My Brother's Wife Ch. 03


We kept to ourselves over the next month for the most part. The only exception was another quick call when she surmised Rick was getting some after work.

"He said he was working late, but I think he's doing her again," said Kelly Ann. "Want a blow job? I need some more practice."

Slipping away from home was easy, and we met at a local shopping mall. This time she slipped into my car and we drove behind a local distribution center that was dormant at night. The girl had been practicing, as she had mastered the task of jerking off a cock while sucking it. Obviously Rick had been getting blow a bit at home.

It was so very erotic having my brother's wife sucking on my cock in the car. She knelt on the passenger side seat, and I slid my hand down her backside, under her panties, playing with her ass while she blew me. The girl was really a talented cocksucker, one that had showed so much improvement since we first started our affair. It wasn't long before my dick was exploding in her mouth.

"That was incredible, Kelly Ann, you are very talented in the cocksucking department."

She shook her head and smiled, making sure I noticed her swallowing my stuff.

"Well, Rick's been getting a couple blow jobs a week, but I guess tonight he wanted HER to do it or whatever. Hey, fair is fair. If he's getting laid or a blow job at work, I should get mine, right?"

We laughed and I smiled at my fortune.

"Oh, and I have been practicing on a guy I met at the gym."

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

"Don't look so shocked, he's harmless and he loves when I suck his cock," said my brother's wife. "If Rick can run around with his secretary, I can suck off a young guy here and there."

The girl looked at my face. I must have had a concerned look. "Don't worry, he's just a plaything. Sucked his cock a couple times and we're now just friends. That's what I told him. But it was another notch on my belt. Every time Rick fucks around, I will be matching him."

My goodness, what had she become?

My mind was totally jumbled by the revelation, but that was nothing like the one which happened a few weeks later.

The call came from my brother. It wasn't to fill out a foursome on the golf course. Rick called and surprised me with a revelation of his own.

"We're having a baby!" he joyously said.

I could only wonder whose it was and whether congratulations were in order?

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