tagLoving WivesMy Brother-in-Law & Lust

My Brother-in-Law & Lust


My name is Susanna and I've been married to my wonderful husband, Karl for twenty-eight years. We have three teenagers in high school and college. They are really enjoying the freedoms of semi-adulthood: their own vehicles and later curfews.

I've been enjoying my freedoms as well; shopping with my friends and not having to be home when the kids get home from school. Life has been good for us as a family. Well, until now that is.

Three months ago, Karl's brother, Maxwell and his wife decided that they had made a mistake and agreed to divorce. Maxwell had no place else to go and since we had a spare bedroom, Karl invited him to stay with us until he found a place of his own.

Maxwell is a total opposite from Karl. He is ambitious and has a flare for life. Everyone that meets him likes him almost instantly. He smiles all of the time and is always there to help when it is needed.

Karl has a set routine and if he is unable to keep his schedules, his whole system is disturbed. Maxwell, on the other hand, is totally spontaneous and enjoys changes in his plans; especially if it means doing something he's never done.

To me he was a breath of fresh air. He makes me laugh, he confides in me about his feelings concerning the divorce. He has tried to talk to Karl, but my husband can't handle the fact that his brother is divorcing.

Karl is a good man, husband and father. He loves us all very much but he is not good at handling his brother's problems. So he tries to keep away from the topic of the divorce. Whenever Maxwell tries to talk with him about it, Karl tells him that I'm a better listener than he is and suggests that he talk with me.

So, Maxwell started talking to me about his pending singleness and his fears. We talked every day about it, while Karl went to off to work and the kids to school. He told me the reasons his wife was leaving and how he felt about her betrayal.

"She says I'm never there when she needs me. She thinks I don't care about her problems or those of our kids," he told me this afternoon while he helped me fold clothes.

"I know how much that must hurt you, Maxwell; I'm sorry you are having to go through this pain."

"Thank you, Susanna, I so glad you are here to be a sounding board and I'm sorry to put you in the middle of this; but my own brother just can't handle it."

"I know, Karl can't handle the pain of those he loves. When I'm upset or the kids have a problem, he goes to pieces; but he's always been a good provider and father to the kids and me."

"Does he treat you good? Does he give you everything you nee?" He asked concerned.

"Oh yes, Maxwell, we have never done without anything we need," I assured him.

"But what about the things you don't actually need but that you want, you know companionship, friends, and those things. Do you get enough of those things?" he questioned.

I thought for a few minutes and could think of nothing that we were lacking. "We have friends we socialize with and the kids have plenty of friends they have over and all of the latest technology. I don't think they're ever bored."

"What about intimacy? Do you two still have intimacy? Do you still hug, kiss, and make love?"

I could see the sadness in his eyes. "Well sometimes life does get in the way of some of those things and when you've been married as long as we have....well you know.

Besides, Karl's really not that good in the bed, but please don't tell him I said that. He still doesn't know all of my pleasure spots. We are still having the same sex we had when we were teenagers.

"It's almost mechanical. Is that what Rosemary thought was wrong with your marriage? Was there not enough passion?"

"No, she never complained. She just went out and found a younger man; a boy toy I think they call it. She wanted a bigger, harder dick!" he cried passionately.

I could see his pain and I wrapped my arms around him and held him while he sobbed.

When he pulled away he again asked, "Does Karl please you sexually?"

Biting my bottom lip, I thought 'should I tell him? Should I tell my husband's brother that his brother does not satisfy my cravings for passionate love and deep lust?" Should I reveal to him what I've never told my husband? Especially in his now emotional state.

But I thought that I should answer him; so I said, " I love Karl, but he doesn't know how to please me the way I want to be pleased. He still fucks me like we fucked when we were kids; he doesn't take his time; he doesn't even know the spots that make my body tremble with pleasure."

"But I do love him and don't wish to hurt his feelings; especially now with his heart breaking over your pending divorce."

If he's not pleasing you, then you need to tell him!" he said passionately. If you don't you could end up like me. He could end up like me; alone, broken, lost in a world that doesn't care shit about me!"

"I care Maxwell, I am so sad about your circumstances. You are welcome here as long as you need to gather yourself back up and get out there and find someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved!"

Karl came home for lunch and before he walked in the door, Maxwell asked me not to say anything to Karl about what we were talking about.

We had lunch and Karl tried hard to hide his sadness about the divorce, but he hurt for his brother. It was difficult to hold his feelings in. So he said nothing; just sat there and ate his lunch.

Afterwards, the two of them went to the study and talked a while. Two of the kids came home for lunch and I fed them; then they were off again.

About a half an hour after Karl came home he came into the kitchen and told me "I have to go out of town for the next two weeks and I asked Maxwell to make sure you and the kids are taken care of. I'll call you when I get there; I have a job in Texas for maybe three or four weeks. You'll be in good hands with Karl here."

We talked for a while about the job then he went and packed his clothes. The next morning he kissed me good-bye and my whole world changed.

Maxwell drove Karl to the airport to catch his flight the following morning. When he left he told me that he loved me and promised me that he would be safe. He shook hands with our son and hugged our daughter.

After dinner, Maxwell helped me clean the kitchen. The kids headed for their bedrooms and their computers and were lost in the computer screen before them and the loud music coming from the speakers.

I showered and turned on the TV in my bedroom and watched mindless TV and finally opted for a good novel over the junk on the boob tube. Just as I was about to doze off, Maxwell appeared in the door of my room.

"Can I talk with you? I really need a caring ear right now. I just got off the phone with Jennifer and she told me that she has filed the papers and that this time next month we will be no more"

His eyes were moist and I could see the pain in his eyes. I motioned for him to sit on the bed with me. He climbed on Karl's side and stacked up about three pillows. We sat there awkwardly, for a few minutes not saying a word.

Then he told me what she had said. "She told me that she never enjoyed sex with me and that I was useless as a father." Tears dripped down his cheeks.

I pulled him to me and lay his head on my bosom and I held him while he sobbed. Neither of us spoke. All that could be heard was his deep sighs of sadness. I stoked his dark hair as he lay against me sobbing.

Almost without notice, he turned to me and his hand went under my gown. His fingers found my stiff, hard breast and he ran his thumb over it. Then he pinched the erect nipple and pinched it.

"Your skin is so soft and smells so sweet, please let me lay with you tonight; let me touch you and smell your sweet perfume," he whispered softly and his breath was warm on my skin.

I lay there, allowing my husband's brother to play with my breasts and kiss my neck. I had feelings of lust and passion for the first time in months. Juices flowed into my pussy and prepared for whatever might transpire.

Like a wanton harlot, I let him explore my unclothed body in whatever manner he chose. He licked between my tits then up to the now hard nipples where he nibbled lightly causing me chill-bumps and a warm, moist pussy that was begging to be penetrated.

He chose to suckle me swirling his hot tongue around the fullness of my breast. He rolled me on top of him and I felt his hardness pressing on my abdomen. I wanted it in my pussy.

Then he flipped around and had me in a sixty-nine position; one that Karl and I had never explored. Karl was a missionary man. Seemed that his brother wasn't as religious.

Once he had me in this new and very interesting position, he spread my pussy lips apart with his thick, wet tongue and chills covered my body; my nipples became harder and my breasts tighter.

I hadn't felt so much passion since my wedding night. And I wanted it more than anything in my life. I gave myself to him completely. I let him lead me where he wanted me.

While he licked the juices from my gushing pussy, I sucked his throbbing cock that was twice as big as his brother's. I sucked it deep in my throat and marveled at how wonderful it felt in my mouth and hoped that he would soon force it into my cunt.

Then he turned me over and pulled me up onto all fours. I felt him stroking his prick along the crack of my butt. "Do you have any lube?" he whispered.

"In the drawer beside you," I whispered.

"Has he ever done this to you?" he asked.

"No, only missionary", I told him.

"Then you're really going to love this. I promise to go gently and if I hurt you, let me know and I'll stop."

The lubricant was cold on my skin and my nipples grew harder as he slowly ran the head of his prick up and down the crack of my ass. With each stroke, as he met the hole, he pushed a little. Then he ran the length again, repeatedly, he did this until he was able to slip his thick head into my tight ass.

It burned at first then. He wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me off the bed and into a knelling position. Reaching one arm around my waist, he found my slit and followed it to my clit.

He pinched its tiny head the squeezed it between his fingers.

His hips began to pump slowly in and out of the tight asshole as he continued to play with my clit.

My legs became weak, my arms began to tremble; my blood pressure rose and my pussy leaked juices to take his cock. They ran down my legs. I wanted him to fuck me like he would a whore. I wanted to be his bitch for just this one night.

I have never felt this wanted and loved from Karl. Maxwell's passions were more than Karl had ever had.

He flipped me over and in sixty-nine fashion, he lapped at the juices of my pussy and I suckled his sweet cock into my mouth and sucked it like a baby would its bottle. Both of us licked and sucked and swallowed, time and time again.

The sheets were soaked, sticky and falling off the bed. Skin against skin, fluids exchanged in every orifice possible.

His cum was heavy and sweet; his price thick and demanding.

"Put it in my mouth I want to suck that seed out of you!" I cried.

I lay back on the bed and he knelt over me, with his cock in his hand. Slowly, he ran the dripping head over my slightly open lips. My tongue ventured out and tasted the salty seed that had just made it to the top.

One drop at a time I licked it off the acorn shaped head and my fingers played in my pussy juices until I had consumed all of the precum.

Then Maxwell threw me back onto the bed and spread my legs wide. He opened my pussy lips and ran his tongue in and out of my frothy cunt. He lapped up my juices and then plunged his fat prick deep in my garden and did push-up until his seed overflowed my walls, down my legs and onto the already sticky sheets.

He rolled off of me and he could hardly breathe. I rolled on top of him and put my ass in his face as I turned and took his spent cock into my mouth. I wanted to resuscitate his manhood so that we could fuck all night long.

But alas, he had spent all that he had.

He kissed me from nipple to nipple then down my belly to my smooth cunt. He licked the juices there and then shared them with me.

"I wish you weren't my brother's wife; because I really want you for my own."

"Well, you know how often he goes out of town and he trusts you to take good care of me, and I can attest to that!" I laughed and then kissed him deep, sharing some of the thick cum I still had in my mouth with him.

"I need you!" he whispered softly. Then bent and took my heaving breast into his mouth and rolled his tongue around the hard nipple.

We cuddled in spoons and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, the kids getting breakfast awakened us. He slipped out of my room and into the room provide for him.

I jumped into the shower and masturbating, I relived the pleasures of the night before.

Two weeks later, Karl returned home. Kissing me hello, he was happy to see Maxwell in such good spirits and getting over that "Fucking bitch that doesn't know what she's lost!" as my husband put it so wonderfully.

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