tagIncest/TabooMy Beautiful Breasts

My Beautiful Breasts


Hey y'all. My name is Deborah but my friends and dad call me Debbie. Let me describe myself to you; black female, B.B.W body build, hair in dreadlocks and dyed dark red and purple, 42DDD-sized tits, average-sized brown areolas, big belly, and thick legs. I reside in the city of Upper Darby, PA. I'm 18 years of age and live with my dad who is 45.

Tonight was a Thursday night, about 8 pm. I was in my pink pajamas, wearing nothing underneath, except for a pair of black Victoria's Secret panties. I sat at my desk, in front of the window, at my Dell laptop, finishing up my homework. Upon completing my English homework, I put my laptop on Sleep mode and closed the cover. I had everything off except for the television. It was completely dark in here. My bedroom door was closed. I did have on the laptop but I turned that off, or rather put on sleep mode. I always seem to find it a habit to leave my TV on when I'm doing homework. The white rays of light from the glowing moon beamed through my window like a flashlight. I looked up at the beautiful moon as it shined thorough the black sky.

I turned around in my purple office chair and saw my TV on Disney Channel, the one channel I would always have on when I'm watching nothing else. I stood up in front of the television and fantasized about my ideal girlfriend, how she and I would have these lustful sexual encounters, how she would molest me and feel me up. I can only imagine! I felt my nipples starting to get hard with these thoughts running through my mind. I rubbed my fingers over my nipples, the erotic rub sent chills running through my spine. Hearing the wind starting to act up, I turned around to face my window and I unbuttoned my pink pajama shirt, letting my DDD-sized breasts unleash and move around. It is true that any potential perverts could be looking in at me but it's was dark in here so peeping onlookers wouldn't be that lucky! I watched and listened as the cool winds blew through my opened window, pushing the curtain toward me, and the chilling breeze airing into my naked breasts, hardening my nipples even more. My eyes shut as though I were hypnotized and I felt my whole body starting to get cold. Getting more and more cold as I stood in front of the window, I moved away from it, and began playing with my nipples. I rubbed my middle fingers over them and grabbed my boobies. I leaned against the wall as I rubbed my titties with the palms of my hands. I then started tugging my nipples with my fingers. My nipples started to get so hard that they resembled Tootsie Rolls.

I knew that I had to get ready for school the next morning, and that included taking a shower of course. I don't like taking showers in the morning because it's so exhausting. I like to take my showers at night before I go to bed. I got a pair of bra and panties from my tall brown dresser that the TV stands on and got my pink bathrobe from my big closet, located to the right of the TV set (if you were standing in front of it, it's to the right). My closet is so wide that one could say that it's about the size of somebody's bathroom. Anyway, I got my pink robe and took down my pajama pants and underwear. I left my shirt on but unbuttoned as I went bottomless. I was feeling a little naughty, knowing that my dad was in his room watching TV and that I would be going past his room on the way to the bathroom. I walked out my bedroom and carried the clothes over my bare vagina as I walked past my daddy's room. My breasts were bare but that was okay. I looked in to see if he would turn to me but his vision was focused on his TV. The thing is that when it comes to my sexual orientation, I'm not straight or bi, I'm a lesbian. It's just that sometime my dad an I have our little "encounters".

I went into the bathroom at the end of the hallway and shut the door behind me. I took of my shirt and hung my clothes on the rack, hanging my robe on the door. I sat my naked self down on the edge of the bathtub and ran the shower water. I had the water on a mild cold temperature. After dipping my fingers in the water to make sure it was of the appropriate temperature for me, I stepped into the shower. Note that my fingernails were polished black and were a bit longer than my fingertips themselves. I got my bath sponge and a bottle of soap, poured it into the sponge and began washing my body down. I scrubbed my body, grazing my erect nipples. Thoughts of lesbian sex ran though my mind again, and so I hung up my sponge on the wall and let the water from the shower rinse me down. As I fondled my boobs with one hand, I stroked my clitoris with the other, working it roughly and viciously, until thick white liquid began dripping from it and my arm was hurting in the process. When finished masturbating, I got out the shower and turned the water off. I took the robe off the door and dried myself with it, squeezing the water out my dreadlocks the best I could. I finished drying the rest of my body down and put on the robe, tying it around my belly and my big titties hung below the knot. My plump sized nipples were so erect as a result of the temperature of the water. My thick nipples were now the size of the ends of Sharpie markers. I rubbed them and felt that tingling sensation again. I walked out the bathroom, taking my clothes with me. This time, as I walked by my daddy's room, he spotted me and demanded with authority, "C'mere, Debbie!"

A little nervous I walked into his room and replied, "Yes dad?"

"Sit down," he commanded, pointing at the chair about a good few feet from his bed.

I complied with his request and sat down with my ankles crossed, putting my clothes on his nearby dresser top and opened my legs so he could see my pussy.

"Why are your nipples so hard?" asked he, seeing the size of my massive erected nipples.

I looked down and cupped my boobs with my hands and answered, "I dunno! Why?" I was a bit embarrassed.

"Them jons look so hard, I can go down the block and see them thangs! Fantasizin'?"

"Yeah..." I said warmly as I had my hands between my thighs and tightened up as though I were cold.

"Is that why you got 'cha coochie all out like dat?"

Embarrassed by his last question, I covered my vagina with the ends of my robe and turned a bit. "Daddy!"

He chuckled a bit, saying, "Look! I understand the hormones kids y'all age are goin' through. I went through it mahself! Even more so when I met 'cha mom! You play wit'chaself a lot?"

I did one of those blushing silent giggles and answered, "Dad! That's none of ya business!"

"Yeah it is!"

"Dad! You're making me uncomfortable!" I said. As I gripped both my huge boobs and pushed them together in front of his eyes, I asked. "Why you lookin' at mah breasts anyway? I'm your daughter!"

"Yanno... But I'm your father!"

"Yeah? So?"

"You like Poeyes' Chicken, right?"

"YEAH! Absolutely! I love it!"

"I'mma git chu some for dinner tomorrow night if you show me your titties!"


My dad nodded 'yes', saying "Mmm hum!"

I took a few seconds to think. After taking a few seconds, I stood up and my dad was staring at me as I untied and removed my bathrobe before him, displaying my nakedness. He wiggled his index finger, signaling me to "Come here," as he said those two words. I complied and moved closer to him. As he watched my boobies and belly bounce horizontally and vertically I could see the bulge in his pants which as a lesbian, I did not want to see. He raised his hand and tugged at my breast, pulling at the thick nipple. The sensation I was feeling was total ecstasy. He played with my nipple in delight, squeezing it a bit. When he was finished playing with my breast, he demanded, "Turn around."

I did so. I knew he wanted to feel on my big butt so I might as well not even bothered waiting for him to request such, as I bent over, my titties dangling over the floor. I felt his hand slap and spank my fleshy butt cheeks. He smacked it at least five times. After the soft spanking, he gripped up and caressed my round cheeks, then gave my butt a couple more spanks.

"Alright. I'm done." he said. "Good night my sweet princess!"

"G'night dad!" I replied as I turned. He then picked up his body so he could kiss my forehead.

After he kissed me, I picked up my clothes and my robe and went out his room and went into my own. I thought in the back of my head, "And I better see some fried chicken on my plate for dinner tomorrow too! Or man is he in for one big surprise!" By the way, if you still happen to wonder what I meant by the "encounters" we would share, I hope that you know now that moments like just now was what I was referring to. After going to my bedroom, I shut the door and got a bottle of lime-scented lotion from under my bed, and laid naked over my bed. I poured a few drops over my big belly and rubbed it in round ovals all over my stomach. I raised my legs and rubbed some over my pussy, and over my breasts. As it was starting to near my bedtime, I didn't really bother to put my dirty clothes away and figured that could wait until tomorrow morning and I only put on my green brassiere. I stuffed my other clothes underneath my bed and got in bed. I flicked off the TV and went to sleep, under the covers, completely naked except for this green bra and no panties. Good night.

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