My Blonde Goddess


She winked and said,

"Did you like that?

Then she laughed and asked,

"Want to give me a kiss?"

My legs were so weak I could hardly stand. I was leaning against the wall trying to catch my breath as I said,

" That was great."

Heidi Winked and said,

" I have to go to the bathroom."

After I got a little strength back I went into the kitchen and sat on a chair. I could hear the water running in the bathroom sink and Heidi gargling. Then I heard her peeing and the sound of water running in the sink again.

When she came out I could see that she had washed her face. When I put my arms around her I smelled her breath freshener and tasted her toothpaste as we kissed.Then I said,

"I have to pee."

She said,

" I'll meet you in the bedroom."

I took a leak, washed my hands, face, and cock. The only light in apartment was coming from the TV in the bedroom. I could see her lying on the bed in her black nightie. She patted the bed alone side her and said,

"Come over here and take your clothes off."

As I lay down beside her I said,

"Heidi You're Beautiful."

She signed, and said,

"Thank you, I'm glad you think so."

She curled up next to me with her head on my chest and her hand on my shoulder.

I rolled on my side facing her. As we kissed she rolled onto her back pulling my chest over her hers. I looked into her eyes as I kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks, and the tip of her nose.

I felt her breast through her nightie as I kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth as lips touched; she sucked my tongue into her mouth. As I pinched her nipple, she shuttered jerking her hips up.

Her breathing quickened and her arms went around my shoulders. While our tongues played in each others mouths. Her hips were pumping up and down. I took the bottom of her night gown as I started pulling it up.

She said,

" turn off the TV. I don't want you to see my belly."

She was barely starting to show at the time, I said,

" I don't care about your belly; I want to see you, Naked."

She sat up letting me take off her night gown; leaving her in just her black panties. I looked at her breast; they were beautiful with lovely pink nipples. I kissed the side of her neck as I ran my finger tip around the out line of her nipple, I sucked on her neck.

She was wiggling around softly moaning,

"I like that: it feels good."

I kissed her shoulder then nipped and sucked on her neck. While I sucked on her neck and caressed her breast she moaned,

" Oh God you're giving me a hickey: that feels so good."

I caressed her breast and ran the tip of my tongue around her areola. I blow on her nipples. She was breathing through her mouth squirming around, digging her finger nails into my shoulders.

I sucked her nipple into my mouth, and nibbling on the tip. As I sucked on her nipple I ran my tongue around the tip and back and forth a cross forth a crossed it.

I kissed one breast then the other the same way; I kissed her belly and waist. As I put my fingers under the waist line of her panties. She lifted her hips so I could pull them down, and take them off.

She had a red welt around her waist from the elastic waist line of her panties. I told her,

"I'm going to kiss that red welt and make it feel better."

She was writhing with pleasure and moaning; as I kissed the red panty welt from side to side. As I stuck my tongue into her belly button she spread her legs wide open pumping her hips up and down sighing,


I got between her legs on my knees and looked at her pretty pink pussy the lips were moist puffy and glistening in the dim light from the TV.I couldn't control myself. I bent over and quickly kissed her cunt.

She raised her hips and pulled my head into her vagina saying,

"Ooooh I like that."

I pulled my head from between her tights and tenderly kissed her lower belly; I rubbed my cheek over the hair on her mount of Venus.

I gently kissed all around her pussy and sucked the soft flesh of her inner tights. I could smell the deodorant she used on her vagina as I licked around her pussy. She pushed her herself up against my face; trying to get my tongue on her clit. She begged,

"Oh yess... please...Don't stop."

I pulled her vaginal lips open and sucked on one lip then the other. Her juices were starting to trickle out of her. I tasted her salty pussy juices as I stuck the tip of my tongue into her hole. As I lapped her hole; she put her hands on my head and pushed down. I licked her form back to front. I pulled the front of her pussy lips back and found the nub of her swollen clit. I licked around it and blow on. Then I sucked it into my mouth as far as I could get it. I gently licked over it, up and down and front side to side.

I tried licking the alphabet on it, but I only got as far G. When she started moaning,

"Oh God, Oh God, I'm cumin"

As she came, she wrapped her thighs around my head almost crushing it, while she jerked her hips up and down jamming her cunt against my tongue. Her cum was running over my tongue into my mouth and down between her legs onto the bed.

I moved up over her and kissed her breast then her neck, and her lips. She said between our lips,

"Please fuck me. I want to feel you in me."

She took my penis in her hand and put the head between her pussy lips against her opening holding me in place as she lifted up her hips, and sighed,

"Push it in me."

I though I'd slide right into her, but she was much tighter that I though she would be. I had to push it into her. She squealed,

"Go slow your much bigger: then he was."

I was about a third of the way into her. She was clawing my back, kissing, biting and sucking on my shoulder moaning and said,

"Hold still for a minute; let me get used to it."

I was holding myself up over her not wanting to hurt her or the baby.

The muscles inside her pussy were gripping and releasing my cock. I pulled my cock back out of her a little, and kissed her. She pushed her tongue into my mouth as I pushed back into her a little further.

She gasped,

"Oh God you're so big... please be gentle... but don't stop."

I started pushing in and out of her going in a little deeper with each stroke. Her whole body was shaking; her arms were wrapped tightly around me, with her lips against mine moaning,

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... that feel so good."

I could feel my cock swelling up inside her, I knew I was going to cum any second; I was trying to hold back. I heard her say,

"Aah-yess I'm Cummmmmmm again. Ooooh"

I felt her pussy get tighter around my dick as she pushed up taking me all the way into her. I was no sooner all the way in her; when my body went rigid erupting inside her shooting wave after wave of cum.

My arms were trembling so bad I was having a hard time holding myself up over her. I rolled over onto my back so I wouldn't collapse on top of her. She rolled over on top of me with my penis still in her and collapse.

Heidi and I were inseparable. We made love in ever position we could think of. But mostly I liked to be on top of her, so I could watch her face contort in pleasure when she had her orgasms.

I moved upstairs with her, so I could be with her and take care of her. We did everything together, went for walks together, to movies, got videos, had pizzas, and watched TV. I even went out in the middle of the night to get her pickles and ice-cream.

We were having coffee with her parents, when she went into labor. I went to hospital with them. I stayed in the labor room with her, holding her hand and putting cold wash clothes on her forehead.

The doctor came in and said,

"She's too small to have the baby on her own."

He looked at me and said,

"I have no choice I have to perform a cesarean on your wife."

Heidi said,

" I'm scared, don't go, and wait here for me?"

I said,

"Okay I'll be right here, waiting for you."

The Doctor told Heidi,

"Don't worry you and your baby are going to be alright, your husband and parents we'll be here waiting for you."

No one thought to tell the doctor I wasn't her husband or the baby's father.

A few long hours later, Heidi was back in her room. A nurse brought Kimie in and gave her to Heidi to hold for the first time.

They looked beautiful together. Then the nurse took Kimie and handed her to me. And said," Here daddy hold your daughter"

I looked at Heidi and Kimie; I didn't know what to say.

When Heidi got back to the apartment; she was always busy with the baby. Things had changed. The differences between our ages and education weren't a problem before. But now they were.

We couldn't have sex for a long time. But when we did it was just as good as it was before. It seemed that was the only thing we had in common.

Somehow we seemed to realized that we had a special time together, and we loved one and other, but we weren't in love with each other..

Finally her parents finish their contracts with Yale. Heidi said,

"I want to go home. So I'm going back to Sweden with my parents. If you want you can come with us."

My home was here. Within a couple of days the limo came to pick up Heidi, Kimie and her parents. Heidi and I hugged tightly and kissed each other on the cheek. I hoped she didn't taste the tears that were running down my cheek.

I watched as the lime took her away. I put on my shades so no one could see my red eyes.

I heard a female voice calling me, Hey BigC. I turned around and saw Jeannie walking towards me. She was beautiful; she had hazel eyes and long dirty blonde hair, and a great body.

She said,

BigC, "I hear you got married."

I told her,

"No, She was just a friend."

Jennie said,

"Good, want to go the prom with me?"

But that's the beginning of another story.

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