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My Backyard Cougar


My wife Sonja is a very sexy Latin female in her early fifties. Like most women her age she occasionally has her doubts about getting older and if she is still sexy and desirable. We both have our own little "sexual bucket list" of things we have not yet tried. One of the things on her list is the "Cougar" thing, to have sex with a younger guy at least half her age. This story is about how she was first able to mark that item off her list.

Chris was a good looking kid who has lived next door to us ever since he was in pre-school. He was now 18 years old and getting ready to go off to college in the fall. He has helped us out with the yard work sometimes to earn a little extra money over the years.

We did not have a large yard, but we did have a lot of bushes and trees that needed trimming to get ready for hurricane season. Chris offered to do the job for us, and with a couple of his buddies and for me and it was well worth the money.

He brought two friends along. Billy was very much like Chris, thin, fairly muscular, sexually attractive wholesome looking young man. The third boy was Danny, who was a little older, maybe 19. He was a little taller than the others and very muscular. He must spend a good deal of time working out and playing sports.

All three were now working in our backyard shirtless well-tanned and dripping with sweat.

I had dropped my car off at the dealership that morning for servicing so I am sure the boys thought I was gone, off on one my many and frequent business trips out of town.

When these boys began working my wife Sonja decided that she had to go outside and watch them, up close and personal.

She came into the extra bedroom upstairs that I used as a home office and told me she was going to lay out by the pool to get a little sun and make sure the boys do a good job on the yard.

I laughed and smiled at her and said "is that only thing you plan on doing?"

"I thought I might give them some extra incentive and maybe even reward them for a job well done." She replied.

She walked over to the dresser drawer where she keeps her very special sexy things, the treats that she brings out on special occasions like my birthday or just when feels like being naughty.

She brought out a very skimpy black string bikini that she only wears on special occasions. I remember when I bought that bikini for her in Rio and how I had fantasized about seeing her in it as I paid for it. She had only worn it once or twice and never in public, nobody else but me had ever seen her in it and now that was about to change.

I sat on the bed watching her put it on. I loved how it matched her raven hair and fit tightly against her tan Latina skin. As she was slipping her bikini top overhead she leaned over and gave me a sultry kiss before turning around and backing into my lap and asking me to tie her top. I tied her top just like she asked.

She looked damn good in that suit. It fit her body perfectly the triangle top covered her breasts well enough, though her nipples, which were very erect, strained at the tight fabric.

The bikini's bottom was likewise triangular, just enough to cover the important parts, with side ties. It was cut so low in front it almost showed her pussy hair before the bottom portion of the suit took shape; high cut on the sides she felt it showed off her hips nicely. There was just enough fabric on her behind to be respectable; highlighting her best feature with the slightest hint of a camel toe showing just how tight the suit was on her.

That outfit was certain to catch the attention of any guy that was still breathing including a bunch horny young teenage boys. Cock teasing is her favorite past time and she was obviously going all out on this one, making sure she got all the attention she could get.

She looked at herself in the full length mirror and smiled as she turned and tried out a number of different angles to make sure that she looked just right.

She grinned at me as she looked in the mirror and asked "I wondered what those boys will think of this suit? Do think they will give me a standing ovation?"

I smiled at her and replied "Oh yes, you know they'll love that outfit baby. You are so sexy in it they will probably cum just looking at you in that swim suit, Look at it barely covers your nipples and anybody looking at you from the side will be able to see the entire underside of your breasts. You almost look too hot and too sexy. I am not sure I should let you go out there in that."

She walked over to where I was sitting and leaned forward less than inches from my face and said "Oh stop whining I promise you I'll make it worth your while. In fact, I may even let you talk me into fucking two or three of those young guys while you watch. Would you like that?"

"Be honest now because if you say yes I'll make sure it happens for you!"

I just nodded and smiled. "Oh yes, sweetie I'll believe that when I see it."

Somehow I knew it was going to be a day to remember.

"Have I forgotten anything?" she asked.

I looked at her and said "You can't wear sandals with that outfit put on some high heels to show off legs and your cute ass."

"Oh my god you're absolutely right", she muttered.

She pulled out a pair of sexy black pumps out of the closet and then leaning up against my body while I was still setting on the bed she slipped them on making sure I got a good view of her tit, ass and legs while she was doing it.

"How does this look baby am I ready now?" She asked.

"You look good enough to eat I replied and if you keep teasing me I am going to do just that" I replied.

She took one last look at herself in the mirror giving me her naughty almost wicked little smile as she causally strolled out of the room headed off for her great adventure.

I watched through the drawn curtains of our upstairs bedroom as she strolled out of the house into the backyard to the pool area near where these three muscular, shirtless young hunks could not miss her grand entrance.

I could just image what was going on in that naughty little head of hers as she pranced onto the grassy stage that was our backyard.

Her bikini was very revealing, and that is the way she wanted it. She thought it would be fun to tease these boys a bit. Maybe she needed it - to see some males drool over her body, to make her feel desired by young men. I guess sometimes a woman just needs that.

"Would you guys mind if I caught some rays? It's such a beautiful day," she said, trying to look and sound as flirty as she could.

The boys looked at each other with wide eyes and smiled.

"No," they mumbled. "We don't mind at all, Mrs. Thompson," Chris said, trying not to stare at her body. By the looks on the boys' faces, they definitely liked what they saw they liked it a lot.

She was happy they were staring at her body. She seldom minded when men - or boys - were distracted by her breasts. She was proud of her body. 5 feet 6 inches, firm 42" D cup breasts, very small waist flaring to sexy hips, and a nice round ass.

"Chris. I keep telling you to call me Sonja."

She set out her towel onto the beach chairs; she pulled off her sarong and tossed it on the other chair. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and she hid her brown eyes behind sunglasses.

So she plopped herself down in the middle of the yard while they worked, hoping that she was enough of a distraction to them to boost her ego. It seemed to work, as at least one of them always seemed to be looking in her direction, often "needing" to walk over a little closer to her for some reason.

She slid her arms out of the straps and pulled her suit down just to her bust line making sure plenty of cleavage showed.

She watched behind her sunglasses as these hot young guys walked by, and thrilled when their heads turned.

Could they see my nipples she wondered? The very thought made her even hornier. God, I want to just slide my hand down inside the bikini bottoms and play with my clit while these boys walk around showing off their bodies and trying to get my attention she thought to herself.

She was feeling so good about herself that she decided to take it up a notch. She rolled over onto her stomach (and thought she heard a disappointed murmur from the guys) and then reached around to untie her top. (Another murmur, this time more upbeat!) she pulled it away from her body except where she was laying on it, and even then she tried to flatten it out so that the sides of her breasts showed as much as possible.

Lifting herself up occasionally would also display her breasts - almost. She was feeling like the center of attention and loving every moment of it. She loved this, lying there watching three shirtless, sweaty hunks sitting only a couple feet away from her, muscles rippling in the sunlight

All the while she was trying to watch the boys, just as they were watching her. Three half-dressed hunks with her there in her own yard got her juices flowing. She knew that after this was over she was in for a very long masturbation session.

After watching her "boy show" for a while longer, she volunteered to get some lunch for them.

She tied her top and got up slowly making sure they all got a good look at her tits. She then sexily walked into the house showing her sexy round ass, letting it sway back and forth as she walked putting on a show that they couldn't miss.

She went into the kitchen to prepare some sandwiches for the boys, feeling quite pleased with herself. She had noticed all three of them looking at her when they thought she wasn't watching, and they seemed interested. It gave her a big boost of confidence.

"Maybe she wasn't over the hill," she thought to herself.

She brought the food and some beers out to the patio table and called the boys over to eat.

The three boys came over still shirtless and a little sweaty. Oh, yes, she noticed the sweat gleaming on their taut young bodies, and she felt naughty again and a little damp down between her legs.

Danny, who was getting some food, accidentally brushed his hand against her tits.

She turned towards him as he said "Oops," and smiled. She knew he didn't mean it and she didn't want him to feel badly about it. If he only knew the spark that little touch had sent all through her body, with all the other thoughts running through her head.

Chris smiled and said. "You know you're a very beautiful woman."

"And sexy," Danny said, standing very close behind her.

"Boys, thank you for the compliments, but I'm afraid that I'm much too old for you to be interested in."

She was getting a little nervous, suddenly recognizing that she was alone with three strong muscular boys - men, actually -- that could do whatever they wanted to her and that she was completely powerless to stop them. Or was this exactly what she had been hoping for all along?

"Sonja," Danny said, softly and very near to her ear, "We're not really boys, you know." He placed his hand lightly on her side, just above her waist, and she didn't object.

Now it was Billy's turn, "And you are not really that much older than we are. Especially for someone in such good shape," he said, sounding nervous.

"Guys, thanks again, but I didn't mean to give you the wrong idea..." she put her hand on top of Danny's hand to push it off her side, but she never actually pushed it off. Both hands stayed in place for a moment.

Danny looked down at her from behind. "We don't think you were giving us the wrong idea, Sonja."

His deep, soft voice speaking quietly into her ear sent a tingling sensation up her spine. She suddenly realized that she did have a nasty little fantasy going on in her mind, one that she hadn't really admitted to herself, but one which she had brought on as if she had planned it.

Danny took her hand and led her to into the connecting family room with a large couch. The other boys followed as she went over to the couch. Not until she sat down did she realize that no one had told her to do it. She had sat in the middle of the couch, leaving room on both sides of her. She felt like a lamb led to slaughter - but she was willing leading herself there almost as if she was choreographing the whole thing herself!

Danny stood in front of her, looking down, the other two boys sat on either side of her, close, facing her. Chris placed a hand on her cheek to stroke it

Billy placed his hand on her shoulder, in a slow and almost teasing manor untied the string around her neck that held up her bikini top letting her top fall down releasing her tits exposing them to the boys and to the lite breeze coming from the paddle fan directly above her.

"Are you sure you all want to do this?" she asked. She wasn't sure what she meant by 'this'. Well, yes, she really she did know exactly what she meant and so did they.

"We're sure," Danny said. "Unless you want us to stop."

She didn't even think of answering, too lost in the moment and what was unfolding in front of her. She felt the strap of her bikini fall and Billy's fingers traced down the front of her shoulder onto her chest, brushing lightly over the top of her breast and then a cross her nipples which were now fully erect. She moaned at the feeling, which probably gave them all the answer they needed and left no doubt that she wanted this.

Danny reached down to her waist. He slowly pulled on strings of her bikini bottom which fell open, exposing her pussy for these three young studs to see and marvel at.

She automatically lifted herself off the couch just a bit so that he could pull them smoothly off her.

A moment of panic surged through her as she was becoming naked here with these guys, but she realized how much she wanted this and needed this. The panic soon turned into a feeling of excitement and almost exhilaration at being on display in front these young men that obviously liked looking at her body and wanted her.

She sat back down and lifted her feet out of the bottoms, now naked and fully exposed to the three boys except for her bikini top hanging down around her waist.

Danny placed his hands on her knees, now slowly pushing them apart. She allowed it, and her legs spread to reveal her trimmed pussy for everyone see. She open her legs wide as if she was offering her body to them as a gift or prize to be taken.

Chris and Billy each held one of her breasts in their hand, but they froze to gaze at her most intimate body part. She wondered if it was the first they seen. She doubted it, but it might have been in any case she was enjoying the attention and thinking about what was going to happen next.

Danny, seemed to be more experienced and sure of himself as he gazed directly into her snatch, smiling. She wondered if he could tell how wet she was.

Billy and Chris began squeezing the breast in their hand while continuing to stare, alternating between her pussy and her breasts.

Danny looked as well, but he spent more time looking directly into her eyes. She held his stare even as he stood, and began unfastening his pants, letting them drop to the floor.

Her gaze then went to his crotch. A large bulge had formed in his boxers, and she knew that this boy was indeed a man, a well hung man with a major erection sticking straight out that was just waiting there for her to take it and to enjoy in every way she could imagine.

The other two then began fumbling with their pants, not wanting to release her breast but unable to figure out how to get out of their pants without it. They finally managed, both sporting erections, only Chris wearing jockey shorts. This made his erection more noticeable, and she stared at it.

"You'd better get those off before you hurt yourself," she said. Did she really say that? And was her voice actually an octave lower than a moment ago? She knew that she was fully wanted this to happen.

Chris stood and pulled his jockeys off. His erection sprang out and bounced in front of him as he stood still. She reached up and wrapped her fingers around it, causing him to almost whimper. "Oh you're so sweet is this for me?" she teasingly asked.

She pulled on his dick and shifted her legs slightly towards him, inviting him to step in between. He did, and she pulled him down, now kneeling before her in place of Danny.

He stared at this up close look at her pussy before he reached out to touch it. His touch was gentle, too gentle, as he felt around as if it was his first time.

She reached down to her own crotch and placed her hand over his, forcing it to push harder onto her. One finger pushed slightly into her entrance and she moaned in lust.

He caught on, exploring her slit with a firmer hand, causing her to moan some more. She was on fire, and feeling like a slut.

"Fuck me," she said softly, looking directly into his eyes, which suddenly opened wide in surprise.

Rising up, Chris took hold of his hard cock and placed it in her slit as she spread her legs as wide as she could.

Finding her hole, he placed his dick at the entrance and his hands on either side of her as he leaned in and pushed with his hips, slipping his cock into her. Sonja moaned when she felt his hard shaft push her open.

She wrapped her legs around him, helping to pull him into her with a smoother rhythm. His cock felt great inside and her body was grateful for the long awaited relief.

Chris lasted for only a few minutes before she could feel him swell inside her. She knew he was going to cum before he did. She pulled him tightly to her with her legs, holding him inside, and he began to shoot his semen deep inside her pussy. After the first two spurts she relaxed her grip as he pumped in and out with each new squirt until she also felt an orgasm coming on.

Again her legs pulled him deep inside her and held him there. He was pretty much done by this time, but she exploded, loudly, with her pussy pulsating and squeezing around his cock.

She was sure he enjoyed this as well as she did and that she had drained him while enjoying her own orgasm. It had been a long time since she had had a release like that.

He pulled out, slowly, when her legs eased up on him. But she was not finished. Or, rather, they were not finished with her. The other two guys needed release as well, especially after seeing Chris cum inside her.

Billy had been stroking himself while watching them fuck, and could hardly wait to get in between her legs. His dick was longer than Chris's she was looking forward to feeling it in her pussy. He began fucking her and he did reach deeper inside her than Chris did but in less than a minute into it he began shooting his load. She again held him tight, deep inside. She enjoyed feeling his cock so deep in her, but it did nothing to get her closer to another orgasm.

When he was finished he rolled off her as her attention was shifted to Danny.

Danny walked over towering over her as he stepped between her legs. He was the oldest of the three, and the biggest and looking up at him made him seem even bigger. And to see his large erection pointing upward right in front of her made her melt.

As hot as she was, seeing his dick made her juices actually flow. Her mouth literally began to water. He looked to be longer much ticker than Billy.

Danny was thick. Very thick. As thick as any she had ever seen. Damn, she wanted that thing inside her, right here and right now!

Danny had to have been hot as well. Not only was she spread out naked and on display, but he had just witnessed two guys fuck her. He did seem to hurry to get between her legs and line up his large cock, but then slowed down a bit.

Holding his cock by the base, he rubbed the head of it along her slit. It felt good, but it wasn't necessary -- her pussy was soaked and dripping from both boys' cum and a huge amount of her own juices.

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