tagRomanceMy Black Step-Sister

My Black Step-Sister


I was 17 when my dad married Elizabeth, a beautiful black woman. Being white in a Southern town it was hard on everyone, especially my new step-sister Lorraine. A cute girl of 16 almost 17, we both caught a lot of flak from the kids in our School. Luckily I Graduated High School and left for College. Lorraine had another year to go before she was out and off to College also.

The year went by in no time and I came home for her 18th Birthday, she looked absolutely Beautiful. Lorraine was looking more like her mother everyday, Tall, not too thin with nice breasts and a ass that was out of this world, and could she shake it! We all went out to eat for her celebration and afterwards dad asked me if I would take her out dancing or something kids liked to do.

“Sure dad, but I’m broke!”

“That can be taken care of quickly Martin!” and he pulled out a wad of bills and handed them to me.

I asked Lorraine if she was ready, she had changed into a sexy dress. Low cut showing the fine lines of her dark breasts against the red material, and her ass stuck out in the sexiest way when she walked past me. I found myself thinking thoughts one shouldn’t about his step-sister.

I treated her like the most important person in town, holding doors and her arm as we walked into the new club that had opened since I left. Most the kids I knew where there and from the looks I got from them, they were extremely envious of me. I don’t blame them at all, Lorraine was fucking HOT tonight! We danced nearly every dance together, and a lot of the guys tried to cut in but I refused to let them.

“Thank you for this Martin, it really means a lot to me that you would do this!”

“Hell, Lorraine I would be nuts not to go out with a Hottie like you! Step sister or not!”

She smiled and closed her eyes, laying her head on my shoulder as we slow danced, all eyes on us. Her hands went to my hips and mine went to her ass, she looked at me with those dark brown eyes and I had to kiss her full lips. Her lips parted as my tongue slipped in, her tongue worked on mine as we danced. I couldn’t take any more so I asked if she wanted to go for a ride, it was a nice Summer evening and I have a convertible, so off we went.

She looked so lovely as her head lay back on the headrest, her eyes closed and the wind whipping her hair around her face. I looked over at her chest and saw her breasts straining to get free of the pretty red dress and her arms went over her head trying to catch the air as it raced by. I almost drove off the road from staring at her too long, and wishing I could have her, just once!

But she is family or almost such so that is out of the question. Even though she did use her tongue on me when we kissed, and after all we weren’t really family. But I put those thoughts out of my head and drove to a spot by the lake where the moon beams hit it and sparkle like diamonds on the water. We arrived and got out to sit on the hood of the car, we talked about what all had happened after I went to College an if she had any boyfriends, that kind of thing.

She had been dating a couple of guys but none too seriously, and had made the Cheer Leaders, just missing being Head Cheer Leader. All in all she had fit right in and the kids stopped the BS about the interracial nonsense.

“Do you have any girlfriends Martin?”

“No, not yet. I’ve met a few girls, but with all the studying I have to do there’s really not a lot of time for dating.”

“So what do you do for uh, well you know!”

“No Lorraine I don’t know.”

We both let it go at that and headed home. When we got home Lorraine told dad and Elizabeth how much fun she had and thanked me for taking her out, then she headed to bed, swishing that fine ass of hers up the stairs. I talked to dad and Lizzy as we call her for a bit then headed upstairs to bed myself. I tossed and turned for hours it seemed trying not to think of Lorraine the way I was, but finally had to jack off thinking of her hot full lips pressed on mine and my hands on her fine ass.

Usually I am in a hurry when I jack off, but not tonight. I took my time, thinking of every curve on her body, the one that had improved so much in the last year. And her breasts, how much larger they had become, the deep dark valley her breasts made on her chest, making me hotter, wishing I could have my hands and mouth in between them. I came then, harder than I had in a long time, all because of my cute little black step sisters hot fucking body burned into my memory.

I rolled over and dreamt of her, in my dream I had seduced her in my room. Her virgin thighs opening slowly for my mouth as I lowered my face between the thick black curly hairs, and my tongue sliding in her juicy slit. She held my head close to her and told me what she wanted to do to me, nothing she told me was something I did not want to do to her. Then she pulled me up and kissing me asked me to take her virginity and make a woman out of her. I was putting my hard cock at her wet pussy lips when I woke up! Arrggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

So fucking close, now back to reality, just my luck! I went and took my shower and walking out of the bathroom in my damp towel Lorraine walked into me, she was still half asleep and I felt her breasts on my chest when we collided into each other. I was instantly hard. My cock showing in the towel, I tried to cover it but too late. Her eyes went to it and a smile came to her face.

“Hmmm, looks like you have something to attend to Martin!” with a laugh then going in the bathroom for her shower.

She was right, I did need to attend to this, I wish she could but that’s out of the question. I went in my room and shut the door. I lay on my bed and jacked off again, this time quickly. I didn’t want Lorraine to know that I had indeed jacked off thinking of her. I beat my meat and beat her to the table for breakfast. She had a strange smile on her face all while we ate and kept looking over at me, her dark eyes sparkling in the light.

Fuck she was sexy, I will never know why I didn’t notice it before, or why she didn’t have a boyfriend now. So goes life.

“So Martin, did you enjoy taking your little sister out last night? Or did it embarrass you?” Lizzy asked.

“Oh no, I was proud as a peacock having her on my arm all night! All the guys wished they were in my shoes. Hell, she was the Belle of the Ball, so to speak last night. And I’ll be ready to take her out anytime she wants, if it doesn’t embarrass her to be seen with a geek like me.”

We all laughed and ate, Lizzy is really cool and a great cook. From what I have heard coming through the walls at night, she can cook in bed too. When she comes, she doesn’t worry about the World knowing she did. And I never heard dad complain about lack of sex, but then he didn’t talk to me about what they did.

I went out to the park and played football with my buds most the morning and was beat by Noon. Stopping at the Quicky Mart I bought a 6 pack and was on my way to the lake when I saw Lorraine and a couple of her friends walking down the street. Pulling up by them I asked where they were headed.

“Oh we thought about walking to the Mall, but it’s getting to hot to walk that far. I don’t know what we are going to do now.” Debbie told me.

Debbie is a good looking white girl, about 5'6"s 115 pounds of Blonde haired, Blue eyed, wholesome looking fresh meat. I’d fuck her in a second if I could.

“I’ll drive you girls where ever you want to go if you want.” I told them.

They climbed in my Mustang and I drove off, still not knowing where they wanted to go.

“I was heading to the lake to drink this beer, where do you want me to drop you off at?”

“Oh that’s sounds great, let’s go to the lake!” Lorraine said, her friends agreed so off we went. Once we got there I turned the stereo on loud and went and sat by the edge of the water with my beer. Popping the top on one, I took a big swig then looked at the girls. Debbie fine as I said, and Tonya a little taller, but about the same weight with larger tits and a nicer ass, and Lorraine standing there with her fine ass out and looking as sexy as she did last night, only now they were all in shorts and tight T-Shirts. I could see every nipple and the cracks of their pussy’s when they came over to me.

“Are you gonna let us have a beer Martin?” Tonya asked.

“ I don’t think that would be wise Tonya, if I got you girls drunk I could be in deep shit when you get home! I don’t need the trouble thanks!”

“Oh come on, you never know what could happen if you got us drunk. Who knows, we may rape you or something!” she laughed

“I could only be so lucky as to get raped by the Three of you, but that isn’t going to happen either so forget it.”

I smiled thinking of how nice it would be to have the Three of them all over me, and my dick didn’t seem to mind getting hard then either. Shit just what I needed, All they had to do was look and see it poking out of my shorts. Thankfully they went walking down the shore, laughing and shaking their ass’s, making sure I saw every move they made when they walked away. I just drank my beer and had a nice Daydream about what I would do to them if given the chance.

I lay back and enjoyed the warm sun shining on me and was almost asleep when the girls came back. I relented and let them have a beer, knowing that there was not enough for them to get drunk on in one six pack. I loved to watch Lorraines mouth when it touched the beer can, her red full lips pressing on it, I wished that I was that lucky can.

“So Martin, when are you going to ask me out on a date? I mean if you can take Lorraine out then why can’t you take me out?” Debbie asked.

“OK, Debbie, when do you want to go out?”

“How about tonight? I’m free are you?”

“Sure, where do you want to go? And remember, I’m a College boy, I don’t have a lot of money!”

“OK, how about a nice moonlight swim then you cheapskate!” she smiled.

“Sounds great, I’ll pick you up at 7 then.”

I couldn’t help but see the hurt look in Lorraine’s eyes when I agreed to the date. But a man is just a man, and I know Debbie puts out, so I might just get lucky. We all got back in the car and I drove them home. Lorraine came home with me and asked.

“Why did you want to go out with Debbie? She’s a whore! I know she is my friend but still.”

“Well Lorraine, it’s just a date, I’m not going to Marry her or anything. And I need pussy as much as the next man. And who says I will get any of hers?”

“Shit Martin, everyone who goes out with Debbie gets some of hers!”

“Well thanks for the info Lorraine!” I said with a huge grin on my face.

“You shit head!” and she hit me on the arm and not lightly either.

We went upstairs to shower and change, I beat her to the shower.

“Martin, did mom and dad say they were going someplace today?”

I could hardly hear her over the running water and shouted back.


Lorraine opened the bathroom door and asked again.

“No, not to me, why are they gone?”

“Yes, Oh well!”

I did see that her eyes were trying to see my nude body in the shower while she was in there. It made me hard thinking about it, so I soaped it up good and washed it for a while. I didn’t want to waste this load in the shower so I stopped, wanting to give it to Debbie tonight if I could.

Lorraine went to take her shower and I went to the door, “What?” I said, knowing she had not said anything.

“Did you call me Martin?”

I opened the door and said, “Yes, what did you say?”

“Nothing, I didn’t call you.”

“Oh, OK, Sorry!”

Well I got what I was after, a good look at her body. FUCK, she is one hot mother fucker. I saw all of her, the thick black curly hair on her pussy and her tits with the soap on them. Her nipples darker than her naturally dark skin, and her legs shapely as her moms. Shit, now I wish I hadn’t looked, It only made me want her more now. Sometimes I’m not to bright! But at least now I know what I will be jacking off to later, even if I do get some of Debbie’s pussy tonight.

Lizzy and dad came in later and said they had gone to the Mall, and may go out tonight. It had been awhile since they had and they deserved a night out as much as anyone else did. And a nice Saturday evening out is always good. Lorraine had no date so I don’t know what she will do, but I’m going out.

I picked Debbie up at 7 and we went to the lake after I stopped and got some beer. She took a big drink and looked over at me while I parked the car. Her hand went right to my lap and squeezed my dick.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you Martin.”

Shy this girl wasn’t, so much the better for me.

“Really Debbie? I never knew.”

“Hell yes I have. And I’m going to tonight!”

I wasn’t going to put up a fight, I was horny as hell from thinking of Lorraine all day and last night. I took her head and pushed it to my crotch, Debbie unzipped my pants and pulled my hardening cock out, and sucked it down her hot mouth. I didn’t last long before I shot my load in her sucking mouth. She swallowed it like the whore I heard she was. She even moaned when it hit the back of her mouth. My cock never had a chance to go soft before she was taking her clothes off. I got out of the car and sat on the trunk, Debbie came back to me and crawled up the trunk, spreading her legs open wide she sat on my cock.

I watched her hold her pussy open and I held my cock in my hand, I felt the heat and wetness as it surrounded my dick. Debbie most definitely liked to fuck, because it was only seconds before she was humping me like she would never get another cock in her pussy. I lay back with my back on the window and watched while her tits flopped on her chest and she was crying out as I filled her wet slit with my dick. The whole time I was in Debbie’s hot pussy, I was still thinking of what it would feel like to be doing this with Lorraine. Thinking of it made me cum, I almost cried out Lorraine when I did. Only in the nick of time too, I had the “Oh Fuck Lo” out and changed it to “Oh fuck looveee it!” when I shot her full of my hot spunk. She was cumming when I did, her hips bouncing on me so hard I was hoping it wouldn’t dent my trunk.

Debbie leaned over and kissed me, her kiss nothing like Lorraine’s soft lips. FUCK I have got to get Lorraine out of my head, she is my fucking step sister. What in the hell is wrong with me?

Debbie and I sat on the car still naked and drank another beer, I was feeling no pain now and Debbie was close behind me in the beer drinking. We kissed for awhile and I felt her tits, the nipples standing out hard and hot. I leaned over and took one in my mouth sucking it down while her hand held my face to it. My cock was getting hard again so I had her stand up behind the car with her legs spread open. I got behind her and slid my cock between her ass cheeks and into her fresh fucked pussy.

Debbie went wild, her hips bucking back to meet my thrusts and her hands held on to the luggage rack. I was fucking her so hard that her feet came off the ground a couple of times, and she ever complained, she only moaned and told me to fuck her harder. I knew I would last longer this time since I had cum twice in less than 30 minutes, So I let her have it hard as she wanted. Her pussy was sloppy from our cum and I could hear it sloshing from all the juices she had in her.

I grabbed her soft ass in my hands as I pumped her hard. She started crying out my name.

“Oh shit yes, Fuck me Martin. OH GOD it feels so fucking good in me Martin!”

I wish she would shut up, hearing her saying that only makes me want to cum sooner. She had no problems cumming, I know she came at least 4 times before I felt my balls pulling up to my body before spilling out in her sloppy gash. You could sure tell she had been fucked a lot, but any pussy was better than none. So I came in her and lay on her back, the sweat smelled like her perfume and I bit her neck causing her to shiver and rub her ass against me.

We went for a swim to rinse off and cool off some, she acted like she wanted to fuck again, but I really didn’t want to. Not tonight anyway, I told her I was ready to go and she was OK with it so we dressed and left. I kissed her goodnight and thanked her for everything. She just laughed and bounced up to her door, waving to me when she went inside. I drove home wondering if Lorraine was home or not. She was, and when I walked in she looked mad at me.

“What? What did I do?” I asked her.

“I know you did it with Debbie!”

“And your point?”

“Well, no point, just I wish you hadn’t is all!”

“I don’t know what to say Lorraine, I need sex like anyone else.”

“I know. I know. Your just a man bla bla bla! That’s a crock and you know it Martin! And after last night I was just, well, just never mind!”

And she ran up to her room and slammed the door. I was dumbfounded, I sat there wondering what I should do. I’m sure she is a virgin, and don’t think she would want me to be her first or her anything! Damn women are hard to try to figure out! I went up and took a nice long hot shower, washing Debbie’s pussy and my spunk off, along with the smell of the lake water. I got my boxers on and robe and was laying on my bed thinking about what Lorraine had implied. I wanted to know what she meant so I got up and went to her door.

Knocking on it softly, I asked if I could come in.

“No, I don’t want to see you right now!”

“Oh come on Lorraine, don’t be that way. Let me come in and talk to you!”

Her door opened and I could see that she had been crying.

“Lorraine, what’s the matter? Did it bother you that much about Debbie? Come on, talk to me. Don’t shut me out!”

She looked at me with her dark eyes, her long eyelashes stuck to her face from the tears. I hugged her and her breasts pressed into my chest, I could feel her nipples harden on me. I put my hand on her face and turned it up to me, I kissed her softly. She melted in my arms and she put her arms around me holding me close to her. I felt her tongue force its way into my eager mouth. I kissed her like I had never kissed another woman in my life, or would never get to.

I led her to the bed and we lay beside each other, I kissed her again and my tongue lost the battle as she out kissed me. I couldn’t help myself as my hand ran over her breast. I heard Lorraine sigh deeply as my finger closed in on her thick dark nipple. She looked in my eyes and I almost took my hand away.

“No, Martin, Please don’t stop! I want this to happen. I’ve wanted it forever Martin! Please make love to me! Please!”

I had to kiss her again. I know I was falling in love with her and could not help it. In fact I think I ad always loved her but wasn’t sure what to do about it. I Kissed her full lips, never have I felt so soft a pair of lips or so full as She pulled me to her. I felt her hand as it slid into my boxers and grasped my hard dick. She never hesitated as her warm hand wrapped around it and slowly jerked it off for me. I opened her robe and put my hand down her silky white panties, The contrasting colors only increased my desire for her, the bright white against her dark black skin made me harder than Debbie ever could. Harder than any woman ever could I think.

My finger slid down her slit and I felt her wetness as I moved my finger between the thick wiry bush. Her pussy opened like it was meant to be when my finger slid down her pussy lips, I rubbed her clit and heard her gasp from my touch. I kissed her neck and sucked on the crook of it while my finger slid down back to the slit I wanted so badly to have my cock in. I stuck my finger in her wet pussy just a bit and I felt her hips as she wiggled against it.

Her hot hand worked my cock like she had done this before.

“Lorraine, uh are you a virgin?”

“Yes, Yours is the first one I’ve ever touched before. It’s so hot and hard, but it's soft at the same time.”

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