tagLoving WivesMy boss, Me and Wife Makes 3

My boss, Me and Wife Makes 3


She was one of those women. You know the ones sexy as hell, talks like a sailor and has not one ounce of shame in her gorgeous little body. There is just one problem. She is my boss and she is feverishly licking my wife’s pussy while I fuck her from behind.

Okay, I got your attention now let me regress. It all started with an innocent work picnic. My wife and I arrive and are greeted by my boss…in a bikini! She looks fantastic. I always knew she had a great body but who would’ve thought underneath those business suits was a beauty like this. Now, my wife is fine too. She is a complete knockout, blonde hair, beautiful green eyes and a great body. Oh and did I mention she has an insatiable sex drive. Put the two of them together and you could die a lucky man.

It began innocent enough. Some drinks, some small talk, dinner etc. Then as the night grew later the talk became bolder. Mostly centered on sex, of course. My wife excused herself to go to the restroom and my boss leaned into my ear and said, “I am horny as hell and your wife is really turning me on. Has she ever been with another woman?” I was dumbfounded. You could have knocked me over with a feather. “No”, I replied. “But I think she is curious”. She got this evil look on her face and whispered, “There is a first time for everything,” and excused herself from the table.

I had to go outside and get some fresh air, my head was reeling from the conversation I had just had. As I walked onto the patio I heard some whispering and giggling coming from around the corner. That giggle is unmistakable. It was my wife. I thought, let the girls talk. Don’t interrupt them just yet. So I lit a cigarette and inhaled the cool night air. Just about then I heard my wife say, “I don’t think so, I’m not into women that way”. “That is not what he told me” my boss objected. I thought, oh great not only will she not get to sleep with my wife but neither will I. Then the girls got silent.

I peeked around the corner to see if they were still there and it was happening. My wife was passionately kissing my boss. I was unsure what to do. Do I say anything? Do I just stand here and watch until I am caught? If I just stand here I won’t be able to join in right? So instincts told me just act casual. I slowly walked down the stairs towards them and loudly cleared my throat. Their kiss broke and my wife turned around with the most stunned, embarrassed look on her face. Yet, she also had the worst case of fuck-me eyes I have ever seen. It was complete silence. Someone had to break it. So I stuttered, “come on ladies…lets take this home”.

We climbed in the car. Of course I drove and the girls sat in the back seat where they again locked lips. Tongues’ twisting around each other’s and light moans escaping every once in awhile. I nearly ran off the road. I was watching my rear view mirror more than I was watching the road. The girls ended their kiss with a smack and just sat back there talking. My boss attempted to reassure my wife that this was ok. “Are you ok”, she asked. All my wife could do was mutter and incoherent “uh huh”. “Good, because I am going to make you feel better than anyone else ever has”, exclaimed my boss. That’s was it, I had to stand up for myself. “Excuse me, I make her feel just fine. She says I give her the best head she has ever had.” I said in a matter of fact way. “Yeah, well you can show me just how well you lick pussy when we get to your house.” She challenged.

After what seemed like forever we finally reached the house. I unlocked the door and opened it for them. As my wife walked by me I grabbed her and gave her a quick kiss and said, “ Are you ok with this. I don’t want you to feel forced into any of this.” She replied, “I am ok, now go get some beers from the fridge while we go upstairs and get comfy.” I went to the kitchen and grabbed six beers and a bucket of ice. When I reached the stairs leading to our bedroom they were littered with clothing. As I climbed them I identified my wife’s dress, bra and panties along with another set of the same. My boss has great taste in underwear. Anyhow, I heard loud moaning coming from the bedroom and as I opened the door I saw my wife laid out spread eagle on the bed. My boss was lying beside her kissing her neck and tits while her hands explored the rest of her body. My wife was actually enjoying this. Somehow, I don’t think as much as I was though.

I opened three of the beers and set the girls’ on the nightstand. Theirs will be getting warm I can guarantee. They were really getting into it now. My boss was rubbing my wife’s pussy. Quickly sticking one finger in and pulling it back out. Repeating this until my wife was writhing on the bed and screaming with pleasure. My boss slowly slid down the bed, her lips never leaving my wife’s body. Just as she reached her shaven pussy she motioned for me to join them. I leapt out of my easy chair and quickly tore off my clothes. I sat on the bed next to my boss. She reached behind her with her left hand and began stroking my manhood. It felt so good. It had been years since somebody other that my wife or myself had done this. I closed my eyes and began to kiss my boss on the neck. I was unsure my wife would approve of my joining in. Whenever we talked about a situation like this she said I could watch but joining in would be cheating. I looked at my wife, eyes half closed in pleasure. She nodded her head and smiled. As if to say this one time it is okay, but NEVER again.

Things progressed quickly now. My boss was eating my wife’s pussy with reckless abandon and I was eating my boss’ pussy with almost as much passion. You notice I said almost. My boss was a Professional Pussy Eater, and to be honest I was jealous.

Then my wife did something I thought she would never do. She got up and sat on my bosses face. She always loved to do this with me. She then leaned forward and joined me in feasting on my boss’ bush. Their moans became one perpetual wail of ecstasy as their orgasms rushed through their bodies.

After regaining their composure my wife said, “Well honey, aren’t you going to fuck one of us?” I stammered, “which one?”

“You can do her first if you want but save some for me, all this eating has made me hungry for some sausage too.” I could not believe it; she was letting me fuck my boss. As I positioned my cock for her sweet hole my wife stopped me. Here it comes, I thought. She said, “do her doggie so she can lick my cunt.” Whew, I really thought she had thought better of what was about to happen. My boss proceeded to get on all fours with that nice pink twat just waiting to be penetrated. I slowly pushed into her. First just the head, slowly pushing more. “Give it all or don’t give any,” my boss said angrily. “I like it as hard as you can give, so fuck me…. fuck me now”. Whoa, demanding little whore isn’t she. Who am I to not give her what she wants, after all, she is my boss.

I fucked her for all I was worth, finally blowing my seed all over the walls of her vagina. I lay there spent with my eyes closed, taking that few minutes a man needs to rebuild. Unexpectedly I felt a hot mouth wrap around my limp dick. I opened my eyes to see my boss sucking my cock. She looked up at me coyly and said, “you heard your wife, save some for her.” After just moments of this I was locked and loaded and ready for my sweet wife. She assumed the same position as my boss so as she could lick her bush while I rammed her from behind. Only my wife likes it more slow and paced. As I slowly rocked in and out of her I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. Another orgasm rushed over her as I unloaded yet another boat full of my swimmers into her hot box. Just then my boss began to holler and layered my wife’s chin with her pussy juices.

We lay there in a heap of sweaty bodies, one by one falling asleep. Me with the biggest grin of all.

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