tagIncest/TabooMutual Feelings Ch. 01

Mutual Feelings Ch. 01


Nyssa was fuming as she stood all the way on the other side of the room, watching as Nadine, her brother's work colleague practically threw herself at him. It was nauseating and all she wanted to do was grab the bitch by her hair and drag her away from her brother. Perhaps this wasn't exactly what a sister should be feeling for her brother, protective maybe but this burning jealousy was unusual...she knew that. That was why she had never told her 26 year old brother – Dean, of her feelings for him.

Nyssa gritted her teeth against her anger and knocked back the rest of her champagne. This New Year's party wasn't doing it for her. A sharp pang of hurt slammed into her heart as she watched as Nadine slid her mouth over Dean's and she turned her back on them. Feeling extremely agitated, Nyssa passed a hand over her dark hair that hung down her back in waves of blue black. She wished to God she hadn't agreed to come to this stupid party, but unfortunately her mother and she and Dean's dad had gone to spend the evening with the grandparents, not exactly Nyssa's scene.

"How you enjoying the party Nyssa?"

Nyssa turned to find Luke, her brother's best friend standing beside her with a warm smile. Luke was a really nice guy, and she had always thought that if she hadn't had the feelings she had for her older brother then she would have definitely fallen for him. He had baby blue eyes, he had a great smile, the kind that made a woman go weak in the knees and a lean tall body. Though it wasn't as tall or as lean as Dean's.

Nyssa shrugged and gave him a small smile. "I suppose it's going well isn't it?" she conceded, allowing her hazel eyes to sweep over the room that was packed with people, but she carefully avoided looking at her brother's corner. It wouldn't surprise her if they were having full blown sex out in public. "Everyone seems to be having a nice time."

"Everyone except for you." Luke murmured, looking at her with warm eyes, then he quickly threw a look in Dean's direction before transferring that gaze that was filled with sympathy back to her.

Nyssa's mouth fell open in shock as she realised that he had somehow figured it out. "You know?" She asked in a shushed tone.

Luke shrugged and looked apologetic. "It's kinda hard not to. Notice I mean. It's pretty much obvious every time you look at him."

Nyssa felt her cheeks heat up and knew that she was blushing like mad. Quickly looking away she didn't say anything to his comment and just avoided on getting control of her emotions.

"Hey, hey," a hand landed on her shoulder and drew her close to a warm body, "don't worry about it, I'm not gonna tell anyone, not even dean. I swear. Believe me if I was going to do that I would've done it already since I've kinda known about it for a while."

At that assurance Nyssa managed to give him a small smile. "Thanks Luke." She murmured. She couldn't help but throw another glance at her brother and when she saw that he had the gorgeous Nadine backed against the wall and his tongue down her throat she looked away yet again. Why did she torture herself like this? Dean, perfect specimen that he was never going to look at her that way, to him she was his sister, granted she was only his half sister but it didn't make any sort of difference anyway. Besides, even if she hadn't been his sister he probably wouldn't have looked at her twice. She wasn't his type. Dean preferred tall leggy blonds that looked like they'd stepped right out of a magazine catalogue. And to be fair they did look fantastic on his arm. It was the contrast she supposed.

Dean was 6"3, with the most amazing body ever, thick athletic thighs that made all his jeans cling ever so slightly (not too much because otherwise he felt it might compromise his masculinity) and then he boasted a six pack drilled into tawny skin that just made women both young and old salivate. His hair was pitch black, same shade as hers and he has a full sensual mouth that always managed to mesmerize Nyssa into staring at it when he talked. His eyes were a sparkling green that always seemed to be laughing at something, immediately making any unknown person fall into his spell. Yep. He was THE guy all right.

"Hey, you wanna leave for a bit? Go for a ride? It might hello get your mind off some things." Luke suggested. "I mean you don't have o if you don't want to," he rushed to reassure her, "but it might help get things off your chest."

The guy really was a gem, Nyssa thought. And he had a point. She really didn't want to be here for the countdown, especially for the traditional kiss that would follow. She wouldn't be able to take it knowing that the person when would be kissing would not be Dean. Looking up at Luke with a smile she nodded. "That would be great Dean. Thanks." And with that she allowed her hand to slip over his arm when he offered it to her to lead her away from her heartbreak.

* * *

Dean had to fight down the urge to shove Nadine away from him when out of the corner of his eye he caught his baby sister leaving with his best friend. What the hell was Luke thinking? And where did he think he was taking Nyssa? But then, with Nadine crawling all over him like a rash he didn't think he would be able to entangle himself from her in time to catch them before they headed out. It would take him five minutes alone to cut through the crowd.

As he watched, his sister's bare elegant back disappear from his view he felt rage engulf him in one big swoop. What if Luke tried to take advantage? He knew Luke was a loyal friend and would never make a move on his sister, but what sane man wouldn't make a pass at that? Nyssa looked absolutely stunning in her black halter neck top that left almost her entire back naked. Then she was wearing those tight black jeans and the red Marilyn Monroe shoes just made her legs look incredible. Any man would want to get in between those. Then her hair was loose and her big hazel eyes just managed to looks sultry. Add to that plump lips and any man would be in heaven.

At the thought of her his hands involuntarily tightened on Nadine's waist and he felt her jerk away from his neck where she had been gifting his neck with small nips and kisses, to yelp in pain.

"Sorry," he mumbled, taking a step back from the stunning blond, "listen, why don't we get something to drink?" After all, the night had barely started and she had just latched herself onto him the minute he had walked in through the fucking door. Then, without waiting for a response from the stunned girl, he walked around her, eyes brooding as he went in search of the kitchen to get a good stiff drink to get thoughts of his best friend and his sister out of his mind.

* * *

It was only a few minutes to midnight as Luke led her back to the house.

"Thanks Luke," she said with a smile as they walked back into the loud house through the kitchen door, "it really helps to talk to someone."

Luke smiled at her. "It's no problem, any time you need someone to listen, you know where I am."

Nyssa laughed for the first time that night. "God, don't make me an offer like that!!! I'll be calling you non stop to moan about the slightest of problems and then you'll be wishing you could just toss me into a river so I would shut up!"

"Only if I was going in the river with you." He added with a flirtatious wink that just made her laugh even more.

He really was a sweetheart. At that moment she heard them start the countdown, which for some reason she hadn't just asked Luke to stay with her until it was over. That was a cowardly thing to do and she could be many things but a coward wasn't one of them.

"Come on; let's join the masses for the big transition into the 06." She said with a dry tone and took his hand to lead him back to the living room where everybody had already pared off and were counting down with a feverish glint to their eyes as they looked at each other. The excitement was palpable in the room as there was a chorus of 1's in the room swiftly followed by 'happy new year!'

Nyssa looked at Luke who was laughing. "What the hell?" He said, and then as she grinned helplessly back at him (because the guy was just so contagious), he leaned down and pulled her into his very steely arms and then with another wink, lowered his mouth down to hers.

It might not have been Dean, but as his tongue parted her lips and swept into her mouth, she was definitely not going to complain! Uttering a moan of surprise at his skillful and tasty invasion of her mouth, Nyssa wrapped her arms around his strong shoulders and kissed him back just as fiercely as he was kissing her.

Then, just as she was beginning to appreciate that Luke was actually turning her on, she was yanked away from the warmth of Luke's body by an angry hand on her arm and blinking in confusion at Dean's furious glare.

"We're leaving!" He snarled, and then he cut a glare at Luke. "And I'll deal with you later." Without another word, not even to Nadine who had come running in shock after him, he began to drag her outside.

"Jesus, Dean lay off! What the hell is wrong with you?" Nyssa cried in alarm as he pulled her out the kitchen where just a few minutes ago she had arrived.

"Shut up, we'll talk about this when we get home." He snarled.

Nyssa tugged at her arm. "Dean let go! You're hurting my arm." She tried to pry his fingers off of her arm but it was a futile attempt as he didn't budge an inch and pretty soon they were at his car. Just as he was shoving her into the passenger's side, Luke jogged up to Dean. His eyes showing a little guilt but mostly worry as he looked from Nyssa to his friend.

"Hey man, listen. Don't take it out on her, I kissed her and –,"

Dean spun around and caught Luke by his shirt jerking him close with a snarl of anger. "I don't wanna hear it. I don't want you touching my sister. She's off limits to you, do you understand?"

Luke's eyes narrowed in anger and he shoved Dean away from him. "Don't tell me what to do man, you're sister's 19, she knows what she's doing. Don't think you can tell her what to do any more then you can tell me."

Dean moved around the front of the car to the driver's side. "Just stay away. But don't worry," he said in a threatening tone as he eased into the driver's seat, "me and you are gonna have this out."

Luke shook his head in disbelief before glancing at Nyssa and mouthing 'I'm sorry', but she just shook her head and gave him a weak smile, hoping it would be reassuring enough. But as she glanced at her brother and saw fury the likes she had never seen etched on his face as he backed the car out, she didn't think that she was going to be all that well.

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