tagIncest/TabooMy Big, Beautiful Mother

My Big, Beautiful Mother

byAlex Vertigo©

My love affair with large women began when I shoplifted my first copy of Playboy. Flicking through the pages, I instantly became a tit man. The next step was when I realised that skinny chicks didn't have big tits, by and large, without the help of a surgeon at any rate. The final hook was when I saw my own mother naked.

Mom is beautiful. She always has been, from looking at high school pictures. She's always been big as well, which meant that she didn't have an easy time with guys. The sentence she hates more than any other is "Your face is really pretty, though". That's what she's gotten her whole life. People thinking that it's a shame she's so big since she's so pretty. But like I said, I always thought Mom was hot, especially after seeing her totally naked. I was sneaking out for a cigarette, tiptoeing down the stairs trying to make no noise at all and I peeked in at her bedroom door to make sure she wasn't gonna catch me.

What I saw stopped me in my tracks. She was standing in front of the mirror naked, looking at her body, squeezing her breasts lightly. They were incredible. Enormous. Luscious. My cock was throbbing, aching in my jeans as I watched her. They were surprisingly firm for her age and for their size but I didn't know that at the time. I was just transfixed by the most beautiful, biggest breasts I'd ever seen. I went straight back up to my room and jacked off, stroking my cock harder than I ever had before, picture my mother's beautiful chest as I came, shooting sticky streaks of jism all over an old photo of her that I had in my photo album.

After that, I always tried to sneak peeks at her. Once I saw her getting out of the shower, assuming that I was sleeping in and that she could walk back to her room without being spied. Seeing her gigantic breasts bounce as she walked gave me masturbation material for weeks afterwards. I stopped fucking girls from school because they just didn't seem to measure up any more. (Truth be told, how could they measure up with 38DD?) I was obsessed with my own mother, obsessed with seeing her naked, touching her all over, tasting her, loving her, fucking her.

Oops, there I go, my cock running away from me and telling the story as he sees it. Time to backtrack a bit.

A couple of years before all this happened, my parents split. What seemed to me at the time as a total random event I now know was on the cards a long time. Dad had fucked around on Mom pretty much since their honeymoon. And Mom, she'd felt shitter and shittier as her husband rejected her over and over for other women. It got to the point where she'd given up on sex, love and romance absolutely. She thought she was a fat bitch who nobody could ever want. Of course, at the time I saw her naked I didn't know any of this. I thought she was unbelievably hot and my teenage mind assumed that she would be fucking someone. Of course someone with a body that hot would be fucking someone.

I was just off in my teenage male world, fantasising about her every night. And then one day she just didn't get out of bed. I came home from college to find her still in bed, watching some talk show.

"You feeling sick, Mom?" I asked.

"I'm okay, hon," she said, giving me a smile that wouldn't have fooled anyone.

"Didn't you go to work today?"

"I just didn't feel up to it," she said and then burst into tears. I didn't know what to do.

I sat on the bed beside her and put my arms around her. She couldn't stop crying, just sobbed into my shoulder. I felt weird, like the parent-child relationship had just been stood on its head. I made soothing noises and kissed her hair.

"I'm sorry, Alex," she said when the tears had subsided somewhat, "I didn't mean to dump this on you."

"Mom, it's fine. I want you to be able to talk to me."

"I just feel so fucking awful," she said. Mom never swears. Not that I'd heard, at least. "I feel so ugly and stupid. This big fat lump wasting space."

"Mom, you're beautiful," I protested, tears pricking my eyes.

"Thank you for being such a sweetie, but you don't need to lie to me," she said, stroking my hair.

"I mean it," I said, my throat dry, "you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I see other women and I always think that none of them is even close to being as sexy as you. I know it's wrong, but you're just so hot, Mom, your body is so beautiful and God…" I trailed off.

I'd said too much, I knew it. But hearing her put herself down like that, I couldn't help but set the record straight.

"You think my body is beautiful, Alex?" Mom asked me in a small voice.

Here was the moment of truth.

"It's amazing, Mom. I've been, um… well, I've looked at you sometimes when you've been naked and…"

"You've been spying on me?" she asked. Was that indignation in her voice? Or humor? Or what?

"I couldn't help it, I just couldn't. You're so hot I just needed to see you."

"Is it me you think about all those times you stroke that big beautiful cock, Alex?"

"You've seen me?"

"It's like you're off in another world. You wouldn't notice even if I sat down beside you and started stroking with you."

I felt like I was going to faint.

"I fantasise about you every day. Again and again. I can't stop it," I blurted, my words tumbling over each other. "And if you sat down and started stroking my cock I think I'd fucking explode."

"I wouldn't want you to explode straight away, my naughty boy," Mom said, softly and seductively. "You've fucked a few high school sluts, a few of those loose college chicks, you should be able to hold on for me."

I couldn't say anything.

"I've wanted you for so long, Alex, I've watched you grow up into a man, a beautiful man and I've wanted to have my son's cock inside me. I've wanted you to love my body but I thought I was too ugly."

"Mom, big women are so beautiful. I love their curves, their big huge breasts. Your big huge breasts most of all."

My lovely mother let her dressing gown fall open. She was topless underneath and I moaned involuntarily.

"You like Mommy's big tits, my naughty little boy?"

"I love them, I've craved them for so long."

"Does anyone else have tits as good as mine, baby?"

"Yours are perfect," I said, taking the enormous globes in my hands. They were so big and soft and heavy. I juggled them lightly, watching the flesh ripple in my hands.

"Take the gown off, Mom, I want to see your beautiful big body totally naked. I want to see all of you."

She obeyed me, standing before me in all her glory. I ran one hand over her incredible ass, so big and beautiful. I slapped in playfully, tracing my fingertips across her big thighs, brushing them over the soft, shaven mound of her pussy. She whimpered lightly.

"Feed me your tits, Mom. Feed me them like you did when I was a baby."

She smiled at me, a beautiful, genuine smile. She cupped her breasts, one in each hand and pressed them together. The expanse of flesh crushed together made the most astonishing cleavage I've ever seen. I couldn't resist burying my face in between them, sucking and licking the soft warm flesh, greedily slurping at my mother's bountiful jugs.

"Suck my big tits, you horny little fuck," Mom said, "lick every inch of them."

I did what she said, gratefully, my tongue slithering over her impressive rack, homing in on her big nipples, jutting out over an inch. I swirled my tongue around, tasting, tweaking one with my teeth, biting gently, tugging on it, sucking it into my mouth, rotating around it, the tip of my tongue flickering, dancing, stimulating. Mom grabbed the back of my head with one hand and pushed my face into her soft, sweet tits. I was in heaven.

Then I felt her soft hand wrap around my shaft and I went crazy. I started fucking her hand wildly. She squeezed my cockhead hard.

"Settle down, baby, Mommy's got a lot more for you to do yet."

"I want to fuck you, Mom," I mumbled into her breasts. I want you to spread those big sexy thighs and straddle me, to impale your big gorgeous body on my cock."

"Don't worry, my love," she said with a wicked grin, "Mom's gonna fuck that beautiful cock of yours but not just yet."

I kept up my lavish attentions on her delicious mounds. I pinched her nipples, pulling them out from her breast so she moaned and gasped and pushed her groin into me, her shaven cunt griding against my rock hard member. She rode me like this while I tongued her breasts vigorously. I pinched her nipples extra hard and she screamed

"Fuck yes, baby, I'm gonna cum, oh fuck yes yes yes it's been to fucking long and my baby's making me cum so hard."

Her whole body shook and spasmed against me, as the waves of her orgasm overtook her. She suddenly pushed me backwards, hard. She tore my pants off me and straddled me. Looking up, I could see the full beauty of her magnificent body and I was awestruck.

"You like big women, my beautiful Alex?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, "Yes, yes, yes"

"Who's the most beautiful big women, my baby?"

"You are, Mom, you're the fucking best and ohhhh fuck." In one movement, my mother dropped onto me, her hand guiding my cock into her. Her weight pressed down onto me and my cock slipped deep into her slick pussy. The feeling of her weight on me was the best in the world, her hot, dripping cunt massaging my cock, driving me wild. She moved on me, rotating her luscious body until my head was spinning. She rode me like crazy, her soaking cunt sliding up and down my prick and her mammoth breasts bouncing around with each stroke.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum inside you," I gasped.

"I'm still fucking cumming," she said, "you dirty nasty naughty boy you're making Mommy cum so hard and it's so so good."

"You like it, Mom?"

"Call me a slut, baby, tell it like it is."

"You like fucking me, my slut Mom? You like riding my big cock? Your slippery little cunt slamming down onto me?"

I couldn't carry on because the best orgasm of my life was shooting through me. My whole body tensed, I arched up and filled her as full as I possibly could. Pumping all my jism into my mother's sexy cunt, I was happier than I'd ever been.

So that's where it started. I thought it was the best I'd ever have, but it got a whole lot wilder from there on in. Big beautiful women are the best in the world.

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