tagMatureMy Boss Sue

My Boss Sue


"Bob, just one kiss. Please?"

I looked at my boss, Sue, and thought, "well if it means I can get going, what the hell?"

I leaned closer and Sue put her arms around my neck to pull me to her. I closed my eyes and our lips met briefly, then I pulled away, or tried to. Sue's eyes had a look of sheer animal lust as she pulled my head to her again and kissed me hard, her tongue pushing its way aggressively into my mouth and greedily seeking out mine. Blood rushed to my groin as my cock hardened and I found myself fondling her saggy breast. Almost instantly, I was taken form a place where I just wanted to get home, to state of extreme arousal, from which there was no going back. I pulled her tightly to me, squeezing her ass, and we stumbled through the open door and groped our way upstairs to her bedroom, kissing and trying to remove each others' clothes as we went.

So how did I come to be mating furiously with a woman 25 years my senior?

It was the beginning of the summer holidays and my department at work had gone out for a celebratory meal that night. There are eight of us altogether, including Emma, a gorgeous, unattached 30 year old whom I'd been planning to get to know better for ages. Unfortunately, our boss, Sue, had had a little too much to drink and as the most sober person present, I'd been delegated to see her safely home.

It was a balmy evening as Sue and I made our way to her place, her arm through mine.

"You know Bob," she said, "I always wondered how a good-looking young man like you never got married."

"I suppose I never met the right woman yet," I replied.

Sue looked up at me. "Well, if I was 20 years younger..." she breathed.

I smiled at that. "Thanks," I said.

"No, I'm serious," she said, resting her free hand on my upper arm. "You'd be quite a catch."

I thought nothing of this exchange. Sue was a little unsteady on her feet and I was sure she would have no memory of it by the morning. I'd never thought of her in a sexual way. At 57, she's 25 years older than me and to be honest, she wouldn't pass for any younger. She has long, crinkly dark red hair, a long, thin face, and watery blue eyes. Her nose is very slightly too big for the rest of her face, but her best feature is her very kissible red lips. I have to admit though, that she has a wicked smile, suggestive of hidden depths of sexual adventurousness.

If her face is nothing much to look at, she does have a very good figure for a woman her age. She still works out and swims regularly. At 5'6'' and 150lbs, she still has curves in all the right places. She was dressed in a strappy red top, baring her shoulders and barely concealing a freckled, wrinkled cleavage. Her arms also have that "old lady look" about them. As we approached her front door, I had no sexual intentions towards her at all.

Sue took her keys out of her handbag and unlocked the door. As she pushed it open, she looked me straight in the eye and said, "I meant it Bob, you're a good-looking man."

"Thanks Sue," I replied. "I really need to be going. Will you be OK from here?"

"Don't I even get a goodnight kiss?" she asked.

I laughed nervously.

"Bob, just one kiss. Please?"

I don't know what came over me, but as we kissed, I got so aroused I couldn't believe it. I was rock hard and couldn't wait to get upstairs.

We stood beside Sue's bed, kissing deeply, our tongues wrestling together as she unbuttoned my shirt. Pulling it off, she ran her long red fingernails lightly down my chest and over my nipples which she then leaned forward to kiss, suck and bite. I felt totally drunk, intoxicated by our closeness. I took off her top and reached round to unclasp her 36D bra which fell off to reveal two creamy, sagging tits, like half-deflated balloons. She gasped as I played with one huge nipple while sucking and flicking the other one with my tongue.

I turned her around to kiss the back of her neck while I reached round to fondle her old lady tits with one hand and caressed her soft belly with the other. My hand strayed down further, underneath her skirt to her tufty pubic mound. She pushed her ass into my crotch as my finger entered her hot pussy and rubbed her clit.

Sue turned around again and undid my belt, pulling out my erect member which she greedily swallowed as I sat on the edge of the bed. I never had a blowjob like it before or since. I sat on the edge of the bed as she slowly kneeled down in front of me. She raised and eyebrow suggestively, as she began to lightly flick the tip with her pink tongue. With her left hand gripping my throbbing shaft, she cupped my balls withe her left hand, kneading them gently. I leaned back on the bed, still watching her lick me from head to tip before taking me into her hot, wet mouth. I grabbed a handful of hair as my whole body tensed and I shot a load of hot cum into her mouth.

Normally that would be me for the night, but not as far as Sue was concerned. She went to the bathroom to wash her mouth out, and when she returned, went to work again. To my astonishment, her expert old hands soon had me erect again. We lay together, naked, as we kissed and she squeezed me back to life. As my cock bulged, she mounted me and began to ride me like a horse.

"You think I was going to miss out on my fun?" she laughed.

Pushing me flat on my back, she leaned forward to allow her drooping tits to brush over my chest as she got into her rythmn. I grabbed her waist and sucked on those old tits for all I was worth. We both began to moan as we mated like wild animals, both of our bodies glistening with sweat. She leant back and pulled me up into a sitting position to allow us to kiss passionately again. I succeeded in controlling myself as she got ever closer to orgasm. She pushed me back down onto my back again as her thrusting and grinding got faster and harder. She leaned back to grasp my ankles and came with a screamed, "Yeeessssssss!" as I played with both of her nipples, her old body shuddering in ecstacy. The extra pressure on my dick as she orgasmed me me come again at the same time in an erotic symphony.

We both passed out, but I was wakened from a deep slumber by Sue breathing into my ear and tugging again at my cock. The woman was insatiable! I pushed her onto her back and kissed her deeply before moving onto her neck and ears. She relaxed as I made my way down, kissing and licking her jelly-like breasts, lightly nibbling on her hardened nipples. Taking both of her nipples between my fingers and thumbs, I pinched and flicked them while moving ever lower. Her belly was soft and wobbly and I kissed it all over before licking from between her breasts to her navel. Then I went to work between her legs, nuzzling the insides of her thighs and teasingly straying onto her labia. She gasped and moaned as I breathed soft, hot air onto her old pussy. My tongue pushed its way between her folds and sought out her clit. As I found it, my outstretched hands continued to play with her nips while my thrusting tongue brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Before she came, she pulled me up and onto her. I thrust my engorged dick into her hot wet pussy and banged away, while she grabbed my ass and wrapped her legs around me, trying to pull me even further in. I came out and turned her around so that we were lying on our sides, Sue in front and with her back to me. I pulled her close and entered her from behind. I kissed the back of her neck while my right hand found her clit again and teased it to orgasm. I felt as if the top of my cock had blown off as I exploded inside her while she screamed, her entire body shuddering.

We fell asleep again. I made my way home as the sun rose, after one more for the road. As I dressed to go, I looked at her sleeping form, and wondered how it could be possible that this wrinkled old lady could have given me the fucking of a lifetime.

When we returned to work two weeks later, Sue called me into her office. "About the other week, Bob..."

"Look, Sue, I'm sorry about that, I guess we both had a little too much to drink."

"We can leave it at that if you want to," she said, "but if you want to do it again..."

"Sue, I don't know," I began.

"I know the age thing might cause a problem Bob, and I know one day you'd find someone your own age, but, you know... wanna be my fuck-buddy?"

She moved from around the desk to shut and lock her office door. My cock stiffened as she unbuttoned her blouse and came up close. She knelt down and unfastened my zip.

"Fuck-buddies it is then..."

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