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My Alien Fantasy


When I came out of the bathroom, I found two naked blue women sitting on my bed.

Perhaps I should rewind a little and give some context.

My name is Craig and I'm pretty ordinary. I have an ordinary wife and two ordinary children. I live in an ordinary but isolated house in rural England and I commute every day into London to do an ordinary job.

I'm in my early forties and I look it, with thinning hair and an expanding beer belly. I'm not handsome but then again I wouldn't consider myself ugly. I'm of average height and of average build.

I was installed in the guest bedroom when my story begins. Normally I'd be with my wife but she'd had a cold and wasn't sleeping too well so we'd agreed that, because I'd have to get up early the next morning for work, I'd spend a night in the spare room so that I could get a good night. I didn't mind this at all as I could surf a little porn on the laptop and have a relaxing wank, just to help me to drop off of course.

So, after an ordinary evening, my wife and kids safely tucked up in bed, I brushed my teeth and used the lavatory.

And when I came out of the bathroom, I found two naked blue women sitting on my bed.

When I say blue women, I'm not talking smurfs. These were proper full-sized women who just happened to have light powder blue skin. The palms of their hands were a pale pink and their lips looked pink, albeit with a blue tinge. Just like a normal woman would look if she were, well, blue.

Oh, and they were perfectly stunning. One had long lustrous dark blue hair; the other's was shorter and spikier but also a dark blue. Their eyes were, you guessed it, blue and wouldn't have looked out of place on anyone. Their features were even and beautiful and similar enough for them to be sisters.

Their figures came straight out of my fantasies. Long graceful limbs, flat toned stomachs and heavy fat breasts with dark nipples that still managed to ride high on their chests. The wisps of hair that I could see between their legs matched that on their heads.

My first thought as I saw them was 'phwooooar'. Which translated means something like "fuck me, how hot are they?" Rather embarrassingly I became almost immediately erect, generating a tent in my pyjama shorts.

My next thought was "how would I explain two naked blue women in my bedroom to my wife?"

It was only then I got to considering why they were blue and why they were in my bedroom.

"Err, hello," I said tentatively, not having has much experience with attractive blue women or, indeed, attractive women. Or, apart from my wife, women.

"How do you do?" said the one with the longer hair. "My name is Avatar One." She smiled: her teeth were perfectly, thankfully, white.

"How do you do?" said the other one also, with a smile. "My name is Avatar Two."

"Err, I'm very well thank you. My name is Craig," I said politely and ridiculously calmly, considering the circumstances.

"We have come to visit you from our planet which circles the star Cerulea in the constellation locally named Cassiopeia," said Avatar One.

"Right. So you're aliens?" I said rather stupidly after a pause.

"Yes, although we would like to emphasise that we are here on a low-impact fact-finding mission and we come in absolute peace, that we mean no harm to your cattle and that we have no intention of probing your anus unless that is your specific wish," said Avatar Two.

"Err. OK. Well, I'm glad that's cleared up," I replied bemusedly.

But of course then it all clicked. I had to be dreaming. Admittedly, it was a fabulously detailed and realistic dream but a dream nonetheless. Maybe this is what all dreams felt like whilst actually dreaming; it's just that one didn't remember them.

Of course, I was dreaming. After all, here I was imagining blue alien avatars and only the week before I'd been to see the eponymous film about blue aliens and human avatars.

Immediately I relaxed a little. My mind turned to how I could encourage my subconscious to allow me to enjoy my dream as much as possible before it turned into something less pleasant, as often seemed to be the norm with my more erotic dreams. I realised that, somewhat obviously, I couldn't consciously control my sub-conscious so that I should just take things at face-value and see what happened next.

I continued, "So, if you're aliens, how come you're virtually human and speak English?"

"Technically what you see before you are biomechanical avatars being controlled remotely by our own bodies which are safely on our space-faring vessel currently in geosynchronous orbit. We have been studying your open information networks for a significant period of time and have been able to artificially create these two local-language speaking bodies with the aim of making them as outwardly pleasing and attractive as possible to the male part of your species."

I glanced down at the two sets of huge breasts freely being displayed before me. "I'd have to say you've done a great job with that. Although you are a little more blue than I'd have expected."

Avatar One cocked her head to one side delightfully before answering, "Blue? Ah, you mean the colour to the more energetic end of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the naked human eye. We have had problems with colour. We do not naturally use the direct detection of electromagnetism as a sense and so it is possible we have erred in the levels of blueness used. We can rectify this in our next generation of avatars."

"So you don't use sight. What senses do you use?" I asked, sitting down at the end of the bed, intrigued with their lush azure bodies. They couldn't really effectively be robots, surely? They looked too real. But, of course this was a dream! They could be anything I wanted them to be.

"Our main senses are touch and taste/smell although we are also adept at neutrino-discernment. We are confident that these avatars will feel and taste/smell just like a healthy woman of twenty local-years. We would welcome your opinion," offered Avatar Two.

At last my sub-conscious was making the dream more interesting.

"I'd be delighted to," I said shuffling forward and reaching out to feel Avatar Two's lovely boobs.

Now normally I wouldn't have been quite so forward with a woman but this was, after all, just a dream. And of course this wasn't really a normal situation.

Two's tits felt as perfect as they looked. Her nipples were small hard buds against the palms of my cold hands, as I gently squeezed her large firm norks.

"They're just right," I said breathily, my cock twitching in excitement. I'd never been particularly successful with women and I'd never been unfaithful to my wife, although, too be fair, I'd never had any realistic opportunity. And, as this wasn't really happening, I was determined to enjoy it as much as possible.

I moved my left hand to have a good squeeze of One's breasts. They felt equally as wonderful although her nipples were a little bigger.

One responded by briefly squeezing my erection through my shorts with her elegant hands. "Judging by your physical reaction to our naked bodies, are we to assume that we have been fully successful in arousing you?"

"Oh, yes. I think you could say that," I replied, continuing to gratefully fondle the unbelievable array of bosom at my disposal.

"Good," said Two, "then you would be disposed to donating your sperm for our study?"

I looked up into their eyes for the first time in a while.


"Perhaps we should explain further. Our race is very different to yours in that we procreate through asexual reproduction and consequently our genetic diversity and development is significantly slower than yours," One explained.

"So you bud to reproduce?" I said trying to understand what she was saying.

Two answered, "Yes, that would be an approximate way of describing the process. In any case we are very keen on studying human sperm. We find the whole process of sexual reproduction fascinating. We have examined procreation in lower orders of local life but we would welcome the chance to scrutinize your semen at first hand. There is only so much you can learn from the interweb."

"And that's why you're here? And that's why you're so gorgeous? To seduce me and collect my spunk?"

"Yes," said One. "We looked for an isolated adult male in an isolated location."

"Then this is really is my lucky day!" I said enthusiastically, tweaking her nipples in excitement.

"Oh!" she gasped. "That is both painful and pleasurable."

"Wow! You really have modelled these avatars to be as realistic as possible."

Two smiled radiantly. "Thank you. This was my aim and you please me with your praise. I specifically designed these avatars to completely replicate the apparent physical and emotional responses of aroused young human females."

"And how exactly did you get here?" I asked, allowing my hands to slide down their sleek flanks to squeeze their as yet unseen bottoms.

"Our race has developed a faster-than-light transportation system by connecting different areas of space-time through the generation of wormholes. We were able to teleport directly into your room using the application of the same principle."

"Of course," I said distractedly, amazed by the rich detail of the dream being generated by my subconscious mind. Their bums felt fantastic, firm yet smooth and yielding. I couldn't wait to see them.

One cocked her head once more. "We were predicting that your reaction would be more agitated. You seem to be remarkably relaxed about making first contact with an alien species."

I didn't really have the heart to tell my dream women that they didn't exist outside of my dream so I just smiled and replied, "What can I say? I'm just a relaxed kind of guy. Can I kiss you?"

"Yes, that would be a satisfactory start. We have studied a large volume of the reproductive recordings extensively available on the interweb and understand that kissing is the first step towards full sexual congress."

I didn't answer but instead pulled Two towards me by the back of her head.

Her kiss was initially hesitant but within a few seconds she had thrust her tongue into my mouth and was gyrating it athletically around my own. She tasted minty-fresh, as if she'd just brushed her teeth.

One leaned in two join us and she was equally enthusiastic and equally fragrant. And then the two of them started kissing each other.

I groaned in wonder as they knelt on the bed facing each other and snogged passionately. "Oh fuck!"

They paused looking at me in concern. "Is this acceptable?" Two asked. "We have thoroughly studied recordings of sexual interactions between one male and two females of your species. We understand that the initial kissing should include contact between the two females, followed by fellatio and cunnilingus, vaginal penetration in several positions and then anal congress. We are primed and ready to collect via all of our orifices although we can only accept one deposit in each hole."

It took me a few seconds to understand what she meant. "Yes, the two of you kissing is very acceptable indeed. And I'd love to, um, make deposits in all of your holes but I'm not sure I could do it, what, six times if I've counted correctly!"

One smiled at me gorgeously. "That will not be an issue. We have already introduced a drug that we have developed specifically into your system via our mutual oral interaction that will not only increase the quantity of your ejaculate but allow you to recover and regain your erection speedily."

"You've drugged me?" I asked incredulously. "When you kissed me?"

"Yes, but we are certain that you will in no way be harmed. Our molecular modelling is significantly more advanced than that available on this planet," Two said with absolute certainty in her voice.

"Right. Ok." For a second I felt a touch panicky and then annoyed but then I remembered that it wasn't real. Fuck it. "Don't stop kissing, please," I ordered.

After another glorious lesbian snog, One kissed her way down her sister's bosom and began to flick her tongue rapidly over Two's little nipples. Two groaned in apparent delight.

I leant forward to join in and we spent few pleasant minutes sucking her lucky boobs in unison. She also allowed me to slide a hand down her flat stomach to finger her moist hot pussy. Fuck me, it felt good and very very real.

Whilst I continued to suck on Two's luscious tits and fiddle with her cunt, One reached into my shorts to release my aching erection. As I've already mentioned I'm an ordinary guy and my cock is just as unremarkable. Still One cooed in delight at finally getting hold of my knob, as she stroked it with her cool graceful indigo fingers.

My breathing was short as I raised my head to watch her slowly lower her face towards my throbbing penis, all the while keeping her eyes firmly on mine.

The first touch of her warm moist mouth on me sent a huge jolt of ecstasy through my body. My wife does give me blowjobs but only if she's drunk or it's my birthday and you can tell she doesn't really enjoy it.

But One purred in ostensible pleasure as he lips slowly slid over my glans and all the way down my shaft. As she lifted back up her tongue swirled lithely around me until she was flicking it over the tip of my cock at an unnaturally frenetic rate. Her mouth however felt perfectly natural.

Now here's where my dream let me down. I'd been hoping that I would last forever as I fucked these blue beauties through the night but unfortunately my subconscious instead reflected a much more likely reality. After all, not only was I unused to having my cock sucked, I was also not used to being in bed with one let alone two stunning women.

In any case as One sucked hard on my glans I began to come powerfully and copiously over her flexible loving tongue. Her eyes widened as I flooded her mouth with my jism and she began to hum agreeably as she swallowed my unusually huge load.

My orgasm lasted for ages and she didn't stop sucking me until I was completely drained dry.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth with a pop and fell back onto the headboard of the bed in satisfaction.

"Oh my god. That was amazing," I groaned as One sat up on the bed.

"Has the collection apparatus functioned correctly?" Two asked her sister.

"Yes, the sperm is safely stored." She turned to me. "Now you must ejaculate into another orifice."

"Woah, wait a second, honey. I'll need a while to recover," I said as the two of them began to rub my legs.

Two shook her head. "No, you'll be ready a lot quicker," she said before kneeling forward to lick my cock.

"Oh shit, that's good!" I moaned. And she was right, I could feel myself stiffening immediately. Fuck this was an amazing dream, clearer and more lifelike than any I could remember having before.

I slid down the bed and urged her to swing around so that that her lovely arse was above my face. I'd not had a good look at either of their bums but as expected it was flawless and perfectly shaped. Her pussy was plumply pink and utterly divine. I stuck my tongue in between her luscious lips, causing her to moan in apparent pleasure. She tasted wonderful, sweetly fragrant, surely better than any real woman could ever do. I didn't care that she was either a figment of my imagination or an alien robot - I couldn't get enough of her juicy cunt.

I didn't think life could get any better than this but, as Two and I sixty-nined deliciously, I felt One draw my knees up. After a pause I felt her pull my hairy butt cheeks apart and kiss me directly on my arsehole. I gasped into Two's perfect pussy as One's prehensile tongue slid up my bumhole and began to wiggle wetly. I'd never experienced anything like this; the pleasure being generated by their hot mouths was indescribably tremendous.

However I didn't want to miss out on a fuck so as I felt myself becoming more and more excited, I pushed Two's arse off my face. "Sit on my cock," I ordered her.

She lifted herself off me with a puzzled expression.

"I mean I want to put my cock into your vagina and I want you on top," I clarified. She nodded happily.

As Two prepared to lower herself onto me, One pulled her tongue out of my bum and moved around to allow me access to her enormous tits.

Two's pussy felt wonderfully tight and wet around my cock as she slid herself up and down. She was making yelping sounds and I asked her to quieten down in case she woke someone else in the house before I remembered that it was all a dream.

"Are you able to come?" I asked impressed by how much fun she was having for a robot.

One answered for her as I nuzzled her fat knockers. "We aren't able to imitiate all the capabilities of a true human woman in that, for example, we can't orgasm nor defecate. Incidentally however, we can simulate urination and we'd be happy to urinate on each other or on you if that would please you."

I groaned in joy as Two rippled her pussy muscles up and down my dick. "Err, no, that's fine. We can leave that for later maybe," I laughed.

Predictably it didn't take too long before I came again. The alien miracle drug, or perhaps more accurately my imagination, was working wonders and once again I came fountains, filling up her pussy as I spurted deep into her womb, or whatever it was inside her that was collecting my spunk.

After she'd made sure that I was completely done, Two raised herself off me and snuggled up next to me on the other side of her sister, they began to gently play with my cock with one graceful hand each.

"Are we pleasing you, Craig?" she asked innocently.

"Yes, I think you could safely say that," I agreed.

They both smiled at me, obviously relieved. It was amazing that they their expressions were so real.

"So will you do anything I want?" I asked teasingly.

"Oh, yes, Craig," One replied whilst Two nodded. "We'll do absolutely anything you want as long as you ejaculate inside us and don't permanently damage our avatars. We are entirely available to service your every desire."

"Oh, fuck," I groaned, overwhelmed by just how fantastic the situation was. "But, girls, aren't you worried that I'll tell everyone that I've met aliens? You're obviously not ready to reveal yourselves yet."

One nibbled my ear as Two answered, "We calculated that if we made the avatars the epitome of lush female sexuality and that we pleasured you thoroughly whilst collecting your semen, you would not wish to betray us. Also it appears that uncorroborated stories of alien abduction, all of which are obviously nonsensical, abound and that no-one would believe you."

I nodded, "You've calculated perfectly correctly. If I'm really honest though I think you might just be a wonderful dream. I just hope I can remember every detail when I wake up!"

Two giggled just in the way I imagined a beautiful twenty-year playing with my cock would – as this had never ever happened I couldn't be sure.

One smiled. "Would you like to push your erection into my anus?" she offered matter-of-factly.

She was right that my cock had hardened again. "Er, Ok. Why not?" I said,

It actually took a long time to thrust myself into One's incredibly tight butt; perhaps the designers hadn't made her bumhole flexible enough. Certainly Two had to explain to me several times that One wasn't really in pain although her quiet squeals as I tried to enter her tiny fundament really sounded like she was hurting.

In the end Two helped by tonguing her sister's arsehole until I was finally able to slip inside her.

I had never fucked a woman up her arse before but I resolved to try it again if I ever could. It was without doubt the tightest hottest place my cock had ever been. Two began to rim me, her tongue electrically wiggling inside my rectum, as I fucked One's bum powerfully, just to add to my pleasure.

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