tagIncest/TabooMy Brothers and Me

My Brothers and Me


My parents had gone on vacation leaving my sister and three brothers home. We're all adults, I'm the youngest 19 going to city college as are Kurt 21 and Brad 22, my other brother Jeff 26 works but is just a goof and my sister Karen 29 is a bad relationship expert. I was going to go to the beach with a girlfriend but after I walked over to her house her brother wouldn't loan her his car so we scrapped our plans and I went back home.

Walking in the back door I didn't see anyone even though Kurt, Jeff and Karen were home when I left. I looked into the living room and saw Jeff and Karen wrestling on the floor. Jeff's 6-3 and 180 pounds to Karen's 5-6 and 195, she's got a slender upper body but wide hips, a big ass and thick thighs. To my surprise Jeff was on his back and Karen was sitting on his stomach facing his feet. I was about to walk in and congratulate my sister when I saw her reach into Jeff's shorts and start jerking him off.

So mesmerized by what I was seeing I stayed around he corner and just watched. Jeff leaned forward and squeezed Karen's ass as she peeled his shorts back freeing a stiff 8 inch cock. She then stood up, pulled off Jeff's shorts, took off her clothes and climbed back on top of him in a 69 position. This from my two siblings who never had a good word to say about the other.

Karen's head was bobbing up and down with most of Jeff's 8 inches between her lips, hugging his legs and he was lapping away at her muff, squeezing and playing with her fat soft ass. I was so stunned at the strange happenings before me I failed to hear Kurt come up behind me. He put his hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear, "Man they're really going at it." I just nodded. Kurt then put his hands around my waist and hugged me close to him. It felt a little weird but mostly what I felt was a rock hard boner knocking against my fat butt. Kurt then moved one hand up to my breasts, the other past the waistband of my shorts to my pussy and rubbed his boner against my big butt whispering on my ear, "Makes you really hot doesn't it? If you want to get it on we can go upstairs so we don't disturb them."

Horny as hell I turned around quickly and grabbing my brother's hand started for the stairs. We were to his room and naked in a flash, I plopped down on the bed and just stared at the 11 inch cock waving in front of him. It was the biggest dick I've ever seen in person. I'm 5-2 tall and weigh 180 pounds with a 38C chest and big fat soft butt, Kurt is 5-9 and weighs 220 pounds and ooh baby, that dick.

Kurt stood on front of me and I reached out grabbing the shaft of his huge dick with both hands aiming it at my mouth. I got the head of that monster in my mouth easily enough but had to take my time getting much of it in very far. Getting the hang of it I had more than half of Kurt's cock sliding between my lips pretty easily and oh it felt soooo good. Kurt was very sweet reaching forward and gently rubbing my arms and shoulders.

I really like to get suction when I give head and I had to catch my breath so I let Kurt's cock slide from my mouth. My brother had his hands on my shoulders and leaned down to kiss me on the forehead and gently eased me onto my back then got between my legs to go down on me. I was already pretty turned on, a nice hard cock does that to me, and Kurt went right to my pussy, nibbling my lips, kissing my thighs and finding my clit to get me off for the first time quickly.

By the fourth, maybe I don't know, time I came I was sweating and breathing hard so I squeezed my thighs around Kurt's head to give him some kind of signal. He looked up at me and I said, "Fuck me now." That must have been the signal he was looking for because he got a condom from the nightstand and was quickly kneeling between my legs. My brother gently put his cock in my pussy and slowly pumped inch after glorious inch deeper into my hot box.

I was still sweating but with the slow paced fuck I was so enjoying I was at least able to catch my breath so I asked Kurt to fuck me harder. He picked up his pace causing my belly to shake like a wave pool as he pushed my fat butt deeper into the mattress with each stroke. Kurt put his hands on my shoulders and plowed into me with all his weight, it was heaven.

The effort had Kurt sweating too, when I wrapped my legs around his body and squeezed he sighed and shot his wad then fell forward on top of me and we hugged and kissed.

It was then that I heard my other brother, 6-2 220 pound Brad standing next to the bed say, "Is there any of that left for me?" I turned and saw it, it being Brad's huge hard cock all twelve inches of it pointing at me. I swallowed deep and said, "Condoms in the drawer come and get it." Slapped Kurt on the ass, "Make way new shooter." and got ready for my other brother.

I was so wet and hot Brad had no trouble putting his big dick halfway in on the first push and I was getting the foot long treatment in short order. Having been watching me and Kurt Brad knew I wanted him to pump me hard and deep as long as he could hold out. My face felt red and my fat little body was shaking and baking from the incredible fuck I was getting from my brother.

Brad had his hands braced on the bed above my shoulders. I had my arms around his neck as I looked up at his handsome face as he was sweating from the pounding he was giving me. Finally Brad's face tightened and I knew he was about to cum so when he pushed his 12 inches in to the balls I put my legs around his waist, pulled him down on top of me and just enjoyed being stuffed full of cock.

We layed in a heap, Brad kissing me while Kurt sucked on my tits then they changed positions I was out of my mind hot and turned on but dying of thirst and said, "Boys I need some water, think about what's next and I'll be right back." And I dashed for the bathroom, drank a gallon of water, splash about that much on my face and dashed right back.

My brothers were sitting on the edge of the bed stroking their cocks back to full attention. I was just enjoying the display of what was coming my way when they stood up and began stroking each other's man meat. It was a first for me, seeing guys jerk each other off but there were a lot of firsts for me today and this one was good like the rest. Brad said, "OK Sharon we think you've got to get it doggy style the question is who gets the honor." I looked at the two stiff dicks at my disposal and said, "Let's have Kurt go first just because."

Kurt got a condom on while Brad helped me get into position, feeling me up so nicely. Kurt lined up behind me and after taping his fat dick on my ass a couple of times to let me know he was there eased it into my eager snatch. Holding my hips it didn't take long for him to be working half his cock in and out of me. That was when I looked in the mirror to my left and saw Brad kneeling behind Kurt and it appeared he was lubing up his brother's butt.

Brad noticed me staring at the mirror and waved saying, "Brace yourself there Sharon, I'm going to give it to the big boy." Kurt squeezed my fat butt cheeks and paused his thrusting into me grunting, "I'll get back at you Sharon it takes my breath away for a minute when he puts that kong dong in."

Looking at the action behind me in the mirror I felt Kurt tense up when Brad poked the head of his dick in our brother's ass. Kurt lurched forward into me and held on for a minute or so then relaxed as Brad slowly started pumping his ass. Once Brad got going Kurt matched his forward thrusts getting back to fucking me and we were sort of a humping machine, Brad pushing into Kurt pushing into me then me back into them.

Kurt hugged me around the waist, kissed my ear and said, "Just wait until you get it up the ass Sharon, your eyeballs will roll back in your head." I quickly replied, "Won't happen, because there's no fucking way I'm going to even try to take either of you up the ass. I like my fat butt just the way it is and no how is it going to get man meat like you two stuffed in it."

We continued going at it for quite a while, the boys showing a lot of staying power, until Brad shot his load deep in our brother's ass then Kurt grabbed my hips and buried to the balls came hard. After a brief rest I gave both boys handjobs to get them hard then on my hands and knees sucked off Kurt while Brad did me doggie style. Once I had Kurt good and hard he got behind Brad and returned the favor giving it to him up the ass. We took a nap for a few hours heaped together on the bed.

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