My Best Friend's Wife

byTx Tall Tales©

"Hold her still a moment," he told me.

I stopped my motion, and held her. She leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Next time, I might even try to let you take the back door."

She groaned then, and I felt her body shiver as Mark lubed her ass up. There was a bit of maneuvering of legs for a moment, and I felt his legs press against the outside of mine.

"Oh FUCK that's tight," Janet moaned, and then I felt her starting to move back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her, feeling Mark's rod pressing back and forth against mine, separated by the thin flesh inside of her.

I was thrusting up with my hips, feeling the cold air against the exposed part of my cock, as I fucked her with the few inches I could fit inside of her. Mark on the other hand was fucking her hard. She was moaning almost continuously as we double-teamed her.

I popped out of her, and she cried out, reaching back to pull me back in. Before she could, Mark pulled out and I felt him lift her off of me. Once I sat up, he was leaning back in the couch, and she was sitting in his lap, facing me, his cock completely buried in her ass. She opened her legs wide in invitation.

This was a new game for me, but I did manage to find a place to put my legs before I entered her. I had lots of wiggle room now, and I fucked her hard and deep while her husband held her tight against his body.

"That's definitely fantasy number three," he told me. "Fuck her brains out."

I did what I could, hammering away at her for all I was worth, until I had her coming on my cock, with Mark's staff buried in her ass. Watching her lose it was too damned exciting and pushed me over the edge, blowing my load inside of her, thrusting in as far and as deep as I was able.

"Don't stop," Mark gasped, and I continued pumping her as my cock slowly deflated, but not before we pushed Mark over the edge, groaning as he filled her ass.

I eased my cock out of her and leaned back over the far end of the couch, looking at the husband wife tandem as he whispered to her.

She climbed off of his cock, leaned forward and stretched out alongside me, her legs clasping one of mine, her head in the crook of my neck.

"That was so amazing. Really. I've never felt so thoroughly used," she sighed, kissing my neck and cheek. I turned to capture her mouth with mine.

Our tongues played together for a few moments, and I contemplated whether I'd be able to squeeze out one more hard-on for her.

"We put the kids down at 9:30," she told me, reaching her hand down to gently stroke my cock. "What time can you be back here?"

"Back? It'll take wild horses to get me out of here," I told her.

"What about the meeting with your friends?" She reminded me.

"I'd say fuck'em, but the only friend I'm fucking today, is my best friend's gorgeous, hot wife."

"Anyone I know?" Mark asked, teasing.

"Asshole." Janet, griped.

"Been there, done that," he laughed, smacking her well used rear.

"Keep it up, buddy, see where it gets you," she growled in mock anger.

"Oh, I think if I could keep it up, I know exactly where it would get me." He stood. "Who else needs a beer?"

I raised my free hand, while my other one fondled my new girlfriend's breast.

She cuddled tighter, reaching down for my cock. "The old man's one-and-done, he won't be up for another round for a while. How are you feeling?"

"I think I could go another round," I told her lifting her lips to mine.

"What will it take? I'd kind of like to see what you'd be like in my ass. Go for the whole trifecta," she said softly, with a teasing glint in her eye.


"You've finished in my mouth; you've finished in my twat. There's one more hole waiting to be filled. You wanna play?"

I was already starting to respond to her offer, and when I showed her how she was affecting me, she decided to speed up the response, and brought her mouth back into action. This time I just sat back and let her have her way, showing off her skills, spending several minutes sucking, getting me hard and ready.

When she backed away and reclined on the couch, I took the hint and climbed aboard, lifting her legs high and wide, so I could plow her seriously. God, it felt good to saw in and out of her. I felt God-like, so strong, so in control, so elemental. I looked down to where my thick rod entered her, watching the motion, pulling out until the head just barely parted her lips, pushing back in until our pubic bones ground together.

Mark had returned with the beers, and he settled in next to us, in his armchair.

"Dude, you're spoiling her, you don't want her thinking it's going to be like this all the time, do ya?"

"All the time?" I gasped as I long-stroked her.

"You don't think this is a one-time thing, do ya? What kind of person would that make her? We figured once we brought you in, it'd be kind of a regular thing, right baby?" Mark said, moving over to the side of his moaning wife, stroking her hair.

"All...the fucking...time," she groaned in time to pounding.

I slowed down, eased out and reached for her, "Ready for phase 3?"

She only took a few seconds to get on her hands and knees, leaning over the couch arm. "Mark, you got that lube?" she asked.

Mark reached out the end-table and tossed me the bottle. I gave a quick squirt into my palm, greased up my cock, and put the swollen purple head knockin' at her back door. She reached back and spread her cheeks for me. I pushed against the resistance, nudging my hips forward while guiding with my hand. When I finally started to make headway, I gave a stronger thrust and was rewarded with my cock sliding a couple of inches into her tight ass.

"Damn, that's big," she moaned.

It took a bit of work, but within a couple of minutes I was driving my cock in and out of her tight back-door, giving her the entire length. It was an incredible feeling. "Janet, you have the most amazing ass," I told her, picking up the pace now that it was getting easier.

Mark had his pecker back out, and was pushing it into his wife's face, from the end of the couch. "That is so damned hot."

Janet's loud moans changed in tone as her husband filled her mouth while I filled her from the opposite end. My rhythm was off, as she bucked against me in response to her husband's aggressive use of her mouth, but after a few moments, the three of us were back in sync, and I was able to keep my thrusting in time, while increasing the force behind them. I held her full ass cheeks in my hands, squeezing them tightly, her flesh bulging out between my fingers. Yes, quite the ass.

"Jesus, I can't hold back," I gasped as the sliding pressure got to me. I started fucking her harder, ignoring the push-back, driving into her wildly. My hectic motions pulled her off-of Mark's cock, her entire body responding to my animalistic pounding.

"Oh," she gasped, "FUCK ME!"

That was it, I was done. I grabbed her hip bones, lifted her up and against me as I shot off inside of her. Her knees were off the couch, her forehead pressed against the couch end, as she took my offering.

My leg slipped off the couch and I fell back; she squealed as I pulled her along, my cock tightly wedged up her rear.

"Damn, Janet, that was intense," I breathed in her ear, as I continued to thrust in and out of her as much as I could. Once the spasms finished I relaxed, breathing hard, enjoying the feel of her weight resting on me, ass-to-crotch.

"Oh, Alex," she sighed pushing back against me.

I reached around and started fondling her body, squeezing her breasts, running my hand down her belly, feeling the fuzzy hair just above where I was still wedged inside of her. I couldn't believe this hot body was mine to use. I nuzzled her neck, tasting her skin, nipping at her.

"Jesus, Alex, I though we might have some fun, but I never expected this." She turned in my grasp. Her arms wrapped around me and I was kissing her again, first passionately, then warmly and tenderly.

"Trust me, Janet, we'll have lots of fun. Lots and lots of fun. As much as you'll let me have."


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That was wicked! Well written.

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