tagErotic CouplingsMy Asian Neighbor Ch. 02

My Asian Neighbor Ch. 02


I have to tell you about the second time with my Asian neighbor, Lynn. As hot as it was, it wasn't as good as it would get by our fourth or fifth time, but I still have to tell you.

It took about two days before I saw Lynn again after our first sexual encounter. She had come over to borrow an egg but she left with a little bit more. We had been watching the first episode of Californication when we somehow started kissing. After a few minutes, I, a married man, put my fingers inside of her and made her cum. While I felt bad about it a little later, I was able to reason with myself that I deserved what happened (even though Lynn didn't make me cum). My wife, Sam, and I don't have sex often and even when we do, it's just part of the motions of being married. We've talked about it but nothing ever changes.

I apologize for getting off topic. So, after our sexual episode I didn't see Lynn outside with her dogs for another two days (and trust me, I was going outside quite a bit hoping I would see her again).

On the morning of the third day, however, I noticed Lynn from my window saying goodbye to her husband. I instantly stood up and reached for the leash. The sound of the shower was still running (my wife was getting ready for work), so I had a brief moment to spare.

A few seconds later, I was outside with my dog and began walking in the direction of Lynn's house. I quickly looked up and noticed Lynn wearing sexy aqua-green lingerie. It fit perfectly around her curved body. The lingerie went down to her knees and showed off her C-sized breasts. She wasn't as skinny as my wife but she looked extremely sexy. I looked up at her beautiful brown eyes and they seemed to sparkle in the warm Florida sun.

At that point, she waved to me with a smile on her face. I waved back but stood still; I was a bit nervous about what to do next. Luckily, she took command (as she often would in our future sexual encounters).

She felt no qualm about the way she was dressed in public. I felt a bit queasy a few seconds, however, due to the short distance between the two of us. She was standing about five or six feet away, half-naked, talking to me - a man who wasn't her husband. I looked around to see if anyone else was outside yet, but noticed that most of my neighbors already left for work. I also looked up at my window, worried how I would explain this to my wife if she saw Lynn and I talking.

"Hey, David," Lynn said softly.

"Hey, Lynn," I stammered while looking again at my window.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Lynn exclaimed trying to cover her breasts up with her hands. "I don't want you to get in trouble with Sam."

"Yeah. I probably should go back inside," I replied while taking a few steps backwards.

"Well, if you want you could come over to watch another episode of Californication. I bought it after I watched it with you the other day," Lynn said while running her hand through her long black hair.

"Yeah, I'll see what I can do," I said while heading back inside.

"Bye. It was nice seeing you again!" Lynn exclaimed while I closed the door behind me.

I walked up the stairs and looked around to see where my wife was. My heart was beating quickly but slowed down when I finally found her in the bathroom.

"Hey, babe," Sam said while blow-drying her hair.

"Hey," I replied while walking up to her.

"Where were you at?" She asked as I kissed her gently on her neck.

"Uh, just on the computer checking my e-mail like I do every morning" I answered her (the lies were starting to come a little easier now as we have been married for almost 4 years).

After about ten minutes or so, my wife left for work and I remained home. Don't worry, I'm not a bum (well, not a complete bum), I work part-time and I am also taking five classes at our local college.

I then brushed my teeth and began to argue with myself about whether I should go to Lynn's place or not. I was more on the no side, but my penis was the yes side. As usual, my penis won the argument.

Five minutes later, I was walking across the road to Lynn's house, passing an egg back and forth in my hands. (Yeah, I know it was sort of corny, but hey, that's what I am).

I knocked on the door and waited impatiently for Lynn to answer. At that point I got a little scared; I began to worry about what I would do if her husband came home early from work. Just as I started to turn around, the door swung open. Lynn was standing there, looking just as gorgeous as she did when I first saw her that morning. She was still wearing the same lingerie, though her hair was now up in a sort of bun.

"Glad you could come over," Lynn said with the biggest smile on her face. "What's that in your hand?" she asked with a confused look.

"It's an egg. I thought you might need it," I replied. I immediately felt stupid holding that egg. Luckily, and as usual, she laughed in return. (I really think that was another reason I would see her more often in the future - she made me feel positive, like I was needed).

"Come on in," she said while walking to the kitchen.

I closed the door behind me and rushed to catch up with her. As I stepped in the kitchen area I looked around to see what her place looked like. It was actually pretty nice. She had plush-white carpet with light gray walls. It looked just like a decorated house on HGTV.

"Your place looks real nice," I said while leaning over the kitchen counter. "I don't know how my wife could help you decorate. It looks like you don't really need it."

"Thanks. I just love the way your place is set up. It just has that "rich" feeling to it that I really want in here," Lynn replied while pouring herself a cup of coffee. "Would you like some?"

"No thanks, I don't drink coffee," I replied.

"Oh, Ok," she said while walking out of the kitchen. "Do you want a quick tour?"

"Sure," I replied earnestly.

She showed me around the house and everything was normal, until we came to the master bedroom that is. No, nothing sexual happened. But, I did notice something on her bed.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said nervously while grabbing the 12-inch purple object from the bed and putting it in her night stand. "Let's get out of here," she said as she pushed me out of the room.

"That's ok, Lynn, my wife has one of those too," I said in return, though feeling a bit odd about mentioning my wife.

It was silent for a few minutes after that, though you would think after our first sexual encounter we would be able to talk about a silly vibrator.

We sat down on her L-shaped couch; I on one side, her on the other.

"Let's watch the show!" Lynn said excitingly while turning on the television. She put the DVD in and the second episode less than a minute later.

I remained silent. Why? Because that's what I do when I'm nervous. After a few minutes into the show, she placed her feet on my lap. Not realizing where I was, I started rubbing one of her smooth brown feet (I rub my wife's feet almost every night at home so it was a natural response).

After a few seconds of rubbing, I remembered suddenly where I was. Ok, I am rubbing Lynn's feet. This is kind of weird. I continued, however, because I love to make women happy.

I stopped after a few minutes and continued watching the show. Her feet were still in my lap, however, and she began to move one foot slowly around my crotch. I closed my eyes and imagined her sucking my dick. At the same time, she continued the foot foreplay.

Lynn's foot moved up and down my thigh. It felt absolutely wonderful. My dick began to harden and could be seen through my blue shorts. I looked over to her and she was smiling while nibbling on the tip of her finger. I continued looking into her dark brown eyes while she continued moving her foot along my thigh.

Then out of nowhere she said: "Take your shorts off."

I could feel my heart beat even faster as I followed through with her command. I slowly peeled my shorts off and they fell to the floor hugging my ankles.

"I want it all off," she commanded in her sexy voice.

I squirmed around while sliding my boxers down to the floor. I continued to sit there, expressionless, wearing only a white t-shirt.

She smiled and I immediately felt her soft foot against my fully erect penis. She moved her foot up and down my shaft and began moaning softly. She then traced her toes down my shaft and gracefully moved them back up. My penis stood at full-attention while she grazed her big toe against the tip of my dick. It felt so damn good. This was the first time any woman touched my cock with their feet. I wanted so badly to cum (and, hell, I deserved it after last time).

Her moaning grew louder as she slipped her slim finger deep into her mouth. I could hear the wetness of the movement and it turned me on even more. With her other hand she pulled her lingerie top down so that her breasts would be exposed. Her breasts looked perfect in the dim light. Her nipples were erect and as hard as my dick. I wanted so bad to touch them, but I wanted her to be in control.

She then sat up straight and moved closer to me. Our legs were touching, once again, and it felt so natural and oh so right. She then moved her right hand and touched my inner thighs. At the same time, she began to kiss my neck. She gently used her moist lips to travel up and down my neck. Fuck, it felt good. Her hand moved slowly towards my dick. She placed one of her fingers on the tip and began making a circular motion. She then forcefully grabbed my dick with her warm hand and began to move her hand up and down. She started slowly and then began to pick up speed.

Her moans became even louder as she rubbed up and down my cock. She continued kissing my neck and then, all of a sudden, her wet tongue began to travel across my cheekbone. Eventually, her tongue met my ear and, for some reason, I exclaimed: "I'm about to cum."

Her moans grew louder as she moved her hand up and down my hard dick. Just as I was about to jizz all over myself, her hand suddenly stopped. I shivered in my seat as I expected a release.

"Not today," she said to me while kissing me softly in my ear. "Not today," she repeated. She then stood up and fixed her lingerie. She walked to the kitchen and I watched as her ass moved back and forth. God, she looked so sexy. I wanted to fuck the shit out of her. I actually thought about finishing myself off, but she looked back and said, "No, not today" and opened the front door.

"Fuck," I said under my breath. I stood up and put my clothes back on. I walked outside and went back home to finish myself off - again. After I finished, I thought about what had just happened. I vowed that next time Lynn would make me cum. Luckily, she would.

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