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My Best Friend's Dad


During my high school years, my best friend, Brett and I were almost inseparable. It took some time for me to realize that I had a crush on him, but there was never any indication that he was anything but totally straight, so I suppressed my attraction, not wanting to lose him as a friend. I spent what seemed like my every waking hour at his house, and thought his parents, especially his dad, were the coolest people who ever lived.

The summer following our high school graduation, which coincidentally was held on my 18th birthday, I noticed that I was becoming increasingly attracted to Brett's father, Mitchell. Mitchell was what I considered to be quite old; probably 42 or 43, but that only heightened his appeal to me. He was 6'1", a lean 185 pounds with a chiseled and smooth face crowned with a thick head of dirty blonde hair, and searching ice blue eyes. He had broad powerful shoulders, and beautifully muscled thighs, which I never failed to notice when he wore shorts. He also had the most perfectly distributed pelt of short cropped chest hair I have ever seen. This was the early 1980's, and chest hair was considered sexy.

At the time, I was a rather small guy; only about 5'7" and 120 pounds, with a boyish face that belied my true age. Girls ignored me for the most part, but often commented on my bubble butt, which was not difficult to notice considering the tight jeans then in fashion. I was usually quite introverted, and was concerned about my attraction to men, although I never allowed myself to label myself as gay. At that time, in my naiveté, I was sure I was probably the only guy in my medium sized, Midwestern city with these feelings which I could not overcome. I was only sure of the fact that I was strongly drawn to Mitchell. I wanted to be with him and near him. Although I admired his physical attributes, I never thought of him in sexual terms.

That changed on a hot night that July, when Brett and his mother were away at a funeral, Mitchell was scheduled to be away on business, and I had agreed to feed Brett's dog. As I was standing in Brett's kitchen, I was startled by the sound of someone opening the front door. When I stepped into the living room, there was Mitchell, even more attractive in a well tailored business suit. He acted surprised to see me, and I quickly explained the situation and turned to leave through the kitchen door. Just then, I heard his low, husky voice state my name in a demanding tone. I turned around and noticed a stern look on his handsome face when he quite bluntly said that he had noticed the way I stared at his body, that it was very obvious, and that it had been happening for quite a while.

As my face quickly reddened and I started to mumble a weak reply, he walked over to me, placed a hand gently over my mouth, and said it was time for him to make sure I wasn't disappointed. He then placed his hand on top of my head, and gently but firmly pushed me slowly down to my knees. I felt as if I were in a daze; a potent mixture of fear, anxiety, excitement, and lust. I offered no resistance as I came to a rest on my knees, and he quickly removed his jacket and slacks. In a few seconds, I was at eye level of an imposing bulge in his tight, white briefs.

He quickly pulled them off, my transfixed stare only interrupted by the sudden, upward swing of his erect cock slapping my chin. I had never actually seen an erect penis and was mesmerized by its sheer heft and by the feel of the heat radiating from the pulsating shaft. I was intrigued by the perfectly proportioned thickness of his shaft and the bulbous head, along with the imposing sight of his large, heavy balls, all towering impressively from a thick jungle of silky, jet-black hair. My excitement caused me to emit an audible gasp which quickly produced a wide grin on Mitchell's face. At that moment, lust and nature took control, and I quickly enveloped as much as I could of his beautiful member in my eager mouth.

It was my first experience with oral sex, but Mitchell's moans of pleasure indicated that my performance was more than acceptable. Without warning, he suddenly thrust all of his 7.5" thick cock down my throat. Reflex caused me to gag at first, but unexpectedly soon, I relaxed and allowed the forcible entry of his engorged, pulsating head and thick shaft into the lower depths of my virgin throat. Mitchell moaned in ecstasy as he continued to pump my willing throat, and unbelievably became even harder with each powerful thrust

Suddenly, Mitchell withdrew, and looked down at my startled expression with amusement. He quickly pulled me up on my trembling legs, and firmly cupped my virgin butt with his powerful hands, the lust in his eyes telling me that the my lessons for this evening were only just beginning...

To be continued...

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