tagIncest/TabooMy Anal Mom

My Anal Mom


My beautiful mother arrived from her African tour of duty after two years, amidst a flurry of silk and a cloud of perfume that enclosed me at the airport and would not leave me. I was just turned eighteen and missed her so much during her absence than my step Dad. She is 43 years old but with a bubbling body of someone in 30's. She is blonde with tiny waist, full round hips and beautiful jutting ass to match. Her green eyes and pouty lips complete her divine body.

I had grown tall and little muscular in my mothers two years of absence. I stopped in my room, while she talked with my step Dad, admiring my build. I was indeed, I told myself, a man. I had a clear shot at my Mom, finally over my aging step Dad. My doubts about this increased as the long, wearisome week wore on. I was almost sure that I saw a look of recognition in my mother's beautiful green eyes, but my step Dad and family friends monopolized her. I was driven to seek comfort in my room amidst her worn panties to satisfy my needs. Every time I masturbated, my sweet mother was in my mind, because she was the one who was always in my fantasies.

One evening when I heard she refuse a dinner engagement with step Dad's family, I knew my chance had come. She even winked at me when she told my step Dad that she thought she had a flu coming on.

When my step Dad had gone, I sat on my bed, all excited, now that the moment of long waiting had arrived. I was still sitting there when Mom called me from her room. Like a bee attracting towards a flower, I entered her bed room to see my mother lying against the headrest on the bed.

"Here," she beckoned to me, "Sit next to your mother." She gestured me to sit by her on the bed which I complied most willingly.

"Baby, you've grown up amazingly during my absence and Mommy got surprised when I see you at the airport." She mumbled while gently stroking my arm. "See, my boy developed strong muscles as well, mmmmm ..."

"Thanks Mom, you too become beautiful, especially with that lovely tan on your smooth skin," I reciprocated.

"Why wasn't I looked beautiful before or don't say that my son is seen me in a different way now," she said mockingly and squeezed my thigh which send signals towards my already arousing prick.

By now she was caressing my thigh and staring at me with a weird smile on her gleaming lips. Slowly she pulled me towards her and pecked me while fondling my hair with her other hand. Unintentionally her hand went too far up on my thigh far enough to feel a raging hard-on in my pants. Then her mouth shifted towards my ear and whispered into me, "Baby I know what you are asking and I know it is wrong, but we'll let our inner feelings lead us on this forbidden path darling." Then she deliberately ran her fingers down the length of my cock which was stretching the material of the denim. I audibly sucked in my breath and whispered, "Oh Mom, I was waiting for this moment ... it's like a dream to me Mom."

"Come on honey, let that dream come true. Let Mommy take care of it ... hurry baby, we don't have much time," with this she planted her sweet lips on my mouth and started a long passionate kiss.

"But its wrong Mom, doesn't it incest, is it all right with you Mom?

"I know Son, but what happens between these four walls is OK, so long as it is between you and met."

"I guess so Mum!" I said, while nibbling her ear lobes.

I was astounded when Mom dropped her robe, to reveal her tanned body, which is clad only in her sheer panties.

Excitement filled my eyes when I saw what my sexy mother was wearing, "You are so beautiful!" I said moving towards her. She was wearing my favorite colour, a mauve silky pair and I could see a long wet spot on the crotch of her panties which made me hornier. She turned slowly sideways, arching her slim back, revealing her perfect, full cheeked ass. Her panties were tight over that gorgeous ass and along the crack of her ass trapping it in between to give a beautiful sexy sight. I felt my cock give a jerk inside my jeans. My mother just smiled, and told me to take off my clothes.

My clothes were off in record time and she was kneeling on the bed, looking at me impatiently, licking her lips and wetting it with her saliva. Then her gaze shifted to my erect cock and her hands wrapped around it.

"Oh my poor baby, your pee-pee is all hard. Just look at it!" She teased as her hand moved to stroke my hard cock. "Mommy needs to fix her baby boy!" she moaned as her hand moved up and down my long, hard shaft.

"Yes! Fix it Mommy, it hurts so bad. Maybe, Mommy could stroke it better," I asked looking into her wanting eyes.

"Oh boy! You've grown up darling. My boy is a big boy with a nice tool to match," she murmured without breaking her lustful stare from my cock.

While holding my cock, she stretched out on the bed and my hands moved into the space between her tanned thighs, rubbing her silky wet panty crotch. Then I began to stroke my mother's wet pussy over the panties making her shudder with incestuous joy. I could feel her protruding pussy lips over the thin material of her panties and I kneaded it gently till she pleaded to remove her panties.

"Mmmmmh Baby, you are driving Mommy crazy ... ooohh ... I need your fingers there baby ... yank my panties away and give Mommy's pussy a good rub darling ... hurry ...," she was writhing and bucking her hips to get my fingers in her pussy.

I slowly peeled of her panties and sniffed it for her sweet aroma, "Mmmmmhh Mom, I love this sweet aroma ... I was dying to feel your real smell Mom, would you like to see how sweetly you smell?" I grabbed that sweet smelling panty in my mouth and took it towards her face and she grabbed it from her mouth and started sniffing and pulling at it and it was like two puppies playing with a rag. After a while I let my hand wonder into her cleft between her thighs and I could feel her freshly shaven smooth skin on my fingers. With a gasp Mom spread her thighs giving me a full access to her forbidden treasure cove and my fingers gripped her clit, my thumb pressing gently as she let out a wild shriek. She grew wet, and then overflowed her cunt as my fingers reached long and silently into her, feeling all the delicate, intricate, smooth inner walls her pussy.

My mother moaned while working at my cock, pulling and stroking it like milking a cow. Then I felt her when she came, jerking around my prying fingers. I was delighted, my hand pressing itself flat over her smooth pussy, my fingers wriggling deep inside of her. I worked my fingers crazily in Mom, loving the way her big ass quivered with her orgasm. No sooner were my fingers out of her, she grabbed my fingers and licked them clean while making greedy slurping sounds.

Then her body shifted, her nipples dragging against my thighs with their hard little heads, as she burrowed between my legs. I held my cock up as I moved to lean against the pillows and said, "I want this inside you," and rubbed the long, thick cock across her full, pink lips. My Mom looked at my big cock as it rubbed her lips. She could not help but kissing it as it passes invitingly on her mouth. She cupped my heavy balls in her hand and stared in amazement at the long shiny shaft. There was enough there to make any woman happy. She stroked the shaft up and down, squeezing out a fat drop of pre-cum which she licked with the tip of her tongue. I looked down and caught my mother's eye. She had a wild lustful look and she ran her tongue up and down the shaft.

"Baby, it's so big!" She moaned and kissed the big cock head. "I haven't had anything like this near me for a long time." She kissed the cock head more, this time taking it inside her warm mouth. Her mouth was hot and wet, her tongue narrow and frantic as her pink lips closed over my cock head.

"Ahhh, suck it Mom!" A moan escaped from my mouth and I caressed my mother's face; "You're so sexy! You're mouth so hot; I could cum in it soon." I groaned and pushed my cock deeper in her mouth and began to fuck my mothers' soft motherly mouth.

She turned her head more to the side and let I use her mouth as a fuck toy. She whispered that she hadn't had a man even in her mouth in past two years. She was still a horny sexy woman, but never had satisfaction from my step Dad.

"Honey, I was starving for the past few years without anyone to satisfy my needs. Give me what Mommy missed darling."

"Why Mom, doesn't step Dad did the needful after your return?" I was curious to know.

"No baby, don't talk about him, he is no more to sexual desires, I was thoroughly neglected," while mumbling she went back to work on my cock. "I want to suck your lovely penis now honey. How about letting your old mum suck it for you? Hmm, what do you think?"

"Yeah Mom, it's yours. Enjoy my young cock Mom," I cried out as she took my cock back in to her wet warm mouth and I forced myself deep into her mouth. She knew how to relax her throat muscles, enabling me to gain access deep into her throat. She loved it and was fully committed to it and I was glad I had such a lovable cock. Mom loved to suck it; my hands reached blindly and gripped her head thrusting my cock deeper into her throat. She gagged and moaned driving my plunging cock mad.

"It's been a long time since I've given a proper blow job," she said. "How am I doing so far Baby?"

"You're doing great Mom," I murmured.

As I said this, the head of my cock disappeared inside her mouth. Mom purred and I felt my body tingle. She worked the shaft as she sucked on the head like a lollypop. She softly moaned as her pace increased. Mom began to suck her big, handsome son as hard as she could. Soft slurping sounds filled the room as she moved up and down on my long cock.

"Fuck Mommy's mouth," she garbled while slurping my cock. It was pretty muffled but I could make out what she said, "I want to taste your wonderful jism."

She sucked me hard, drawing me down, until I couldn't bear any more. I fucked her frantically bucking my hips off the bed, watching her lips widening and encased over my cock as it entered, and feeling the little nibbles of her teeth as it moved. I finally had my cock so deep that I could feel my balls lapping at her chin. She reached down and started stroking the bottom of my balls to make me cum. Then, she reached behind me with her other hand and started playing with my asshole. That was it for me! I had to admit that, as teenager I had plenty of staying power, but that move did the trick.

"Go!" she mumbled and wanted my cum squirting in her mouth. I came in three mighty bursts shooting hot-jism down the back of Mom's throat and all over her mouth.

"Oh Mom!" I moaned as I released inside her mouth, "Mom! Oh my sweet, sexy Mother." I groaned as my hips lifted up and gently pushed back in her mouth and down her throat.

She cupped my ass and pulled my cock down her throat to get every last drop of my hot cum into her mouth. She sucked my warm cum from my hard cock, down her throat and into her belly. Finally when she pulled out, I could feel some of my cum dribbling out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin. She scooped it and licked her fingers clean like a greedy little kid.

"Mommy, what have I done? I came in my Mommy's mouth ...," I muttered in disbelief.

"Hush, son," she said, "Did it feel good?" She asked with a wicked smile on her wet lips.

"Wow! That's wonderful Mom. You emptied my balls to the last drop Mom."

"No way, I need this again. You'd better start getting your erection again and fuck the shit out of your mother." She started stroking my cock for another bout and I was already building another hard-on.

I watched as she wriggled close to me, placing my hands back, between her long, tanned thighs, her hands gripping my wet rising cock, twisting it gently as they cupped me, from base to head. My cock made swishing sounds, wet noises, as she continued, firmly stroking my cock to get it ready. My fingers explored her pussy, pulling at her soft inner lips. I slid my fingers around inside of her, twisting them, pressing against her elastic walls. I was shocked and almost creamed when she told me to finger her ass-hole and I slid easily in that direction. I started gentle probes on the puckered entrance and she told that I need some lubricant to intrude that forbidden path. I licked my finger till it nicely lubed and started again. This time it gradually entered into that warm velvety channel without much difficulty. She gasped, made a little choking sound and asked me if I had ever fucked anyone in the asshole before.

I had not. The thought aroused me even more bringing my cock to full mast. She went on to describe the wonders, the tightness of it, explaining how good it was for her and how much I would like it. She twisted against me, then smoothly executed a turn until she was on her knees, her big, smoothly tanned ass pointing into air. I did not need further urging. She passed me a KY gel tube from her bed side drawer and told me to lube my cock and her tiny rectum with it before penetrating her ass. But she encouraged me to start with my tongue which loved the most.

As I put my thumbs into the cleft of her ass cheeks with my hands on her buttocks, Mom, knowing what I was about to start doing, arched her back and lowered her face to the mattress to better present herself to me. "I washed my ass just a while ago so it's all ready for you," she assured me, reaching her hands back to spread her cheeks to show me how clean and ready she was, and to persuade me to start licking her.

"Baby, Mommy love to have your slippery tongue on my pooper. Try it darling and you won't be disappointed," she whispered looking at me over her shoulder. She wiggled her ass to him, jutting out her shapely ass teasingly. "Nice ass, Mom." "Hot ass?" she questioned. "One very hot ass!" I laughed. Then my Mom spread the cheeks of her ass with her hands. "Yes, it is a hot ass, baby." At the top of her cleft, next to the base of her spine, I started by swirling my tongue around. In this area, I used a fair amount of pressure but, as I slowly licked down one side of the cleft on her smooth ass-cheek, I stroked more gently. Very slowly, reveling in the way the soft skin felt on my tongue, I licked Mom's beautiful and extremely lickable ass.

When my tongue reached the place where I could feel the puckering start, I licked around it, down to the lower end of her cleft and started back up; the aroma emanating from her freshly cleaned ass was very sweet and fruity. Once again, I skipped the puckered area, wanting to save the best for last, and licked my way up to where I had started.

"I love that, baby," she whispered. "I love the way you eat my asshole honey!"

She also knew the best was yet to come, and I started licking down the center of her ass cleft, sniffing the sweet aroma. Mom was cooing again, squirming in delight in front of me, and thrusting her ass against my face for more. She expressed herself even louder when my tongue reached her delectable pink rosebud and I licked with short strokes of my tongue, caressing where we both liked it the most. It would have send shock waves along her spine and she started bucking her ass in ecstasy. It was surprisingly exciting to be rubbing my tongue up and down her crack, feeling the rubbery surface and the tight crinkles leading into her anus. Although I spent a long time there, giving pleasure to both her and me, we knew it was still not the best for either of us. A gasp came from her when my tongue slipped along the hot surface of her ass, licking into the crack. Her eyes widened and she yelped with gritted mouth when she felt the tip of my tongue probe the tight pucker of her asshole. "Push it in," she urged. "Deep into Mommy's ass darling!"

I put the tip of my tongue against the tiny opening of Mom's asshole, and pushed into the tightness, slowly, until my tongue was in all the way. I felt the tight warmth of her rectal walls. She moaned with satisfaction as my tongue caressed her G spot. I buried my face into Mom's sweet ass, licking wetly and rapidly at her asshole, devouring greedily and thoroughly. "My ass!" she whimpered. "Honey, that's my ass! Ooooh, baby, that's Mother's asshole you're eating! No one has intrude that far with a tongue baby, you are encroaching a virgin site honey ... oohhhh ..." I grunted, sucking at her asshole with hot lips and pushing my tongue against the crinkle. "It's your hot ass, Mom! Your hot ass! Wanna more..." "Oh, God, yes!" she cried, twisting her ass against my face, stretching one hand between her legs to grab my hard cock. "Ooooh, lick it, baby! Ahhh, you make Mommy's ass so fucking hot! Lick my ass... lick Mommy's ass! Ahhhh ... but baby don't blow in to me and make Mommy windy darling, I ... Mommy won't be able to control it ... oohhh ... I may have to fart honey ... be careful ... please don't make Mommy embarrassed ... please ....," she has gone wild with the pleasure I am giving to her tender flesh and she blurted out all the obscene words she could. She braced herself as best she could, squirming her ass against my face as I licked at her clenching asshole. When I pushed my tongue far between her legs and under her ass, dragging it along her cunt, she let out a wail of pleasure. She made a gulping sound as my tongue slipped along the slit of her smooth cunt, then across her fiery asshole, then back again. I gripped her hips, pressing my face as hard as I could into the crack of her ass, my tongue wiggling for entrance again. Mom squealed loudly, straining her ass hard into my face. She would have felt my lips burn around the ring of her asshole, my wet tongue making her tingle. "Oooooh, Darling, that's wonderful!" she sobbed. "Ohhh, yes, it's wonderful! Ahhh, lick me, baby! Lick Mother in the ass, lick me in the hot ass!" With my tongue licking and my mouth sucking at the pucker, I felt that her cunt was dripping pussy-juice along her inner thigh. "Baby, your cock, baby! Ohhh, your cock, honey! I need your cock in my ass darling. Hurry ...!" Overwhelmed with passion, I pulled my face out of her ass, getting to my knees behind her. I parted the thick cheeks of her ass and the sight excited me I could hardly breathe. Her asshole looked so tight even after my oral administration, but it is ready for the long awaited penetration now. I stuck a finger inside her again and was doubtful that my cock could get inside of that rosy little hole. Mom begged for me to stick my cock in, to just put the head in and it would take me. She pressed back hard against my finger and told me to hurry. I removed my tongue from where I had been licking and replaced it with the nozzle of the KY Gel. When she felt it there, Mom was well aware of what it was and spread her ass for better access. "I hope you do as good a job fucking my ass as you did eating it," she told me. Even though it is going to be my first time in an ass that was certainly my intention and, after squirting the lubricant inside her ass and spreading it there and all around the puckered hole, I nicely coated my cock also with it. Then I placed the tip right at the entrance. When she felt my cock rub into the crack of her ass, she began to gasp and move against me. I felt the round, swollen head of my prick pushing at her asshole. Holding her breath, she relaxed her spinster for my ramming cock against her asshole. My cock-head looked so big to me; I was amazed when it began to slide in. Mom pressed against it and I let go, watching it slowly vanish, inch by inch. It was so tight; I almost came, but got a grip on my longing just in time. I forced myself to wait, to enjoy maximum of it. Mom murmured happily at first as the head of my cock made penetration and repeated her little sounds of pleasure as I started slowly thrusting into her, a little more of my shaft wedging in with every stroke, until my entire cock was embedded in her. Suddenly she screamed in pain as I sank deep into her nether. Mom clutched and clawed at the sheet with her fingers as she tried to struggle away from the impaling she was taking. "Oh my God! Oh my God!" she whimpered over and over again as I leaned over, put my hands under her, grabbed her hips, and pulled up. Now she was completely pinned by me and stuck like a pig. I just stayed like that with my pecker buried all the way inside of her. "Son," She moaned weakly, "What are you doing to me?"

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