he was hard, I crawled over Andrew and eased down on his pole. With some of Rudi's thick cream still inside my pussy, I rode my husband hard and sure until he came inside me. Then we headed back home and fucked all night.

A little over nine months later, I gave birth to our baby girl Stephanie after eighteen hours of labor. Taking after her father, she has light caramel skin and black hair. She is the pride of our lives, and Andrew dotes on her constantly. He is a wonderful father.

I don't think I will ever tell my husband about the blood test. Taken as a matter of course to determine if our daughter is susceptible to certain hereditary conditions that are relatively common among Hispanics, the test, among other things, showed that there was no way Stephanie could be Andrew's daughter.

Only my doctor and I know the truth. And I have sealed his secrecy through periodic blow jobs and tit-fucks. It is a small price to pay, I figure, for keeping my family together.

You can't really blame me, can you?


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