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My Black Master


I had just about given up on ever finding a man that would treat me like the fat pig whore I am. I am five feet two inches tall, 230 pounds, long brown hair, brown eyes, 40D, and a completely shaved cunt. Unfortunately a lot of men are not into BBW's and the ones that are, are not usually into what I need. They just don't understand my need to be treated like nothing more than a fat piece of fuck meat. I need to be called dirty filthy names, and also be forced to degrade myself, and tell you what a dirty cunt I am. I can't help what turns me on sexually, and if you ever met you could never fathom my desires by sight. I am your every day person, and I am also a supervisor at work so I am the complete opposite in every day life as compared to my sexual needs. I keep this part of my life private to most people, and only truly reveal myself to a man that is willing to give me what I crave. A night, or many nights of being controlled, and used, and made into your personal whore. I had given up on this until now, and Carl. He is the forceful black dom that has contacted me, and seems to fit my needs perfectly. When I read his emails about how he wants to use and degrade me, my cunt becomes dripping wet, and when I see his picture I almost cum right there. He was handsome, sexy, and black and was seeking to own a fat pig whore like me. We exchanged many emails, and he described how he would train me to take his big black cock in all my holes, and beg for more. Eventually he said he would be sharing me with his friends, and I would be a whore for all of them, and he expressed his desire to see me have all my dirty pig holes filled. I would be a white pig for black cock, and as I should have protested, I readily agreed to anything he said.

Our emails progressed for about a month, and then Carl demanded to finally meet me, and use his meat. I was scared and excited at the same time, and I began to fantasize this black man forcing me to suck his big black pole. All I could think about was him filling me up, and stretching my holes making me scream. Carl decided we would meet this coming weekend, at his apartment, which of course made me nervous but agreed anyway. He gave me the address and I had two days to get up the nerve to actually go through with it. I don't usually meet men online, but I was so horny, and needed a good hard fuck so my desires over rode my fears.

I did as Carl ordered in his email, and shaved my cunt nice and smooth for his use, and got dressed. Jeans and a t-shirt were fine he said, but no panties or bra. I dressed as instructed and headed to meet My Black Master.

I arrived at his apartment building, and rang the bell for the apartment number he gave me. He didn't say anything over the intercom, and just buzzed me in. As I rode up in the elevator I could feel my pussy getting wet, anticipating the evening's upcoming events. I walked to his door and rang the bell, and a few seconds later the door opened, and I saw My Master, he was completely naked, and his cock was huge and rock hard. I couldn't take my eyes off that massive black meat, when he grabbed me by my hair and dragged me inside his apartment.

"Get your clothes and let me get a look at you whore!," he demanded.

"Oh Yes Master," was my instant reply as I quickly got undressed.

"Wow!, you really are a fat white whore aren't you?" he asked in a taunting kind of way.

"Yes Master, just a fat pig for you to use," I said nervously.

"Look at that fat stomach, and legs, and your fat tits hang down like a fat pig!"

"Thank you Sir," was all I could say.

"You should be thanking me for even agreeing to put my big black cock in your fuck holes!"

"Oh thank you Master for using my whore body, and showing me what I'm good for!," I screamed in ecstasy.

Master then walked up behind me, and grabbed my fat tits from behind and began rolling my hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger, eventually pinching my nipples so hard I was moaning and screaming from the sensations I was feeling. He pinched my hard nipples and whispered in my ear how he owned me, and I was to obey his every command. He let go of my now sore nipples, and walked in front of me and began slapping my fat tits.

"You worthless fat whore, look at those fat pig tits bounce!" he teased.

"Thank you for abusing me Master!"

"Tell me what you are bitch!", he ordered.

"I'm a filthy white fuck pig for you Sir!," I moaned.

"That's right cunt, and you better not take any cock in those holes unless I tell you to!"

"No no Sir, no cock unless you say so!," I screamed.

With that he rammed two fingers deep in my soaking we cunt making me cum all over his hand. When my violent shaking subsided, he walked over to a table and opened a drawer and pulled out some things I couldn't quite see yet. He walked back over to me and put a piggy nose on me, with piggy ears to match. He then ordered me on all four's like a piggy waiting for cock. When I was in the position he desired, he squirted oil on my asshole, and slid in a butt plug with a piggy tail on the end. Little did I know, this black man was so turned on by me, and the fact I like his vile treatment, which only made his cock that much harder. He loved to treat fat white whores like animals. When he was satisfied I was ready, he walked across the room and sat down in a chair and told me to crawl to him, and suck his cock. He also ordered me to oink like a piggy while I did it. I thought I was going to climax right there as I began to crawl for cock. I felt like such a filthy whore, and a worthless piece of fuck meat, and I was getting more excited by the second.

As I approached his cock, he began slapping my face with it as he told me I was nothing more than holes to fuck, and use. I would do as I'm told, and he would refer to me as nothing but white pig meat. He then grabbed me by my hair and forced my mouth down onto his big black cock. I started licking the head of his cock, as I rubbed his balls. He was moaning, and obviously enjoying what my tongue was doing to his cock. I then took his black meat into my pig mouth, and began sucking up and down his shaft, taking a little more each time I went down. When he forced me down further I began to gag and choke, and he loved that. He really enjoyed seeing me gag, and choke as he forced fucked my mouth.

"That's it bitch, take all of my black cock in that fat white pig mouth!"

I sucked his cock like a wild animal, with My Master calling me all the nasty filthy names he could think of. I sucked his cock for about ten minutes, and realized he was ready to cum, and I tried to pick my head up off his cock so as not to swallow it. To my surprise, and delight, he forced me back down on his cock and ordered me to swallow every drop of his black seed.

"Swallow my hot fucking load bitch!"

He held me head down on his cock until he erupted into my mouth, so much it was spilling out the sides of my mouth. My Master was yelling at me to clean up the mess, and when I was done to get up on the bed and spread my fat legs. I did as I was told, and I looked like such a dirty bitch on my back with my legs spread showing every part of my fat wet cunt. Master climbed up on the bed, and started rubbing my clit commenting on how wet I was.

"You really love this bitch, don't you?"

"Yes Master, it feels so good, use me any way you want Master," I begged.

"Oh yes piggy that's what I want to hear," he said pleased.

"I want you to use and abuse me, and make me your personal piggy slut!," I begged again.

Master then slid a finger inside my wet hole, and it slid in easily. As he fingered my cunt I was pushing further and further down on his finger trying to get every inch inside me.

"Oh it looks like my fat piggy wants more, doesn't she?"

"Yes Master, please more fingers, fuck me good Master!," I screamed.

Master then slid a total of three fingers up inside me, and also started squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples again. He worked his piggy like that until I was begging for him to fuck me.

"Do you deserve my big black cock, you filthy fat pig?" he asked.

"Yes Master, I will do anything you want please just give me your big hard meat deep inside my fat pig hole!"

He got up between my legs and slowly slid his hard cock in my cunt, and the contrast between my white skin and his very dark complexion was a huge turn on to watch.

"Oh yes you fucking worthless pig, I own you now bitch, you belong to me!," he moaned.

He pounded into my cunt as I begged for more use, and degrading talk. He knew at that moment he had me, and I would truly do whatever he wanted.

"Cum for me piggy, cum all over your Master's cock." Without hesitation I did as I was told and went into a mind blowing orgasm, squirting my juices all over My Master's big cock. He barely let me come down from my climax before I felt him rubbing oil all over my ass.

"Time for some anal training fat piggy!" he said laughing.

I felt the head of his massive meat at the my anal opening, and he slowly and gently slid inside my fat ass. I thought he would rip me apart, and when he picked up his pace I was screaming and begging him to stop.

"Shut the fuck up piggy, and take it!"

"Please no more!," I screamed desperately.

"I will train you to beg for my cock up your fat ass whore!," he promised.

"It hurts, please Master no more!," I pleaded.

"Don't worry piggy, I'm going to cum soon, right in you big fat pig ass!" he said.

I figured it was going to be easier to help him along then beg for him to stop, so I started begging for his hot load deep in my fat ass. Begging him to drop his hot load deep in my ass. Within a minute he was shooting his white cream in me, and even though it did hurt, it made me feel so dirty and nasty which I loved.

"You will need more training before I can have my friends fill your ass." he said nonchalantly.

"Yes Master," I answered respectfully.

"Get cleaned up, and get dressed and go, I am done with you for this evening. I will contact you when I want more of my pig." "Also, don't forget no cock in those fat holes unless I say so, understand?" he asked.

"Yes Master," I said holding my head down.

"Good now go pig!" he bellowed.

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