tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy 21st Birthday Ch. 01

My 21st Birthday Ch. 01


On my 21st birthday I decided at the last minute to have a get together. Not a big party, just a few friends. I went over to our neighbors, Marcy and Brandi, to see if they wanted to come over. Marcy was the only one there and she said she would be over. She didn't know when Brandi would be back, but she would let her know. I called up Zach, my buddy from high school and let him know. He didn't have anything to do so he said he would start heading up here right then. Lastly, I called my cousin Kara and told her to bring Jess along. Jess, short for Jessica, was her best friend and absolutely stunning. Kara and Jess just graduated high school and were going to be attending the same school I went to the next semester. They had been together since the eighth grade, and when I say 'together' that's what I mean. They absolutely adore each other. Jess and I had actually hooked up before, but Kara was not far away. Her and Zach were in the next bed, actually. Enough with the background.

Around five o'clock Zach got there, followed closely by Kara and Jess. Let me describe these girls a bit. Jess is about 5'5", brunette and very tan. She has a cute little ass and her 34B tits are perfect on her frame. She has a little bit of baby fat that makes her body one of the most perfect I have seen. Kara is not much different. She's a little taller at 5'6", I guess you would say she's blond, but it's a dirty blond and while not pale, she is lighter than Jess. She has bigger tits at 36C and her ass is also bigger, but looks just as delicious. I know this is my cousin but she's fucking hot, what can I say.

Well it was my 21st birthday so we started it off right with a celebratory shot. Things were going good, alcohol flowing freely, when Marcy poked her head in. Ah Marcy. This girl was so cute. We were always flirting with each other, teasing each other but we never got together, I don't know why. She kept her hair short, a beautiful body down to her perfect ass that was always encased in tight jeans. I don't think I ever saw her in anything but jeans. I would have to so though, that the thing I found most attractive was her freckles. I don't know why, I just loved them. Anyway, she came into the kitchen and proceeded to catch up by taking a few shots. I saw that Zach immediately took to her and they were already flirting with each other. Well maybe he would get where I never could.

We decided we wanted to play beer pong and I let everyone know that the house rule was that if a person did not make a single cup during the round then that person would have to go streaking. It's a rule that we had always played but it rarely ever happens because it's pretty hard to not make one out of ten cups. Still it occasionally does happen and everyone said they would play. The great thing about beer pong is that there is never a shortage of skin being shown. The girls try to distract their opponents by either showing skin or performing sexual acts on inanimate objects. There is a reason this is one of the greatest college drinking games there is. All was going well and everyone was starting to get drunk and less inhibited, not that there were many inhibitions to begin with. Eventually I teamed up with Jay and we went against Kara and Jess. We made six cups before Kara made their first, and that's when they brought out the big guns. They started making out, tounging at each other's lips, then Zach yelled, "Lick her boobs!" I looked over at him, smiling, and saw that Marcy was sitting on his lap. "That lucky bastard," I thought. Oh well, time to enjoy the show.

Jess pulled up Kara's shirt and started licking her nipple. At that point Jay was pretty distracted, but I reminded him what would happen if we made the rest of these cups. He came back to reality and sank it. Jess didn't let up on Kara, even though she was my cousin it was still distracting, but I was determined that she go streaking and I sank my ball too. We got the balls back and this time Kara pulled down her pants and turned to show us her amazing ass. Jess put her hand on Kara's ass and started rubbing it and smacking it playfully. Jay took his shot and the ball started circling around in the cup, but before Jess could get to it to blow it out, the ball fell in. Now it was my turn, if I made this cup Jess would be stripping naked and running around the apartment complex bare assed, but Jess had one last trick up her sleeve.

She kept Kara there with her ass hanging out and she came up behind me, putting her mouth up to my ear and whispering things like, "Isn't your cousin's ass just delicious?" or, "You know I had her bent over just like that as I ate her out last night." Since that was probably true, it made it even harder to concentrate. Now all I could picture was this girl eating my cousin from behind, licking up and down her lips, sucking on her clit. Good God! I was fucking hard. It didn't help when she started rubbing me through my jeans. Now I am sure that there is some rule against touching the person that is about to shoot, but I was basically getting jerked off right in front of all my guests while they were egging it all on, so I wasn't about to call a foul or some stupid shit like that, but I wanted this girl streaking so bad. I had to concentrate on this shot. I dug deep and through the hand job and all I made the shot. Everyone was cheering, this was definitely the most exciting round of beer pong that I had ever been around. I looked over at Jess and she wasn't too excited, in fact she looked kind of embarrassed. Really!? This girl that just sucked on my cousin's nipple and rubbed my dick through my pants while whispering all kinds of nasty things in my ear was going to be embarrassed by running around naked in front of a few people?

Well not yet, she did have a chance to redeem herself. They each get a shot to keep the game going and since there were still nine cups left, they had a pretty good chance of making one. Jess was up first and I was not going to make it easy on her. I moved up behind her and put my hand over the front of her skirt and keeping the skirt in between my hand and her panties I started rubbing my hand over her mound. "Please stop, that's not fair."

"I don't recall me asking you to stop when you did the same to me," I laughed. I stopped, however, letting her regain her composure. She took a couple breaths, then took the shot. No dice! It bounced off a couple of the cups and off the table. Now the only thing stopping us from seeing this girl streak was my cousin. She did not disappoint. She turned to Jess kissed her on the lips, mouthed "I love you," then chunked the ball into the kitchen. Everyone was in an uproar. That was an absolute classic, one for the books. I looked over at Jess and she seemed pissed. I really couldn't figure her out. She definitely seemed like a person that would not have a problem with streaking and I know for a fact she had done it before. Maybe it was the backstabbing of her teammate she didn't like.

"I can't believe you did that!" she screamed going over to Kara. "I thought you said you loved me!"

"I do love you, and to prove it, I will go with you."

This actually calmed Jess down a bit and she even smiled. "Ok, as long as you do it with me, it might be fun." So that was it, she just didn't want to go it alone. This was even better, now both of these girls were going to be running around the complex bare ass naked for any to feast their eyes on. It was eight o'clock, but since it was summer it was still light outside so if any of the neighbors were outside they were going to see this great spectacle.

"Alright let's do this," I said while sitting down in front of Jess. The rest of us got quiet as we watched the two undress. First, Jess reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties then threw them in my face. I grabbed them and held them to my nose and took a big whiff, "Mmm, smell good. A little wet too," laughing a bit as I said it.

"That's your fucking fault!"

"I didn't hear you complaining at the time. Oh wait, yeah you did didn't you?"

"Here Lucas, you can have those too," Jay said as he threw my cousin's thong at me. She was already naked. I smiled at her and Without thinking I put them up to my nose and smelled them also.

"Did you just smell your cousin's panties?" Marcy asked, feigning shock.

"Yes I did, would you like a smell?"

"No, I'm good, maybe later though," she said teasingly while looking at Kara.

"Alright, enough with the panties, it's time to have some fun," Kara said while helping Jess out of her bra. Oh what a sight they were as they ran out the door and down the stairs. Kara was screaming at the top of her lungs trying to get as much attention drawn to them as possible. You got to love an apartment complex full of college students. Where you would get arrested for this kind of behavior at another place, here the girls were fully encouraged by the tenants. Anyone around our area was cheering these girls on. They ran around for about a minute then they started making their way back to the apartment. Jess made it in first with Kara right behind. Jess grabbed her clothes and went into my room. Was she upset? Kara just plopped right down on the couch still butt naked laughing and having a good old time. Marcy, Zach and Jay were applauding her as she did a little bow from her seat. I was worried about Jess though and went to see if she was ok.

I opened the door and the sight before me was absolute beauty. There Jess was with her legs spread, knees up and her fingers working furiously on her pussy. I shut the door behind me and locked it and went over to her. I had her scoot over and got on the bed beside her. She kept working on herself as I leaned over, turned her face towards me and kissed her. She moaned into my mouth as she kept rubbing her clit. I moved my hand down to her and kept up her rubbing while I probed my middle finger into her. She moved her mouth from mine as she panted, her breaths becoming shallow. I pushed a second finger, working them in and out, as she kept working on her clit. Her moans were getting louder as she was building toward her orgasm. I just watched her face as the look of pure ecstasy started pouring out.

"Yes, Lucas, keep going!" her panting almost incoherent. "I'm almost there, just..."

"Aahhh," she screamed as her orgasm swept over her. As it did she put her face into my shoulder and when a second wave hit her she bit down hard causing me quite a bit of pain, but I went with it, letting her ride this out. Her orgasm subsided and she laid her head back with a look of relief and content on her face. I took my hand from her pussy, brought it to my mouth and tasted my reward. She was exquisite. I licked every bit of juice from my hand there was and when I was done I looked at her and she was just staring at me smiling from ear to ear.

"Thank you for that," she said. "I really needed it."

"After that performance you gave, you deserve every bit of it," I replied. "Well we should get back out there. Who knows what Kara has them doing out there. When I came in here she was still naked and it looked like she planned on staying that way."

"Ok, but before we go, let me help you take care of that," she said, sliding her hand down my pants.

To be continued...

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