My Brother's Wife

byDG Hear©

Everyone came out on the porch to greet us. We were lucky to have two sets of great and understanding parents.

After everyone went home Dee came up to me. "Daddy, are you mine and Derick's daddy, or is our daddy dead." Wow, I had to get this right. It was coming out of a four year old.

"Well, Honey, both answers are right. Your daddy passed away and is now in heaven watching over you. I'm your daddy here on earth. It's my job to take care of you and Derick along with mommy to make sure you get what ever you need."

She just said, "Thank you, daddy." Then she got up and walked away.

In the evening after Lisa put Derick to bed she walked into Dee's room to say goodnight and cover her up. She looked into her room and saw Dee saying her prayers. Only this time it was different.

"My daddy, who is in heaven, how are you tonight. Forgive me for whatever I did wrong today and tell my daddy here on earth to get me a puppy. Amen"

Lisa walked over to her daughter and helped her into bed. I stood at the door and was watching them. "Dee Dee, in your prayer tonight you said my daddy, instead of our father. Why did you say that?"

"Because I talked to my new daddy and he said that my old daddy was in heaven. So since I pray to him, I called him daddy, that's what I called him before he died. I think he likes to be called daddy more than father."

"What was that about asking for a puppy?" asked Lisa.

"You always told me to pray for things and I thought that since my daddy was in heaven, he could talk to my daddy on earth and I can have a puppy. The last time, I asked for a little brother and you brought me Derick, so I thought I would try for a puppy."

I walked up to Dee Dee and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Daddy, do you think I can have a puppy?"

I looked back at Lisa who was shaking her head no but was smiling at the same time.

"Honey, let me talk to mommy and we'll see. Goodnight and I hope you have sweet dreams."

Lisa and I walked out of the room and Lisa said she didn't know about getting a puppy.

"Honey, my new daughter has asked me for something. Something that I can afford to give her. It's the first thing she has ever asked me for. Do you really want me to tell her 'No' when she'll remember this the rest of her life?"

"Okay, Mr. Nice Daddy, tomorrow the four of us will go to the animal shelter and we will pick out a puppy together. It will be our first major purchase together. You have to promise me that you will help take care of him. It will be your job to clean up after him."

"I promise to be chief dog cleaner upper if you promise to make love to me tonight."

"You made another good deal. Let's go to bed and initiate our first lovemaking session on it."

Our life is turning out to be wonderful. Our parents are solidly behind us. Linda and Mark are our best friends. Mark doesn't know that Lisa knows about the love making instructions. I did have to promise to stay away from Linda's puffy pussy, which is no problem since I have the woman I love.

We did get a call from Nina who got married and is now expecting her first child. After she got married she stopped taking birth control. My new employee, Jim, is renting my old apartment above the garage. I never have to worry about him being late for work.

As for me, I've grown up. I married the woman I've always loved and have two wonderful children. When you read a story about a happily married man who would never cheat on his wife, you are probably reading about me.

I do miss my brother Dan, but as my friend, 'The Wanderer' always says:

"Life goes on."


Hope you enjoyed my story.

Comments always welcome.

DG Hear

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I gotta go with

Kanga40 nobody likeable but the kids.

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