tagMatureMy Big-Titted MILFs Ch. 01

My Big-Titted MILFs Ch. 01


Hello, this is my first attempt at writing literotica, and I welcome your input. I would especially like to thank "SusanJillParker" for inspiring me through her great writings. The following is an amalgam of fact and fiction from my mischievous mind and chance encounters, so I hope that you enjoy!


My name is Kevin, and I am hopelessly obsessed with older women with large breasts, especially former teachers, my mother's friends, and even family members. I guess you could say that I had a bad case of the "MILFs," and desperately looking forward to curing my horniness! I was blessedly raised in a family of tall, attractive, and naturally large-breasted women, which fueled many a masturbation session.

My mother (Susan) is the eldest of five sisters ((Susan (46), Deborah (45), Janis (44), Sharon (42), and Sara (32)), and I have both an older sister (Amanda (24) -- "Mandy") and younger sister (Trish (20)). I'm 26, 6'2," 200lbs, blue eyes, short black hair, muscular build, lightly tanned, and perpetually horny! I also have an 8" cock that hasn't seen as much action over the years as I would've liked.

I recently graduated from a prestigious university with my graduate degree in an allied health field and just started my first well-paying job, which hopefully will aid in finding a cure to my obsession! I chose a small hospital in the Midwest, and was generally happy with the working conditions and dating prospects. I had only been working there a few weeks and began flirting with a strikingly beautiful MILF nurse in ER named Ellie -- Ellie's attractiveness was very reminiscent of Maureen O'Hara (The Quiet Man), but with much bigger tits! Ellie was in her early 40s, 5'9," about 145lbs, emerald-green eyes, long fiery red hair, porcelain skin, freckles, and an amazing 38DD-26-38 body made for fucking! Ellie was the divorced mother of three teenage girls (19, 18, & 17), and very receptive to my friendly advances. In fact, Ellie would unconsciously lick her lips whenever we spoke, which often made my cock tingle with excitement.

I sheepishly asked Ellie if she would like to go out to dinner, and pleasantly replied yes. I had selected a locally famous steak house for Friday night, and anxiously awaited her arrival. I had never seen Ellie in anything but scrubs and a ponytail, but got an instant erection when she arrived in tight blue jeans, ivory blouse, and her long fiery red hair gently blowing in the wind. Ellie's blouse was unbuttoned to reveal a generous cleavage, and hint of lacy white bra. My eyes were magnetically drawn down to her amazing bust, which made for an awkward evening. Ellie confessed that she hadn't dated since her divorce, and was surprised to be out with a much younger and handsome man. I reassured Ellie that she was a very beautiful, intelligent, and desirable woman, and was proud and fortunate to accompany her. Ellie immediately squeezed my hand and said, "That's the nicest thing that anyone's said to me in such a long time." I told Ellie that I meant every word, and hoped to get to know her better.

Dinner pretty much went as I expected, with my eyes constantly shuttling between Ellie's beautiful emerald-green eyes and ample breasts. Ellie seemed quite flattered by my attention, and even leaned in a few times to give me a better view of both. I especially ogled Ellie's shapely ass, when she excused herself to the ladies' room. Both of us felt really comfortable in letting our guards down, and things were progressing quite nicely. I asked Ellie if she would like dessert, and suggest we share a triple chocolate brownie w/ vanilla ice cream. My cock twitched with excitement as Ellie fed me dessert with her fork, and then would seductively lick the tines.

The evening had been a "raging boner" of a success and felt on track to enjoying Ellie's amazing body as my personal home entertainment center. At the close of dinner, Ellie asked if I had some wine back at my place, and I suggested we stopped to get some. Ellie confided how attracted she was to me, and wanted to experience my caring and tender manliness (e.g. "fuck"). Ellie followed me to a liquor store and selected a nice burgundy, and then off to my place.

Ellie and I arrived at my apartment around 2100, and proceeded to pour us a nice glass of wine and make comfy on the couch. After moments of intense non-verbal communication, I took Ellie's hands and gently caressed and kissed their backs and palms. Ellie immediately pulled me close and wantonly kissed my mouth and cheeks with years of repressed passion. I didn't realize just how hard I'd become, until Ellie willingly touched my crotch and began rubbing her hand back-and-forth across my throbbing member. Ellie and I embraced in an intensely passionate lip-lock with our tongues intertwined. We both muttered intermittent gasps and groans of approval as Ellie's hand squeezed my crotch and moved her hand faster.

I watched in utter amazement as Ellie unzipped my fly releasing my 8" raging boner. Ellie firmly wrapped her hands around my stiff cock, and began moving them slowly up-and-down. A drop of precum quickly formed, and Ellie instinctively leaned over and licked it off. I reflexively groped one of her large breasts, as Ellie continued sliding her hands up-and-down my hard shaft. Ellie stopped for a brief moment, while I unbuttoned and removed her blouse. Ellie's transparent white bra barely contained her heaving tanks, as her large pink areolas were both visible and silver dollar-sized. Ellie reached behind unhooking her bra, and then teasingly removed it. I suddenly felt as if my stiff cock had grown an extra inch at the sight of Ellie's fucking gorgeous and bountiful tits. Her large, crinkly nipples stood out at least a half an inch like pencil erasers and begged to be sucked. Ellie asked if I liked what I see, and proudly pointed to my insanely erect cock and said, "Do I need to say more"!

Ellie quickly inhaled my entire 8" shaft in one broad swoop, and fucked my massive member with the inner walls of her throat! For a surreal moment, I couldn't understand why Ellie's ex could have divorced such a beautiful woman, who could literally suck cock like a fucking porn star! After minutes of intense sucking, I was close to releasing a most massive load. I gave Ellie fair warning, as she continued making sweet, passionate love to my hard cock. I loudly grunted, "Ohhh fuuuck. I'm cumming," as I shot rope after rope into Ellie's pretty cum receptacle. Ellie and I both applauded her talented performance, as she licked her cum-soaked lips and fingers. I quickly pulled Ellie up on the couch and to my awaiting lips, where I tasted my own salty cum on hers. I then lowered my mouth to her sweet breasts and suckled her big nips with wanton abandonment. I gently tugged and bit at her long nipples, while Ellie gasped with delight and cradled my head. I sucked and sucked on Ellie's big tits for a good ten minutes or so, before taking notice of the heavy fragrance emanating from her wet cunt.

I unbuckled her tight jeans and quickly slid them over her shapely ass and down her long legs. The crotch of Ellie's panties was completely drenched with her love juices. In fact, Ellie had numerous cum trails seeping down one leg almost to her knee. Ellie's white panties were as sheer as her bra, and could immediately make out her fire crotch. I quickly pulled Ellie's panties down and began to size-up the situation. Ellie had a nicely trimmed patch of red fur on top and shaved lips, and her musky scent was fucking intoxicating. I eagerly pulled Ellie's legs apart, so I could better inspect the goods. Ellie was slightly ticklish as I parted her engorged labia, and gasped forcefully when I thrust two fingers both inward and upwards striking her G Spot.

I was so fucking turned-on by Ellie's aromatic cunt, that I immediately plunged my mouth and tongue deeply into her wet slit. I took turns alternately licking and sucking her clit, while driving my darting tongue in-and-out like a piston in a V-12 racing engine! After only a few minutes, Ellie intensely cupped the back of my head with both hands; stiffened her upper body; and began bucking wildly in-and-out of my frothing mouth. Ellie cried out in blissful ecstasy, as she gushed and gushed for half a minute or so. I eagerly surrounded her spewing cunt to gobble up nearly every sweet drop! I continued eating and suckling Ellie's sweet pussy for several more minutes until she experienced a most insanely intense orgasm that promptly forced her to push my mouth away, while violently shaking and shuddering. We both laughed hysterically when it became evident that Ellie had painted my entire upper body with spectacular squirts of her opaque ejaculate. Ellie then laughed and expressed regret at not having packed an extra pair of clean panties!

Ellie professed extreme gratitude that she'd never experienced such a powerful orgasm before, let alone multiple orgasms. Ellie gratefully kissed my lips, and said that I could fuck her anytime, any hole, and anyway. I was so struck by Ellie's heartfelt appreciation that my semi-limp cock sprang back to its full glory and was ready to fuck! Without hesitation, I carried her to my king-sized bed for just that purpose. I mounted Ellie in the missionary position and pile-drove my massive rod in-and-out of her dripping cunt like a fucking madman! We eventually collapsed in orgasm and exhaustion, and fell deeply asleep in each other's loving arms until late morning.

I was hoping to take Ellie to breakfast, but she really needed to get home -- I guess she had some "splaining" to do. Ellie had placed her phone on "vibrate only" the previous night, and there were numerous texts from her girls expressing both concern and envy -- Ellie showed me one text asking if their old mom had gotten lucky last night?! I did lure Ellie to join me in the shower, so I could bend her over for a quick wet and wild morning fuck - I especially enjoyed watching my hard cock slide in-and-out of Ellie's sweet cheeks! She even let me to suck on her big boobies while she toweled and dressed. I laughed and told Ellie, "Bring two extra pairs of panties next time to play it safe"!

Ellie hugged and kissed me so fucking passionately on her way out, and expressed that we get together as-soon-as-possible. The hardest part was not being able to grab Ellie at work, since we're both professionals, and I'm on probation for the next two years. Ellie found a workaround by sexting me all the nasty and jaw-dropping things that she was going to do to me outside of work. Ellie even sent me some sexy pictures of her, in case I had a sudden masturbation emergency at either work or home. I am so looking forward to our second examination session and hope to take Ellie's temperature rectally, if you know what I mean! Furthermore, my mom, Susan called this evening and said that Aunt Janis would be passing through soon, and was eager to spend time with her favorite nephew for a few days.

So long my horny friends, and will keep you apprised of my continuing and mischievous antics.

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